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  • Day106

    Last night Montañita! Out with a Bang

    February 15, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    So today was our last full day in Montañita, and as other days go here, it was pretty normal.... sit on the beach, have a walk into town for some street food and chill in a hammock /read a book maybe and obviously befriend the hostel cat who was waiting for us on our porch aww 😻. But this was the day we most definitely went out with a bang, or fire! 😳 🔥 So as we both agreed we had been indulging quite alot in the really nice restaurant right next to our hostel, and on the sea front (that does amazing Thai and Ecuadorian food, but was a little pricey) So we thought let's cook a full meal for once instead of having our usual tuna sweetcorn wraps that we were eating for lunch all week! 😂😂 So we cracked on and decided to cook some pasta... Mmm fancy! At one point the gas on the stove stopped working, so realised it needed a new cannister, so we asked the hostel guy Jackson to change it, which he did, and we managed to light it again.. Whoop! As we went on suddenly the gas connection came off, and caught the fire we were cooking with, and exploded with flames from under the stove, with the whole of the stove catching fire....we ran back but was too late for zachs leg hair and toes! 😳 Zach screamed "fire fire", and luckily one of hostel guys ran to switch off the gas, which stopped the fire! We both got away without burns gladly but we're we're in real shock, good job we already had a beer to drink after!! So in the end Jackson checked on us, then said because of this (as we had no way of cooking tea plus the trama 😔) he offered to pay for us to eat and drink at the restaurant we loved so much at the beach front... And of course we milked it for a full meal and red wine at sunset. And the freebies didn't stop there, we also got free beers at the hostel bar later! To say we have had such bad luck at this hostel, including the mess up with our room booking from day 1 (we managed to get a superior room and more free beers after this mess too 😂) and the fire! Despite all this we still loved our stay here, and were quite sad to leave after nearly 2 weeks. We'd deffo go back and hope the bad luck wouldn't follow us again lol.Read more

    Loraine Fricker

    Beautiful bring her home

    Loraine Fricker

    What a shock I thought that they had chopped your head off.

  • Day98

    Montañita, Ecuador...Surf, Yoga & Chill

    February 7, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    So after alot of travelling back and forth the last few months we thought we'd book a beach escape where we could chill, relax... Laze in hammocks, do yoga and learn to surf! 🤗....😂 So we thought! When we arrived it was a surf competition weekend, so we didn't get much sleep for a few days here, although was pretty cool to watch the surf competition right from out balcony (of a hostel we didn't originally book into!.. That's too long of a story 😂😂). Anyway things quietened down here after 2 days, so finally good for relaxing.. And getting sleep at night! 😊 In our hostel (the original one we booked into) they offer surf lessons and yoga classes everyday 🙏😍 love it here! We obviously we're straight onto the surf lesson with a great teacher called Pablo, he taugh us all about the types of waves, dangers and about the equipment we would be using.... Then we headed to the yoga studio to learn how to stand up on a surf board! After a few practice runs we were ready to try the real thing! It was really fun, we both loved it and our teacher was at hand all the time to help us catch the waves 😜 it was really hard to paddle and stand up on the board, so think we need more practice! The days following we have taken a Yin Yoga class and today (10th Feb) we took the Basic of Yoga class, which was faster than Yin Yoga which I like more, but not sure it was Zachs favourite out of the 2 😅 Good workout though. Also they have lots of cats and dogs here... Always a good sign when a places has nice pets! 😘😻🐱🐕Read more

    Loraine Fricker

    Looks like Otis.

  • Day54


    January 27, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Die letzten 5 Tage haben wir in Montañita verbracht. Ein kleines Surferdorf an der Küste. Ein paar Tage Party und am Strand entspannen. Ansonsten hat der Ort eigentlich nichts zu bieten.
    Heute geht's nach Peru, denn die Tage bis zum Abflug sind bereits gezählt 🙄Read more

    Yvonne Kirschner

    Wahnsinn traumhaft

  • Day50

    48. We made a run for it!

    October 11, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 68 °F

    Cooped up in our room in Quito for much of the day Tues-Thurs, we spotted an opportunity to escape on Friday after carefully monitoring the news and communicating with other travellers stuck in Quito through the Pan American Highway blog.

    With only one roadblock showing on our route, we hit the road before daybreak on Friday and headed west. The roadblock was gone when we got there, and we put in 10 hours in to get to the coast and the beach town of Montanita.

