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  • Day3

    Spazieren im Zentrum

    November 25, 2017 in Bolivia

    Mit dem Micro ging es heute wieder Richtung Zentrum. Wir sind ein bisschen in der Stadt spazieren gegangen und haben uns den "Eifelturm" im "Parque Bolivar" angeguckt. Danach waren wir einkaufen, da Jule abends für meinen Geburtstag einen Kuchen backen wollte.😊❤

  • Day8

    Dinos doing Salsa

    February 15 in Bolivia

    Hello from Sucre,

    Last night was our overnight bus. I think this is the first overnight bus I have taken since high school marching band trips many years ago. I am happy to report this one was much more comfortable. The seats were in a 2 and 1 configurations and I had one to myself. I also chose the front one so I had plenty of room to spread out. It was a double decker bus so I was located just above the driver with a 2 story view. As he turned some of the corners and passed people in the lanes of on coming traffic I was glad the windows were too fogged up to see much of the outside. On the 13 hour trip I finished reading a book and finished most of another on audible, so not much sleep. Yet I still felt full of energy today.
    Sucre is the National capital of Bolivia with the supreme court residing here while the presidential offices are located in La Paz. It is a beautiful city set in the middle of the Andies mountains. The buildings are painted white with gorgeous orange terra cotta roofs. Today we did the city tour with our guide. The national wage average in a month for Bolivia is $230 per month with housing costing about $100 per month. The area is very poor.
    As always my favorite part of cities is the markets. It is where the cities feel most alive. In Bolivia there are no super markets such as we have in the States. Instead residents go to the local fruit, vegetable, meat and cheese markets daily. Here they have an amazing sense of community. You can see kids coming in after school, friends meeting up after work, and families sharing time together.
    After the market we went to see the dinosaur foot prints. They are on a high sandstone wall that has been upturned by earth quakes. Apparently Bolvia is located on a fault line but has not had a major earth quake since 1985. Many of the earth quakes in SA recently have been in Chile.
    In the evening we went salsa dancing. Wow am I uncoordinated. I am happy to say there are no videos of my dancing, but I did include one for you of the instructor.

    Only 4 more days until the salt flats.
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  • Day80

    Entspannung in Sucre

    March 30, 2017 in Bolivia

    Irgendwie hatten wir doch noch keine Lust weiter zu fahren und entschieden uns noch eine Nacht in dieser schönen Stadt zu bleiben. Also schliefen wir aus und buchten endlich unsere (scheißteuren) Unterkünfte in Patagonien! Der W-Trek im Torres del Paine Nationalpark wird also begangen!
    Danach nahmen wir ein Mittagsmahl zu uns.
    Wir wanderten noch ein paar Blocks nach oben zu einem Kloster von dem man einen wunderschönen Blick auf die weiße Stadt hatte! Hier gönnten wir uns ein Eis und einen Kaffee.
    Da David wohl in Cusco seinen Rasierer hat liegen lassen, klapperten wir einige "Elektrogeschäfte" ab, die natürlich an einer Straße lagen, und fanden tatsächlich ein würdiges Modell. Der Besuch im Bolivar-Park schloss sich an, wo eine kleine Nachbildung eines Eiffelturms steht. Recht kümmerlich und mittlerweile so schief, dass man ihn nicht mehr besteigen darf. Man darf sich noch nicht mal mehr nähern.
    Eine Pizza schloss den ganzen Gammeltag ab.
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  • Day177


    April 17, 2017 in Bolivia

    Nach einer Nacht Zwischenstopp in Potosí, einer der höchstgelegensten Städte weltweit, machen wir uns auf nach Sucre. Leider haben wir einen etwas holprigen Start, da wir, nachdem wir bereits mit dem Taxi bei unserer Unterkunft sind feststellen, dass German seinen Geldbeutel (womöglich) im Bus verloren hat. Also zurück zum Terminal. Mit riesen Glück kann ist der Bus noch in der Stadt und der Busfahrer nach etlichen Diskussionen am Telefon bereit, den Bus noch einmal aufzuschließen und tadaaaa, da ist er der Geldbeutel. Damit hören die Schwierigkeiten an Geld zu kommen nur leider nicht auf, seine Bankkarte hat wohl irgendeinen modernen Chip, mit dem er an keinem Automaten Geld abheben kann … Sucre ist mit Abstand die Stadt, in der ich die meisten Banken von innen gesehen habe 😉.

