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  • Day51

    Stjärnorna på slottet

    June 18 in France

    Bilresan började med ett besök på en vingård i Zellenberg, som hade mycket bra viner. (Man kör nog bättre efter en vinprovning?) Handlade där.
    Bil till Champagne och incheckning på Chateau d’Etoges.

  • Day2

    Day 2: Rilly-la-Montagne - Epernay

    August 14, 2016 in France

    Distance: 21km (+ 4 extra off-route)
    Weather: 28C, sunny
    Mood: Cool and a little exited
    No. of Pelgrims encountered: 0
    State of body: No blisters... Yet! Starting to feel a tad tired though.
    Highlight of the day: Receiving a bottle of water (after I had desperately asked for one) Diving (OK, maybe more like falling off the slippery slope) into the cold water in the Lake at the campsite.
    Lesson of the day: Don't expect a boulangerie to be open during the summer holiday and don't expect all roads to be open either (needed to do some trespassing at a building site...)Read more

  • Day5

    Day 5: Sezanne - Algure

    August 17, 2016 in France

    Distance: 22.5KM (111.5/1888.5)
    Weather: 29C, too hot to hike
    Mood: A little tired...
    Blisters: 5 (2 new!) It is starting to become uncomfortable

    Finding the pilgrim in me

    First of all we would like to apologise for the outrageous spelling error in yesterday's entry. All has been corrected now.

    The roads remain long and straight and too be frank, rather boring. Farmland after farmland and a few wildflowers, a tiny bit of hill or there and that sums it up. I think this is finally starting yo awaken the pilgrim in me. The repetition and the long stretches of road create a rhythm that put my busy mind at ease. I'm starting to feel like the walking at times is almost automatic.
    And then at times it feels like the opposite of automatic, the blisters have come, despite all my amazing prevention efforts and they hurt. The backpack is too heavy, especially after yesterday's shopping spree (I wanted to eat everything in the super, asked yesterday after surviving 32 km on one baguette and a Snelle Jelle) and I slept too short. I think a bit of suffering is almost a natural part of being a pilgrim. And because of that, I need to find a rhythm, keep going, counting and remembering that I don't want to give up!
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  • Day4

    Day 4: Montmort - Sezanne

    August 16, 2016 in France

    Distance: 31km
    Weather: 29C, felt like 34!
    Mood: Good, bit more social
    Blisters: 3 (2 new!)

    The "unwinding" road

    Time for something different today. My day started with 5 kilometers along a grassy straight path through farmlands with absolutely nothing else around. The Beatles song The long and winding Road came into my mind, though this road was anything but windy and I realised that the hiker-me is different from the everyday-me. Usually I love shortcuts, the quickest way to get somewhere in the most efficient manner, but the hiker-me likes the bends in the road, the corner that may bring something interesting to see and the turn the guidebook describes is coming up soon. It keeps the journey interesting and straight roads are just a bit... boring. But I manned up, counted steps and marched on and finally I saw the end of the road (see pictures below) and the funny thing was that the road on the other side was pretty much the same, long and un-winding. In fact, most of the long route today was like that! It's almost like this camino gives you what you don't desire, so you can meditate on it. Let's see how unwindy the roads are tomorrow.

    Oh and, I did meet some really lovely Scottish people who offered to heat my food and I sat with them for most of the evening, hence why this post is later than usual!
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  • Day3

    Day 3: Epernay - Montmort

    August 15, 2016 in France

    Distance: 25km
    Weather: 26C, sunny
    Mood: Missing the spontaneous meetings with lovely people (sofar most are bit moody and oblivious to pilgrims)
    No. of Pilgrims encountered: 0....
    State of body: First tiny blister and collar bone sore from backpack (it's still feeling rather heavy)
    Highlight of the day: Long hot shower at my first hotel stop
    Lesson of the day: Don't try to outsmart the prescribed route (my little detour left my legs covered in scratches)Read more

  • Day35


    August 21, 2016 in France

    Dimanche, 21 août 2016
    Il nous reste la traversée de la France. Quatre heures pour aujourd'hui et le reste pour lundi. Nous cherchons un bon moment une place pour notre pause de midi. Comme c'est dimanche et les magasins fermés, nous nous arrêtons devant un Bricoloisirs. Cela nous permet de nous reposer un peu. A Daméry nous trouvons porte close chez nos vignerons préférés. Nous continuons et trouvons une dizaine de km plus loin à Mareuil s/Ay un bel emplacement pour camping-cars au bord du canal latéral de la Marne. Une promenade sur les hauteurs de ce village de producteurs de champagne nous met en appétit. L'apéro se prend sur le quai du canal. Quoi de mieux pour clore nos vacances en beauté? Demain il nous restent env. six heures de route pour retrouver nos pénates.Read more

  • Day4


    July 21, 2016 in France

    Lundi, 18 juillet 2016
    Après la visite de Kyra chez le vétérinaire et quelques courses en ville, nous nous mettons en route en direction de Calais. Nous avons l'intention de traverser la France sans utiliser les autoroutes. L'avancée est un peu moins rapide mais les paysages sont très jolis. Nous dénichons un sympathique resto au bord de la route grâce à son affiche "menu du jour". L'auberge "Le Menuot" à Combeaufontaine nous sert une très bonne cuisine, c'est une belle découverte. Près de 300 km plus loin se trouve notre lieu d'étape:Daméry. Nous nous installons, en plein cœur du vignoble champenois, chez la famille Lété où nous avons déjà dormi il y a trois ans avec Géraldine et Philippe. C'est une place France Passion 4*, avec ombre, électricité et un calme absolu. Une petite promenade jusqu'au bord de la Marne clôt notre premier jour de vacances.Read more

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