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  • Day10


    March 4 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ -5 °C

    Durch Finnland ballern ist leider dermaßen ermüdend, dass wir uns entschlossen haben in Jyväskylä zu übernachten. Da wir nicht über Russland fahren schaffen wir es auch so ganz bequem übermorgen in Tallin zu sein.

  • Day11


    March 5 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ -8 °C

    Eine der Aufgaben auf der Rallye ist es, mit Einheimischen eisangeln zu gehen und anschließend den Fang zu teilen. Hier haben wir leider keine Finnen getroffen, deswegen mussten wir es alleine probieren. Wie schon zu erwarten war, haben wir leider nichts gefangen und werden weiter den leckeren Dosenfisch essen.Read more

  • Day18

    9.9.2016 Jyväskylä

    September 8, 2016 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Kilometer: 5.746

    Nach einer "wilden" Nacht (d.h. abseits von Park- oder Campingplatz) an einem verlassenen See kamen wir morgens in der finnischen Stadt an, deren Namen erst geübt werden muss - wir kennen ihn nun! 😊
    Jyväskylä ist eine moderne, aufgeräumte, lebendige Uni-Stadt und offensichtlich das Zentrum der finnischen Bildung. Wir gönnten uns ein Panini zum Frühstück im Zentrum, wo um 9 Uhr noch nicht viel los war. Kein Wunder, wenn jeder vierte Einwohner dieser Stadt Student ist...
    Aussichtsturm und Hafen wurden besichtigt. Besonders die schwimmenden Saunas und famosen Hausboote (unser Wohnwagen passt da geschätzt viermal rein!) fanden wir spannend.
    Ein Wohnblock wurde in das finnische Leben zu Anfang des letzten Jahrhunderts zurückversetzt (oder so erhalten?). Hier gibt es viel Handwerk zu bestaunen und sogar Fahrräder aus dieser Zeit.
    Natürlich waren wir auch im Museum über und von Alvar Aalto, dem bekanntesten Sohn der Stadt. Seine Produkte kennt man auf jeden Fall, wenn man bei IKEA einkaufen geht...
    Eine schöne Stadt, die zurecht als besonders lebenswert betitelt wird und gerne Kinder groß gezogen werden. Aber für uns geht's jetzt weiter zur letzten Station in Finnland: Helsinki!
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  • Day127


    August 12, 2017 in Finland ⋅ 🌧 63 °F

    Well it was a kind of wilderness anyway.. no hot running water and a composting toilet was as wilderness as I am going to get!

    In the middle of nowhere we arrived at a gorgeous little cabin for 3 days of Finnish nature. Luckily no bears.

    The cabin was on a small lake, surrounded by trees with a hot tub and a sauna so you can imagine where we spent most of our day... We also had a BBQ and an open fire and so Stuart was in his element making fire.

    We got soaked on a walk around the Pyha Hakki National Park. It is a forest full of mushrooms and moss and walkways through the boggy open areas. We did a little hike and I worried I may have touched a deadly mushroom. But here I am living to tell the tale so I imagine it was unpoisonous.

    We also visited the nearby city of Jyvaskyla for a harbour side stroll and some Finnish food.. ok so it was fast food.. but Finnish fast food nonetheless! Hesburger is a McDonald type burger joint which was actually very nice and a welcome relief for the budget!

    The composting toilet was an interesting experience. As was stumbling there in the night past the axe situated in the tree stump... Gave me some nightmares out there (the axe not the toilet)!
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  • Day5

    Second stop: Jyväskylä

    June 10, 2017 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    From the country side we headed into the town of Jyväskylä. We enjoyed some 'Nightlife' in a Jazz Club named poppari and met some locals. Finally we have a contact with a fishing boat now :)

    Jyväskylä also offers a nice beach for relaxing where the local youth gathers at night.

  • Day10

    Abendessen irgendwo vor Helsinki.

    March 4 in Finland ⋅ ☁️ -5 °C

    200 km bis Helsinki. Zeit fürs Abendessen. Es ist spürbar wärmer geworden. -6 Grad.

  • Day502

    Day 503: Back on the Road to Verla

    July 2, 2018 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Back on the road again. Tram into the city where we picked up our rental car for the next few days - a little Toyota Yaris hybrid with basically no features at all. Suddenly everything is made of plastic again! We've definitely gone back from first class to economy, maybe a RyanAir level of economy class. Alas!

    Drove out of Helsinki with no issues and headed north to a little town named Verla. Here was our WHS for the day, a former pulp and board mill. It dated from the 19th century, and operated for about a hundred years, turning logs from wood into card for boxes and book covers and the like. Had lunch in the cafe of traditional Finnish food, then a guided tour entirely in Finnish.

    The first thing they showed us was a film of the factory operating from back in the 1960s just before it closed, so it was quite weird to watch the film and then go next door to see the exact machines in the same places! Interesting little spot, but probably not one I would rush back to.

    Back to the car where we drove north to Jyvaskyla where our Airbnb for the evening was located. Just a tiny little 2-room flat, and it didn't even have wifi - outrageous! Hard to believe it's the second-largest city in Finland but nobody has ever heard of it!
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  • Day12

    Tampere to Jyvaskyla

    September 24, 2016 in Finland ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    Today is Courtney's birthday. Happy [INSERT NUMBER] Birthday Courtney.

