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    • Day 2

      Paris sera toujours Paris

      July 8 in France ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      Ça y est . Deuxième étape faite . Nous voici à l’aéroport Charles de Gaule au terminal 1 après une aventure en avions et bus ! Oui bus .
      Explications ? Allons-y …
      .À Maurice pour prendre notre avion , nous avons pris un bus pour faire 50 mètres . Entassés comme des sardines mais pas longtemps 😁 et pour fatiguer personne 😜.
      À notre arrivée sur le sol français , à la sortie de l’avion, devinez quoi ?🤔 Nous avons pris un bus pour aller au terminal 2F. Puis nous avons repris un bus dans l’autre sens , repassés par là où nous sommes descendus de l’avion, pour aller au terminal 1, lieu de notre prochain avion.
      Donc histoire de bus et d’avions 😜

      Petite anecdote sur notre vol Maurice -Paris : dans les avions, je suis une dormeuse « tête sur tablette ». Position très bien quand le fauteuil de devant n’est pas baissé. Hier soir, j’étais tout contente. Personne devant moi 🎉🎉🎉
      Puis une heure après le décollage, un Mr d’une certaine corpulence a décidé de changer de place, non pour prendre la place devant Paul … mais devant moi …. Devinez la suite pour le reste de la nuit 🥲……

      Allez. Un petit chai latte, un double expresso et un cinnamon roll et bientôt Chicago 🧚‍♀️
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    • Day 2

      Foie gras

      December 28, 2022 in France ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

      We flew in business class (Delta points cashed in wooo) on Air France from New York to Paris overnight. I love business class. You can lie down. There are frequent glasses of decent French wines handed to you. And the entree includes foie gras.

      I don’t want to get into how foie gras is made. That’s extremely cruel and you can read about how terrible it is on PETA’s website. But the culinary art of stuffing ducks and geese with food to enlarge their liver and eat that as a delicacy is actually thousands of years old. As early as 2500 BC, the ancient Egyptians learned that many birds could be fattened through forced overfeeding and began this practice.

      Anyways I digress. I happily ate the foie gras and sipped my Champagne and managed to get an hour of real sleep.

      That flight ended many hours ago but I am still experiencing the foie gras. It is sitting in my stomach like a rock. Like a little passenger who is there reminding me of how stupid I was to eat it.

      Now we are preparing to take off to Delhi, and I am worried about what curry and foie gras might be like together in my stomach and how that is going to feel in 12 hours.

      They have it on the menu on this flight but I am going to pass this time. Lesson learned.
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    • Day 3

      Day 3 One down, one to go

      November 11, 2022 in France ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

      Day 3 and it’s time for Kat to go home this morning. Luckily we got up before our alarms and Kat had an Uber booked for the trip to the airport. The original plan had been for both of us to go to the airport in the morning. I’d say goodbye to Kat there, pick up my backpack from left luggage, drop both bags at the hotel and head back to the city for the day. Well, as has happened since we got to Paris, things don’t go as planned. Yesterday, I was checking the train times and how long it would take to get to the airport. Timings were about the same as when we arrived but, no B line trains to the airport today. There would be an additional 2 station changes early in the morning, and then a bus. Kat’s bag is heavy due to her dive gear. No way she can be lugging it up and down stairs all over the place. She decided to just suck it up and get an Uber, which she booked last night. I mentioned yesterday how tired we were. Well this was proved out while waiting for the Uber this morning - Kat realized she booked it for 7:50PM, not AM!! Luckily, she had some spare time and was able to get a new booking for 8:30am. Also, she is first class back home so has priority check in and security clearance. Makes a big difference in how long it takes to navigate the airport arrivals process.

