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  • Day86

    212 Berkeley St, Carlton VIC

    February 2, 2016 in Australia


    First "try out" in a café

    I started at 9.30am and finished at 1pm.
    It is such a lovely place + they sell so much delicious food !!!!

    It is still a very busy place because of all the "worker" & students are comming in their break to have breakfast or just a coffee.
    To other girls are working there who are really nice & funny. A women is working in the kitchen but also on the floor (service) and they have got a really active cook.

    I had fun & I am hoping that the boss does the right decision & let me stay.
    I gave my best and tomorrow - everything !
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  • Day59

    Erster Überblick

    November 18, 2015 in Australia

    Nun ja
    Es gibt hier ein paae schöne Ecken, einen Strand, jede Menge Kultur, aber sonst?
    Keine Ubahn, dafür jede menge langsame Strassenbahnnen, ungepflegte Bürgersteige und randbepflanzungen, wenn überhUpt vorhmden, jede Menge Brachflächen im der Immmendradt alles etwas seltsam

    Und wie sollte es anders seon, auch hier svhwitten wieder millionwn von Fliegen um eoven herum. Ibwrtöglich

  • Day162

    Melbourne is freezing!

    July 28, 2017 in Australia

    Waking up at 3:15am is just such a joy, especially when it's to then sit on a bus for 13 hours. That was our day today on our final bus journey in Australia from Sydney to Melbourne. To say getting up at that time was hard would be a huge understatement but we made it to the bus stop with ten minutes to spare. We only had a 3 and a half hour drive to begin with and then a change of bus in Canberra before continuing. So technically we have been to the capital of Australia although based on its bus station you would never of guessed it. I managed to sleep on and off for this first part so it went pretty quickly. Nick researched into campervans some more as we drove because luckily the wifi worked. Canberra was freezing at 8am so we sat for 45 minutes trying to warm up over a shared latte. Soon enough it was back onto the bus to continue. This is the only time they've assigned seats and Nick was supposed to sit behind mevbut the driver just said to sit together. It made no sense why we were separated because the whole journey no one was meant to sit in either of seats next to our designated ones. Maybe they thought we'd want two seats to ourselves which we have been doing as long as they are opposite each other. I got into my new book, almost 200 pages into it, while Nick continued, dictionary in hand, to read Return of the King. We were able to watch youtube because we again had wifi and even though neither of us slept the journey seemed to fly by. Clearly leaving at 4:30am is the way forward. We arrived in Melbourne at 5pm and found a tram information point. We knew the route on the trams but needed what they call Myki cards to use it, basically an oyster card like they had in Sydney. Annoyingly we had to pay $6 each for this and then put money on it although we can get the extra money back off it this time. It was then we found out there's a free tram zone here and the place we are staying is only two stops outside this zone. So we bought these cards and paid $4 for a journey of two stops. Also discovered most people don't tap on once we pass the free zone to get a free ride. And then to top it all off our host provides you with cards to use so we didn't even need to pay for them... It was all a little bit annoying but we eventually made it on the most crowded of trams wearing ridicously large bags. We're staying in a lovely old Victorian style house but it's single glazed so is freezing! Luckily we have a heater and hot water bottles but it's so cold you barely want to even move from under the duvet. We were going to cook but it was so late we went for a meal at the nearest pub and paid a lot more than we'd want to but we needed food. Even the pub was freezing, Nick braved taking his jacket off but I sat in my cardigan, hoodie and fleece shivering. We then hit a massive downer as we realised Auckland is in line with Melbourne so New Zealand is going to be this cold and colder as you head south. This really made us realise we can't survive in a campervan in these temperatures so we then had a dilemma about what we are doing. I always need to have a plan and the fact that we don't really scares me. We spend so much time planning and thinking and days researching that we are missing the places we are visiting to try and work out what we are doing. We have 4 nights accommodation booked and then that's it, no plan. We really hit a low tonight and I did confess this to my family as we have been feeling down about travelling for a while but they helped pick us back up and realise tomorrow is another day and maybe it'll be the day we find work or fall back in love with travelling. Here's hoping.Read more

  • Day163

    Let's add some wind to that coldness

    July 29, 2017 in Australia

    My goodness it is windy! We got up this morning freezing and I sat for a good ten minutes warming my hands and feet on the small heater we have. I don't think the room is helped by the fact it's been empty for a week. Today's plan after feeling rubbish last night was to head to use computers and apply for some jobs. I was delighted by the fact our Airbnb has a microwave so I could heat up my Portuguese style custard tart for breakfast. It was heavenly! We headed out later than we wanted because we were so reluctant to get out of bed when it was so cold and because we spent half an hour talking to one of the girls who lives in the house. When we left it was even colder outside because of the wind. It was crazy! My hair was flying everywhere as were leaves, branches and rubbish. I've never seen wind like it so Melbourne weather is turning out to be great! The first computer place we walked to was rather annoying because after 20 minutes my computer froze, as did another so we decided to try another shop. Their computers weren't working but she suggested the library. The library let's you access them for an hour so we both did this and I managed to apply for one job and Nick for three and these were just aimed at us individually. It was then after leaving the library and after a coffee and a little cry that we realised we'd enjoy it more if we were working together. I'd seen couple of farms offering au pair positions and farm work for your partner. We decided this would suit us better as we can live together and work at the same time. We headed back to the first shop where one computer works and together completed our application but it took right up until the shop closed. Nick planned a sneaky surprise treat for afterwards and we walked for half an hour to a gelato shop on a street full of Italian resturants. The owner actually went to study at university in Italy gelato making and it was the best ice cream I have ever had. We went for salted caramel and white chocolate with mint and got two huge spoon fulls for under £4! It was such a lovely treat. The place was so popular, people came in ordering litre tubs of their ice cream! The rest of the evening included food shopping and cooking dinner. Hopefully tonight won't be as cold!Read more

  • Day164

    We love these walking tours!

