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  • Day503

    Few hours of driving westwards across Finland today. Only stop of note was the World Heritage site at Petajavesi Old Church - a beautifully preserved old wooden church. It dates from the 18th century and was in excellent condition, very beautiful!

    Continued along our way to Rauma on the coast, which will be tomorrow's world heritage site. Our apartment here comes equipped with a sauna, naturally! Definitely in Finland.Read more

  • Day504

    Today's WHS was Old Rauma, the old town of Rauma where we were staying. Thankfully it was only about 15 minutes walk from our apartment which was nice. It's on the list as a great example of traditional Nordic wooden architecture that has survived the centuries, though much of what remains is from the 19th century. Fires were a continual problem since wooden houses and cold climates with open fireplaces are a dangerous combination, and the town did burn down a couple of times.

    But there's still a lot left and it was nice and impressive.

    Finished up the site by early afternoon and decided to tackle the other nearby site in the late afternoon - Bronze Age burial cairns! These were literally just mounds of stones, because I guess that's what burial cairns are. But they were several thousand years old, and one of the oldest above-ground remnants still remaining in the Nordic countries. It's interesting since we basically know nothing about the people who lived here, so it's just guesswork based on stuff like burial mounds. We wandered around the forest in the sun for a while doing our filming, then headed home. Last night in Finland!

    I also discovered while looking for the apartment building's bins that we had an air raid shelter in the basement! There was a sign pointing down the stairs (we were on the ground floor) which my phone translated as "raid shelter" and I was like, nahh can't be. I went down the stairs and yep - there was a huge metal door about six inches thick! It reminds you how close the Soviet Union really was, and how vulnerable Finland felt.
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  • Day1

    Yyteri rand

    July 25, 2017 in Finland

    Megamōnusad liivadüünid ja vesi on jahedapoolsem aga ujuda kōlbaks ning paljud seda ka siin hetkel teevad.
    Samuti leidsime rannast liiva seest kasepuud, nirud küll aga kasvavad, tavaliselt on liivarandades männid.

  • Day8

    Leuchtturm wo bist du?

    August 7, 2016 in Finland

    Moi Moi!

    Wir verbingen zwei Tage in einem schönen Appartement. Von aussen sieht es aus wie viele Hütten hier in Finnland. Rotes Holz wo man hinschaut. Rundherum Wald und Felder. Heute Abend gehts auf die Suche nach Elchen.

    Nach dem Einkauf gestern folgten wir einigen Schildern die uns einen Leuchtturm versprachen. Gefunden haben wir ihn nicht. Und unser Navi fand dann den Heimweg auch nicht mehr.

    Heute genossen wir die Sonne und fuhren ein paar Runden mit dem Fahrrad - landeten aber nur auf privaten Höfen. Endstation. Für Fotos von Kühen und Gräsern hats aber gereicht :-)

    Ein To do können wir von der Liste streichen. Man möchte es auf jugendlichen Leichtsinn schieben, aber dafür sind wir zu alt. hust hust.
    Der Gurkensaft entpuppte sich als Brantweinessig. Aber erst als wir ihn getrunken hatten. Ja, die finnische Sprache sollte man beherrschen. Mein Magen erholt sich immer noch von der Essigdusche.

    Mehr Infos zur Elchsicht oder Nichtsicht gibts später.
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Satakunta, ستاكونتا, Satakunda, ساتاکونتا, Satakunnan Maakunta, Satakunta tartomány, サタクンタ県, სატაკუნტა, 사타쿤타 지역, Сатакунта, Satagundia, ساتاکنتا, 薩卡昆達區

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