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  • Day7

    Tourists in Mykonos

    October 8, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    So, today we had no plans, other than to spend the day walking around town and chilling out. This is NOT my normally preferred itinerary. But hey, it worked! We just had a lazy day, up to the iconic Mykonos windmills, down to the touristy trappy lanes, round and about. Saw a great sunset, enjoyed sitting on the water, and we were just generally in relax mode.

    I continue to be stunned by the numbers of people who get off a huge cruise ship, wait in line, and then come and walk around to shop and eat. They then have long lines at the old port to get a bus to the new port, to get a boat to the cruise ship. My good friend at the hotel reception (who turns on the AC when I go down to the fitness center) tells me that it is just a fact of life on Mykonos, and that the island very much depends on this tourist onslaught.

    Finally had a really great moussaka, and a bite of Joe’s amazing baklava. And a perfect ending on our hotel balcony with a view of both th old and new ports. Tomorrow Delos!
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  • Day6

    Island hopping

    October 7, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    It was a bit complicated to drop off the rental car and get to the port in Santorini for the ship to Mykonos. The port is a teeny tiny place, no room for car rentals, lots of crowds and chaos. So we dropped off the rental car at the airport and took a van to the port. As we waited for our boat, we watched in amazement as busload after busload got picked up and others got dropped off. Pretty well organized, I must say, and those bus drivers can turn their huge vehicles on a dime. Very entertaining and a bit scary to watch them back up a busload to within 6 inches of the end of the dock, with no guardrail, no nothing. And then they maneuver around like they were riding a bicycle.

    The boat stopped at Ios and Naxos, and by 1 or so we were in Mykonos. We took the bus into town and then had about a half hour walk from the very top of the old town, down to the old port/harbor, and around to our hotel. Very nice views from where we sit! It has been cloudy with a few showers, so we have limited our time to a few walks around the port. I have NEVER seen as many tourist shops in one maze-like set of twisty-turvey lanes. There is absolutely nothing else here — it’s all for the tourist trade. Shopping on Mykonos, or anywhere for that matter, is not high on my list, but being here was the only way we could get out to the ruins on the uninhabited island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo among other things.

    We are going to have a late dinner and sleep in tomorrow. Looks like the rain is gone but we may have some clouds. So we will save the trip to Delos till Wednesday, which is forecast for cool and sunny.
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  • Day8


    October 9, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    After a quick trip to the archaeological museum to see an amazing huge urn depicting the Trojan War, we hopped on a ferry for the half hour ride to the very tiny island of Delos. It is now uninhabited, but was settled about 5,000 years ago. It is the birthplace of Apollo, so that makes it pretty sacred. For centuries it was a prosperous commercial port. The whole place was destroyed by pirates in about 60BC and has been uninhabited since then. Excavations are ongoing. We spent hours walking around, climbing up and down, enjoying great views over the Aegean, and in a nice change from Mykonos, there were no crowds!

    Tomorrow we get an early plane to Athens, and head northwest in a rental car. Monasteries, Delphi, and some mountains are our desination.

    But now time for one more stroll around the harbor as night falls.
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  • Day29

    Our last day

    September 14, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    8.00 breaky - so much food!!!

    I call Pete to confirm if she can collect me from the airport. She wiill do, hooray!!
    She is shopping for some essentials, like milk and chocolate with the kids. I see Aidan and Charlotte's smiling faces in our video chat. Aidan tells me he found some bird eggs, which is gorgeous.
    Athena says she doesn't want anyone to come get her.
    Me, I want to see Pete's big smiley face and get a big cuddle.

    At 10am we sit by the pool. It is still windy, but the sun is out and I read.

    An hour later, I go up to get my lilo.
    It tries to get away from me, but I wrestle and succeed.

    In the pool is a different matter. Oh dear. I try to be quiet so not to disturb the sun bakers, but that made it worse. On, off, on, off, straddled, off. Mmmm. Splash, giggle. Slowly I somehow get my balance and just stay there, face down, floating away. With minute movements, I get comfy and woo hoo, I am set.

    Trying not to drown, I keep my head above the water line and proceed to fall asleep in the hot sun. (I felt sure everyone was wishing they had a lilo too, hey Carolyn?)

    I head into Old town once more, I lovr strolling and looking at the shops here. Lots of hand made art.
    I head into a bakery and totally fall in love. All the Greek honey soaked goodies are here. The spinach and feta pastries.

