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  • Day132


    February 15 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ -7 °C

    Well we finally made some friends! So strange to have gone so many months speaking to no one but each other, then suddenly happen to park up next to a British couple, an Australian couple and a British/Bulgarian couple, all lovely and in a place we can all freely socialise without strict covid restrictions.
    They also have 4 dogs between them, so Ringo is happy playing outside with them, and were away from the road enough to just let them roam free... Until his legs get too much ice on from melted/refrozen snow, and he has to go in to melt for a bit 😂
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    Carolyn Wignall

    I think you have both done well to still be talking to each other!!!!! 🤣😂🤣

  • Day139

    Rozhen Monastery

    February 22 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Came to sleep away from everything, by an abandoned Monastery, expecting to most likely not see another human until returning to the nearby town tomorrow...
    🤣 We arrived to find 2 friends who left the old spot last week who we have booked to go skiing with on Thursday in our camping spot 😄 what are the odds!
    We also have a new friend, a giant mountain dog with no ears... Who has taken a shine to us and has been lying by the van since dark barking away anything that comes near to protect us 😍😭
    She's far too big to even try and persuade Brace to rescue her! We'd need a bigger van!
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    Sapphire Blue

    she looks in good condition, well fed etc.

    Lucy Wignall

    she's a little bit better fed now, all the better for guarding us 😊

    Lynn Ford

    you'll need a trailer soon for all these lovely dogs you need to bring home 😁 I'll get one delivered to you 😁

    Lucy Wignall

    🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 that's the dream Lynn, only one person left to persuade! 😄

  • Day82

    Bulgarian Chamonix

    August 19, 2020 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Last night ended with a spontaneous invite from our campground neighbours from Germany. Over a glass of wine, they told us they would have been on the Pamir Highway this year if it wasn't for Corona.
    In the morning, we left early as usual. There had been a thunderstorm with heavy rain during the night, so we didn't sleep too well. The roads were still wet and dirty, those crystal clear streams from yesterday had turned into mud brown rivers.
    After a 42km descent, we stopped for breakfast, bought some fresh bread at a Lidl and sat down at a typical Bulgarian coffee place. Pretty ugly, but the coffee is good and cheap and we have chairs and tables to eat our breakfast.
    Then we continued going South. First, we could cycle on a quiet secondary road, but had to turn into the main road once we headed into the next valley. We had to gain about 900m of elevation over 24km. It's not too steep, but no fun with lots of traffic. On the way, we saw lots of huge signs next to the road, advertisements for spas, resorts, clubs and alike, so we were already wondering if we had chosen the right place for us. But when we arrived in Bansko, it surprised us in a positive way. Once we had past the resort area, we got into a quiet residential area where our guesthouse was located. The owner was nice, he had received a package with spare bike parts for us. So we could spend the afternoon fixing my rear break.
    Afterwards, we went exploring the town. Part of it is a typical ski resort with lots of bars, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs etc. But it also has a really nice historical center where we also had dinner at a restaurant.
    Overall, Bansko is VERY empty this year, half of the stores and restaurants are closed. Our guesthouse owner told us that they have no foreign tourists at all this year and Bulgarians only come on the weekends. It's sad to see how Corona hit this town. But for us, the situation is kind of lucky as I don't think we'd enjoy the normal amount of tourists here.
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    Anne-Kathrin Ernst

    Habt ihr neue Fahrräder ?

    Meike Grothe

    Die Fahrräder sind dieselben. Nur meine Bremse wurde erneuert.

    Anne-Kathrin Ernst

    Auf den Fotos sehen die Rahmen immer dunkel aus, deshalb meine Frage. Gute Weiterfahrt 👍

  • Day139

    Goodbye Friends

    February 22 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    Today we left our swampy home of 11 days and said goodbye to our and Ringo's friends.

    Back on the road for 2 nights until we meet up with 2 other friends who left last week, further up Bulgaria.

    Pleased or heartbroken to say the cute puppy who I didn't get a photo of appears to have been adopted by a traveller... Or ran over.
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  • Day138

    Baba Vanga Memorial/Temple

    February 21 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova, commonly known as Baba Vanga, was a Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist.
    She says a tornado threw her into a nearby field, leaving her blind from childhood, but with a gift of seeing the future, she spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains in Bulgaria (where we have been for the past week with the hot springs. She made this whole place for people to enjoy)
    People say 85% of her predictions came true.

    (you might remember news stories about her predicting 9/11... She also supposedly predicted Brexit, WW2, and that a cure for cancer will be out this year, amongst tonnes of stuff. But she couldn't write, so there are no records of her predictions, and many/all surface after the real life events have happened)

    All a bit silly... But hippies gonna hip 🤷🏼‍♀️ People round here adore her 😂
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  • Day131


    February 14 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☁️ -4 °C

    Parked up by the mineral baths of Rupite. The hot springs are full of locals, all bathing surrounded by snow! Pretty amazing for a free camping spot, we even have toilets and indoor showers etc which is a god send in this weather.
    A few GB vans parked here too so had a chat with a British guy this morning for the first time since England which is weird after so long! Ringo loves the snow, and we will go for our snow baths after lunch 😄
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  • Day81

    Suite du voyage...bye bye l'Asie

    September 5, 2020 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Salut la famille et les copains,

    On doit tirer un trait définitif sur notre voyage en Asie...tous les pays restent fermés jusqu'à la fin d'année à cause du Covid. Ça sera pour une prochaine fois.

