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  • Day128

    Rendezvous Bay Beach

    January 2 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Heute spazierten wir von English Harbour zum Rendezvous Bay Beach. Ein absoluter Traumstrand😍
    Weiter ging es durch einen Dschungel bis kurz vor „Old Road“. Per Anhalter ging es in die Stadt für ein paar Drinks und Sonnenuntergang.Read more

  • Day81

    Good bye Antigua and hello Guadaloupe

    February 7, 2020 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Das Ausklarieren in Antigua geht im Gegensatz zum Einklarieren sehr fix. Um acht Uhr öffnet das Ausklarierungsbüro in English Habour. Wir sind kurz nach acht dort. Nach zirka 45 Minuten sind wir fertig. Wir treffen Matze am Supermarkt, der derweil eingekauft hat und fahren mit dem Schlauchboot zurück zum Schiff. Vierzig Seemeilen liegen heute vor uns. Der Wind weht ziemlich stark, so dass wir die Segel reffen (verkleinern) werden. 7-8 Stunden wird die Überfahrt dauern. Das Frühstück fällt entsprechend knapp aus, denn wir wollen nicht zu spät Lossegeln. Um 10 Uhr starten wir die holprige Überfahrt. Die Wellen kommen seitlich und schwappen immer mal wieder ins Cockpit. Regina, Bella und Matze haben vorsichtshalber eine Seekranktablette eingeworfen. Übelkeit gibt es daher zum Glück nicht an Bord. Als eine Regenfront vom Atlantik zu uns zieht, verlangsamen wir unsere Fahrt um einem Sturm auszuweichen. Mitten auf dem Weg nach Guadaloupe kreuzt uns dann eine Walschule. Acht Wale schwimmen vor unserem Boot und wir schauen begeistert zu. So schnell wie sie gekommen sind, sind sie auch wieder verschwunden. Ein Foto können wir deshalb leider nicht schießen. Nach 8 Stunden erreichen wir dann die ruhige Bucht von Deshaies auf Guadaloupe. Wir lassen unser Beiboot ins Wasser und setzten über zum kleinen Hafenort um den Abend in einer Pizzeria ausklingen zu lassen. Regina hat die beste Thunfischpizza, die sie je gegessen hat, mit frischem Thunfisch und Basilikum. Hmmm, köstlich!Read more

  • Day142

    Kristen & Z Visit Antigua

    February 9, 2016 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Up until now, Mike and I had been sailing and anchoring/mooring/docking Gaia just the two of us. For four months we’ve traveled on this 42 foot beauty together. We sleep in a ‘bed’ (in boat jargon, we say berth), called the V-berth (aptly named because it’s in the shape of a V), where our toes touch every night. The living room, dinning room, “back door” (mid hatch), bathroom, and kitchen are all in the same 12.5 by 8.5 feet of space. In case your wondering… yes… yes I did measure that. And in all of this time, in this confined area, and tried with uncomfortable and dangerous sailing conditions at times… we’re still really happy. Any differences of opinions we work out. And I think the worst argument we ever got into was over an anchoring location 2 months ago. That said, I was super excited to have our first visitors in the Caribbean and a bit hesitant… it’s been so long since I’ve seen my Boston friends… how does this friendship thing work again…. will they remember me? do they still like me? I hope Gaia doesn’t make them puke. All these crazy thoughts were lost the second I saw their beautiful (cough..pale…cough) New England faces come out of the airport security line in Antigua! We had a phenomenal dinner; Kristen had an exceptional bass dinner and then we had drinks at The Lime where the bar counter is 6 feet off the ground.
    The next morning we moved to a more scenic part of English Harbor; and snorkeled, saw the museum, explored the old fort, and stumbled upon some spectacular rum. We were only in line to get a gallon of water… but one thing led to another and we had English Harbor rum. That night we hiked to Shirley Point and saw an amazing swimming hole. It was a simple hike and made even better by the steel drum band and local bbq on top.

    The sun set, the air was cool the grass was soft the steel drums melodic… life with Kristen and Z was sublime. And then Kristen kicked a tarantula.
    Yes. Kristen… kicked… a tarantula. And if this picture alone makes you unsettled just think, Kristen was wearing sandals…. So we started the hike back down in the dark with only one headlamp and an iPhone for light. We all moved fairly agile down the path packed with rocks, mud, and roots and then Mike comes to a sudden halt, (Kristen in front) and declares ‘no way’ as he shines his headlamp at the forrest floor. This big guy laid curled up. Mike explained that Kristen had just kicked something and it moved. We saw hermit crabs the size of “your face” and chased schools of fishes jumping out of the water in the dinghy. It was a great night… maybe the rum punch was spiked.

    Our first sail was from English Harbor to Green Island and good ole Zirolli was behind the helm the entire time.

    We took a break for a late lunch behind a reef where the water was really inviting. In very shallow water and a bit of a current, Zirolli expertly hitched a dock line onto the mooring. And once secured, of course we jumped in and swam in that perfect turquoise-light blue water. After our fill of swimming, we made anchor on the Northeast side of Green Island for the night, which was a real treat. You see, the trade winds always blow from a general Easterly direction…. and East of Antigua is the entire Atlantic Ocean. This allows for some pretty big waves to build up but a reef protects this anchorage from those nasty seas. So our view to the East was the endless Atlantic which falls off into the horizon.
    Read more

  • Day101

    Antigua English Harbour

    December 30, 2015 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Well, on the last 15 minutes of our trip as zeroed in on our destination harbor.... we were about to take down the sails and turn on the engine when a very not- so-funny thing happened.... the engine didn't turn on. And the cut into the harbor was narrow with rocks situated on both sides and the wind was coming from a poor angle to try and sail into it.... so we went back out to sea and Mike began trouble shooting the root of our malfunctioned engine.
    An hour later, Mike saw that our main fuse to the engine had failed.... miraculously, we happened to have a working spare onboard! And we turned the engine on and heard a beautiful sound, that of rumbling and pumping and water squirting out the back! And the next 4 days were, again, drying everything out, cleaning, and finding laundry that cost under $65 /load.... we found a lady who did it for $45 / load. But the following days we hiked around
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