    Leckere, günstige Restaurants und Cafés und ein schönes Hostel, in dem wir nette Abenden mit vier Spanierinnen und Wein haben helfen dabei, die Stimmung ein bisschen zu heben und die unzähligen erfolglosen Bankbesuche zu vergessen 😉. Schlussendlich klappt es dann auch, dass er sich Bargeld von Chile nach Bolivien schicken lässt und wir können weiterziehen.

    Herausforderungen: Joa, siehe oben.

    Travelmate: German (Chile)
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  • Day225


    August 9, 2017 in Bolivia

    At the end of our tour to the Salar de Uyuni we were dropped in the town of Uyuni. It didn't look to promising and as I wasn't to keen on hanging out with the rest of my group for the day (they were all catching a nightbus to La Paz) I decided to just take the next bus to Potosi and see if I can make my way from there to Sucre or if I would have to stay there for the night.
    We arrived in Potosi around 7pm. I had met a french couple on the bus and they also wanted to go to Sucre. Unfortunately it turned out the busses to Sucre were leaving from another terminal. But it was supposed to be in walking distance. When we left the terminal we had to cross a parking lot where lots of cars were waiting to take people to Sucre. Everybody came running to us trying to hassle us into their cars. Normally I would have ignored them but as I was pretty tired already after the tour and 4 hours on the bus from Uyuni to Potosi I was at least considering this option. We talked a guy down to 25,- bolivianos (€ 3,-) and jumped in his car. First he wanted to wait for another person but after a while he couldn't be bothered himself to wait any longer. I had expected a lot worse from the streets in Bolivia after what people had told me. The road to Sucre was actually pretty good with barriers and illuminated road markings almost all the way. The driver drove quickly but not irresponsible. We arrived to Sucre around 10pm and the driver conveniently dropped us at the main square instead of at the bus terminal.
    From here I walked a few minutes to the "Kultur Berlin". A hostel Yves had recommended to me in Arequipa. I hadn't made a reservation but luckily they had a bed available. I dropped my stuff and changed into fresh clothes (I was still wearing my layers from the tour in Uyuni). I wanted to use the WIFI as I hadn't really had a chance in a few days so I went back down. The hostel rooms were set a long a gallery above a courtyard which was a public restaurant. The setting was nice but somehow it was hard to make out who was a hostel guest a who was just visiting the restaurant. While I was sitting by myself I was wondering if this was the most social hostel. But it turned out the next morning my worries were unnecessary. During breakfast it was easy to meet other guests and I just sat down with a bunch of people who all had just arrived to the hostel and they recommended I should join then for the walking tour around town. The breakfast by the way was amazing! A buffet with different kinds of bread, jam, some cheese, tomatoes, different kinds of cereals, yoghurt, a lot of fresh cut fruits, juices, tea and coffee. Definitely the best free breakfast in a hostel so far. The walking tour was all right. The most impressive part was a system of tunnels connecting different churches in town. Apparently they used to be a secret meeting space for priest and nuns and lots of dead fetuses have been found here. On the tour I met Jeanine and Dianne from Holland and Andy and Harry from Austria. After the tour we went to the market for lunch together and from now on we basically spend all our time together. We spend the day strolling around town. There are some really good but cheap chocolate stores in Sucre where we bought some nice chocolates. Would be a nice souvenir to bring home but as it would probably melt we decided to eat them all.
    We were hanging out in the main square watching busy gardeners doing their important jobs like cutting and watering plants (never in a rush and always with a high attention to detail) for a while. A kid convinced Harry that his shoes needed cleaning and he let him do this job. It was impressive watching the kid work with professional moves but I still felt bad supporting kids working.
