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  • Day50

    Dijon via Beaune motor museum

    June 30 in France ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    A short ride today as Mandy suggested I popped in to see the motor museum we didn't visit when we came through Beaune in the MG. It was a good suggestion as the museum was huge and I think I was one of very few visitors today. To hot I suspect. I took many photos of the hundreds of motorcycles, fiat abarth cars, fire engines, fighter aircraft, tractors, and the château. You can see all 200 of them if you click this link
    Then back on the bike to Dijon which isn't far but by then the heat was stifling. I had a quick rest then came out in the heat to explore. I knew I was close to the centre and the cathedral. Before I entered the cathedral I could hear there was a mass in progress so at first I just peeked inside then set my camera for no flash and went in and down the side of what was a very full church. The mass must have been a special one because there were around fifty priests at the front with standing room only everywhere. Of course it was all in French but I was mesmerised by it all especially when the organ started and everyone started singing. I found it quiet moving. When I came out I noticed at the side a police van with several men dressed in riot gear watching everyone.
    Then I walked into what is a beautiful old city, ending up at the museum of art where I took more photos you can see on this link
    I was told Dijon is lovely and I agree. Even the trams are pretty.
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  • Day16

    Einmal andersrum bitte

    August 15 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Es ist nicht mehr so früh morgens, als wir aufwachen. So viele Eindrücke hatten sich in den letzten Tagen in unseren Köpfen gesammelt, das braucht selbst für Kurzschläfer wie Sonja etwas mehr. 😀
    Wir fahren bald los und verabschieden uns von Uli, der Besitzerin des Hofes. Viereinhalb Stunden sind wir unterwegs, es geht in eines der kulinarischen Zentren von Frankreich, nach Dijon. Was verbinden wir damit? Ich für meinen Teil guten Senf, guten Wein und ein seit Jahren fixer Stopp des TGV. Nur das Zweitere haben wir gekostet. Und eigentlich sind wir extra fürs Essen angereist: Ein würdiger Abschluss der Ferien wollten wir uns bescheren - guten Service und feinste französische Küche wollten wir uns gönnen. Aber soweit kam es nicht. Das Restaurant war leider enttäuschend. Der Service war nur noch knapp genügend, das Essen jedoch excellent.
    Highlight war unser Altbauappartement sowie der Rest der Stadt, die sich nach eigenen Angaben rausgeputzt hat in den letzten Jahren. Man siehts! Wir folgen dem Eulenweg bis wir genug Eindrücke haben und den Heimweg nach Grenchen antreten.
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  • Day21

    Of transport and toilets

    September 13, 2016 in France ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    I had a few plans for today, they didn't quite work out but the alternatives were good.

    I started the day out at The Market. It is a fresh food market with lots of fruit and veg, cheese and meat.
    All the chickens still had their feet and heads attached. I can understand the feet but do people cook the heads as well?
    They had raw milk and raw cream!
    All I bought was a nectarine but it was delicious.
    The range of onions they had was huge.

    It was here I had my first trouble with the toilet. I didn't have to pay, which is a first for me in France but there was no toilet seat. Why do they do this?
    I couldn't work out how to flush it. It looked like the button had its cover missing but no matter how much I pushed and jiggled - no result. In the end I took the top off the cistern to try pushing down directly. In the process of all of this I pulled up on the apparatus - success! Seriously you pull up on the button to flush.

    I had planned next to take a bus to a village not to far away. I eventually found what I thought was the bus stop, near a park so I sat in the park and waited and waited. The bus was there but no driver. I eventually gave up, bought an all day ticket for Dijon public transport and got on a tram (there are only two tram lines in Dujon). I stayed on the tram until the end if the line. I was hoping it was somewhere interesting but it appeared to be a commercial area. I got off the tram, waited for it to change tracks and got back on.
    I got off at Republic square and had some lunch, a ham and cheese roll from a food van and sat in the square.