    Our plan is to get out to Galapagos from Guayaquil airport. Most of the protests that still continue are focused in the central past of the country, so we are hopeful about our travel plans.

    In the meantime, here are some pix from Montanita.
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    Mike Heap

    Thank goodness! Pleased to see you’re safe.

    Paul Zahler


    Paul Zahler

    Hopefully you’ve got the

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  • Day8


    September 22, 2019 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Gester bini bi de Gastfamilie ahcho und Hütt hani de erst Tag Schuel ga. Isch schochli es umgwöhne und uhmega viel Spanisch😄 aber wege dem bini ja au da.
    D Gastfamilie isch mega nett, au wemmer eus nonnig so verstönd, da sie nur Spanisch chönd.
    D Schuel isch au supper, Mir sind s zweite i de Klass und euses "Schuelzimmer" isch uf em Schuelhusdach, also ha e supper Ussicht überd Stadt. Hütt abig gömmer no mit de Schuel go Znacht esse zum mal all chli Kennelerne.
    Ab jetzt wirdi nümme so viel Schribe, da ich ja jetzt 6 Wuche da bi.
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    dominic humbel


    Marco Polo

    Ja leider, isch halt nöd grad saison da.

    Ma Zu

    Ich find das mega chul so lernisch spanisch schnell lg grosi

    Ma Zu


  • Day5

    Riding the Spondylus route up north

    August 9 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    Heading to the sunshine and up north the famous sightseeing route along the coast line of Ecuador from Salinas to Esmeraldas, the so called Spondylus route.

    Covered the way to the famous party town Montanita and stopped for a lunch beachside in Ayangue, a small beach town, which was packed though due to public holidays. The weather is still clouded and even had heavy rainfalls in MONTAÑITA the last days, but I hope the skies will clear up soon more north 🤞. Happy that I packed a sweater 🙂!

    The roads from Salinas to Montanita started rather boring with lots of traffic lights breaking the rhythm, but became more interesting once you get out of the city: You can ride in sight along the beaches 😎.

    Had a nice party night with Ecuadorians I met at my hostel and made the night to day! That’s how MONTAÑITA rolls 😎!

    Rested afterwards well with chilled out beach walks and got in contact with more nice people - in Montañita really everybody seems laid back and having a good time - love it 🖤!

    I like the Montanita vibes, but currently cannot image there living. A weekend is fun, but everyday party would annoy me pretty quickly I guess. An option might be though to find a place in the nearby town Olon, which is just a 10min taxi ride away and super quiet in comparison. Though you might lack the infrastructure there.

    Stay: Paka Loro, next to the party mile (30 USD during vacation time for a single, afterwards 15 USD). Can be noisy at night due to the near bars and clubs, but super central location with a good value for money.
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    Great journey Ralf [Bruno Ceccato]


    Nice pics friend. Enjoy your journey! [Diana Arévalo]

  • Day103

    More Montañita chillin!

    February 12, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Most of our time here in Montañita has been mainly relaxing and enjoying the hostel 'casa del sol' because the people here are so nice, and most of the time we can go to the bar and meet new travellers that are here for the same thing... Plus surfing! I think that's a given as its known for its beach life, parties and a good place to catch some waves!... The town centre itself is made up of boutique shops (hippy style) and restaurants with happy hour deals! 😁🍻🍷👍 Then nearer the sea front more touristy shops, including roulette shots at street food /drinking places and I would like to say that the clubs and loud music was just here too, but once you're in the centre it's everywhere 😂 We stayed out a few nights for food and drinks, while catching up with a couple we met in Quito a few weeks before (also from the North of England 😊) and its great if you're in a group.... Or on the pull I guess 😂😂 it's an experience! So we we're pretty happy staying away from most of the noises of the clubs for sleeping 😴 just adding though the nights seem short on a week day if you want to party as most places shut near 10 or 11pm 🙄 alittle odd! We definitely have put on some weight here though, eating either pancakes or breakfast burritos in a morning with a different fruit and topping on the pancakes everyday! (omg they even had cinnamon french toast with fruity cinnamon jam on 2 days 😋😍.. Will deffo have to try making these ourselves! ) This hostel out of all we've been to in the last 3 1/2 months has had the best breakfast... Good work chef.. Muy bueno! 😁👌Read more

  • Day6

    Montanita - Day 1

    January 19, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Decided to rent a car and cruise through all the western coastal towns to montanita. Far more expensive but the flexibility was very appealing. I was told there are so many awesome beach towns, i felt it hopefully was an investment worth making.

