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  • Day23


    May 6 in Greece

    This Greek island is another port we have visited previously so we decided to walk around the town. All trip Brad had decided he was going for a swim at Mykonos but when the day arrived it was overcast and a little on the cool side. We wandered through Little Venice and to the windmills for the usual photos, then back through the narrow alleyways to the town beach area.... no-one swimming and Brad doesn't want to look like the only goose out there. (Actually, there were a couple of white geese swimming there - thought it a bit strange to see geese in salt water).

    Walked back through the narrow alleys to find a place to eat and while we were waiting for our meal, Brad announced " there is a pelican coming down the street". Sure enough, there was Patmos, a rather famous pelican that wanders around Mykonos, complete with his entourage of people. He walked right around the table where I was sitting and strangely he is a rather unusual shade of pale pink. We missed him last time so it was great to stumble across him even when we were not looking for him. I think he might be Patmos the third as a pelican has been wandering the streets of Mykonos for years.

    The day had warmed up and when we walked back to the town beach, Brad could see a couple of people having a swim so it looked as if he was going to get wet. I stayed on the shore and took photos as proof. He said it was cold at first but very salty. A satisfying day.
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  • Day46


    May 16 in Greece

    Unsere Fähre nach Paros verlässt pünktlich um 07:30h den Hafen in Athen. Da reicht auch der natürliche Wecker nicht. 05:15h ist aufstehen angesagt, zumindest für die Erwachsenen...die Fähre dauert gut 4h und wir erreichen Paros um die Mittagszeit. Wir steuern gut gelaunt den Campingplatz am Strand Santa Maria an, wo man gut Windsurfen können soll und finden -was soll man sagen- einen geschlossenen Platz vor (das war im Vorfeld nicht herauszufinden). Zwar dürften wir bleiben, aber hier ist sowas von tote Hose...und der Campingplatz...naja...zu halt. Wir sprechen mit ein paar Locals und erfahren, dass der Spot zum Windsurfen eh nicht mehr so gut geeignet sei, seit sehr viel an der angrenzenden Küste gebaut wurde. Also entscheiden wir uns weiterzufahren und landen erstmal im Manis Inn. Laut Booking angeblich einmal mehr fast ausgebucht und super bewertet. Im Endeffekt quasi leer und die Bewertung ‚fabelhaft‘ wohl auch etwas dick aufgetragen. Vor allem ist das Manis Inn völlig überteuert. Auf einen Abend Internet-Recherche folgt eine Tour über die Insel, um Strände und Unterkünfte auszuchecken. Wir sind schon etwas entmutigt, weil alles irgendwie nicht so wirklich das Richtige ist, als wir unseren Sechser im Lotto finden. Wir sind gerade dabei einen anderen Surfspot zu erkunden als wir an einem wunderschönen Häuserkomplex am Strand vorbeifahren. Wir beschliessen anzuhalten und treffen auf ein älteres, italienisches Ehepaar, die in einem der Häuser wohnen. Sie haben im oberen Stock ein kleines Apartment für Ihre Kinder und Enkelkinder, welches sie manchmal an nette Leute auch nette Leute wie uns. Es ist ein Traum und das zu einem fairen Preis. Und das Beste: die zwei lieben unsere Kinder...Italiener eben. Das tun die Griechen im Übrigen auch, sogar die Männer. Einfach herrlich unkompliziert und liebevoll...Read more

  • Day49

    Ausflug mit dem Boot

    May 19 in Greece

    Wir haben unserem Vermieter gestern erzählt, dass wir heute ein Boot mieten möchten woraufhin er kurzerhand meinte wir sollen doch einfach Seins nehmen. Dann hat er begonnen zu werkeln und zu putzen, um sein Boot für heute fahrtüchtig zu machen. Was soll man da sagen?!? Heute morgen sagt seine Frau dann noch, dass ich doch Finn bei ihr lassen soll. Das sei für ihn ja nicht so dolle...der Knaller. Die zwei sind einfach mega nett. Und so geniessen wir eine Bootstour in strahlendem Sonnenschein und kristallklarem Wasser ohne den kleinen Mini-Hempel...Read more