    I decided to go out to Lake Kir, a manmade lake on the outskirts. After waiting for the bus on the wrong side of the road, I crossed the road to discover the bus didn't stop at that stop, watched it go round the corner, found the right stop and waited for the next bus I got on about 30 mins after I arrived at the first stop.

    There were about 3 stops alongside the lake according to google maps. I should have gotten off at the first stop, I didn't. So I stayed on the bus until most others got off so I got off too. I think it was a residental village so I crossed the road and waited for the bus to come back. I got a strange look from the bus driver.

    This time I got off at the correct stop.
    There is a small weir which was pretty.
    On reading the signs I noted there were toilets down by the beach. I hadn't been since the flushing debacle about 5 hours earlier (you needed to know that didn't you).
    The beach was fine dirt by a part of the lake that had some kind of net to keep the algae out. People were sunbaking but no one swimming.

    Anyway, to the toilets I went. Yeh, no. They were squat toilets. I'm too old and too inflexible to start using squat toilets. I didn't need to go that badly.

    I went for a walk around the lake and found the canal that runs past it. There was a lock there so I was able to have a look. I still don't understand properly how they work but it was cool to see one.

    Back to the hotel for a rest (I had to wait 20 minutes for the bus, having missed the previous one by 2 minutes)

    I had planned to go to the hotel's other restaurant but it turns out they have two restaurants and one menu.

    So back to the same square as Sunday night. This time I sat at a skewer restaurant.
    I had sausage skewers and then duck on a skewer. The servings were huge. There's no low carb here. Both courses came with potato and they also brought bread.
    Do Perth restaurants give out complimentary bread anymore? I've had it at each meal here.

    Tomorrow I head to Paris. I have mixed feelings about it. I've said all along I know God knows how many days I have, where I am won't change that but now I need to put that faith into practise. Untested faith is easy.

    About half an hour ago 4 people rode up on 3 motorbikes, all dressed in leather and with helmets on, revving their bikes as some do. I did watch them carefully, especially the passenger. Obviously nothing happened but with the arrest of a cell in Germany it does make you think.
    I'm self catering in Paris so I don't plan on going out much at night.

    Lock on Burgandy canal
    Live sea snails
    House in random little town the bus took me to.
    Lake Kir
    Beach at lake Kir
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  • Day21

    The Owl's Path

    September 13, 2016 in France ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Dijon is a beautiful city. I have worked out why it seems so old to me - there are no trees in the streets. They are in fenced off parks (and maybe courtyards, the walls facing the street aren't necessarily house walls but lead into courtyards that people drive into).

    There is no hop on hop off bus here, instead there is a walk called the owl's path. It takes you past many of the historical sites, following little triangles in the footpath (and with the help of a gps guided app).
    It was a nice way to see the town.
    A lot of places are shut on Mondays and those that are open seem to close 12-2pm.
    I stopped at a patisserie and picked up some rolls and an apple tart before coming back to the hotel. I ended up falling asleep. I'm finding one day a week I need half a day to relax and recharge.

    I'm eating in the hotel restaurant tonight.
    I decided to have the house aperitif which I think is a mix of a local white wine and orange perfumed ginger syrup. It is nice but like most alcohol for me, I drink it for the experience rather than the enjoyment.

    It's been interesting to compare the breakfasts in the different hotels in London, Pertisau/Insbruck and now Dijon (I self catered in Munich).

    The english breakfast was all about the hot food - two types of eggs; sausages (meat and vegetarian); bacon, lots of bacon; hash browns; baked beans and I'm sure there was more hot food. Both white and wholemeal sliced bread as well as rolls and some pastries.

    The Austrain breakfasts had multiple types of wholemeal/multigrain/rye breads (not sliced), rolls, one type of egg available and one made to order (bolied or scrambled) and sliced white bread for toast. The pastries and flavoured breads (chocolate bread covered in chocolate) range was huge.The cold meats and cheese range was huge and cut up salad items were also available.

