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  • Day15

    Sarajevo:Hijabs & beer, together at last

    August 19, 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Sarajevo is in many ways the perfect place to wrap up our trip. There's no iconic landmark here to photograph and show you. It's a city that has survived two world wars (including the event that started WWI), and the longest city siege in world history from 1992-1995. They've rebuilt everything but if you pay close attention to your surroundings, there are bullet holes in buildings everywhere. It doesn't embrace the remnants of war quite like Mostar did, mostly because it's the capital and needs to re-establish itself as a key European center as Bosnia tries to join the EU. But don't get me wrong, no one here forgets or doesn't care.

    The downtown/old town has an energy not seen anywhere else we've been. For centuries, Muslims, Jews, orthodox and Catholics lived harmoniously and you can see evidence as mosques reside metres away from synagogues and cathedrals. Every street and side alley has lively cafes with pillows and cushions to relax at, like you were in Istanbul. Sarajevo was under Ottoman rule for over 400 years but it was a peaceful existence for every culture, and not just for Muslims.

    We spent our first day relaxing at different cafes, sampling the local cuisine and beverages, and drifting in and out of the numerous Turkish markets that sprawl everywhere downtown. Unlike many other balkan destinations that had a large Muslim presence with mosques or Turkish styled old towns, this city was far more vibrant with hijabs and niqabs on every block, actively shopping or sipping coffees, or taking the family for food somewhere.

    Later that evening, met up with my coworker's brother (Chris Manor) and his gf (Jane) again for some craft beers at a cool spot called Vucko with 100 beers on the menu. By the way, those two are backpacking the world for twelve months! Amazing. My mom would probably have a cardiac arrest if I ever did that, but I'll admit it's a very appealing concept. Logistics of many sorts will make it impossible... Dare to dream and all that.

    Finding craft beer has not been easy at all this trip, but has made for some fun find-and-seek, where's Waldo type excursions which has almost always been a rewarding endeavor - sometimes the destination, sometimes the journey, and usually both. Sarajevo easily has far more options than anywhere else and we've enjoyed our final hours unravelling that reality. -SP
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  • Day19

    Sarajevo's Roses

    June 27, 2016 in Bosnia and Herzegovina ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    We knew today's city tour would be subdued. It was a little overwhelming to see the effects of a war that was just 20yrs ago. This lively city has made great strides to recover from the atrocities committed here. The people are so postive & welcoming. It is easy to see how difficult it was during the 4 yr siege of Sarajevo. The city is surrounded by the Dinaric Alps making it impossible for the citizens to escape. Looking down the streets all you see on the horizon is mountains in every direction. In the slowest area to recover, sniper ally, there are still many buildings riddled with bullet holes. On those spots where a mortar took a human life, the locals filled in the dimples with red cement which they call Sarajevo Roses.

    After the tour, we treated ourselves to Sarajevo's best restaurant (per Azur) which did not disappoint and walked around old town enjoying an incredible mix of Eastern & Western cultures.
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  • Day19

    East Meets West in Sarejevo

    June 27, 2016 in Bosnia and Herzegovina ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    Sarajevo truly is where east meets west. If you stand on the center of the main street of the old town and look east you will see the typical buildings & mosques of the Ottoman Empire who ruled Sarajevo for hundreds of years. But then turn to the west and you will see the European influences from when the Austrians ruled the city. Talk about a split personality. Ha! Ha! But it made it pretty easy to tell where we were and we didn't get lost once! We were so excited to finally get a chance to see the Ramadan crowds after sunset. The old town really came to life. We joined right in enjoying the cool evening with dessert & coffee after our wonderful dinner. Good thing we're doing a lot of walking cause we're doing a lot of eating. We have had so much fun sampling all the local foods everywhere we've been. It's said that if you drink from the Bascarsija Fountain that you will return to Sarajevo. We didn't have a drink but we wouldn't mind coming back some day.Read more

  • Day218


    November 7, 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Will was on alarm duty this morning because he had the bottom bunk with the phone chargers but he only got us up at 10:15 for a 10:30 tour 😑 panic ! Lol
    Lucky they have a similar system to African time so we made it 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿 haha

