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  • Day137

    Monteverde cloud forest

    January 21, 2017 in Costa Rica

    We're now in the Monteverde area for a few days. Spent the day today in the Monteverde Cloud Forest reserve, walking the trails, enjoying the views and spotting wildlife (which is actually more difficult than you might expect in the thick forest!). We saw coatis (a bit like racoons), a pygmy squirrel (very cute but too quick for a photo), some giant millipedes, butterflies and lots of birds. We particularly enjoyed the hummingbirds - could have happily watched them all day. The highlight of the day was seeing the most famous (but often elusive) bird of the area, the resplendent quetzal (the green/blue & red bird in the photo) - it made our day.Read more

  • Day138

    Curi-Cancha cloud forest reserve

    January 22, 2017 in Costa Rica

    We spent today exploring the trails of Curi-Cancha cloud forest reserve. It was fantastic - at least as good as the main Monteverde reserve, if not better. It is at a slightly lower elevation, so was a bit warmer and had some different birds/animals and more open spaces for wildlife spotting. We saw agouti - funny little animals, like big guinea pigs (see picture). We also saw many different birds, including a toucan, motmot (see photo - a really beautiful bird), and more hummingbirds. We found one spot along a trail with lots of birds and we were happily stood watching them, until Solana piped up "Look at all the ants" and when we looked down, our shoes and lower legs were covered in ants! Needless to say, much running and foot-stamping followed.... Solana walked well but needed a rest in the sling this afternoon, where she enjoyed a cosy nap! We're off out for dinner shortly, which will no doubt involve rice, beans, plantain (like fried banana) and some kind of meat or fish - simple but tasty and filling after all the walking.Read more

  • Day139

    Moving on in Monteverde

    January 23, 2017 in Costa Rica

    Last night we ate again in one of the cheapest and best restaurants in town - this time I had rice without the beans, for a change! This morning we said goodbye to our hotel with coatis on the balcony. We’re still in the Monteverde area but today we moved accommodation to a place that has it’s own little reserve with nature trails – a place called Valle Escondido (hidden valley). On the way, we visited a ranarium (frog centre) in Santa Elena town, where we saw various Costa Rican amphibians with an informative guide. This afternoon, Solana made a new little friend, Lila, who turned out to be the daughter of the owner of the hotel & reserve. Solana is taking everything in and asking some good, and also some amusing, questions along the way. The other day, on our way to Monteverde, we passed some mountains and we were talking about volcanoes – she then asked “Are we on Venus now?”! We have just been on a night walk along the trails with a guide – we didn’t see as much as we’d hoped but we did see more coati, agouti, leaf-cutter ants and a stick insect. Hoping for better wildlife spotting tomorrow....Read more

  • Day140

    Last day in Monteverde

    January 24, 2017 in Costa Rica

    We had a relaxed day, wandering the trails of our lodge in Valle Escondido, today. One of our favourite places along the trails was the "hammock garden" - a lovely place to relax, until a 4-year-old comes along and almost tips you out of the hammock! Gran Anne also produced a kite that she'd brought along - Solana loved it but unfortunately there wasn't enough wind to fly it properly - maybe tomorrow... Wildlife spotting today included a green & black lizard well camouflaged in a tree, quite a few vultures and hawks circling on the thermals in the valley below, dragonflies, more leaf-cutter ants, oriole birds and a little snake (the latter found by the lodge gardener). We also saw a big blue morpho butterfly - very eye-catching, although it would not sit still long enough for a decent photo. In the evening we also saw and heard a very noisy toad, which we think was a cane toad (although we refrained from licking it to test for hallucinogens!). It is also nice to fall asleep to the noise of the forest - mostly noisy crickets, but relaxing nonetheless. So far, we have seen and identified 5 species of mammals, 4 species of reptile/amphibians and more than 30 species of birds (31 that we have managed to identify and even more that we haven't), plus countless insects (some impressive, some biting and some downright ugly!).Read more

  • Day394


    June 4 in Costa Rica

    A beautiful 4 hour drive on mostly good roads took us to the cloud forests of Monteverde. We were so glad to escape the heat and mosquitoes in this higher and more comfortable elevation.
    The place we're staying has an onsite hydroponic garden so we've enjoyed some beautifully fresh salads during our stay.
    On a night walk we saw our first porcupine (in a tree), armadillo and glass frog. We also saw a tarantula, sloth and many insects and birds. On a day walk in Monteverde Reserve, we felt super lucky to see the Resplendent Quetzal – maybe the most beautifully colored and feathered bird we’ve seen so far.Read more

  • Day12

    Pal Michal Rural Tourism

    January 5 in Costa Rica

    Pal Michal is a project started by the community to preserve and protect the water supply. The community came together to establish the eco lodge with opportunities to learn about local life. The land is beautiful and we started our visit with a trek up the hillside.

  • Day12

    On the way...mascarade

    January 5 in Costa Rica

    On our way to the rural coffee growing area, we first stopped off in a community called Escazu, known for their witches. We were there to see Geraldo Montoya who produced special masquerade masks for celebrations. We danced, had a mask-making competition, and laughed a lot.

  • Day12

    Latin dancing with the locals

    January 5 in Costa Rica

    One exciting part of this program is that we get to connect with locals in meaningful ways. My friend arranged for a group of 10 students to come and have a pizza making party with us and teach Latin dancing. It was an absolute blast. Our students practiced Spanish, and local students practiced English.

  • Day12

    Explore by horseback

    January 5 in Costa Rica

    We have traveled to the cloud forest of Monteverde. The town was established for two families from Alabama were trying to escape the possibility of military draft. Costa Rica had eliminated their military, so it was an appealing location. We explored the mountainside coffee fields by horseback. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset too.

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