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  • Day195

    13.2.2 Minca - Huge hammock

    March 6 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    A very bumpy and long ride into the mountains of Minca. But it was worth it, because the view was amazing and a very nice meal was waiting for us.

    Also, the “world’s greatest hammock” (if true). However, it is not aaas impressive. But the time up there was amazing. Liked it very much.

  • Day98

    Aloha ke Akua

    January 11, 2017 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    3 weeks at this magical place😍😍

    2 weken was niet genoeg dus ik besloot nog een week te blijven. 3 weken waren nog steeds niet genoeg maar als ik nog iets meer van Colombia wou zien moest ik wel weg..

    Ik heb hier hele lieve geweldige mensen leren kennen, samen hebben we gekookt, brandhout gesprokkeld, bamboo wanden gevlochten, fruit bomen en kruiden plantjes gepoot. Iedereen heeft zijn skills gedeeld met elkaar, dreamcatchers, armbandjes, massage, yoga, gitaar, tatoo workshops vanalles kwam voorbij.

    Elke dag wakker worden met uitzicht over de bergen en de caribische zee jn de verte, elke dag een fantastische zonsondergang😍😍

    Ooit kom ik hier nog terug🤗
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  • Day113

    Week 16: Minca Weekend Trip

    June 26, 2017 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    In between my 2 weeks volunteering at Hanna/Octavio's place, we had the weekend off, so me, Tomas and Paul (friends from France) made the most of it...

    Early Saturday Morning the 3 of us jumped in the back of Octavio's 4x4 and crossed the river (by driving through it) to the main road. Octavio headed the opposite way for supplies, while we hitched a ride in the back of a large empty lorry. We had to sit deep inside so police wouldn't see, but the lorry was empty so we had a good view out of the back. After about an hour, we arrived at a random truck-stop outside of Santa Marta, and had to hitchike again (this time in a car), to get into the city. There we bought supplies and took a shared van to Minca. The journey to Minca was an hour of awesome traversing road getting higher and higher into the mountains, until we came to the town. We wanted to visit a popular place higher up in the mountains so had to hike uphill for 2 hours, but the weather was perfect and the views were amazing.

    We arrived at the place in the afternoon; 'Mundo Nuevo', a nature hostel and sustainability project high on a mountainside overlooking Santa Marta and the Carribean Sea. This place had it all; Dorms or Hammocks for sleeping, Unbeatable views, large gardens, freshly cooked food, pool table, beer, and enough tourists to feel like I was in Europe (The last part I didn't like so much, but it was the weekend...). However, with only 1 night here we wanted to explore the area, so we dropped our bags in empty hammocks and went straight out on a 4-hour-round hike to the famous 'pozo de azul' waterfall in glorious sunshine, through mountain-jungle with views the whole way. We stopped at a Coffee and Cacao farm ('La Candelaria') on route to chat with the owners, see a bit of the farm, and of course drink fresh coffee.

    We arrived at the waterfall at the perfect time; the sun was getting low, but it beamed through the jungle canopy illuminating the place with colour. Most of the visitors had left, and the large natural pool was crystal clear and invititing. We bathed in the (refreshingly) cold water, and the sounds of the powerful cascades and singing birds dominating the jungle. What a place. I also saw Martin, a Danish friend who I met in Rodadero a month ago. It was complete luck and a suprise to see eachother in such a remote place, but it turns out the same would happen tomorrow and I would end up staying with him for the night.

    Anyway, we (me, Tomas and Paul) left the waterfall and didn't arrive back at the hostel until dark. The walk back with sunset views over the distant city was incredible, but the transition of day to night was fast, and we were exhausted on return. We had just enough energy to join the Saturday night party for a few hours, but it was a long day; 6 hours hiking + 4 beers + 1 hammock = a good night sleep!

    On Sunday morning, we hiked up to an incredible viewpoint with 2 french girls from the hostel (so I was now with 4 French travellers). We missed the sunrise by a long way, but the plentiful views, fauna, butterflies and birds make early mornings here very peaceful, and we took it all in from the top of our hill, bathing in the rising sun over the mountains, as large clouds rolled into the valley from below. I knew then that I would come back to Minca one day on my own to discover more about this incredible area.

    We had incredible luck with the weather 8n Minca so far, but that changed when in the space of an hour, a dreamy morning turned into a tropical thunderstorm. We arrived back at the hostel just before the torrential downpour, and had to wait for a couple of hours for it to pass. We had to get back to our workaway (a very long journey away), so we left the hostel in the afternoon and made the long hike down to Minca, stopping at a few farms and places on the way. It was now 5pm and starting to get darker, we were close to minca, but still hours from our workaway. I was debating on staying the night in the town, but Tomas and Paul were determined to make it back. Then, right near the bottom of the path, guess who flies past on the back of a moto-taxi... Martin! We shouted something quickly like 'meet at the bridge', so we did. Because it was late, the problem now was a lack of (public) transport out of Minca. The only way seemed to be on the back of a motorbike and it was about to rain. Anyway, this is what Paul and Tomas did, while me and Martin got lucky in finding a cheap shared taxi, and ended up going to a building site (a hostel in progress) in the city where he was volunteering! I may have arrived at the wrong workaway, but I was dry and relaxed, and had the perfect barbecue and beers with Martin and other random people. A perfect end to a great trip...

