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  • Day55


    July 13, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Nach dem vielen wandern in den Bergen wurde es mal wieder Zeit ein bisschen Stadtluft zu schnuppern. Geschlafen haben wir auf dem Campus der Uni von Calgary :D Das war schon ganz cool!
    Calgary ist eine super schöne kleine Stadt mit wunderschönen Parks.
    Abends ging es dann zum Stampede (das ist ein Cowboy Festival und die ganze Stadt ist deswegen im Ausnahmezustand - irgendwie ein Riesen Ding hier). Wir haben also richtige Cowboys erwartet die eventuell "Square Dance" machen oder ähnliches 😀. Es hat sich aber herausgestellt, dass das ganze eher wie eine etwas größere Messe war, mit verschiedenen verrückten Shows und überteuerten Essen und Getränken ( Bier für 7.50 Dollar 🙈) und halt irgendwelche Country Bands. 😀 War ganz lustig anzusehen aber wir haben nicht ganz verstanden wofür man da jetzt 18 Dollar Eintritt zahlt 🤔. Wir haben dann aber einen Kanadier getroffen, mit dem wir dann außerhalb von dem Festival nochmal gutes kanadischen Bier getrunken haben. 😊🍺Read more

  • Day26

    26&27: Everyday we're traveling

    September 30, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ -1 °C

    Today we will leave beautiful Nelson and have to say goodbye to our friends. Who took such good care of us during our stay in Canada! We're forever grateful to them, thanks to them we had such a wonderful time in Canada! Our Greyhound bus wil leave at 1855, but you have to be their an hour in advance. So we took it slow. Wandered around in downtown Nelson to do some last shopping. After that I made the last bicycle ride with Nanuk almost all the way to BOB, untill it was time to pack our bags. Which took us almost an hour with all the stuff we got to sort out😅. One last shower and we were ready to leave this wonderful place. We met up with Jane and Jordan at the Subway for a last meal together. Jane drove us to the busstop and since the office was closed (and needed to wait outside) we did some shopping with Jane untill we were ready to say goodbye. Luckily it came a bit earlier then expected! We've found us a good spot in the bus for the 12hour long drive. We will beheaded on our way to Calgary very shortly ;-) so we tried to fall a sleep asap to get in the flow of the Dutch time, to prevent a jetlag.. I slept pretty good due to the narcotics Maris gave me but Maris didn't though (probably used to it).. We arrived in Calgary at 7am and walked to our hotel. It was quite a temperature difference, we were freezing. Lucky for us we could already check in at our hotel. We figured that after so much nature and be thrown back in a big city like this we decided to go to the Calgary Zoo, to see more animals! We finally got to see the grizzly bear, we have been searching for this animal on all our hikes to prevent a dangerous situation and here it was! The male was very big and really you wouldn't want this guy showing up on your trail. Although it was just below freezing point we loved the zoo and got to see a few animals Maris didn't see before in real life, like the grizzly of course, panda and a hippopotamus. When we had seen everything in the park we walked back to the city via some small parks and take a look at Peace Bridge.I had my watch already on Dutch time and it was time to go for dinner, a bit early here, but we wanted to go to bed early. We decided on Sushi which is always a good choice! We started our holiday with it, so why not end with it as well! It was delicious! Too bad both of our phones and the camera couldn't stand the cold and therefore the batteries died😅. Our last hurtle was to get back to our hotel without any navigation, but with a good sense of direction and some logic we found it without getting lost. We took our showers, read some, blogged some and went to sleep for the last time in Canada. Our next night will be up in the air somewhere above the big ocean🤗.Read more

  • Day84

    Are women persons? - Canadian history

    August 26, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    That's a story we mer before beside the canadian parlament in Ottawa already. So we knew what it has been about, but were kinda suprised that the same statutes have been setup here in Calgary, too.

    In short this is about the Canadian constitution where it hasn't been clearly enough defined that women are legal persons. And togethee with the thinking of older days this caused them some hustle like not being able to become a provincial senator.