    I sat and ate a walnut honey biscuit. It melted in my mouth and tasted like Christmas. I bought 4 more and some other things.
    (Bakeries and bookstores are my archilles heel)

    (A girl just walked past me eating a Gyro. She exclaimed omg! this is so good.)
    Well I teared up, didn't I.
    I suddenly felt so sad to be leaving all this amazing European/ Mediterranean food behind me.
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  • Day28

    A cyclone kind of day!

    September 13, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    The weather has taken a turn this morning.

    Overcast and extremely windy.
    I believe my lilo will up and fly off within seconds.

    For breakfast, I have greek Donuts dipped in honey and sesame seeds. So good.

    Athena is off heading to Old Town today. I told her to hold onto something as she will get blown away.

    I am too relaxed and am reading. In bed. The wind is howling.

    Now it's raining.

    I am thinking Athena will come back to the room! But no, she endures the elements.

    I head outside along the wooden planked pathway between the restaurants and the beach front.

    Loving the empty beach lounges, normally covered in colours and bodies.

    I settle on a restaurant 'Anios' Beach Front and order the Greek speciality, lamb Kleftiko. I ask for some Tzatziki too.

    Two women sit next to me, whom we danced with at the Greek night. I smile and imitate dancing and they copy.

    A DJ pump's out tunes that keep you in the holiday mood.
    Pump and soothe, pump and soothe.

    Wham's Club Tropicana plays around here like it is the island's theme tune.
    Georgios Panayiotou is extremely popular here.

    I went off to the pool to look at Facebook. Athena got back and was a bit windblown.

    We went to the pool restaurant for a bourban.
    I pulled up Carolyn's email of photos of her trip and I show our waiter, Panos, whom is in the background of one of her shots.

    I ask him, is that you? He claps and points out your table, to me, Carolyn, and he calls everyone over. He remembers you and Emily xx How gorgeous is that!
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  • Day27

    Cina Manto 'A Rainy Day In New York'

    September 12, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    We catch a bus to Old Town Mykonos at 7.00pm.

    Athena is fascinated when we hit the floor running in the town. She is wide eyed at the colourful windows and doorways. 'Love the blue the most' she says.

    I manoeuvre through the streets in the direction I walked earlier today, when I first discovered the cinema.

    I open Google maps and find I am 2 mins away. So we follow the dotted blue line. And here it is. A small alcove under trees, with chairs all lined up. It is beautiful. Reminds me of many old fashioned movies.

    The ticket lady will appear at 8.00pm, so we hit a restaurant at the corner.

    Athena has the fried squid and I choose the prawns in mustard and garlic sauce.
    OMG. Devine.

    They give us a shot of something (not Ouzo) and it ends the meal well.

    We get our tickets and take a seat in the open air.

    Kittens are everywhere sneaking around our feet. Meowing for food. I fight my natural urge to pick them up.
    Some people are eating dinner, some drinking.
    I have an ice cream that I left too long and it has melted everywhere.

    The movie starts bang on 8.30pm and we sit back and be entertained in the manner of Woody Allen.

    I can see Timothy has soaked up the Woody Allen mannerisms and his true New York voice is over emphasised in this film. Elle Fanning plays cutsie girlfriend and Selena Gomez plays the sharp, witty distraction. Jude Law is unrecognisable with an American accent.

    The movie tries, as always, to be New York cynical, only to find out that the truth of any matter will set you free.

    It ends and I expect the lights to come up in the cinema. But there are only side lights and tree lights.

    We are tired and head directly to the buses for our hotel.

    On our way through, we see many gay men out and about together. The bars are full of them and an art gallery has an exhibit of paintings of men laying around naked.

    Athena looks at me sideways, and all I say is these boys know how to enjoy life don't they!

    Bed at 12.30pm.
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  • Day26


    September 11, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We arrive in Mykonos. We offload from the ferry. And find our transfer to Petinos Beach Hotel.

    The area is call Platys Gialos.
    The water here is a mix of blue, green and aqua. It is so different from anything I have ever seen.

    Our hotel room looks directly onto the sandy beach, covered in loungers and beach umbrellas. Our view is from the righthand side facing out.

    We are in a Cove, with restaurants and cafes lining the beach in an arc.
    White buildings dot the hillside above amongst the brown rocks.

    The pool is a quick walk down the steps from our room. Athena immediately puts on her bathers and she goes down to bake. Her aim is to get brown. I go to the local shop and buy my supplies, chocolate and a lilo.

    Our room is pure white with whitewashed curved cement walls.

    The shower is the size of a dining room. I have a shower and feel like I'm in a cave. It echoes in here. Cool.

    We are very lazy at this point and our thinking brains have turned off. So much so that Athena said she didn't want to go out for dinner or to explore.