    *Morning Alarm*. Monday morning, 6am. A volunteering day, and i was 2 hours away. After a long bus and an uphill hike, I still arrived before 8am, just in time for breakfast and another week of jungle volunteer life...
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  • Day104

    Wanderung um Minca

    July 17, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Lucy ist schon vor uns in Minca angekommen und wir machen mit ihr und drei anderen aus ihrem Hostel eine doch sehr anstrengende Wanderung. Insgesamt geht es ca. vier Stunden steil und hin und wieder auch sehr steil bergauf. Auf der Hälfte des Weges machen wir eine Pause am Marinka Wasserfall, um uns abzukühlen, die Sonne brennt ganz schön beim Laufen.Read more

  • Day104

    Casa Elemento

    July 17, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Unser Endziel der Wanderung ist das Casa Elemento, ein Hostel auf etwa 1300m Höhe. Von hier aus hat man einen tollen Blick über Minca bis nach Santa Marta und wir chillen ein paar Stunden in den Riesen Hängematten, bevor es mit dem Motorad Taxi wieder zurück nach Minca geht.

  • Day169


    June 14, 2017 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Minca was also one of these stops I had heard a lot about last year but couldn't go as my time was limited so I definitely wanted to go now. Minca is inland into the mountains and because of this not really warm. Everybody recommend Casa Elemento which was even higher up in the mountains. To get there you had to take a motorcycle taxi for about 45 minutes so I figured I should leave my big backpack in Santa Marta and again just take my small one. Also like this I could also probably walk down from Casa Elemento on the way back to make a stop at the waterfall along the way.
    When I got to Minca it started raining pretty bad. I had just started talking to one of the motorcycle drivers and told him I wanted to wait till the rain was over. But he told me it usually starts raining around this time of the day and doesn't stop till later at night. So I decided to put on my rain jacket and just go for it. That ride up there was crazy! I was happy I had been on a few motorcycles in the last days as I'm usually not to relaxed on the back of a bike. At least I was a little used to it by now. But the bumpy roads in Palomino and Costeño were nothing compared to this. Uphill all the way. Mostly unpaved. And due to the rain it was super muddy. Luckily my driver was really good. In between he had to put both feed to the sides to make sure we weren't falling over in the mud. And we were sliding to the sides quite a lot. But I told myself it was his job to bring people up there so he should know what he was doing. But I was still pretty happy when he pointed towards the hostel and told me we were almost there. We had to go a bit downhill now and this was actually even more scary so I kind of decided I would definitely walk down on the way back. But I still wrote down his license number in case I would have to take a bike - he had done a really good job. Later I learnt it wasn't to uncommon that people actually did fall on the way up here. I met 2 guys who got burned on the exhaustion pipe when they fell on the way up.
    Besides for the adventurous way up Casa Elemento was famous for amazing views and huge hammocks. As it was still raining I couldn't make use of them right away. So I found a spot on one of the big tables and started talking to the other guests. As there is not much to do when it rains the volunteers of the hostel promote happy hour from 4-6pm quite a lot and other people already started playing drinking games. We left out the drinks but also played some fun games. Unfortunately all the people except me and one other guy were English so when we played charades we were sometimes kind of lost.
    We had all signed up for dinner and the food here was really amazing.
    It did get colder when the sun was down and I was a little afraid to go to sleep as I was again sleeping in a hammock and these were outside with just a roof over them. But they came with 2 big blankets and when I went to bed later that night I really enjoyed my spot. I had the view over the mountains and could even see the lights of Santa Marta in the far.
    When the sun came out the next morning the rain was gone and I could chill in one of the big hammocks for a while. I thought about going to one of the tours but as it didn't completely clear of and there were still a lot of clouds I decided not to take my chances. It turned out to be the right decision as it already started raining today around midday. It always stopped in between but everything would be wet so we again spend most of the time on our big table. The boys from our group all left that day so from now on we were only girls which changed the topics of the conversations a little ;)
    It's really a downside of the hostel that there are almost no nice hangout areas which are dry during the rain. So we actually all went to bed (in my case hammock) in the afternoon to read for a while. Luckily I had my hammock with the nice view.
    The 3 other girls were also leaving the next day and we decided to walk down together after breakfast. It was a nice hike and fortunately it did not rain today. I walked with Kyria talking about her complicated boy-stories which were really funny. It felt like we had walked forever but when we waited up for Kaarina and Juliet to check how far we had made it we realized we only made it half way down. We had a quick stop at the waterfall and took a swim before going further.
    Back in town Kaarina and Juliet got motortaxis to go back to Santa Marta. They wouldn't drive into town though but drop you close to the outskirts which didn't make sense for Kyria and me so we took the bus which turned out to be a pickup truck this time. For some reason we got to sit in the back with all the luggage - the driver specifically asked us to sit there and put the 2 couples that were also waiting inside the car. No idea why we were choosen to sit there but it was fun and probably the guy just knew that we wouldn't complain.
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