    July 30, 2017 in Australia

    No pictures of us today just the pure beauty of Melbourne. Our walking tour in Sydney was brilliant because we learnt so much about buildings we would of just walked past and heard the un-sugarcoated history and stories of the city. We decided to do the same thing here in Melbourne. We were meeting at 10:30am by the central library, a half an hour walk away from our place. We decided to arrive half an hour early to go inside the library to see the beautiful dome interior from the 6th floor. The layout of the tables below made the floor look like a board game's board and the architecture was so impressive so we were glad we made time for this stop. The group was a lot larger than in Sydney and even divided in two groups there were still about 25 of us. Our tour guide was good at projecting his voice though and was very witty and full of knowledge. Victoria had a huge gold rush, luckily a month after it was formed having spit states from Sydney and New South Wales which meant all gold found went into Melbourne itself. Billions of pounds worth of gold was uncovered and this caused an influx of grand town buildings and houses to spring up. The settlement grew in 30 years by the level of growth that usually takes cities hundreds of years to achieve. The city is now so picturesque to walk around with many winding alleyways and ornate building details. There's also a big street art culture here so we visited some of the famous streets that showcase this. I asked the guide if Banksy had done any work here and he said he had two pieces; one was painted over by a council worker who didn't realise it was banksy and the other they put clear plastic over to preserve it which the community felt ruined the point of street art to the point where another artist poured white paint between the plastic and the wall and then wrote "Banksy was here" over the plastic cover. Melbourne had a decade called the marvellous Melbourne when many parties and celebrations took place during the gold rush. At this time they hosted a world invited party that attracted more than the whole population of Australia at the time in 6 months. For this event they built the most stunning white building with a dome roof and beautiful gardens that has since hosted Olympic and Commonwealth game events inside. Melbourne has a wonderful variety of things to see that if we had worked in Australia this would be the city I'd want to settle in. After the tour we went back to the library to apply for two more au pair and farm work roles. As a result we had a response within 20 minutes offering a Skype interview tonight but by the time we saw the email we'd decided to go to the cinema and had bought the tickets already! We plan to Skype tomorrow night which is exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time. We had to power walk back to the house to cook dinner and make it back in time to watch the film. We watched Dunkirk, a film I'd highly recommend because it was so powerful and emotional but also eye opening to what happened and what people experienced. It was so nice to end our evening with a treat like this and on a bit of a high knowing we have an interview tomorrow.Read more

  • Day165

    Last day in Australia!

    July 31, 2017 in Australia

    It's out last day in Melbourne and Australia so of course we spent it Op shopping (charity shopping). We need warmer clothes especially when it's likely we will be heading to the South Island in New Zealand to work on a farm. We both are still in desperate need of coats. We mapped out a route that had about 10 charity shops on it. We woke up early to be able to get as many done as possible before coming back to pack and eat before our interview tonight. Google Maps took us on a route which had a ten minute stretch through a mortuary which was unexpected and interesting at the same time. We eventually reached the first shop which was fantastic! I've never been to such a good shop. It was already cheap compared to the prices we had seen before but they also on Monday's have half price on one colour ticket and then another colour ticket is reduced to $2. They rotate which colours it applies to each week but it ended up meaning I got myself a coat for £1.20! We both got so much stuff including jeans, jumpers, tops and even a suitcase to put it all in for about £20. It was so great. We had success in other shops too and even visited shops that were so unbelievably big with about 50 long racks of clothing. I was in my element but I think Nick had had enough by the end though! It helped us be able to walk through some of the nicest areas of Melbourne as well. By the end of the afternoon we had most of what we wanted to get which was great. After all the walking we decided to get the tram back to where we are staying to save our feet. We had enough time to make pasta for tea, pack our bags and for Nick to shave before our interview. To say we were nervous is such an understatement. We set up on the bed with the phone propped up on the new suitcase and waited for the call to come. It was quite worrying but luckily we didn't have to wait too long for the call. We spoke to them for just over an hour and there were times when the connection was poor but we got most of what was being said and did really like them. It was mainly Nick being asked questions which I found strange when in a way I'd have more responsibility because their children would be in my care. We left the call feeling relieved it was over. The role isn't perfect, the main downside is that we won't have days off together and we'd be quite isolated even with a communal truck to use but for saving money it is ideal. We'd have little outgoings except the $100 a week rent, wifi bill and then food. It's a good opportunity to be part of a community as well and really settle down for a while. We'd have a two bedroom house which we didn't quite catch if that would be with someone else. We feel like it shouldn't be when we're both paying rent so are entitled to two bedrooms. We are hoping they offer it to us but are trying not to get our hopes up too much. Hopefully they get back to us tomorrow and we know either way but fingers crossed for now!Read more

  • Day87

    212 Berkeley St, Carlton VIC

    February 3, 2016 in Australia


    Second day - "try out" done

    Guys.. Why do I have so much bad luck ?
    I have the job.. Buuut my boss only pays 16$ per hour !

    Thats not even the minimum wage..
    So I have to talk to him.. otherwise I have to look for another job - another thing: He wants to call me maybe friday on which days I have to work. I want to work full time the whole week ! I don't think that it will happen..
    Sucks so much !!!!!

    And then there was a woman who wanted to know which type of muffin we are selling.. So I told her its a gluten free muffin (on which she was pointing), she answered: 'No I mean which type'.. Than I've said: 'Its a choclate muffin - gluten free choclate muffin' After that she was so rude ! Told me: 'Ah you know what, no worries' (she left) !! A nice girl from the café was standing next to me & told me that I did it totally fine. This woman does it every time like that.. Sweeeet !
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