    But driving out of guayaquil had me worried. People in the city drive like they are being chased by hitmen. Despite most roads having marked lanes, everyone drives like its a nascar track. And seem completely unaware there is a blindspot. Stop signs are optional. Pedestrians are collateral damage. And cutting off others is sport.

    Anyways it went fine, probably aided greatly by being a sunday. Once i hit the western coast, it was one gorgeous beach town after another. So amazing. I very quickly felt that the 4 days i earmarked for the rental was too short. Its flexibility suddenly felt like a handicap. Ironic.

    On arrival to montanita, i had three goals. Find accomodations, sign up with a surfing school, and find a place to watch the nfl playoffs. The latter became priority number 1.. by a lot heh.

    Montanita has a gorgeous beach and amazing vibe in the streets. Endless restaurants and quaint thatch hut accomodations and other nightlife spots. Plus street craft vendors everywhere. Charm oozing all over.

    I found a place for the football games, then walked across the street and paid for a tiki hut room and booked my surf school for the morning - all without moving more than 30 meters. Oh yes, ceviche for both lunch and supper :) life is good.
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    Cin Olah

    You with your toes in the sand, us with ours in the snow

  • Day7

    Montanita - Day 2

    January 20, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Okay I'm being dramatic but lets just say my first crack at surfing was amazing.

    My teacher is a ridiculously fit guy and i can see why. All my upper body muscles are killing me right now. We started with lots of stretches on the beach, then some practicing in the sand going from a pushup and popping up with *arm strength only* into a sideways standing position. Add a tipsy board and the ocean and you can imagine its not easy. Plus your feet need to wind up in the right spots or it all goes sideways fast. Sometimes literally.

    Shockingly i got up on my very first try (and bailed hard seconds later). My teacher was impressed. On my 4th try i rode the wave all the way in. Once my teacher stopped holding the board for me before the wave arrived and not giving me instructions on when to paddle and when to pop up, it got a lot harder. Reading the waves is an acquired skill in itself. And timing is huge. So is stamina. A number of times my pop ups were a bit lazy and didn't work out so great.

    Eventually he left me to take what he taught me and to fend for myself. Sometimes i would be too far back on the board and the front would pop out of the water and I'd fall backward into the ocean. Other times i would be too on top of the wave and the front tip would dive as i went down the wave and it would go under the water like a submarine and I'd go barrelling forward over the board.

    And of course every now and then i would do everything just right and ride it until the end. I imagine my smile was ear to ear in those moments. Spent a few hours afterwards over a few beers thinking about every attempt and what i did wrong, what i did right and what the result was. Like golf, you need to be doing 20 different things correctly at once. I can't wait to try again. Is it tomorrow yet?
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    Cin Olah

    Ride the tide! Congrats on learning something new.

    Vivi Guerrero

    Cutie 😍

  • Day9

    Montanita -Day 4

    January 22, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Last night i went back to the place with the pool table and played against a bunch of locals for hours, including David who i hung out on the beach with the night before and also became buddies with Nicolas originally from Peru. Starting to get to know the staff at certain restaurants here and a bunch of locals. Its nice to walk around town and hear my name called out or being greeted with huge smiles and fist bumps. A bit sad its my last day here. And i am casually curious about looking into properties here too.

    Woke up today incredibly sore all over. This surfing experience is having a serious physical impact. I actually feel 48 for a change haha. And no matter how much sun screen i put on, my nose gets redder and redder. I was very close to not surfing today but i don't know when my next opportunity will be, so it was time to suck it up and get back out there and enjoy the moment.

    Today went worse than yesterday. My timing was awful. Balance sucked. I read the waves poorly. And my pop ups were lazy, often going to one knee before standing up. I'm worn out and it shows. I really should go back to the 12 foot board until i get better.

    Three hour drive tomorrow morning to get the rental car back to guayaquil, so made it an early night. One thing i won't miss is all the mosquitos. My legs are covered in bites. Chao montanita.

    Edit: surfing pics are me
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    Cin Olah

    Sounds like Montanita will be very memorable for you.

    Veronique Duplantie

    You look very happy 😀


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