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  • Day507

    Ancient Delos

    September 4 in Greece

    Fortunately the wind had died by this morning so we motored around to Delos and anchored up so we could visit the ruins of Ancient Delos, they, the archaeologists and government, have partially restored the buildings and roads in some places so you get a really good feel for what life was like B.C. Delos was the site of both temples and towns so ordinary life as well as displays of grandeur. It is incredible what they could do 2000+ years ago with the big water reservoirs under each house and the water flows under the floor for fresh and not so fresh water. The views from the top of the hill, yes I made John climb it too, were beautiful you could see different islands in each direction and the turquoise water around the island itself were stunning we could see where we had been the night before, to the West, and Mýkonos Town to the North East.Read more

  • Day507

    Mykonos Town

    September 4 in Greece

    Hello so from Delos we headed to South Bay on Mykonos, the bay was as the pilot book had promised very busy with a lot of permanent moorings but we found room to sneak in, there was music from the shore but fortunately it wasn’t loud even in the night. We spent most of the afternoon watching a charter boat with Lithuanians on board wander around the bay first they were stern too on a mooring bouy, then bow to on another one, then drifting out of the bay with the four crew swimming rapidly after it, they caught it before it hit anything thankfully and then spent an hour try to tie up properly to a mooring we think they dragged the first one so went to another and tied up and immediately launched the dinghy and off they went! Apart from being the Mediterranean’s answer to Ibiza Mykonos is famous for the number of churches it has. It is rumoured that every family on the island has their own private church, they usually have red roofs, resulting in over 400 island wide.
    The next day we spent 25 mins waiting for the bus to Mykonos Town and just as we gave up the bus arrived. On the 20 min journey I counted 24 churches. The Town was as expected, busy with throngs of tourists following people with brollies in the air. It was also expensive E3 for a Nescafé frappe! We saw the famous windmills and lots of other idyllic shots of white washed homes with blue shutters and if you headed a little up hill in the town suddenly the tourists disappeared.
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  • Day506

    Nisos Rineia

    September 3 in Greece

    Well I am definitely fed up of the Meltemi, we knew it would be windier here in the Cyclades than it had been in the Ionian or the Peloponnes but really! We seem to get 3 OK days and then 5-6 days of howling Northerly winds with gusts regularly up around the mid 30’s, not so good. But enough whinging at least over here it is still sunny and warm, bathers all day warm.
    Before leaving Syros we had another bus ride to Hermoupolis this time taking along the south and east coasts of the island. We managed to post off our tax returns, in Greece posting seems less hassle than receiving but we will have to wait and see if they get to a Guernsey 🇬🇬. We left Finikas on Syros on I think it was Friday 31st planning on coming to this island but the bay on the south but seas were very rough and it was a lot windier than forecast so we stopped off at Ormos Vari on the south of Syros for a night before heading East on Saturday seas were still unforgiving and wind from NW so to ease some of the rolling we headed to the northern end of this island then surfed down the western coast to here Ormos Ornos it’s beautiful with white sand, very few people, only a few farmers live on the island. Farming what we have no idea we have seen a few sheep and the land is split into fields but they are very stoned. We have visited a little church, we have seen three so far but figure there must be a couple more to the South. We have done some snorkelling and although there is very little seaweed or coral there are quite a few fish 🐠 all small ish but here is the first place I have seen groupers, and there is a greater variety of wrasse as well. The other rather bizarre thing that happened today was a bird flying into the boat, it was a little smaller than a thrush with light and dark brown feathers, it was odd because into the boat! but also because we have seen hardly any birds in the southern Mediterranean except seagulls and not even very many of those.
    Over the narrow isthmus (100m) that separates north from south you can see ancient Délos and the temples I took some photos but we are bit far away but it was still so windy I thought we might not actually get there to see them properly. We have now relaxed and are ready we think for Mýkonos, but it might be a bit full on but at least it’s not the weekend. We will take a tourist boat to Délos and do some restocking, John keeps eating the food we buy! That reminds on our second trip to Hermoupolis we bought him a GF loaf so he is happy again and off the granola.
    We have been trying to make a plan/route for going through the Cyclades but there are lots of islands, as the name suggests, in a circle and with this wind we kind of need to go SE if possible.
    We do now have an overwintering location, we will be in Levkas Marina which is in Levkas Town on Levkas island in the Ionian. It is a very sheltered location and is almost in town so easy for shopping chandlers pubs etc and only a couple of hours sailing from a large inland water that we can visit either before or after our stay if weather not playing ball. But not great for flights out of season so we are unlikely to be able to make it home for Christmas🎄 it’s only 4 months away! We have booked a spot from 15 December until 15 March so if anyone does want to visit just let us know when to expect you.😁
    Congratulations to James and Laura on the arrival of Sophia yesterday 🤱
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  • Day2