    We booked a horse riding trip for the next day and had dinner at our hostel. After dinner they showed traditional dances which were quite nice to watch. After this the whole thing transformed into a party pretty quick. On the weekends the hostel had a club as well. It was fun dancing again. Maybe I'm not completely against party hostels after all ;)
    I went to bed around 2:30 but even though the club was in a separated room and not in the main court yard the music was still super loud in the rooms. But luckily by now when I'm tired I just go to sleep whatever is happening around me.
    The next morning we got ready for our horseback ride. Harry stomach wasn't happy so he didn't feel up to it but the rest of us jumped in a car that drove us a little out of town to what looked like the poorer outskirts. We met our guide who assigned us horses according to our level of experience and off we went. My horse was called Suri. He was a pinto and really nice to control even when we went faster.
    Dianne and me were the most experienced but Andy had also been riding horses for about a year when he was younger. Jeanine was the only one who didn't feel completely confident being on a horse but in the end she also managed and I hope she could still enjoy it a little. We went up in the mountains surrounding Sucre and had nice views of the city and the nature. We got of the horses for a little lunch break before heading back to where we started on a different route.
    In the afternoon we went to a huge market a little out of the center. It was covering a lot of streets and you could basically get everything here. We bought matching friendship bracelets for all 5 of us - friends forever.
    For dinner we went to a taco restaurant that where we could again observe the fascinating way of work here. There were around 6 or 7 people behind the counter all having an assigned task - and they would never fail to do exactly that without getting in a rush. One girl was standing behind everybody not taking her eyes away from her phone. You might have thought she wasn't working but when someone run out of ingredients it was her who got more!
    Later we went to a bar where we ended up playing kings cup for quite a while 😅 I felt pretty tired so when we were heading back to the hostel I thought I would go straight to bed. But it was Saturday so another party. I just wanted to check out how the music was but ended up staying for a while. I had this two french guys in my room who were always in laying in bed when I came in so I had started making fun of them. When I entered the party I heard someone shouting "German girl! We are out of bed!!" Turned out the reason for them spending the whole day in bed was partying hard every night. I met a few new people one of them was Pepijn. We compared funny experiences traveling with names no one could spell or pronounce. The next day my 4 friends went on a mountain bike tour together but as I knew I wouldn't enjoy biking off road mainly downhill to much I decided to skip that and enjoyed a day in the city by myself doing boring stuff like laundry. I had dinner with Andy and Harry before they got on their night bus to La Paz. After 2 nights of party Sunday was a quiet night at the hostel and I went to bed quire early.
    Monday I spend browsing around the city a bit more.
    I got a pedicure to treat my superdry feet to some intense moisturizing. I'm not the biggest fan of pedicures as I'm quite tingling and I hate the sound and feel of nails being filed. So it was quite intense to have 2 girls working on my feet at the same time. I visited the mini Eifel Tower and bought some more chocolate. I ate the chocolate while sitting in the garden of my hostel writing my blog.
    I went back to the taco place for dinner with Dianne as Jeanine had caught a nasty food poisoning. Luckily some medication helped her get rid of it till later that night as we had all bought tickets to catch the nightbus to Cochabamba. I was on another bus than the two girls as I had bought a cheaper ticket. I was a little worried as I had heard horrible stories about busses in Bolivia. Windows that didn't close and cockroaches everywhere. But turned out my bus was completely fine and the seat went further back than in most busses I had been on so far.
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  • Day30

