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    • Day 3

      Tag 3: zu Fuß nach Fira 🥾🏞️

      April 2 in Greece ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      Another day in Paradise: Ist es eigentlich irgendwann langweilig, wenn man jedes Mal liest, dass jemand von der aufgehenden Sonne geweckt wurde? :D Egal, es ist wie es ist. 😉😎

      Der einzige Unterschied zu gestern: Es ist windig. Sehr windig. 💨
      Aber der Sonne ist das egal. Und uns auch.

      Bis zum Frühstück um 9 Uhr verging die Zeit wieder sehr gut mit Yoga, Meditation, 🧘 sonnen und Kaffee/Tee trinken. Bloß keinen Stress aufkommen lassen.

      Nach dem Frühstück machte jeder so seins: Kunst (Doreen hat sich heute auch mal im Stempel schnitzen versucht 😉) oder lesen – was man halt im Urlaub so macht. Ach ja, und zwischendurch in den Pool springen. 🏊‍♀️

      Am frühen Nachmittag nahm Doreen’s Bewegungsdrang Fahrt auf und wir beschlossen entlang der Küste (Caldera-Seite) in Richtung Fira zu wandern. Was für eine großartige Idee! 🤩

      Die Strecke war wunderbar zum Laufen🥾, es gab immer wieder einen neuen spektakulären Blick in die Bucht🏞️. Und wir liefen an zahlreichen meist kleineren Hotels vorbei, die alle auf ihre eigene Art einzigartig waren.

      Das Schöne für uns ist, dass wir in der Pre-Holiday-Phase hier gelandet sind: Es haben nur vereinzelt Hotels geöffnet. Alle anderen, also die meisten, bereiten sich erst noch auf den großen Touristen-Ansturm vor.
      D.h. in der Regel irgendwas weiß streichen, irgendwas blau streichen oder irgendwas putzen. 😅

      Nach 2,5 Stunden Fußmarsch, einem Eis auf dem Weg und ca. 6,5 km später kamen wir in Fira an. Und hatten Hunger. Während Doreen irgendwie beschlossen hat, sich den gesamten Urlaub landestypisch zu ernähren (Gyros Pita in allen Variationen :-D), entscheid ich mich mal zur Abwechslung für Pasta. 🇬🇷🇮🇹

      Zum Nachtisch gab’s…na klar…Eis. Wir geben im Durchschnitt täglich 15 bis 20 Euro für Eis aus. 😅🍦Kann man mal machen.

      Mittlerweile war es 18 Uhr und wir wollten eigentlich mit dem Bus zurück, allerdings fährt dieser nur jede Stunde. So lange wollten wir nicht warten und beschlossen, uns ein Taxi zu gönnen. Wir sind ja schließlich im Urlaub – da muss man Geld ausgeben. 💸😉

      Den Abend haben wir dann mit Spielen und einem 90er-Jahre-Musikquiz ausklingen lassen.

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    • Day 10

      My Birthday in Santorini

      May 29, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Today is my birthday. I’m in Santorini for my 61st birthday! Yeah! It is a beautiful day out. We have to catch a cab at 6:30 this morning to get to the port. Our ferry was waiting there and after a brief check in we are ready to board. They have luggage racks to store our stuff. The lounge is nice with wide seats and tray tables similar to an airplane. They have The History Channel on to watch as well. There is a place to get croissants, baklava, pizza and other pasties as well as coffee and juice. The girls head upstairs to take in the roof top. I sit inside have a croissant and coffee and then do my knitting. The crossing was about 2 hours and poof we’re in Santorini.

      At port the girls are able to get a sim card for their phones so they are now able to communicate with the real world without paying an arm and a leg. Laura also finds us a car rental for the 4 days we are here. This time it is a Nissan Mica; small but efficient. While the girls hit the souvenir shops, I sit at the open-air restaurant and have a Sangria. We get a bite to eat before heading out to our BnB. Laura has to make due with a fruit plate, Nicole finally gets her gyro and I do a calabrese sandwich.

      After loading the luggage (I’m surprised it fit) we head off. Santorini is basically a mountain that got blown half off by a volcano about 2000 years ago. It is steep and there are not really any plateaus to live on. They have switchbacks for roads leading out of port. Sharp turns, narrow roads and if you go over you die. The views are breathtaking though. Laura of course is a little daredevil and loves this (check out the grin as she is driving!).