    The french breakfast this morning had one small loaf of dark bread, the rest was types of white bread and rolls. No sliced bread. Croissants and pain au chocolat were the only pastries (I think). Small fluffy pancakes were also availabe.
    The only eggs available were scrambled and they were delicious, so light and fluffy.
    A small range of cold meats, no smoked salmon which was available in England and Austria.

    The food tonight has been exquisite. I tried to choose french foods although I did pass on the steak tartare. If it had been an entree size I may have tried it.
    I started with a ham and asparagus terrine. The ham wasn't sliced thinly but had been slow cooked and pulled off the bone. It was served with some type of foam with mustard seeds through it.
    Main was roast guinea fowl and asparagus. It was okay but a bit gamey for me taste.
    Dessert combined some of Dijon's specialities - blackcurrent sorbet and gingerbread served on a meringue. Very nice.

    I just watched the steak tartare being made at the table. At first I thought they were making a dressing for ceaser salad and putting semi dried tomatoes in it but when he started piling the dressed "tomatoes" on the plate into a large mound I realised it was the steak tartare.

    I made myself use some french phrases tonight: "table for one", "speak english", "bill please". I couldn't manage full sentences but it is a start.
    I still want to use Ja instead of oui.

    The owl at Notre Dame Cathedral, it lacks detail because people rub it for luck.
    Owl path marker
    Dijon street
    Ducal palace
    Ham and asparagus terrine
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  • Day36

    Dijon ville

    May 30, 2016 in France ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    Arrived from Beaune in rain , not too bad. Disappointed with this town- very little to see. Palace of Duc is now the museum of beaux arts. However under massive renovations and all art gone, apart from paintings of 14-15C and up to 18C for weapons., religious paintings and articles .It was raining heavily enough for umbrellas . We had lunch in a cafe and went to a shop like DJ's and I bought a hat. Came back to the small hotel room and watched French news. They have
    had massive rain some flooding and Paris is drowning in garbage- strikes.
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  • Day190

    De eerste camping

    August 2, 2015 in France ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Vanochtend zijn we om 8 uur vertrokken richting Frankrijk, alles was al ingepakt alleen de koelbox en toilettassen hoefden er nog in. Patricia heeft als eerst een stuk gereden, het was rustig op de weg dus we waren zo in België, in de buurt van Roquefort. Hier heeft Patrick het stuur over genomen en zijn we doorgereden naar Frankrijk, nog steeds geen files en aardig rustig op de weg. Het was nog spannend of de tolbadge zou werken, maar hij piepte en we konden zo door de slagboom heen. We zijn nog een paar keer gestopt om te eten of onze benen te strekken en zijn uiteindelijk op een stadscamping in Dijon beland. Hier blijven we een nachtje en gaan dan weer verder richting de Ardeche.Read more

  • Day18

    Zwischenstopp in Dijon

    September 19 in France ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Dijon ist eine wunderbar erhaltene, sehr alte und sehr schöne Stadt. Darüber hinaus geht es hier sehr freundlich und entspannt zu.
    Wir haben sie heute mit dem "parcours de la chouette" erkundet und uns am Ende in einer charmanten kleinen Weinbar in der Nähe der Markthallen gestärkt.

  • Day11


    September 16, 2015 in France ⋅ 🌬 25 °C

    Saying goodbye to Paris and on the train to Dijon. There is a fast train available which is quick and comfortable, just try and book it far enough in advance to get a good price. Paris is perhaps the most iconic travel destination of them all and you can't help reflecting on your own experience in relation to that image. Yes Paris is expensive, but there are exceptions. We stayed in a studio apartment with facilities for meals. A breakfast of some fruit, muesli and a croissant was quite cheap. A baguette chomped down on a park bench in one of the multitude of gardens - you guessed it - cheap again (and so tasty). A fairly small and average cup of coffee and a bit of cake, on the other hand can be pretty expensive (especially converted to Aussie dollars).
    On the other hand, if there was ever any truth to the stories of the rudeness of French service it is certainly not the case now.- friendly and helpful is far more likely.
    Dijon should be very different to the mad scramble of Paris - we'll see.
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