    Our guide was fantastic. Probably the best speaker we have had - not once was there an awkward pause or story like so many other guides.
    She had the most ANNOYING mole above her lip though ... but she was such a good speaker she distracted me enough to not notice... well almost 😅 ha

    She started with a history lesson which goes Sarajevo was first occupied by the ottomans, then the Austrian Hungarian empire before becoming Yugoslavia then they had a war before gaining independence.
    There is obvious buildings from each era - for once I could actually tell.
    Turkish is Bazaar like
    Austro Hungarian buildings are pretty
    And the Yugoslavian are boring communism.

    We walked through a park and around 25 men were gathered around a big chess board. It was really cute. There was a final showdown going on - only like 5 pieces left.

    She talked about politics which is confusing as all hell. They have 3 presidents. One catholic (Croatian) one Muslim (Bosnian) and one Orthodox (Serbian)
    You must be of the religion to be elected.
    And all 3 must agree if things are to happen.

    I can't remember it all because it made zero sense but their system is one of the most confusing ever!

    There is only one active synagogue in Bosnia and it's in Sarajevo which we went and saw.

    Jews come under the 3% "other" religion in Bosnia and don't get represented in the government. There is a movement that our guide took part in - their sort of census thing happened and a lot of people made up religions to make the "other" group bigger to hopefully one day get recognition.

    The most important sight of the tour was next.
    The spot Frank Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated which started WW1.
    Its on the corner of a street. Well, he was in a car but that's where the assassin stood.
    There were actually 6 assassins waiting along the street.
    One threw a bomb and missed. People were injured but not killed. When the bomb went off - The driver drove them to the town hall in a panic - it was as they drove back down the street later that it happened.
    Funnily enough the 2 that actually did something - the bomb and shooting were the only 2 to receive 20 years in jail because they were underage (19 but then that was still underage then ) the other 4 were executed. the reason they did it was to try and get the Austro Hungarian empire to leave... like that was ever gonna happen if you kill the prince 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Because after the war Yugoslavia was formed the 6 people actually were viewed as heros and the bridge opposite was named after them. They have since been recast as villans and the bridge returned to its original name (Latin bridge I think) the guide said it's really interesting to read her parents old history text books and note how differently things are phrased.

    We had a quick break and I had my second sip of coffee ever that I liked - times are changing lol

    We then went to the Emperors mosque just to have a look. Sarajevo has 200 mosques. More than the capital of Iran 😂😂😂 it was because every section of the city was to have 3 things - a Mosque, bakery and fountain.
    We then went to a church and beer factory. The church has a nice system I think. Once a week it opens its doors to every religion. Anyone can come and pray to whoever their god/s are.
    While it makes me feel funny I like the notion. I like to think that if I lived somewhere without Christianity and no churches I am given somewhere to go and pray.

    We walked along and there was dog on the roof. I had basically been the only person taking photos the whole tour but suddenly everyone whipped them out - he was the main attraction of the tour hahaha

    We went to town hall. Over 2 million books were destroyed during the siege (91-95*) So much history gone. 70% of all the cities books.
    The guide was alive during the war - she was 7 so old enough to remember a lot. She remembers the book ashes floating through the air. People also burned there own collections to keep warm + their furniture.

    There is a house near the town hall thats name translates to "the house of spite."
    He didn't want to move when they were going to build the town hall. They came to an agreement - they must move his house brick by brick - and they did 😂

    We found a Sarajevo rose. There is about 50 left around the city. They symbolize a spot between 3-60 people lost their lives in the siege.

    We walked through the old town and ended up in some old school hostel which concluded our tour. We gave a shitty tip but it was a big tour group and she didn't even say it was tip based.

    We went back to the hostel to brush our teeth then went back to the old town for food. Cheap again yayayaya and we were both very happy with the quality. Bosnia you keep winning me over.

    We then went to Gallery 11.7.95. It's a memorial of sorts to the 8000+ victims of the Bosnian genocide.
    It wasn't free as I thought - 6$

    You walk in and it's victims faces. I always like this type of display because I find them powerful.