    At 6.00pm she has her nightie on and is giving herself a facial.
    I head across the street and grab a pizza... Continued

    She tells me to have a shower so she can blow dry my hair. I do it. She dries my hair whilst I sit in my white fluffy bathrobe.
    I hear clapping, laughing and greek music coming from outside.

    I ask Athena, when is our 'Greek Night'.
    We forgot greek night!!!!

    Athena says 'It's ok, we' ll do it another night'
    Me, panicked, runs to reception and asks how often is greek night?
    Wednesdays and Sundays.
    We fly out Sunday.

    I let Athena know and she says she she is disappointed and really wanted me to see it.
    I clapped my hands and said get up, get dressed,
    5 mins it took us to get ready.

    We invited ourselves in at The Blue Myth and sat at the bar. Men in black tshirt and and pants were dancing to traditional songs.
    We sculled a couple of bourbans quickly.

    Then that wonderful 'Zorba' music began.
    I love this. Really gets me excited. Slowly the boys move arm locked, side by side and it speeds up and takes you along.

    We get up and have a dance, with old and young. Reminds me of a wedding. Thank goodness it is an open air restaurant.
    We do the conga inside and outside.

    A young tall kid steps on my foot and breaks my toenail!
    I keep dancing!

    At around 12.30 it slows down. We creep into bed all buggered.
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  • Day4

    Mykonos: Día 2

    July 31, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Tras dormir 9 horas y pico, bien merecidas y un desayuno por todo lo grande (nada como un buffet 😎) cogemos el bus para ir a Miconos ciudad, aunque localmente se la conoce como Jora (Χώρα).
    Después de media hora en bus temiendo por nuestra vida (aquí no hay semáforos y conducen a lo loco) llegamos al Old Port donde está la terminal de los buses. Listos con nuestras gorras y gafas de sol empieza la visita.
    Primero paseamos por el puerto viendo sus tiendas típicas, restaurantes, gente por todos lados y unas panorámicas del puerto. Siguiendo nuestro camino llegamos a Little Venice, unos de los barrios de la ciudad que recibe ese nombre por sus casas situadas a la orilla del mar. Más adelante nos encontramos con los Molinos de Viento, uno de los ejemplos de visita más típicos de la isla.
    Después de la pateada nos dedicamos a callejear por la ciudad, fuimos a la calle típica de tiendas de marca y demás y es donde más aglomeración pudimos encontrar, pero no estuvo mal.
    Una paradita para comer en una taverna algo de comids típica griega, pasta y descansar.
    Con las pilas cargadas terminamos de ver la cuidad, algunas tiendas y vuelta para el puerto a coger el bus.
    Nos esperaba otra media hora de viaje, preparar las cosas e ir a dormir pronto que mañana nos toca ferry de nuevo con destino a Santorini.
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  • Day3

    Mykonos: Día 1

    July 30, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Tras el madrugón cogimos el ferry a Mykonos. Eran 4 horas, en las que Pablo y Laura se durmieron parte, Ana se puso a ver capítulos de Netflix descargados y tras despertarse, Pablo y Conchi se fueron a leer a cubierta.

    Cuando llegamos a la isla, nos recogieron y el transfer nos llevó al hotel, que es un resort en la playa con piscina y un trozo de playa privado. Nos contaron que la isla es una especie de Ibiza: fiestas y alcohol, por lo que planeamos la visita a la capital para el día siguiente y esa tarde, tras comer en un restaurante en la propia playa, nos dedicamos al relax: playa, piscina, lectura, cartas... Tras la cena echamos un rato de cartas donde Pablo nos explicó como jugar a la Pocha y luego nos fuimos a dormir.
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  • Day2

    Mykonos town

    October 13, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Got myself up and on the sea bus over to the stunning town of Mykonos. The winding streets are easy to get lost in, I passed Jimmy's about 17 times! The white washed buildings and blue wood work are beautiful in the sunshine. I hear it's crazy in the height of summer but today it was great to pootle and windowshop. So many designer boutiques to peek into alongside the Greek souvenir shops.
    Visited the windmills that sit on the hill on the edge of the harbour. Great place to fill the sails as it is ridiculously windy here. So glad I put my hair up or it would have been a wee bit challenging to see today I think.
    Lunch today was the most delicious tasting honey balls. Think doughnut dough but not so light and smothered in gorgeous light, tasty local honey. I found a little traditional wood fired bakery down some dark stairs down a back alley. The baklava looked amazing too. Maybe tomorrow or I might have a coronary! Yum!
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