      We make it to where we think we should be. We get out of the car and take a look around. We see the white houses and the blue domes of the churches. An older gentlemen parks beside and asks if we know where we are going. I reply probably not. I show him our map but, in the end, call the host and let them talk to him. We, of course are not in the right spot. He tells us to follow the road until we see a church with a big tree and that is where we park. Now if you look over the side of the hill the church is a 5-minute walk (through cacti and scrub, downhill) in a car it is 15 minutes through hairpin (blind) turns. Our host actually lives in Athens but has someone here to look after the house. Their son is waiting to greet us. Thank goodness for that. The house is uphill on cobblestone (more slate and cut out from the rock) streets about 100 meters from where the car is parked. The young man takes the two heavy suitcases and I take my carryon and CPAP machine and start to head up. He of course has no issue, I’m huffing and puffing half way up. The girls have stayed behind to have a smoke. Yeah, we meet them half way down and Nicole had to stop half way to get out her puffer. These streets are a killer no matter what the age. This is not a place for the mobility challenged.

      Whew, finally made it. The place is cute as a button with the blue shutters and white wash façade. They are having an issue with water today in Santorini and the cleaning staff couldn’t clean the patios but the inside is all done. I’m not sure how to explain the place really. They are houses built into the side of the mountain. You have two windows at the front and the door but that is all the light you have coming in. Past the kitchen, dining and living area the bedrooms are to the back. There are no windows at all in them. The bathroom is also windowless. You can notice an immediate temperature difference when you walk further back as you get more into the mountain. This is how people built the houses after the volcano erupted to protect themselves from further eruptions. The rooms are a generous size and the girls have a nice wardrobe in their room. I have a beautiful bureau in my room which has all the main doors locked. There are 3 hooks on the wall and that is the extent of my closet and storage area. Looks good but useless.

      I have often said (and will probably continue to say) that I wished these hosts would actually live in their own rentals for a couple of weeks. So here are my observations. The bed in the master bedroom is at calf level, the girls room knee level. There is not one plug for the kitchen sinks or the bathtub. How do people fill the sink to wash dishes? Or take a bath? There is no shower curtain. I probably don’t have to explain the issues with that one. Although there is a drain in the floor outside the tub. The tub itself is a nice deep one. It is a little narrow and short but a nice tub none the less. The windows and door have no screens. There is a beautiful breeze that comes through this area but also a lot of flying insects like mosquitoes. We have to make do with the air conditioner which really doesn’t have a great fan on it. The stove and frig work well as do the toaster. The coffee pot however is another story. First no filters, second the pot must have been replaced from the original because it is too short to engage the drip from the filter. So, you have to stand there holding the coffee pot up to allow for the coffee to drip. There is a washer here and it works very well and with the breeze outside and sun things dry quickly.

      The girls head off to the get groceries and shop and I get to nest. After a dinner of roasted chicken, green beans and salad we relax for a bit before heading off to bed.
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    • Day 3

      Megalochori: ein traditionelles Dorf

      May 26, 2023 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Megalochori hat einen ganz eigenen, verzauberten Charme und gilt als eines der traditionellen, eher beschaulichen Dörfer der Insel. Die schönen weißen Glockentürme, die die gepflasterten Gassen überspannen, sind ein beliebtes Fotomotiv. Die Straßen sind eher kleine Gässchen und der Bougainville blüht überall wunderschön.

      Sehenswert sind die unterirdischen Höhlenwohnungen von Megalochori, die von Bewohnern zur Besichtigung geöffnet werden. Sie geben einen Einblick, wie Menschen hier bis ins 17 Jh. gelebt haben.
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    • Day 62

      Drinking and driving (but not together).

      August 28, 2023 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      We once again started the morning by doing very little and then went to the beach for a swim and some lunch! We then hired a car 😶

      We opted for a smart car which had an auto transmission because I was a bit nervous about driving... thank god we did! Alfred is a weapon behind the wheel of a shitbox!

