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  • Day11

    Birthplace of Mozart

    September 14, 2017 in Austria

    Salzburg. A bit of a culture overload here. Seems to be full of Mozart nonces. A lovely city however. Arrived on the early coach from Munich which meant I had 3 or 4 hours to explore in the sun before the clouds and rain arrived. Some breathtaking views. I always like to check out viewpoints in a new city and these didn't disappoint.
    Took a funicular up to an old Austrian fortress where you have amazing views of Salzburg one side, and from the other you can see some incredible mountain ranges.
    Took the hostel receptionist's advice on the best place to get a proper schnitzel so had one of them. It's basically bashed, breaded veal. But very nice along with some cranberry.
    Also stumbled on another running race. The second of my travels. Inspiring.
    Train to Vienna tomorrow
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  • Day24

    A short funicular carried us up the steep hill to the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which was first built around 1077. A rail system for delivering goods and building materials was put in around 1500, operated first by humans, then by horses. Some say it is the oldest operational railway in the world.

    The fortress was built to protect Salzburg and its vast salt trade wealth from outside attack. It was so formidable it never was attacked outside forces, but at least one prince-archbishop had to fend off attacks from the villagers who were protesting high taxes.

    We really liked one of the state rooms in the fortress -- blue walls, natural wood timbers and gold star-like ornamentation on the ceiling. Excavations in other areas of the fortress revealed earlier architectural styles, including an arched column wall that had been covered over. Of course the views from the top were spectacular!

    We walked down the steep pathway from the fortress (poor horses that had to travel up with loads), and were back in the old town. From medieval times we moved on to a more genteel period.

    We visited two homes where Mozart lived as a child before he moved to Vienna. We saw Mozart's first violin and piano, and learned that he performed for the Empress of Austria at the age of 6 and wrote his first opera at the age of 8. And, we learned that Mozart spent half of his 35-year life on the road, traveling to concert venues.

    Salzburg really is a pretty town with its cobblestone pedestrian areas lined with old-style shop signs.
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  • Day27

    Around Salzburg and the fortress

    October 6, 2015 in Austria

    Our aim today was to see as much of Salzburg as we could. The big news of the morning however, was that my sister, Marie's daughter had given birth to a little baby boy, so there were excited phonecalls, conversations and congratulations to be made.

    Buoyed by the news we headed off to explore Salzburg. From our hotel we made our way across the Salzach river via a bridge suffering the weight of many thousands of love locks. I wondered how many more could be added before it would collapse like one in France had done fairly recently, prompting the removal of many similar installations around the world!

    We skirted around the old town cliff face where we were once again fascinated by the buildings backing up to the rock and in some cases built into it.We found the so called oldest inn in Europe ('It is claimed to be the oldest inn in Central Europe because of a supposed documentary mention of it by the scholar Alcuin in 803 AD')

    We didn't want to 'over - church' ourselves, which would be easy to do here, but we did go into the Salzburg Cathedral and have a good walk around, astonished once again by the size and extent of work that went into the construction of these buildings and the art works they contain. It's a captivating little place, and no wonder it's a UNESCO listed heritage site with several palaces, parks and museums to explore. With only one full day for us to explore, a casual walk around was all we could really manage.

    We took the funicular railway up to the fortress. Visibility was great from the top, and we took many photos of the iconic view down toward the township and the river, as well as many other views from a circuit of the ramparts. We had a browse around the historic displays inside, including a rather extensive Marionette one. The view from the back of the fortress was equally stunning, with beautiful green cultivated fields and farms leading toward the rocky alps in the distance. More selfies!

    Back down in the town we continued our exploration, again past the many horse and carriage rides available. One highlight was discovering the graves of several of Mozart's relatives!

    Another magical day to remember for quite some time!
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  • Day6


    August 4, 2015 in Austria

    Von oben haben wir einen herrlichen Blick über die Stadt an der Salzach. Die Türme von St. Peter stechen ebenso hervor, wie das Dach des Doms.
    Die Festung Hohensalzburg ist das Wahrzeichen der Stadt. Sie stammt aus dem 11. Jhdt. und ist eine der größten Burgen Europas. Sie war einst Regierungssitz der Erzbischöfe von Salzburg. Die prunkvolle Innenausstattung spricht für sich. Sogar ein eigenes "Örtchen" hatte der Erzbischof in seinen Gemächern.
    Beim Bummel durch die Burg ergeben sich immer wieder interessante Ein- und Ausblicke. So hat man beispielsweise unter der aktuellen Wand Reste alter Wandfarben und Bemalungen gefunden. Nachdem wir ausgiebig das Innenleben der Burg besichtigt haben, bummeln wir noch einmal durch die Außenanlagen der Festung. Soviel Sightseeing macht hungrig, und so beschließen Hase und Ritter stilvoll auf der Burg zu essen. Das Essen hier oben ist tatsächlich ganz gut, und der Ausblick auf jeden Fall einmalig.
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  • Day1795

    Salzburg mit Melli

    April 29, 2017 in Austria

    Mit Züglein hin, losgestapft, rumgestapft, Fotos gemacht, weitergestapft, Kunst entdeckt!, Berg nauf gestapft:o, Berg entlang gestapft, Burg reingestapft, endlich essi, gucken, runterbrausen, weiterstapfen, heimfahren, Nahtod, Pizza, Bett :) #coolio #mitmelliontour

    - Park Mirabell
    - Salzach Promenade
    - Festung Hohensalzburg
    - Mozarts Geburtshaus
    - Griesgasse und Altstadt incl. Wanner
    - ...

  • Day16


    September 22, 2015 in Austria

    Salzburg wasn't really on our itinerary, but we had booked an extra night so we could have a look around. Our hotel was conveniently located and we were able to walk down and cross the river into the old town. On the way we stopped off to have a look at the Schloss Mirabell. We didn't bother going into the palace, but we enjoyed a stroll around the extensive garden. Many (but not me) would be aware that some of the Sound of Music was filmed here - 'Doh a Dear' anyone?

    Then over the river to wander the old town ending up at the terrific fortress on the hill (where else). Fortresses are pretty common in Europe, but this one is definitely one of our favourites. A nice funicular ride to get up to it (unless you really want the climb) and a good variety of sections of the castle open to the public including great outlooks, princes' quarters and fortifications. Not to mention a superb piece of Sacher Torte in a restaurant overlooking Salzburg.

    Very pleased we had the day in Salzburg - tomorrow we head to a tiny town on a big lake - Wolfgangsee.
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  • Day15

    Walking along the mountain

    December 29, 2015 in Austria

    We decided to take the lesser tourist path; the path along the mountain side that runs along the edge of the old town. Its a very serene and cold place to be, but the view is worth the coldness!

  • Day5

    Salzburg. Hohensalzburg. Day 5

    July 4, 2016 in Austria

    Когда мы вышли на площадку за собором, мы увидели шезлонги, стульчики и экран. Собралось много горожан на просмотр фильма на свежем воздухе. Мы тоже расположились, но потом вспомнили, что на немецком мы не поймем и пошли на фуникулёр, ведущий в крепость на горе. Эти параноидальные ребята боялись захвата и в районе 15 века, кажется, соорудили неприступную крепость на горе. Так высоко, что ни одному врагу она не понадобилась. Поэтому её сделали местной достопримечательностью, откуда открывается шикарный вид на все стороны города. Внутри крепости раскинулся отдельный городочек с домами, дорожками и насаждениями)) Про вид даже говорить не буду, он прекрасен! А ещё из камней пробивается растительность. И не лопцхи с одуванчиками, а папоротник!))Read more

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