    So therw have been fove brave, uppee class ladies which werw fighting for it and in the end got the success of redefining the picture of a women by law!

    Yes, a woman is a person!
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  • Day1


    July 27, 2017 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Had breakfast in same restaurant. We were all awake before 6, so went down there for 7. Various options, I had the special which had a cinnamon cake alongside the potato muffins and bacon. Others had the more normal sausage and bacon. Each came with some kind of pickled curly kale.

    Short walk to rental car centre and Avis. No queue and process was quick - was persuaded to buy extra breakdown cover which I'm not sure whether we needed but idea of breaking down in the mountains somewhere didn't seem a good one. Car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, almost new with only 3,000 km on the clock. Luggage space was a bit tight but managed to get all the bags in. Plugged in the Skyline Luge to the Waze sat nav and off we went. Took about half an hour to get there from the airport. It's at the site of the Calgary Winter Olympics and we could see the ski jump tower in the distance as we approached. We were there about 9.30, luge opened at 10 so we were first in the queue. It's the same company that we did it with in Queenstown and Rotorua. Sam never did it there and kids were very nervouse for some reason, but everyone said they would have one go. Up the chair lift we went, got our little instruction on steering and stopping and off we went. I zoomed off first, was great fun. Course is just under 2km and winds down the mountain. Others were a bot slower and I waited for them at the bottom. As expected all wanted to do it again and this time kids and I all sped down together. Sam was still more cautious but enjoyed it I think. She stopped at two rides we went again. Kids attitudes had now changed and rather than nervous they were getting annoyed if they encountered someone moving slower blocking their way! In the end Ed did 4 rides, Tash and me 5 and Sam the 2.

    We then went across to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame museum. Don't know much about Canadian sports people (saw a statue of Wayne Gretzky who I had heard of), but the museum had some fun interactive stuff where you could hit hockey pucks at a goal, kick field goals, score penalties, shadow box with Lennox Lewis and do mock commentaries on events. Good fun for the admission price. Building was unusual as it sloped from the outside.

    We had thought about doing the mini golf but decided we were tiring and it would be too hot so headed back to the car. On the way a gardener turned on some sprinklers as we walked past and we got a soaking - pleasant in the heat. Had to walk through the middle of the Olympic bobsleigh track. Just missed some people coming down - they do it on wheeels in the summer. Banking on the track was pretty frightening to look at. Didn't fancy doing it ourselves!

    Bought some more drinks for the trip - discovered that Canada has Cheetos, so got some of them, Also various cuddly toys etc. Car will be overflowing by the end of the trip.

    Drive to Canmore was only about 50 minutes. The Rockies loomed up in front of us as we got closer looking unreal like a film backdrop painted on. Found our hotel - Stonebridge Mountain Resort and room very nice, double bedroom suite with view across to the mountains. When we got out the car we could really smell the smoke from the forest fires and the air was a but hazy. Reception recommended the Iron Goat pub to eat (which I had read good reviews on Tripadvisor) so we drove 5 minutes to there. Friendly staff and good views of the mountains. Eclectic menu - Sam had steak, Tash Gnocchi, Ed tagliatelle and I had Bison, Elk and moose meatloaf. All very tasty. Cream puff and a peanut butter pie for dessert. All too full after that. Drove to Main Street in Canmore. Lots of unusual shops - looked like an old cowboy town from the films. Had a farmers market - we got some really tasty beef jerky in teriyaki and some bread. Went to a small grocery store and got cereal and milk and a liquor store for a bottle of Cabdian wine. Then back to hotel, watched bit of tv and went to bed about 8.30pm. Sleep patterns hopefully getting better.
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  • Day19

    hostel Calgary

    March 28, 2015 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Calgary ist eine sehr neue, moderne und saubere stadt.
    Die leute sind alle sehr sehr freundlich und hilfreich.

