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Hi, I'm Steve, Mohamed once said "Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled" Well this is my blog of my travels, I hope you enjoy my memories and experiences of the places I have visited as much as I did visiting them.
Living in: Lytham, United Kingdom
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  • Sep16

    Tarangire national park

    September 16 in Tanzania

    What a fantastic day its been herds of elephants zebra, wildebeest roaming around and close up, saw a pride of lions sleeping under a tree for shade _don't think I have the words yet for such sights as seeing these free to roam

  • Sep15


    September 15 in Tanzania

    Coming in to arusha there's a really good view of Mount kilimanjaro
    And when I finally arrive at Arusha first thing is to meet my guide and find my hotel then I think some well deserved shut eye time.

  • Sep15

    Dar es salaam

    September 15 in Tanzania

    Well arrived at 02.15 and I've managed to get through immigration by 03.30, that's quicker than I expected but probably due to the flight in being half empty.

    It's very beauraucratic - join a queue for fingerprinting and eye scanning, show proof of where you're staying and return flight _
    Then join another queue to pay fifty dollars for the visa, then they take your money and passport and you join another queue to wait for it back! And it's been hours! Not done one first in first out but random and then an immigration official stands and shouts names out lol
    Glad there wasn't any other flights arriving or it would have been hours

    Now just to wait for the other terminal to open for next flight to arusha - hopefully I'm being met at the airport and then taken to my hotel for the day /night
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  • Sep14


    September 14 in Turkey

    Well arrived on time but a bit shocked to see signs telling me it's a 35 minute walk through the terminal to gate 311!

    Clearly whoever timed it didn't take inro account the throngs of people shopping in what can only be described as the Turkish blue water shopping centre 🙄

  • Sep14

    The journey begins

    September 14 in the United Kingdom

    Well I'm sat here in Manchester Airport wondering how this trip will go - a long journey as I won't arrive in arusha until 9.00am on Saturday,
    Ive a short stop at Istanbul and hope to arrive at dar es salaam around 2.00am and from what I've read it may take up to 3 hours to clear immigration
    Whether that's the most arduous bit of the journey remains to be seen as I'm then on the first flight out to arusha and that's 2hours on some tiny flying machineRead more

  • Day3


    May 10 in Germany

    I found it quite emotional and extremely thought provoking to wander around a site where so many souls have passed away.

    It certainly brings home just how cruel we can be to each other but it was a visit we'll worth making

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