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  • Day137

    OF (organised fun)

    February 13, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    There is no better day than an OF day.
    Got everyone loaded in the cars and went in search of a frisbee golf course. Andrew and I both had strong suspicions that it wouldn't exist anymore. But that didn't stop us from going to have a look.
    On the way towards it we stopped into a Coffee tasting and learnt a few things. The main one I came away with is that it is actually the water contact time with the bean which defines the amount of caffeine in the coffee. Therefore an espresso which typically has less bean contact time will actually have a lower caffeine content than when using a plunger.
    Followed this up with a chocolate place and a olive and soap place.
    The berry farm was next for an amazing food platter. Full of everything from pastry to sausage to fruit.
    By 3pm we eventually found the frisbee place. It was indeed abandoned. We managed to fish some frisbee out of the bin. Heather wisely stayed near the car whilst the rest of us ventured into the bush.
    Got totally hammered by ants and horse flies. You basically had to keep stamping on the spot to stop the ants from biting you. Penny got a bit scared of a horse fly at one point and, much to the amusement of everyone, let go a little speed boost to keep her going faster round the course.
    Glad to be finished we piled back into the cars.
    Andrew took us on some off roading (not suitable for our car) then around a forest which was very pretty.
    Back to the place for cooking up some tasty salad and meat.
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  • Day132

    Exploring Melbourne

    February 8, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Was up and out early. Grabbed a pain au chocolate from the 7/11 and got the train to central Melbourne. The initial plan was to do a walking tour then visit what ever the tour guide recommended. The tour was free and the guide was excellent. Taught us lots about the history of Melbourne which is less than 200 odd years old.
    We finished the tour on the south bank of the river. This was close to the Eureka 88th floor sky tower. This has become a thing we do, therefore had to go up.
    Great views over the city and to the sea. A slight haze around, maybe from the bush fires?
    After that we took our friend Fiona's advice and visited the South Melbourne market. A old school style market, with lots of local produce.
    From there we walked to the War Memorial with unobstructed views up main roads both north and south.
    The plan was to meet Fi at an outdoor festival. So we picked up some ciders and got a spot to watch. Fantastic orchestra with some dancing. We all watched for a few hours before catching the train back to the hotel.
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  • Day133

    Off to Perth

    February 9, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Checked out about 10. Sat nearby having a drink and deciding what to do. Our flight was at 4pm so had a few hours to do something. Went to Southern Cross station, put our bags in a locker and had a walk to the Docklands. Saw some teams doing dragon boat racing.
    Went back to the station area for some shopping. I got 2 new pairs of shorts and immediately ditched the old ones. They had got to the stage where washing didn't seem to clean them anymore.
    Took the skybus to the airport and boarded to Perth. Picked up the hire car and waited around for Hannah's mum to arrive.
    All present and accounted for we drove to our accommodation. Initially had no power, after a quick whatsapp with only 3% battery on the phone remaining, we got it fixed.
    All hungry but not bothered about going out, I nipped out and got a takeaway pizza.
    Diet starts tomorrow.
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  • Day134

    Chilling out in Perth.

    February 10, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Hannah's mum is based in the entrance way to our apartment, so Hannah and I escaped out the back door to head off for a run before it got too hot.
    Heather managed to get a full 11 hours sleep, so hopefully a good head start on the jet lag.
    Got back for a healthy breakfast and then went to meet Andrew for coffee overlooking the beach.
    Got in for a bit of play in the surf, which was fairly punchy.
    Then met Annie for a salad lunch. Very healthy!
    Back to home for a dip in the cold pool, followed by a sunset beer at the pub a few mins walk away.
    Ended up back at home having a bbq salmon. Tssk lovely.
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  • Day142

    Floaty floaty

    February 18, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    Got up, over ate a breakfast of porridge and checked out.
    I drove the girls to the beach and headed for a flotation experience in a pod.
    A very weird sensation where you get into a mega salty, skin warm tub and close the lid.
    First 15 mins were very relaxing as you floated half in the water, whilst chill out music was played on the background. Unfortunately this is where my enjoyment stopped. Even with earplugs in, I could hear the whirring of the ceiling fan, which seemed to resonate in the tub, making it sound like you were in a quiet aircraft. Not ideal and not the sensory deprivation I was going for. Maybe I'll try one again sometime which will be properly insulated from outside sound.
    Spent the rest of the day driving back up towards Perth. Checked in to our accommodation for the next 9 days, overlooking the sea.
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  • Day4

    Singapur ➡️ Australien

    September 30, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Leider müssen wir Singapur heute wieder verlassen. Die Stadt hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Vielleicht kommen wir nochmal her 😜. (Dann mit mehr Zeit)

    Das Wetter war heute besser und Martha sprang nach dem Frühstück direkt wieder in den Pool. Mehr braucht sie nicht zum Gücklich sein🤩 baden baden baden!!