      Our first proper outing was to Santo Wines which does fancy expensive wine tastings, but we walked in the back door, cut to the chase and bought ourselves a bottle to take somewhere with our own view. After pretending to be influencers and getting some photos with the bottle.... We elected to hike up to a tiny chapel we had seen that over looks the whole of Perissa (the beach town we are staying at) and watch the sun go down from there with our wine. We miss judged slightly and the actual sun went down behind the cliff but we still saw all the colours and had a glorious time!
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    • Day 2

      Sonnenuntergang über dem Fährhafen

      May 25, 2023 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Eines der spektakulärsten Dinge, die man auf Santorini erleben muss, sind die traumhaft schönen Sonnenuntergänge mit Blick in die Caldera. Solch ein wunderbares Plätzchen entdecken wir in einer zu dieser Jahreszeit noch recht ruhigen Bar hoch über dem Fährhafen am Kraterrand. Im Restaurant neben uns wird eine kleine, sehr romantische griechische Hochzeit mit 20 Gästen gefeiert, ein Stück weiter gibt es ein Weingut, das seine Weine ausschenkt, es war eigentlich unsere erste Anlaufstelle, doch diese Bar gefällt uns deutlich besser. Rückblickend betrachtet, hatten wir von hier den allerschönsten Sonnenuntergang unserer Reise.Read more

    • Day 4


      June 23, 2023 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Heute starte ich den Tag mal gemütlich, denn es steht nicht mehr all zu viel auf dem Programm. Nach dem Frühstück nehme ich den Bus um 10.30 Richtung Akrotiri und bin gegen 11.00 im sehr charmanten Dorf Megalochori. Hier sind kaum Leute unterwegs und ich genieße die Ruhe, während ich durch die engen Gassen schlendere. Das Dorf ist klein, bietet aber viele Fotomotive.
      Gegen 13.30 bin ich wieder zurück in Fira. Ich esse zu Mittag und verbringe dann den Nachmittag am hoteleigenen Pool.
      Am Abend schlendere ich nochmal entlang der Caldera und schaue mir ein letztes Mal den atemberaubenden Sonnenuntergang an.
      Morgen gehts weiter mach Paros!
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    • Day 11


      September 23, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      In Deutschland weniger bekannt, ist Santorini in Griechenland vor allem auch für seine Weine bekannt, die von Reben gewonnen werden, die eng geduckt an die Berghänge wachsen.

      Die größte und bekannteste Kellerei ist Santo Wines, die nicht nur tolle Weine herstellt, sondern – ganz nebenbei – auch einen grandiosen Ausblick auf die Caldera bietet...Read more

    • Day 26

      Leaving Santorini

      September 11, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      I woke at 6. 00am and blogged. The streets of Santorini are empty, with the exception of deliveries.

      I hear a loud tinkling sound coming from the street. I rush out onto the balcony, and see 10 loose mules running the streets. They follow one another. People are yelling at them from their shop steps and waving arms. They all turn a corner and disappear.

      Breaky at 8.00am as we have an early transfer at 9.15 to the ferry.

      Last time up on our beautiful rooftop having a massive breakfast.

      2 clean white liners sit below us and I know I will never see a view quite as unbelievable as this one of the Santorini Caldera again in my life.

      The hotel porter drags our bags to the transfer pick up point, at our pool hotel. We share with a couple from Altona Meadows. We all chat, including the driver. (whom when he opened his arms for the luggage, I took it as a cuddle and went in for one, he smiled and hugged me tight)

      The ferry port sits low to the far, far left of Fira.

      I look at postcards by George Meis. I want them all.
      I ended up with a 2020 calendar, for an assortment!

      A man with a Seajets sign for Mykonos begins to shout to us all.

      We all follow him in a mass wave. Never have I seen people drag suitcases as fast, over the cobbles.

      Our ferry backs up and drops it's massive walk planks.
      Hundreds unload and disperse amongst the crowds.

      Then a bloke blows a whistle and we storm the planks like warriors.

      We walk onto the metal into the mouth of a massive creature. You just walk fast and straight. Signs above say 'Luggage'. We quick drop on the shelves available and head upstairs to the lounge.

      We have allocated seat numbers on our tickets, so we squat down in nice comfy seats and the ferry begins to move while people still come up from the hull.

      We sit listening to gossipy Aussie women behind us.
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    • Day 23


      September 8, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Up for breaky at 8.00am on the rooftop.

      It is beautiful but I want more sleep as woke at 4.00am

      Cheese pastries and coffee. Boiled egg, fruit, and breads sitting at the very top of the hill looking across to the volcano.

      Now for our sailing trip around the caldera. (which means volcanic crater fallen into the sea)

      Met the driver at the prehistoric museum at 9.15am
      (a 4min walk from hotel)
      Rode the mini van to the island end opposite to Oia.

      (Did I say this place reminds me of Phillip Island, the scale of the land mass I mean)

      The mariner is full of yachts.
      We board the red and white waved catamaran, which is gorgeous.
      I am over excited. Which is a good sign.
      We are ushered under a cream canopy onto soft red padded seating around a table.

