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  • Day14

    Muesum Maddness

    July 11, 2017 in France

    We planned to wake up early and have breakfast with Steve before he went to work as we needed to be at the airport before his working day ended. Unfortunately we are all still on New York time and we slept in! We woke up in time to say goodbye (at least) and to wave the girls off to school.
    We put on a load of washing, had some toast then left for the British Museum. The sun was cowardly sheltering behind the clouds leaving me feeling chilly in my light dress. And when we surfaced from the subway it was drizzling. London weather at its finest.
    The queue for the museum was quite long, perhaps all the London tourists were aware of the so far correct weather predictions and were seeking shelter like us. And once through the security checks, inside the museum, it was even busier!
    After some initial confusion about ticket prices we discovered it was free entry. We purchased a map and launched ourselves into the crowds. I had instructed Adalia that if she couldn't find us or got lost she should stand still and I would find her. She began acting strange and not moving which was super annoying. It was only when I was about to get cranky that I asked her what was going on. She said "I want to get lost, I'm standing still, go away." She is such a weirdo. Sammy would be hysterical if he were lost (pretty easy to locate a lost, hysterical Sammy).
    The kids lost interest in the museum in approximately two and a half minutes after entering. Even the statues of naked men only distracted them for about 30 seconds. Samuel was slightly interested in the coin displays and the ancient game displays. And there was a display with a treasure chest showing the treasure that was inside that was cool.
    I was under the impression that we were looking for an animal display for the kids. We walked through Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and Africa displays, and it was only when both kids had lost it that Tom informed me that there were no animal exhibitions, just ancient artefacts. With that information I called time of death on the museum and said "let's go home!"
    Tom led us through the streets of London. I assumed we were going to the tube station we needed to get back. However, half way through I realised that the trip didn't look familiar. We were not going back, rather he had taken us to a fish and chip shop! I was starting to get stressed! I needed to go home and pack for our next flight!
    We ordered and waited a while for it to arrive. The first few bites were yummy, then the fat hit our stomachs! I couldn't really eat much. Sammy was still making up for being sick at the end of last week and ate more than his share.
    In true Thomas Schipilliti fashion we arrived back at the Scott's late and had half an hour of frantic packing before some hurried good byes.
    Two stuffy, packed trains later we were at an airport that flew the cheap airlines, we were catching Ryanair... self check in, self baggage drop, strict liquid searches, although I had liquids in my bag that I hid and weren't found, while Tom's bag was inspected for drugs and laptops!
    The airport was HUGE! They had signs saying "12 minutes from here to the gates". We thought they were kidding but they weren't!
    We wanted to look at the shops but the kids were hyper. Could have had something to do with all the starburst lollies I gave them.
    We went in search for any dinner that didn't include chips or burgers and found sushi that was pretty cheap, and while we were deciding what to get they reduced everything to half price! So we bought double 😜
    Our flight was delayed but we eventually arrived at Toulouse airport at 11:30pm. We just managed to pick up our hire car before they closed at midnight. And the adventurers don't end there... but that's a story for tomorrow.
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  • Day28

    Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées

    October 20, 2014 in France

    Savoir vivre in la ville rose! Die Franzosen haben wissen wirklich, wie man es sich gut gehen lässt und das färbt ab..ich könnte mich da auch dran gewöhnen! Zur Mittagszeit habe ich mir also im Carrefour ein paar leckere Sachen gekauft und damit am Ufer des Garonne ein pique-nique veranstaltet. Bevor die doofen Witze kommen: Nein, ich habe nicht alles auf einmal gegessen, das hat bis abends gereicht ;)Read more

  • Day28

    Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées

    October 20, 2014 in France

    Beste Grüße aus "la ville rose" - ich bin seit gestern Abend in Toulouse! Heute bin ich den ganzen Tag durch die Stadt gelaufen und habe eine ganze Menge an Sehenswürdigkeiten abgeklappert. Davon gibt es in Toulouse einige und die Innenstadt an sich ist auch schon sehr sehenswert, mit vielen schönen Gebäuden aus roten Ziegelsteinen, denen die Stadt ihren Spitznamen verdankt. Es ist also kein Wunder, dass Toulouse in der Liste der lebenswertesten französischen Städte ziemlich weit oben ist...Ich habe es mir auch ganz gut gehen lassen, mehr dazu gleich!Read more

  • Day12

    Teleportation to Toulouse

    June 10, 2016 in France

    In the morning we decided to take a bus to Toulouse. We said oyr goodbyes to Coco and found a good bus to Toulouse. We explored the city and as it got late we looked for a place to stay. We asked in a church, there is no Gíte in Toulouse however this nice man invites us to stay at his place for the night. We bought some food and after the man finished work we went to the metro and traveled to his apartment. The men is very kind and we spend the evening talking a lot. We had many interesting philosophical talks and talked a lot about religion. The men's name is Richard and he was atheist for most of his life but converted to Christianity later in his life.Read more

  • Day8

    TBS day #3

    June 3, 2015 in France

    Nothing exciting today, just class- "international market risk and the threat to portfolio valuation." I had to present on the collapse of NatWest Markets back in 2000.

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