    Bevor wir uns auf den Weg zum Flughafen machten, waren Martha und ich noch spontan beim Friseur. Das war ziemlich cool. Wir bekamen zusätzlich tolle Getränke gereicht , eine großartige Kopf und Handmassage und außerdem noch eine Maniküre. Das wolllen wir jetzt immer so!

    Dann war es leider schon soweit und wir mussten uns auf den Weg zum Flughafen machen.
    Diesmal fuhren wir mit dem Taxi.
    Der Flughafen ist wirklich richtig schön, sehr groß und vor allem sehr sauber. Wir hatten noch viel Zeit und sind daher noch in die riesige neue Jewel Halle gegangen. Dort gibt es den größten Indoor Wasserfall der Welt. Das war schon sehr beeindruckend. Außerdem ist dort alles grün und mit tollen Blumen bepflanzt. Es gibt so viel zu sehen, da reichen 2 Stunden gar nicht aus.
    Dann wurde es schon etwas knapp mit der Zeit und wir flitzen los, um unseren Flieger nicht zu verpassen. Es hat aber alles noch gepasst.

    Tschüss Singapur -- Hallo Australien

    Kurz vor Mitternacht landeten wir in Perth. Der Flug mit Singapur Airlines war spitze! Das Essen und auch Entertainment Programm waren super. Die 6 Stunden vergingen sehr schnell.

    Am Flughafen holten wir noch unser Auto ab und machten uns auf den Weg zu unserer Unterkunft.
    An den Linksverkehr muss ich mich auf jeden Fall noch gewöhnen. Daniel hat das schon richtig gut hinbekommen. Nur die Sache mit dem Blinken endete immer mit Scheibenwischen 😂 .
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    Doris Müller

    Das freut mich ja, alles so zu lesen und das du Antje alles so ohne Probleme mit dem Fliegen schaffst. So viele schöne Eindrücke muss man erst Mal verarbeiten. Wobei ja jeden Tag wieder neue hinzu kommen. Bin jeden Tag gespannt, was an Erlebnissen von Euch dazu kommt. Liebe Grüße von Mama und Papa

    Christiane Müller

    Hallöchen ihr Lieben,was für schöne Bilder und Eindrücke von euch.Man sieht, Ihr fühlt euch wohl🙃In Singapur sieht alles sehr bunt aus.Wir freuen uns schon auf eure nächsten Berichte.LG von Henni und Christiane😍

    Jeannette Bastian

    Wir haben uns vor Jahren ja auch in Singapur verliebt und nehmen uns in ein paar Wochen die Zeit. tiefer in die Stadt einzutauchen. Bitte nicht nachlassen mit dem Schreiben. Ganz liebe Grüße an Euch Drei - aus Mallorca 😎

    Anne Helten-Apel

    Prima das alles so gut läuft! 👍🏻 Habt weiter eine schöne Zeit! Freuen uns auf die nächsten Berichte und Fotos! Fühlt euch ganz fest gedrückt von uns 5en 😘

  • Day144

    37 degrees! Hot hot hot

    February 20, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Hannah and I finally got off our arses and did a morning workout followed by 50 lengths in the pool.
    We then went south to a restaurant called Odyssea to meet the Bitmeads for a final meal. I had an amazing pancake stack with shaved coconut and caramel. Yum yum yum.
    Then down for a bit of hand planing before saying bye to Penny and Steven.
    Left to go to Kings Park for a walk around and a slushy. A bit too hot to be doing too much walking so came back to the apartment for a G and T and get ready for the Scarborough market.
    Loads of people down at the market, with every country represented at the food stalls. Had a few beers whilst watching the sunset.
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  • Day3