    The day began with a traditional Scandinavian breakfast buffet. This featured two particular items, that Courtney would not stop talking about for the rest of the day. The first was egg butter, which looks similar to scrambled eggs, but is much richer. The second was frozen yoghurt, available in unlimited quantity. If Courtney only had these two things for her breakfast for the remainder of her life, I think that she would be more than happy.

    After breakfast, we checked out of the hotel, and picked up an unexpected companion. Teemu the bear is an avid fan of the Finnish Olympic Team, and quite amazingly, is also travelling to New Zealand. He didn't have any plans for the next three months, so on the spur of the moment, decided to join us on our travels. He is apparently going to pay for his share of the travel costs, but he is so small, and travels so light, that we really don't mind if he does or he doesn't.

    The first stop on Courtney's birthday tour, was th Pynikki Observation Tower in Tampere, to give a beautiful view across the surrounding region. There were donuts and coffee available, to add the experience, which Courtney declined in favour of a diet Fanta. Teemu, didn't have anything - there was no honey.

    On the way to our next destination, we had to make quick pit stop, and a motorway layby. With all the excitement leading up her birthday, Courtney was up all night dreaming of adventures and emails from people, and was getting pretty tired. After flirting with the idea of having a powernap, it was agreed that the best thing would be for us to do some road side exercise to wake up. And so it came to pass that Jamie and Courtney did press ups, lunges and starjumps, as the rest of Finland drove passed them wondering what was going on. Teemu didn't join in - he is pretty lazy.

    The next proper stop on our trip was a UNESCO World Hertiage site, that is in fact a trig station. It was part of a network of trig stations built in the 1800's, and was used to confirm that the Earth is squashed, in that it isn't as long North to South, as it is East to West. It was a short walk up a reasonably steep trail (20mins up, 40 mins down) - Teemu described it as an adventure. It was a challenge on Courtney's bung ankle, but we got there, and had the place to ourselves. Just us, and a very beautiful view. Despite all this beauty, Teemu didn't have anything to say - he is pretty simple.

    Then it was on to Jyvaskyla for the night. After parkng the car and checking in, we were looking for something to do. before dinner. Teemu, recommended an art installation or inflatable rabbits. Apparently, one of his friends is a rabbit, and recommended the art installation as pretty awesome. I think Teemu ate the wrong forest mushrooms myself.

    And then it was on to dinner, sans Teemu, to a rather fancy, fine dining establishment. The food consisted of deliciously done, Finnish delicacies, and the wine was a rather tasty bottle of prosecco. Top tip for tourists heading to Finland, if you want to travel on the cheap through Finland, do not go to a fine dining establishment. For Courtney's birthday it was well worth it though, but it wasn't the end of our culinary adventure.

    Fuelled by proscco, and a rather strong, if sweet aperitif, we headed to the closest purveyor of cold dessert treats. We happened on a place really popular with the local youth, called McDonalds, which is a funny name for a food place in Finland. At this restaurant we had some McNuggets, which are like chicken nuggets, and two delicious ice-cream treats called McFlurries, with Oreos. We saw Teemu at McDonalds too, with a tonne of food around him - he is gluttonous it would seem.

    FYI - they actually mix the McFlurries properly here, none of this drop the oreos on top and pretend like we actually did something business.

    And then Courtney's birthday was over. We both had a lot of fun, and were definitely looking forward to a good night's sleep.

    On another topic entirely, Teemu reminds me of another bear that we met somewhere. We can't quite remember where yet, but we'll work it out.
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  • Day15

    In die unaussprechliche Stadt

    May 28, 2017 in Finland ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Unser heutiges Tagesziel heißt Jyväskylä. Keine Ahnung, wie man das ausspricht - wir brauchen den ganzen Tag um uns den Namen zu merken.

    Finnland ist eher sanft hügelig angelegt, was sich leider auch negativ in der Kurvenbilanz niederschlägt. Da Finnland aber ein Bikerland ist -hier gibt es gefühlt eine höhere Motorraddichte, als bei uns- hat es kleinere Straßen mit blauen und weißen Schildern. Das sind die besten Strecken zum Kurven räubern.
    Bei den blauen Straßen sollte man allerdings vorher etwas bei Streetview recherchieren, sonst hängt man die nächsten 30 Kilometer auf einer Schotterstraße. Manch einer mag das ja auch (nicht wahr, Fabrice?).

    Wir genießen die Freiheit, die Einsamkeit, den Fahrspaß und das schöne Wetter. Mit einem Grinsen im Gesicht steigen wir in Jyväskylä nach 360 km von den Maschinen. Die Stadt wurde in den 50er Jahren umgestaltet und verlor damit die hölzerne Innenstadt an den typisch finnischen Brutalismus. Auf dem Lande ist alles sehr pitoresk - aber die Städte haben den Charme von Stuttgart.
    Immerhin bekommen wir im Fastfood-Land Nr. 2 eine richtige Mahlzeit!
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