  • Day54


    November 6, 2016 in Canada ⋅ 🌙 2 °C

    Nach einer langen Busfahrt von mehr als 10 Stunden bin ich am Dienstagabend in Calgary angekommen. Dank vielen heruntergelandenen Youtube-Videos und der atemberaubenden Landschaft der Rocky Mountains (wir sind durch den Baff-Nationalpark gefahren) ging die Zeit aber relativ schnell vorbei. Das HI-Hostel in Calgary ist ziemlich nett, relativ klein aber sehr sauber und die Leute dort sind auch sehr nett.
    Mittwoch hieß es dann erstmal, die Stadt zu erkunden. Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein ging es zuerst ins Shoppingcenter, um nach einer Winterjacke zu suchen, dann ein wenig in Richtung Norden zur Marlborough-Mall, wo ich mir eine sehr schöne Mütze gekauft habe. Was ich in Calgary sehr cool finde, ist, dass man innerhalb von Downtown kostenlos mit der Straßenbahn fahren kann (meine Füße haben es mir gedankt).
    Am Donnerstag habe ich mir ein paar Neighbourhoods angesehen, zuerst war ich auf dem Stephen Avenue Walk, einer Fußgängerzone mit vielen netten Shops, auf dem an diesem Morgen die hiesige Calgary Stampede beworben wurde, Kanadas bekanntestes Rodeo. Dementsprechend sah man auf der Straße einige Pferde, Darsteller und eine Blaskapelle, da war ich echt zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort. Später war ich noch in Chinatown und in Inglewood, quasi dem Ursprung von Calgary, war beides recht nett anzusehen, aber nichts besonderes.
    Freitag war auch schon mein letzter Tag in Calgary, nachdem mein Rucksack nach dem Checkout sicher im Lagerraum des Hostels verstaut war, machte ich mich noch einmal auf den Weg in die Stadt. Besonders angetan hat es mir dabei der Prince's Edwards Park, eine Insel im Bow River, der durch Calgary fließt, mit einem sehr schönen Ausblick auf Downtown.
    Am Abend ging es dann mit dem Bus zum Flughafen, ohne Winterjacke, dazu muss aber gesagt werden, dass es in Calgary ziemlich warm war, ich konnte problemlos ohne Jacke herumlaufen, von daher war die Motivation, mir eine dicke Jacke zu kaufen, sehr gering. Bisher habe ich sie in Ottawa auch noch nicht wirklich vermisst.
    Der Flug in den Osten war sehr unruhig, wir hatten mit mehreren Turbulenzen zu kämpfen, aber immerhin konnte ich während des Fluges "Findet Dorie" sehen, ein wirklich supersüßer Film. Um 1 Uhr Nachts bin ich in Ottawa gelandet (danke Zeitverschiebung) und wie es mir hier so geht, erzähle ich im nächsten Blogeintrag.
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  • Day29

    Wir holen "unser" Wohnmobil

    July 11, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Wir sind ganz aufgeregt und sooo gespannt auf unser rollendes Zuhause! Mit dem Taxi fahren wir von unserer Wohnung zu CanaDream. Dort warten 47 Parteien, die ein Wohnmobil abholen möchten und über 20, die eines abgeben! Wir haben keinen Stress. Die Kids sind beschäftigt und wir bekommen erst Mal eine Instruktion zur Handhabung des RV (Recreation Vehicle). Zum Glück ist das meiste so wie bei unserem Womi sonst wären es seehr viele Infos aufs Mal gewesen😅
    Weil so viele Leute warten müssen, es schon Mittagszeit ist und kein Restaurant um die Ecke liegt organisieren die Leute von CanaDream kurzerhand ein "kleines" BBQ für alle- gratis.
    Kaum den letzten Burger verdrückt und die Kinder vom TV losgerissen bekommen wir das Womo. Es hat erst 13'000 km auf den Achsen.
    So... jetzt nur noch schnell einkaufen und los gehts!!
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