    Du coup, on profite de chaque jour en espérant ne pas être rappelés en France pour un nouveau confinement.
    Difficile de planifier la suite de nos aventures en Europe car les pays ouvrent, ferment, appliquent des quarantaines d'une semaine à l'autre et parfois en simples représailles diplomatiques sans que cela ait vraiment de sens au niveau sanitaire.

    Nous venons d'entrer en Bulgarie après 2 mois en Grèce, dans les montagnes, et c'est très chouette. On envisage de visiter ensuite la Roumanie...et après ??? Refaire un peu de bateau en Grèce ? Continuer le road trip en Europe de l'est ? Les options sont ouvertes.

    On vous fait de gros bisous !!
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    Orane Sako

    Bonne continuation les copains.

    Margaux Fildier

    Décevant mais je suis sure qu il vous reste 4 mois super devant vous! Carpe diem plus que jamais!!!! Bisous

    Bruno TOURME

    Passez nous voir à Barcelone

    Henry Bouchet

    J’imagine que c’est une grosse déception mais vous savez depuis le départ de cette aventure vous nourrir de l’instant présent alors on s’inquiète pas pour vous, vous ferez de ces instants des souvenirs inoubliables. « le bonheur n’est pas une destination mais une façon de voyager ».

  • Day83

    Bike&Hike in Pirin National Park

    August 20, 2020 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    As the mountains here looked nice and the weather forecast was good for the next days, we wanted to go hiking in the Pirin National Park. So in the morning, we left our guesthouse with empty bikes and cycled up 16km and 1000m in elevation in order to get to Vichren Hut. There were lots of cars on the small road which was a bit of a downside. We didn't understand why they don't close the road for normal traffic as there's not even many parking spaces at the top, so there's chaos with cars parking along the side of the road. Plus, there's a lift going up most of the way, but people are just too lazy...
    From the hut, we went on a beautiful hike around some lakes. The scenery was fantastic, especially with the colours in the sun. On the way, we had to pass a herd of cows. The dogs guarding them were huge and wanted to play with us. Obviously, it was too boring for them to sit around herding 😉
    The way down was fast, so we had enough time for another walk in the town, some icecream and an extended dinner.
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  • Day82

    Dobre doshli Bulgariya !

    September 6, 2020 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Après 2 mois en Grèce, changement de pays, changement de décors...nous voici en Bulgarie !

    Sur le papier, pays le plus pauvre d'Europe et rongé par la corruption (le montant de la corruption serait évalué à presque la moitié du PIB du pays). C'est également le pays au monde où la population décroît le plus rapidement : de 7 millions ils pourraient passer à 4,5 millions en 2050... effectivement en se baladant on note qu'il y a assez peu d'enfants et beaucoup de faire-parts de décès sur les portes des maisons.
    La jeunesse éduquée fuit le pays.

    Ceci dit, après quelques jours au frais, dans la station de ski de Bansko, nous sommes très enthousiastes et sous le charme de ce pays à l'histoire très riche et à la gastronomie variée. On a bien conscience d'être dans une région touristique privilégiée de la Bulgarie.
    Les villages, même reculés, ne semblent pas "si pauvres" que ça. L'agriculture : petits champs cultivés à la main, grands potagers...un peu de tout en petites quantités...des chevaux tirent les carrioles.

    Énorme contraste avec la Grèce où tout le monde baragouine l'anglais plutôt bien, en Bulgarie vaut mieux parler bulgare...et c'est là que que ça se complique : on change encore d'alphabet pour passer à l'alphabet cyrillique et les 3 mots de russe qu'on a appris dans James Bond nous servent de bouée de sauvetage. Quand on trouve quelqu'un (souvent les plus jeunes....mais il n'y en a pas beaucoup...) qui connait 3 mots d'anglais, on s'y accroche!!

    Covid oblige, on est plus que jamais les seuls touristes étrangers à l'horizon... immersion parfaite et très agréable !

    Pour changer, balade à cheval...les grenouilles ont monté d'immenses chevaux au milieu d'une forêt d'altitude... pas peu fières...(Guigui communique avec le monsieur des balades à cheval à l'aide de noms de joueurs de foot)...rando en montagne et visite d'un parc où on accueille les "ours dansants" - hérités de la tradition moyenâgeuse des montreurs d'ours (interdite en Bulgarie depuis 2007). Ces pauvres bêtes passent une retraite paisible grâce à la fondation Brigitte Bardot.

    A suivre : monastères et églises en pagaille... sièges de la résistance à l'occupant turque...dont on sent que, comme en Grèce, ce ne sont pas leurs voisins préférés....et Sofia!

    Gros gros bisous à tous,
    Emilie et Guillaume
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    Isabelle LAURENT

    Bonne continuation! Je suis allée à Sofia 2 fois pour le travail... pas hyper accueillant... j’attends vos impressions 😉 Des bisous!!

    Henry Bouchet

    Je vois que ton cou va mieux mon Guigou !!

  • Day135

    Cowl 3 Peaks

    February 18 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Was talked into going on a gentle stroll 🤣 turned out it was 3 peaks of a small mountain range... Going up was hard... Going down was sliding on our bums trying to crash into trees occasionally instead of falling off cliff edges 😂 funny way to descend though, now I know I'm not dead!
    Should always take some water on any future strolls to avoid having to eat snow once I realise it's a huge climb
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    Sapphire Blue

    Hope you didn't eat any yellow snow.

    Lynn Ford



    e [QPbmCRVM]


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