      The catamaran seats 34
      It is a magnificent structure.
      They serve wine to us at an open bar.

      We are sat opposite 2 men.
      Chris and Mikah
      They are originally from San Diego, now live in Chigago and are happily married.

      We chat and discover that Micah and myself are both Saggitarians. This makes the convo go in a totally wild trajectory.
      Chris is a Capricorn so is more laid back and looks after the finances.

      Basically our entire conversation is how they are a mirror image of Theens and I, regarding personality and behaviours.

      Micah and I can take a mean photograph. Chris and Athena cannot.
      We, the Saggies, are the adventurers the risk takers, always wanting to be busy and at the front of the line. The other 2 are less so, instead, happy to follow along but willing to give it a go.

      For the entire sail we all 4 talked, non stop, whilst drinking our wine.

      We stopped for a swim. Athena stayed on the boat.

      The water was cold at first then divine. Armed with my noodle, I paddled around. The two boys jumped in the sea 💦 and we hung together. I was fascinated with looking under the catamaran. Loved the big red looming form above my head.

      After relaxing for 10minutes in the water we set off.
      We spied 2 webber bbqs hissing and steaming at the back of the catamaran so we knew lunch was near.

      We spent hours talking to our new friends. The boys have been married for 2 years and this holiday was a late honeymoon.

      We stopped off for another 15 Min swim and Athena stayed on board taking pics from the netting. Micah and I swam underneath her and splashed up to her like kids. She was telling us off and it made us do it more!!

      Now lunch is served.
      We eagerly sat waiting to see the dishes to be devoured.

      Bbq chicken and pork, greek salad, penne covered in tomato and cheese. Bread with olive tapenade, tzatziki and olive oil soaked baked potatoes.
      I had a second helping!

      We stopped to view the red beach and the white beach. Which ended up being coves with coloured cliffs.

      Then after many wines, we lazily, drunkenly made our way back to the mariner.

      At one point I went to the loo onboard. This was an experience. Getting down the vertical ladder, then trying to sit whilst being heaved up and down all over the place!
      I loved looking out the porthole. The blue water at face level waving along with the white foam waves. Memorising, could've stayed there a while, but Athena was at the top telling me to hurry up as she needed to go.

      The sail was over and absolutely perfect. A quick van drive back.We said goodbye to the boys and headed back to our room.

      Gelati time. Mango and lemon for Athena and I love my lemon 🍋.

      I comatosed into a 10min nap, whilst Athena went to the rooftop to sunbake. I went up too for a short time.

      Nobody told me that Santorini turns you into a sloth.
      We lay on our beds, with our balcony doors open to the soft sounds of the crowds below and music pumping somewhere.
      The blue sky invades our every sense and we are still.

      Lacking any will to explore. We have 2 more days yet.
      Tommorow we will see Oia.

      At 6.00, Athena asks me do you want to head out. My reply is a big fat 'Yes'

      We walked to the left, facing Fira, and meandered upwards behind the elegant villas and expensive hotels. You can see the island at 360 degrees from here.

      Heard tinkling bells ringing and watched the mules, one behind the other, carrying loud obnoxious Americans upward through the streets. I didn't enjoy seeing this.

      By 8.00pm we were hungry.
      Went back to Fanari as it is quiet and the food is good.

      Athena had chicken souvlaki,
      I the mixed fried seafood which included, calamari rings, king prawns, sardines and baby octopus with rice and carrots.
      I am seafood hooked, line and sinker, lol.

      Our waiter, Vagelli, was so excited to speak Greek to a customer he hovered over Athena like a stalker. He even took her plate to remove the chicken off the skewer for her. She tried to take the plate back but he was not having it.

      So full of sun and fresh air and food, we rolled off to bed.
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    • Day 11

      Ankunft in Santorini

      August 3, 2021 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

      Unser letzter Stop ist Santorini. 🇬🇷 Bevor wir gegen 1 auf die Fähre sind, gab es im Hafen von Naxos noch eine kleine Stärkung für uns für die 2 stündige Fahrt. 🛳️⚓ Die Fahrt an sich war ruhig, es gab wenig Wellen und wir haben das Duell der Giganten ausgespielt. Sieger war eindeutig Jule. 🤣🃏🏆 Am Abend sind wir noch in die Hauptstadt nach Fira gefahren und haben dort vor einer Traumkulisse Abendbrot gegessen. 🌅❤️Read more

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