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  • Day9

    9&10: Totally wild for 24 hours

    September 13 in Canada

    Second day for Wells Gray but since all the trails around Clearwater were shorter or too much the same we decided to head for Lake Murtle and rent a Canoe and spend the night in the wild since the weather was going to be good for the next day also. So after a short hour on a gravel road (google maps almost pointed us through a dirt road) but always keep thinking for yourself so we searched for a bigger road. When we arrived at the car park... only 2 other cars... but 2 men who just returned from the lake explained us that the boatman should be at the Canoe's from 11 onward untill he cleaned his shit up. Well the hike with gear was 2,5km to the Canoe's but no boatman. More people came from the lake and were able to explain us that the boatman never was here today.... and maybe never would arrive. It is also the guy that keeps an eye out on this non motorized lake 1100meter above sea level. We were planning on waiting for this guy but this Canadian group that just arrived explained that we could wait but that he maybe wouldn't show up today or tomorrow. When I told that there was a boat just handed in and still unlocked this great guy Allan suggested to use that one and pay the boat man when he crossed our path and explained the boatman wouldnt mind since he couldn't miss us. We went with this plan but to be sure I left my business card with a message so we could prove we would pay him. Also if we missed the Boatman he would know his boat wasn't stolen. So far so good... but we paddled kayaks before and rowwed also but a Canoe was a little different so a quick course from Allan made a big difference. We noticed in his lesson that I knew only half of it. And to top it up even further Allan found out we hadn't a cooking set with us... so he lend their stove to us. How great and friendly is this... Canadian people so far are so much more polite than elsewhere but they also are easy in trusting others and helping others out. We promised to give it back to family of theirs in Nelson where we go to in the end. So we rowed off and got the rhytm fast enough when the water became more rocky (as in higher waves and stronger wind). We managed to get past Campsite 1 & 2 and cross a big part of the lake to Campsite 3 within 1hour &25min. Good job. Next job was scout the area (mostly beach), put up the tent, build a campfire, make food etc etc. We had our jobs and succeeded, the stove we saved for if we failed ;-). This place was wonderfull I think it will be one of the highlight for sure. So we slept in the tent at the beach, damn it was cold, a little under freezing point, so more layers did the job staying warm. In the morning the sand was still frozen so we waited untill the sun rose above the mountain ridge. Than we got the food out of the bearproof foodvault (they have these everywhere where you can camp), had breaky with the stove which worked perfect and fast. After that we cleaned up and left the place better than we found it (a rule I learned at work). We paddled back again with wind against us but still a little faster. Before 11 we arrived and cleaned up the boat just before the Boatman arrived, we could have said nothing but we had such a great time we would be honest also. We would pay anyway, but telling him was a little of a bummer ;-). He was not amused but for a few reasons that made sense and some others that didn't. Ok, safety was a good one, but he can't keep track of everyones whereabouts anyway. I guess he likes to stay in control which I can understand ;-). We paid and said sorry and hiked back to the car. All went well and the drive back was a bit tougher than before since google showed us the wrong way again but with a sharp eye and taking it easy we managed to get back in Blue River around 12, had lunch and drove to Valemount to have a shower and diner at Caribou Steak & Grill house to celebrate the good ending of our little adventure :-).Read more

  • Day77

    Jasper National Park

    July 24 in Canada

    Wir machten uns relativ früh von unserer Rest Area auf, um noch einen "first-come-first-serve" Campingplätze zu ergattern. 50m hinterm Parkeingang gab es schon das erste Highlight. Ein Hirsch mit wunderschönem Geweih stand an der anderen Straßenseite. Leider war zu viel betrieb auf der Straße und ich hab einfach zu spät reagiert, sodass wir leider kein Foto von ihm machen konnten. Sehr sehr schade. Wir hatten aber direkt beim ersten Campingplatz Glück und konnten eine der begehrten Campsites beziehen. Der Platz lag direkt am azurblauen Athabasca River - richtig schön. Generell ist der ganze National Park einfach atemberaubend schön. Zu beiden Seiten des Icefield Parkway türmen sich Bergmassive mit riesigen Gletschern auf, der eisblaue Fluss schlängelt sich im Tal durch dichten Fichtenwald, teilt sich delta-artig um kleine Inseln herum oder stürzt in wunderschönen Fällen die Klippen herab. Der Icefield Parkway zählt nicht umsonst zu den schönsten Straßen der Welt. Nachdem wir am Zeltplatz Mittag gegessen hatten, machen wir uns auf den Weg zum Maligne Canyon, um am Ende zum Moose Lake zu wandern. Der Trail an sich war nicht besonders spektakulär, aber der See war sehr schön und versteckt mitten im Wald gelegen. Aber der eigentliche Grund, was den See so besonders macht, sind seine Besucher. Die Chancen hier einen Elch zu sehen, stehen ganz gut. Aber Wanderer, die uns entgegen kamen, bereiteten uns schon auf eine Enttäuschung vor. Kein einziger Elch war auch nach längerem Warten zu sehen. Aber wir gingen natürlich weiter, um selbst unser Glück zu versuchen und uns auf die Lauer zu legen. Nachdem eine Familie mit ziemlich lauten Kindern endlich gegangen war, warteten wir jedoch auch vergebens und gaben unseren Platz im Gebüsch auf und waren im Begriff weiter zu gehen. Doch dann war ich es, der es zuerst hörte und Sarah, die es zuerst sah: Eine Elchkuh kam an der anderen Seite vom See langsam aus dem Wald, um zu trinken und anschließend im Wasser zu plantschen. Einfach Wahnsinn. Wir beobachteten sie bestimmt 20 min.
    Nach diesem richtig richtig coolen Erlebnis, ging es dann zuerst noch bei den Athabasca Fällen vorbei, bevor wir dann den Sonnenuntergang im Camp direkt am Fluss mit einem schönen kalten Bier genossen. Ein rundum perfekter Tag!
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  • Day13


    May 12, 2015 in Canada

    The breathtaking Canadian Rockies

  • Day86

    Jasper Gates

    August 10, 2016 in Canada

    We departed Lake Louise without spotting a grizzly even though they were within 100 yards of us, according to the rangers. We headed north to Jasper stopping at the Columbia Icefields Visitors Centre and taking an Ice Explorer vehicle onto the Athabasca Glacier then ending our adventure on the glass platform of the Glacier Skywalk, 918 ft above the valley floor....fantastic! We arrived at Jasper Gates RV Park after putting in a full day of driving and sightseeing.Read more

  • Day18

    Approaching Moose Lake

    May 20, 2016 in Canada

    Although the blurry cockpit photo was taken by mistake, it illustrates the use of the gps moving map instruments. The right hand one shows the plane position and heading over the planned track. The terrain profile shows my altitude relative to the approaching terrain. The left hand instruments shows a lot of red.... terrain at or above my current height.

    The second photo shows the current view out the front... just following the road. No need to focus inside the cockpit on the instruments at the moment.
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