      Once Kat had left, I went back to the room for a lovely hot bath!! I have been dying for a bath, for weeks and weeks. It was so lovely to soak in a hot tub! I was not sure what to do about my day now. I didn’t want to go to the airport hotel too early, and I didn’t want to drag my bag around the city. So, I left my bag at the hotel and went on a walking tour of Montmartre. I did do this last time I was in Paris, but each tour is a bit different and I had a lovely time as the guide took us throughout Montmartre and talked about the history, the artists that lived there and the uniqueness of the area. Grabbed a quick lunch after the tour and headed back to the hotel to collect my bag.

      I had fully intended to pick up some lovely truffles for the family, and nice French cheeses for Keith. I stopped in the truffle shop this morning and noted they were open until 7pm. Also stopped at the Fromaggerie and saw they were open until 7pm as well. Perfect as I didn’t want to carry either on my walking tour. When I was headed back to the station, both were closed!!!! No explanation for the truffle shop, but the cheese store did have a note saying they were closing at 1pm in Armistice Day (today) that I had not seen previously. What a bummer!!! I decided not to get macrons instead (as a normal person visiting France would), as I don’t think anyone in my family is keen on them. There goes that idea. 8 weeks away and I am only bringing stuff back for myself 😂 (and a small thing for the grandie’s, from Spain). Probably a first.

      I hopped on the metro, did my 2 changes and caught the bus to the airport. It wasn’t too bad, but I had 1 less change than Kat would have had, and a much smaller and lighter case. Had to pay an extra day for my bag storage, but that’s ok. I struggled with whether or not to even leave it since it was so expensive. But not having to lug it around - especially today since it’s a holiday and transit is really busy - was worth every €€. Including the extra 10€ I had to pay for the extra day today.

      Got to the hotel around 6pm finally and spent the evening organizing my bags, posting and chilling out. It’s been a crazy couple of days! Hoping I can prevail upon the bartender to open my small bottle of Rosé wine. When in France…..
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    • Day 20

      26,000 Roman Steps

      September 13, 2022 in France ⋅ ☁️ 64 °F

      Rome surprised us with the fun, ambiance and history. and yes we walked 26,000 steps on our big day on Saturday. Keep in mind we took the cab twice. It could have been more. First nite dinner was fantastic. Cute, reasonable and hard working. You appreciate that because u sense when people are not passionate about their customer. Not so much the second nite.

      Our last stroll thru Italy to the Spanish steps was a beauty. The random Opera singers were off the charts. Mr fake bush/for was my favorite tourist gimmick...and we saw many. It was warm but comfortable and folks were out

      the extra security on our door was interesting. Should we be worried? Our hotel had ivy from top to bottom. Piazza Navona was completely empty early on Sunday. And the massive wall of chocolate at the gelato location was impressive. I thought the door on the building in the forum ruins was interesting.

      Ciao Italy!
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    • Day 43

      The End

      October 30, 2023 in France ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

      Überpünktläch simer hüt morge äm Flughafä gsi, hei drfür viu Zit gha nomau di ganzi Reis revue la z passiere. Üsi Highlights si fougendi:

      La Réunion
      -kuuhli Wanderigä
      -viufäutigi Pflanzäwäut
      -schöni Wasserfäu
      -bunti Ungerwasserwäut

      -luschtigi Lemurä
      -angeri Kultur
      -konstant warmi Temperaturä

      -glasklars Wasser
      -wunderschöni Stränd
      -indischs Ässä
      -Meersschiudkröte und Delfinä

      Nachem Zwüschestop z Paris simer när guet z Züri ahcho und si ganz härzig vor Ronja, Sarah und m Michaeu begrüesst u schliessläch heibracht wordä.
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    • Day 156

      Overstap in Parijs

      July 14, 2022 in France ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      Bijna terug in Nederland.