    Angelina Horn

    April 30, 2016 in Bolivia

    Der Morgen begann für 3 von uns mit einer Überraschung: In der Nacht hat Jule ihre Lippen einer Schönheitsoperation mit Herpesviren unterzogen. Dadurch bekam ihr sonst schon recht schöner Mund richtige Angelina Jolie Bifi-Lippen. Leider litt sie aber am den starken Nebenwirkungen, die sie komplett an das Bett fesselten. Freundlicherweise erlaubten die Besitzer des Hostels, dass Jule ihr Zimmer bis zur Abfahrt unseres Nachtbuses nach La Paz belegen durfte. Da Basti Jules neues Antlitz noch etwas genießen wollte (offiziell versuche er ihr Leid zu lindern), begaben sich Annabelle und Chris allein auf den ersten Heritage Trail in diesem Urlaub. Ohne Sonne war der Trail zwar erst zapfig kalt, aber später, als sie den Bolivar Park erreichten, verwandelte die Sonne Sucre in die bekannte weiße Stadt mit vielen Museen und Kirchen (für die man alle bezahlen muss). Die Entdeckung des riesigen und umfangreich ausgestatteten Spielplatzes, sowie der scheinbar unmittelbar einsetzende Sonnenstich, verleitete Annabelle und Chris ein paar Kinder von einer großen Dinosaurierrutsche zu vertreiben und selbst etwas Spaß zu haben. Toll. Die Blicke der überraschten Eltern störten dabei wenig, denn wir sind ja sowieso bald weg.

    Zum Mittag trafen die Zwei sich wieder mit Basti, um im Markt der Stadt an einem der vielen Stände zu essen. Davon gibt es gefühlt 40 im Markt und jeder bietet tolle bolivianische Hausmannskost an. Obwohl Annabelle große Bedenken bezüglich der Hygiene hatte, entschied sie sich doch für einen grünen Eintopf, während Chris Rindfleisch und Basti Hühnchen nahm. Alles war sehr lecker und kostete auch nur 3,50€ ... zusammen! Nach dem Essen ging es zurück zu Jule ins Hostel, da Sucre dann doch eher schnell erkundet war. So blieb am Nachmittag Zeit für Einkäufe für die Busfahrt und ein paar Runden Karten spielen. Dabei versetzte Basti das Hostel temporär in die Steinzeit zurück, als er beim Einstecken unseres Ladegerätes scheinbar einen Kurzschluss verursachte, der die Hauptsicherung des Hostels rausfliegen lies. Nicht toll, da auch das Licht nicht mehr ging. Wir überbrückten die dunkle Zeit mit der Zubereitung eines Obstsalates von übrig gebliebenen Früchten vom Vorabend. Toll.

    Die Fahrt mit dem Bus von "el dorado" war dann wie fliegen in der ersten Klasse: Zum Einen mussten wir unsere Rucksäcke nicht bis zum Bus tragen, sondern konnten die am Check-in aufgeben (sie wurden dann später spektakulär an einem Seil vom Check-in im ersten Stock zum Bussteig im Erdgeschoss über einen Ballon abgelassen) und dann gab es noch Liegesitze (wo man wirklich drauf liegen konnte) wie in der ersten Klasse im Flugzeug (an denen die meisten von uns immer neidisch beim Boarding vorbei gehen). So lässt sich dann auch eine 12-stündige Busfahrt gut überleben. Vor allem für Jule war der erholsame Schlaf wichtig. Nur der schlechte Jean Claude van Damme Film trübte das Erlebnis.
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  • Day8

    Some things you can do in Sucre

    July 20, 2012 in Bolivia

    In our ten days we really tried to do a lot in this wondeful city. We walk on the pike of a mountain which sits entrhoned above the city, we went out at night or did some crazy things like bullriding. You also should visit the unique and beautiful cemetery and the peacefull bars at the hills out of the city.

    One other thing you have to know: if you have the possibilty to visit the market, go there and try the supertasty fruit shakes! They just costs you 30cents or something like that. And they're really good!Read more

  • Day89

    Sucre's Parque Bolivar

    January 18, 2015 in Bolivia

    Uit mijn kennismaking met Sucre blijkt toch dat deze stad iets weg heeft van een hoofdstad :-). Alleen deze buurt herbergt de Corte Suprema de Justicia, Teatro Gran Mariscal en een mini-Eiffeltoren :-)!

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