Cann River

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  • Day94

    So nah am Feuer wie noch nie

    February 22, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Auf dem Weg nach Cann River wollten wir einen Halt an einem schönen Strand machen. Der Strand war auch tatsächlich schön, aber alles andere die Wälder drum herum. Wir haben uns immer gewundert, wo siese riesigen Flächen sind, die in den letzten Monaten abgebrannt sind und heute haben wir einen sehr guten Eindruck davon bekommen... Ganze Wälder bestanden nur noch aus kahlen Stämmen, während man an anderen Waldstückrn schon wieder einen Funken neues Leben gesehen hat, wo schon neue Blätter und Gräser gewachsen sind. Aber Alles in Allem war es ein sehr trauriger Anblick.

    Als wir dann weiter gefahren sind, sind wir auf einmal an eine Stelle gekommen, wo riesige Feuer direkt neben der Straße gebrannt haben.
    Als wir später auf einem Campingplatz eine junge Familie und den Kanadier Raymond kennengelernt haben, haben sie uns erzählt, dass das wahrscheinlich kontrollierte Feuer waren, um "aufzuräumen". Und ehrlich gesagt sahen die Feuerwehrleute auch ziemlich entspannt aus. Das Problem ist jedoch immernoch, dass unter der Erde teilweise immernoch dmFeuer brennen, wie uns ein Feuerwehrmann gesagt hat.

    In Cann River haben wir dann wie schon gesgat einen tollen Campingplatz (sogar mit Duschen😄) gefunden.
    Abends haben wir dann noch mit Raymond ein Lagerfeuer gemacht und Van life Geschichten geteilt. 😊
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    Hi, ihr Beiden. Sieht wirklich trostlos aus. Was sind denn Van life Geschichten? Liebe 💕 Grüße von Oma & Wolfgang ⛱

    Hannelore Paulus

    Jakobs Sprung erinnert mich an den DDR Grenzpolizisten der NVA Conrad Schumann, der am 15.08.1961 in der Bernauer Straße in Berlin mit seinem beherzuten Sprung ("Sprung in die Freiheit" wurde er dann genannt) über den Stacheldrahtverhau in den Westen flüchtete. Das Foto ging um die ganze Welt mit der Botschaft: "Der DDR laufen die eigenen Truppen davon ..."

  • Day7


    December 30, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 42 °C

    Eigentlich war geplant, auf dem Princes Highway nach Melbourne zu fahren - aber das wurde nichts, weil uns durch das Feuer 🔥 alle Wege abgeschnitten wurden. Wir entschieden uns deshalb, den Weg ins Landesinnere zu wagen, um über einen Umweg so vielleicht Richtung Süden zu kommen.. wenn wir da nur gewusst hätten was noch auf uns zukommt 😅Read more

    Jan Auf Reisen

    Heftige Bilder. Dazu 42 Grad... Omg

  • Day3

    On our way to Canberra

    February 2, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Stayed the night in a quiet little town with no people except for fire fighters The Riad is supposedly closed going east to the coast. May have to go north?

    Pretty black birds with dark blue breasts. Orange beaks.

    Cold shower that was rather refreshing!
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  • Day58

    Cann River

    March 4, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Cann River is another of the small towns one finds interesting and attractive in Victoria. It's around the middle of the drive from Sydney to Melbourne when one takes the Princes Highway. That probably explains the many places one can dine or retire for the night.

    There are two bakeries, a pie shop, pub, purple of motels, church info and community centre. Two service stations to fuel up the car. A caravan park is at the moment being kept open as a free camp until it can be put back in paid service.

    The Cann River runs beside the town and has a decent 3k loop walk. The caravan park is really nicely arranged and seems very popular for a break in many people's journeys.
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  • Day59

    Cann River reserve walking track.

    March 5, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    An easy and pleasant walk along the river then back between the river and the highway. The sandy river has a little flowing water with some larger pools. Most of the walk is through old forest with quite a few birds calling but not many coming into view.

    One curious feature is a post lined crossing of the river. The purpose may be long forgotten but one can speculate that it might have been an old causeway crossing many years ago.

    The entire area floods at times and the massive amounts of fallen trees are well on the way to decomposing back into the earth.

    The 3 kilometre track is well defined but care required in parts as the ground has not been graded.
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  • Day97

    Cann River Victoria

    February 17, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Free overnight camp,& this one even got water . Feet up & a nice cold beer for Shane & I may even have a glass of wine myself

    Georgina Giles

    Woohoo get you Mrs with wine lol ❤

    Thomas Bradshaw

    Pissed up 😉

    Tricia Little

    This bottle of wine should last the entire trip. 😂

    Jackie Blake

    yep I expect it will be a vintage bottle in a few years lol xx😂

  • Day115

    A Stop in Eden & on to Cann River

    December 12, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    Time to leave the south coast of NSW this morning. We headed off about 10.30am, with a moody grey sky above. We drove through the gorgeous south coast farmland, with its green rolling hills dotted with grazing cows. We passed through cheese country in Bodalla, as well as the stunning green waters surrounding Narooma and the historic village of Central Tilba (my favourite little historic village).

    We know this area so well, having travelled here many times over the years, and my family used to holiday around here often when I was growing up.

    We stopped several times along the way as Cadbury seemed to have a tummy ache. We ate lunch near a river where there were oyster farms and an oyster processing plant. So I bought a dozen freshly shucked oysters to eat later.

    We stopped in Eden at ARV Caravans, as they are dealers for our Concept Caravan and we were looking to replace a part. We also stopped at the lookout over Twofold Bay and the lighthouse. We’ve been here many times, but it’s always lovely to see.

    We headed off mid afternoon, wary of the bad weather we could see was waiting for us in Victoria. This would dictate how far we go today, where we stop tonight and also whether we need to stay put (if the severity of the storms is as bad as it looks like being) for a couple of nights.

    We crossed the border into Victoria between towns. This border crossing is not particularly amazing - just a small sign welcoming you to Victoria. We checked out the free (donation) camp at Genoa (we’ve stayed here before) but decided to keep pushing on as the weather was fine and it was still early.

    We drove as far as Cann River, where the old caravan park has been turned into a free camp. We carefully worked out were to park in anticipation that the weather could turn nasty. We made sure we weren’t under any large trees, not in a muddy or dusty area that could become flooded and settled down in a grassy area towards the back of the park. There were quite a few people camping - a mix of caravanners, back packers in vans, station wagons or 4X4 with roof top tents.

    Immediately we arrived we found some problems with both the car and caravan. Earlier Gadi had accidentally turned too tight a circle, meaning the caravan actually slightly hit the draw bar. We think this may have caused the car to report a DSC Fault, which may have caused some other issues including disabling cruise control and the second battery charging our waeco fridge in the back of the car. Also, weirdly, there was no power to the caravan.

    Gadi spent some time trying to work out what the issues were and tried to fix them. Meanwhile, I sat outside in the weak sunshine and enjoyed my oysters with a squeeze of lemon and a cold cider.

    Not sure if much was fixed, but eventually we got around to cooking dinner - pan fried crispy salmon, asparagus and boiled new potatoes and sat outside to enjoy a camper’s dinner...this could be our last for a while!

    Night night from the east coast of Victoria. We are really close to home now xx
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    Bernie Weberruss

    Welcome back!!😊


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