    You then walk into a gallery with some very very powerful images of the war in general. Some were very provoking.
    There was also a video that we watched with more images and then a scenario skit.
    One man in Rome having his photos developed in 10 minutes and then 10 minutes in Sarajevo where a boy went out to get water - attacks coming from everywhere and came back to a dead family.

    During this film it came to our attention I had dog shit on my shoe and it stunk!!

    We went to a shopping centre to loom around and I tried rubbing the poop off on the escalator spikes steps 🤗

    We then went and had a tea/coffee and chilled out.

    We saw the eternal flame 🔥 on our travels.

    I bought Turkish delight or "Bosnian delight" as they called it 😂 but I ate too much I think. I feel funny.

    I have started reading Jane Austins pride and prejudice and honestly my brain hurts. Who the hell speaks like that?
    I've never taken so long to read a page in my life. You cant skip a single word. It's like reading Shakespeare - ive got to translate the whole thing.

    I've read 35% tonight though so a good effort - it was completely free off the amazon kindle store too so happy about that. Don't know why it's free but I'll take it!

    My super expensive left hiking boot has a hole in the bottom and I keep getting wet socks. Not happy. It means I'll need new shoes for winter - can't be walking around on snow with holes!

    I had a good laugh this evening - I was tempted to give the kid money .... Some gypsy kid was singing and he had about the same skills as mum except he had a microphone and was soooo loud 😂😂😂😂 it was awful.
    And yet bloody fantastic.
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  • Day4


    January 15, 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina ⋅ ⛅ -2 °C

    Jaja bosnien... Hatte etwas anderes erwartet.
    Nach 5 stündiger Autofahrt durch NUR Berge und kaum Häuser kamen wir auf einmal in der Hauptstadt an.
    Diese hat eine Fußgängerzone ( juhu )
    und eine süße kleine Altstadt. Und...? Ja das war es... Viele Moscheen und alte Gebäude.
    Geschichtlich gibt es hier eine Menge zu lernen, aber leider bin ich daran nicht soooo interessiert.
    Im gesamten würde ich sagen es ist alles auf jeden Fall eine Nummer besser als Albanien. Aber gerade bei den Bergen herrscht ein Wahnsinniger Winter, dachte schon ich währe in Russland geladen weil die auch diese Zeichen-schrift was auch immer, verwenden.
    Sicherlich gibt es schöne Wanderungen zu machen und für naturliebende kann man hier durchaus auch mal Urlaub machen.
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  • Day18

    2 Wild & Crazy Gals - Sarajevo

    June 26, 2016 in Bosnia and Herzegovina ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    Why Sarajevo? Because we can. Because it's fun to go somewhere you never thought you'd go. Upon arrival our Airbnb host, Azul, arranged a nice, affordable taxi to his apartment building. He was leaning out a window and greeted us pleasantly. Although his apartment was updated, modern and very clean, Lana & I kept giving each other sideways glances. Once alone, we quickly agreed this was not a neighborhood we would feel comfortable walking back to from dinner. But what do we do? Wait to leave once he's gone like thieves in the night? No. He seemed very nice. We caught him as he was about to depart & simply explained we needed to go to a hotel. It wasn't him, but we are at that stage in life where we must have AC (TMI). Azul was taken back, but composed nicely & drove us to a Marriott. A quick decision was necessary so we did not mind breaking our rule of staying in an American hotel. Oh, we felt better immediately! As it's Ramadan, we walked a few short blocks to old town. Delightful, bustling & fun. Not only were we hungry, but we needed to eat before 8:00 when all the locals finish fasting for the day & begin to celebrate. As we finish our last few bites, the sky darkens and a torrent of hail / rain deluged the city. And wouldn't you know it, the brand spanking new umbrella, purchased just this morning, is dry back at the Marriott.

    Tomorrow we'll write about our tour of the city and the post-fasting celebration we missed out on tonight. So many exciting and new things!!! Maybe visit a mosque, witness a city's call to prayer, tour the tunnels of hope used during the war and eat more baklava which will spoil all baklava for our foreseeable future!
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