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Here you’ll find travel reports about Salzburg. Discover travel destinations in Austria of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day164

    Salzburg's Christkindlmarkt had come highly recommended so we took the bus 5km and back over the Austrian border to Salzburg city centre, a little while before sunset.

    Instead of going straight to the market we crossed the love-lock and light swathed bridge to explore the streets on the opposite bank. Looking back over the river we saw a panorama of large pastel coloured buildings almost hiding the palaces and cathedral whose turrets, domes and spires peaked about their rooves before the city rose with the landscape, up a misty cliff on top of which there were more grand residences.

    Walking towards the market we passed a line of horse drawn carriages, ready with warm rugs and sheepskins. The window display of a shop called 'Christmas in Salzburg' caught our eye. It was a reasonably large shop that brimmed with handpainted glass and egg baubles. There was every style imaginable and many were adorned with jewels, pearls, lace and even cross stitch. The standard of painting was amazing, each one a mini masterpiece! It was only knowing how easily delicate things are broken in the van that saved us from splashing out and coming away loaded with egg boxes!

    The market itself was spread between two adjacent squares; those of the Cathedral and the Palace. The luxurious buildings provided a dramatic backdrop to the festivities. Stalls were larger and greater in their number than at other markets we'd visited. There was plenty of space but with all the focus being on one area, as the evening progressed and tour and school groups descended, it began to feel crowded as we were jostled from either side. A great range of languages were spoken and including the first native English speakers we'd heard for a while. There was a commercial feel, with many stalls selling the same things and it reminded us a little of the big German market in Birmingham. Our Salzburg experience ended with live Austrian carols sung by a school choir outside the Cathedral.

    The bus back was 15 cold minutes late but at least this time we had confidence that we were at the right stop and that it was coming! We had a little panic when approaching the German border because we'd left our passports in the van and unlike on the way out, there were officials on duty and checks taking place. Luckily they waved the bus through, just doing a rough count of how many people were on board.
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  • Day23

    It turns out we needed more recovery time than expected after Oktoberfest, as we started battling a cold in Mozart's hometown - Salzburg. We found out the hard way that no pharmacies or grocery stores are open on a Sunday so we had to fight through our colds by taking it easy, but we still managed to enjoy our limited time in this beautiful city. The scenery is unique, nestled in the Alps with a river running through it, buildings carved into the cliffs, a castle overhead and an old wall surrounding the town. They also had a lively atmosphere in the town due to their own Oktoberfest celebration; their culture seemed similar to the Bavarian culture we experienced in Munich, but a smaller town feel.Read more

  • Day11

    Nice garden. I was here when i was a baby. 👶🏼I love Austria.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋🦄😎

  • Day9

    Left at 8am for a two hour bus ride to Salzburg through the beautiful Austrian countryside. Made a put stop at a restaurant area overlooking Lake M,___, where some of the Sound of Music was filmed.

    Salzburg, the Salt City built its wealth through salt mining over the last several centuries. Another claim to fame is the Mozart was born here. (He spent his adult years in Vienna.) We started the day with a 90 minute walking tour after which we had 3 hours before the return trip.

    Tauck gave 20euros to each of us for a lunch as well as coins for the toilets. We visited the baroque St. Stephen's Cathedral and a beautiful little cemetery. We shared fish stew and a smoked fish plate for lunch before touring Mozart's birthplace. Honestly, it didn't move me very much...collections if family portraits and brief histories if his family...the violin he played as a child, a few letters to his wife and some sheets of Music..but not original scores like we viewed at Libowitcz Palace.

    At this stop, we had the choice of Salzburg or Chetsky ______, a restored medieval UNESCO town, said to be impressive. But we felt like we'd regret missing Salzburg. The small, old town is pretty with pretty gardens best the Bishop's home, winding streets filled with nicely restored architecture and two cathedrals. I know I'm probably jaded by the beautiful Prague and the well restored Regensburg and Passau. I'm guessing that Tauck gives a choice here because Salzburg is part of their Alps land tour, which several passengers had already done.

    But, other travellers reported that the Chetsky was nice, but easily finishes by pm, especially since it started raining at 1pm. OK forgot to mention that Salzburg gets rain 200+ days a year. We were extremely lucky to have a sunny, sweater day.
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  • Day13

    Whats TSOM? Hahaha. I can't stop humming 'the hills are alive, with the sound of music.....' yes salzburg is also the birth place for The Sound Of Music! We will be going for the SOM tour tomorrow lol.

  • Day14

    Do-re-mi? Yeah this is where the final sequence is being shot for this song. It also marks the end of our 4 hr tour. There is a few sing along moments as the cd is played (abeit that the cd is not very good) which is quite fun. And you can identify who are those die hard fans from the way they can remember the lyrics lol.

  • Day14

    Night all! We will be doing some free and easy visits around salzburg tomorow, update the blog soon! Oh yah, the time we usually rest is around local 6pm hahaha. Anyway the shops closes at 8pm, and by 5pm, we usually are tired le. And the sky gets dark after 5pm haha so it gives us an impression of night time. Zzzzz

  • Day15

    We decided to take our time and just slpw down our pace today, thus we only got out of the hotel after 12pm lol. But the sky seems like early morning still. The air is getting colder, with snow predicted after we leave salzburg. Oh well.

  • Day13

    Spent one night here on route to Italy! It was such a lovely small town we managed to see all the main sights in one evening. Fulfilled a childhood dream of mine to walk in the footsteps of Maria from Sound Music! Had to get up very early for our train to Venice but it was worth it!

  • Day16

    Well, I didn't think things could get much better but today was incredible. After our early arrival we managed to find our hostel and a girl,who was randomly up at 4.30am, let us in to drop off our bags. We headed back to the train station and found a coffee shop open at 5 so we had a hot drink! By 6 we were in the Mirabel Gardens acting out the Sound of Music, unsurprisingly not another tourist in site! The girls loved running around the fountain, down the tunnel, finding the stage and singing Doh the mi on the steps! But the best was yet to come... A short but stunning train journey took us to Werfen, home of the Hohenwerfen Castle that can be seen in the opening to the Sound of Music. We then climbed up into the mountains to the famous picnic meadow from the film. As you can see below, much fun was had reenacting the scene to bemused onlooking cows! We headed back to Salzburg on the train. We were so exhausted we all fell asleep. I woke to Tim shouting 'Salzburg'. He ran off the train with a very bemused half awake Morwenna following him. I tried to put my things in my bag so I could pick up Elowen who was not waking up! Tim then came running down the aisle to get her followed by Morwenna and we all turned around and ran off the train. We must have looked hilarious! I then looked around me only to find that we weren't at Salzburg at all. We just about managed to get back on the train before it pulled out and had to walk back into the carriage with our fellow passengers smiling pityingly! Tim was convinced that there were signs for Salzburg: I am convinced he was dreaming! A fun evening making a picnic in our room as the hostel doesn't have a kitchen! I thought it would be nice for Tim to choose some special meat for his picnic so he pottered off to find something delicious. When I found him at the deli counter, instead of the two thin slices of gourmet ham he expected, he was being passed a third of a kilo of something that neither he nor i recognised as meat! While struggling for the German words for no, thank you, thin and slice, he gallantly smiled and accepted the package with a confident danke schoen! He enjoyed his peanut butter roll and expensive cultural experience!Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

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