    Perth, Scarborough Beach

    October 3, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Gestern, Mittwoch 2. Oktober sind wir also in Perth glücklich gelandet. Da wir von Tür zu Tür ca. 30 Stunden unterwegs waren, sehnten wir uns nach einer Dusche und nach einem Bett. Wir blieben aber hart und liessen das Schlafen sein, damit wir in den Rhythmus der Tageszeit in Australien kamen. Dabei half uns ein Spaziergang am Strand und wunderbare Flat White Kaffees (siehe Bild). Am Abend dann noch schnell ein Abendessen, und dann waren wir definitiv reif für das Bett!
    Für mich ist es schön, wieder in an der Scarborough Beach zu sein, ging ich doch im Jahr 2016 nur ein paar Meter vom Hotel weg in die Schule. So kenne ich schon viel und irgendwie ist es ein Gefühl wie heimkommen. Für den ultimativen Beach-Style, der hier gelebt wird, fehlt uns aber noch einiges. Kein Surfbrett, keine langen Haare, kein Tattoo und noch zu wenig locker, würde ich mal sagen.... Immerhin waren wir aber heute Morgen mit hunderten Anderen am Beach zum joggen. Da muss man sich als Landei wirklich zuerst daran gewöhnen :-) Auf dem wunderschön angelegten Weg trifft sich alles, jung und schön, dick und schlank, sehr langsam (ich) und sehr schnell unterwegs, in Topausrüstung oder mit normalen Kleider, - alles ist in Bewegung und will bestaunt werden. Viele hatten noch einen Hund dabei, mit Vorzug ein (meistens total überfetteter) Kampfhund. Welch ein Schauspiel an dieser Promenade. Dazwischen kann man natürlich auch den Blick aufs Meer geniessen, es ist einfach wunderbar. A propos wunderbar: Das trifft auch für die Wellen zu. Die Surfer tummelten sich schon am Morgen früh im Wasser und warteten auf die perfekte Welle. Christa und ich schätzten, dass wir von einem Ort aus mehr als hundert Surfer sahen im Wasser. Die meisten tragen einen Surfanzug, das Wasser ist hier noch sehr frisch (es wird ja jetzt gerade mal Frühling) . Gemäss Google beträgt die Wassertemperatur 19 ° und die Lufttemperaturen liegt bei 24°. Genug für heute, also „see ya“.
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    Hach - einfach nur schön! Geniesst jeden Moment! liebe Grüsse und grüsst mir Australien:-):-)


    Ach ja, das war ich - Susanne;-)


    wünsche erlebnisreichen und interessanten Aufenthalt in Down Under. Fredi, nimm no es Jützi !! Mit Jodlergrüssen aus Meischti, Thomas

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  • Day138

    Baking feet

    February 14, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Andrew and his dad headed off early to try out the skate park and the rest of us had a more leisurely start to the day. Then we decided to head to the beach in time to meet Andrew. Took a look at Meelup beach but Andrew suggested Castle Rock would be quieter so we quickly headed there.
    We were very British and set up some chairs and an umbrella but it was great to have some shade. After some swimming, frisbee and snorkeling, we headed to Aravina winery. The sand was so hot when walking back to the car it felt like we were actually burning our feet.
    At Aravina we tried some wine and had a look at the surf museum,which was pretty cool.
    Then we headed to Yallingup cheese to taste some local cheese and decided it was a good spot for lunch over looking the lake.
    Before heading back to the house we stopped at r
    Rivendale vineyard to do a tasting of Forester wine. We were served by an Italian man who was married to a lady from Torquay.
    We had some time to chill at the house and using the pool before we started babysitting duties whilst Bitmeads were out having a nice meal. Louis was their taxi driver and almost ran into a Kangaroo on the way home the first time. We read the boys bedtimes stories and luckily they were asleep quickly and quiet for the rest of the night.
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  • Day143

    Hand surfing with rays

    February 19, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Got up too late and did a 5 mile run. Way way to hot after 7.30 to be running. Got back and had a cold shower followed by a swim in the cold pool. After 30 mins I was finally cool.
    Met up with Andrew and co for an ice cream.
    Then had a few hours hand planing in the sea with the mask and snorkel. A few sting rays were floating around. One guy got panicked after he saw one and was shouting for everyone to get out of the water. We went in thinking he had seen a shark. 🙄.
    After that we went back to the accommodation for another swim and to do some admin in side. Was a bit too hot just to be sat in the sun.
    At 5.30 we met team Bitmead for a last supper of fish and chips before Penny and Steven leave.
    We drove into central Perth to drop the girls off for a roof top drink whilst Andrew and I watched a film about Andy Irons. Great film, well worth a watch.
    We joined the ladies after for a very expensive drink at the Aviary rooftop bar. Back home to watch some lightning over the sea.
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    Phoebe Copeland

    Stay away from the Stingrays!


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