    Greece day 2

    September 11 in Greece

    Day two of our Greece trip. After meeting my neighbour's {see chickens and turkey's} and breakfast in the hotel, we rented car for the day. First we visited the semartary of Mykonos. Then we went for Ano Mera to visit the monastery and had a lovely Greece lunch with salad, giros and mousaka in the Fishermen. After this we had a swim on the beach of Fokos. I created my own stone pile, see foto. After visiting Kalafatis and Ornoswe had a swim in the hotel pole and a dinner at our room. Today I scored my first two espresso cups. A lovely day again 29 degrees.Read more

  • Day577

    Day 578: Mykonos Old Town

    September 15 in Greece

    Although we're not that close to the old town of Mykonos, there's a "sea bus" leaving from the marina just near us every 30 minutes. Only 2 euros each per trip! So we headed down around 10am and headed over into the old town.

    Spent a great few hours wandering around the tiny little streets, enjoying the white-washed houses with blue trim in that classic Greek style. So many tiny little alleyways, it was really great. Had a look at the windmills too, though neither of us were that taken with them - they were situated basically in a carpark after all!

    Had a nice long lunch at a restaurant in the old town, we opted for the lunch special where I had tzatziki followed by a pork skewer, while Shandos had a Greek salad and fried calamari. It came with a drink each, and they gave us a complimentary dessert platter of fruits and little cakes, along with a shot each of some liqueur - not ouzo, fruity tasting and not very strong. But nice enough! In the end it was about 40 euros, same as our lunch yesterday, but definitely better value.

    Back home on the sea bus mid afternoon; Shandos had a snooze while I went for a swim. The beach is quite nice - a little rocky for my tastes and I could do without the port being Right There, but the water seemed pretty clear and nice. After that, not much left to do but watch the sunset with a couple of beverages in hand!
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  • Day3

    Greece day 3

    September 12 in Greece

    Day 3 on Mykanos. Today, after breakfast, a swing and a walk near the hotel. and lunch in our room, we visited the old city of Mykanos. Bought a hat for my bold head. Also got a little souvenir from the island for our garden chamber at home. We saw little vanice and the windmills from Mykanos. Went past the Parapotiani church that we were looking for. Climbing the way up, they say what goes up must come down but what goes down must also go up, to the hotel we had a nice dinner at the hotel neighbors Local.Read more

  • Day578

    Day 579: Delos Archaelogical Site

    September 16 in Greece

    Only one World Heritage site near Mykonos, so we headed there today on the early ferry at 9am. It's the island of Delos just nearby, which in Greek mythology was the birthplace of Apollo, one of the key gods.

    It was an important centre of power for a few centuries around 500BC, so we spent a good couple of hours wandering around the ruins. Not too many people around which was nice, though it was gradually filling up as we wandered.

    Lots of very old ruins - low walls and the like, though there was a row of lion sculptures which were quite interesting to see as well. Eventually by around 2pm we decided to head back home, so hopped on the ferry back to Mykonos. Grabbed some pastries at a cheap locals bakery in the old town, then caught the sea taxi back to the apartment where Schnitzel was waiting.

    Went for a swim in the late afternoon but otherwise didn't do much!
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  • Day576

    Day 577: Ferry to Mykonos

    September 14 in Greece

    Another super early start, getting up at 6am. Hurried down to the port by 6:30am, well in time for our 7:30 sailing. Ferry was quite large, plenty of people on board but not sold out I don't think. Managed to find some seats near the cafe, sharing with a couple of other people. Spent the five hours of sailing time listening to podcasts and the occasional wander around the ship. Bought an expensive coffee from the cafe and regretted it almost immediately because it was overpriced dishwater!

    Docked in Mykonos around 12:30pm, and walked around the bay to our hotel. We're staying just near the new port which is a fair way from the town, but we've got a nice little spot here. Our room is great, with a big balcony overlooking the clear blue water and prime position for sunsets.

    Dropped our bags off and went up the street to a taverna for a late lunch. Food was great, but the prices are very high - probably the most expensive meal we've eaten since Norway! I had a moussaka while Shandos had an enormous salad. Picked up some supplies at the convenience store/supermarket and headed home to relax for the afternoon. Briefly considered going into the town but will save that for another day - we've got plenty of time here!
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  • Day579

    Day 580: Relaxing on Mykonos

    September 17 in Greece

    Two more days here on Mykonos and with basically nothing to fill our time except leisure! Did a bit of planning for our upcoming USA and Greek mainland trips, I did some videos, had a swim and the beach and generally relaxed. Good day all round really!

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