      Eerste wat mij hier opvalt
      - Frans personeel is enorm kil (vandaag ten minste)
      - bijna geen mondkapjes
      - enorm druk
      - kleine terminal
      - rommelig vergeleken met Korea

      Gelukkig zit ik hier maar een uurtje
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    • Day 1

      Pinke Koffer in Paris

      July 17 in France ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Während wir gemütlich das Mittagessen verspeisten und Macarons zum Dessert genossen. Gab die Koffer mit dem Renneinrad von Yves drinn viel Gesprächsstoff beim Flughafen Personal. Beim Boarding wurden wir darauf hingewiesen, dass das Gepäckband verloren ging und wir die Koffer identifizieren müssen. Hoffentlich kommt der Koffer dann auch in Mineapolis an....Read more

    • Day 2

      CDG to Le Puy en Velay, sans valise

      April 20 in France ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

      Now in Le Puy en Velay.

      What rush? AF was an hour late leaving and arriving. We feared we would miss our 9am train when we saw the queue at immigration. It was several rows, and 80m long. We went to the back and followed the arrows and were sent to a lane with an Australian flag (and a few others - NZ, Japan, UK, Canada) which snaked up the middle, with a chicane section 20m long (almost a slalom as they were 1.5m diversions every 2m) but no people, so we went to the front, put the passports on the readers and done!

      Then baggage - our one checked bag ( poles, cold weather gear, extra adaptors, my clothes…) did not arrive. One always wants carry-on only, but we risked it for the poles and volume of stuff. We need to learn more from Rosie and Amr.

      Anne waited at the carousel and I went to the other end of the enormous hall and a short queue for AF Baggage issues. The cheerful Mauritian who did it all was pretty good. I thought he was speaking French, but it was English with a specific accent, so once I worked that out it was also relatively quick. I was given a form, asked to check the carousel anyway because their scanners are sometimes wrong... but no joy. He also had one question for me after telling me how much he wanted to go to Australia... had I ever eaten kangaroo meat? I have since had emails and texts from AF saying they have located the bag and promising to deliver it to Le Puy soon. I am not sure what “ soon” will be. They say 24 - 48 hrs, but tomorrow is Sunday and, as the hotel receptionist here said, this is France. We are there two nights…

      CDG to Lyon train left from a place a 5-6 min walk from the baggage exit. It left on the dot, went like a rocket and looked like a packed Sydney double decker train. It was also the longest passenger train I have seen - some 20 long carriages - and every seat taken (with limited luggage space and room overhead for an umbrella). It went to Montpellier, so Amr and Rosie were in our sights !

      Slower train then from Lyon to St Etienne, and an even slower one to Le Puy, but all three were punctual.

      Hotel (Les Capucins) is fine but basic, with bed a little narrow and soft by all known standards.

      We walked around Le Puy - some cloud, cool breeze. Maybe 6 degrees. Early dinner at the only place anywhere near the hotel that was open before 7pm, which was a very good Italian. Fantastic chili sauce ( to go with a pizza, RKLC) and huge salad.

      13,418 steps/ 9.8km by the app (which is a stat I doubt and will check in the next days on the measured tracks) and 21 flights of stairs.
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    • Day 5


      March 10, 2020 in France ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Es ging für mich zurück nach Deutschland, wieder in den normalen Alltag. Aber bevor ich abgeholt wurde habe ich nochmal die sonne genossen. Dann ging es zum Flughafen und in Paris am Flughafen CDG umgestiegen. Also ganz ehrlich den Flughafen habe ich mir viel schöner vorgestellt. Naja aufjedenfall als ich dann um 23:30 Uhr in Hannover angekommen bin hat es in Strömen geregnet. Ich meine mit so gutem Wetter wie in Lissabon habe ich nicht gerechnet, aber mit Regen in Empfang genommen zu werden...Read more

    • Day 2

      Santiago de Compostela

      September 13, 2022 in France ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      I walked into Santiago de Compostela from the airport. It was lovely. I expected rain but when I started to walk, the sun broke through. Poncho on and off about 4 times. Still raining but now I am enjoying a cerveza. I have a cute tiny private room so I can start with a good night’s sleep.Read more

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