  • Day41

    Mykonos: The Island of (No) Winds

    September 8, 2017 in Greece

    A trip to Greece wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one of the Greek islands. For our gaycation what better island to visit than the infamous gay, Greek island, Mykonos. Promoted as the gay-friendly island and the Ibiza of Greece for its nightlife, it’s also called the island of the winds but fortunately for us the weather was absolutely perfect.

    We set out for the little gay Greek island from Athens on the Hellenic Seaways ferry, early on Friday morning. As we boarded the ferry in special economy, although we didn’t feel so special along with the hundreds of others that were travelling cattle-class, Ricky began to recognise the music playing in the background. It was a Greek, pan-pipe version of Celine Dion’s Titanic theme song. Was this an omen? Would we make it to our destination without re-enacting the famous scene of Leonardo and Kate on the bow? We had heard that the trip through the Cyclades could get really rough but we weren't aware of any icebergs. "Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does go on ..." or so the song goes.

    The island landscape of Mykonos is mountainous, dotted with white little houses with blue windows. Our accommodation was situated on the Southside of the island with amazing views of the Aegean Sea. While the island is only small, the only way to traverse it is to hire a motorcycle, car or ATV. As we set out on our 50cc motorcycle, Ricky was gripping on for dear life as we travelled up and down the steep mountains and narrow roads, lined with rock fences, to get to the many beaches on the island. At one point the gradient was so steep that the power of the 50cc motorcycle couldn’t handle it and Ricky needed to run (well, a slight canter) up the slope.

    Typically European, the beaches are lined with umbrellas and deck chairs for hire. And in true European style nudity on the beach is not an issue. All shapes and sizes are celebrated and the taboos of other western countries seem absent. Healthy attitudes to the body are diminished by an almost unhealthy obsession for worshipping the sun. Tanorexia, the condition where you can't be too tanned, is rife in the Cyclades, enough to make Donatella Versace and Tanning Mom proud of their disciples. In fact, we’re convinced that the Versace leather-making factory is situated along the coasts of Mykonos. Take your pick of the type of leather and Donatella will whip you up a custom-made handbag to accessorise with the latest season’s outfits.

    After six weeks of running from one iconic tourist attraction to another, the respite that Mykonos brought was exactly what was needed to recharge the batteries to forge through the next six weeks of our European sojourn.

    Next stop: Athens for one night and then Barcelona.

    See link below for video footage:
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  • Day4


    September 25, 2017 in Greece

    Early start with our ferry living at 7.20am. We managed to lock ourselves in the foyer of our apartment and had to call Stefano our landlord before 6am. Thankfully he answered and we were on our way. Next we ran into trouble as the ticket machine for the metro only accepted coins and needed to find somewhere to exchange a note for coins. Two cafes later we were on the train to Piraeus.

    We made it to Santorini by about 3pm. The ferry ride was llong and picturesque. We arrived at our hotel, checked in and sun baked by the pool. Our hotel is beautiful and our rooms has a balcony which over looks the sea.

    A few cocktails later and we headed into Thira for dinner. We found Da Corta, a seafood restaurant with a view. Unsurprisingly the food was delicious and fresh. We had a mixed seafood plate, with grilled octopus, fish, prawns and oysters. Service was brilliant and our waiter Andrios was lovely.

    Next stop was to check out the local night life. We start and end with Murphy's. It was very touristy with tacky decor and 80s music. However the people were friendly and the drinks were cold. It turned out to be a big night and I know my head is going to hurt tomorrow.
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  • Day5


    September 26, 2017 in Greece

    I woke up feeling very sorry for myself, definitely too much alcohol last night. I tried to sweat it out at the gym but made it worse and decided to rest by the pool for a few hours.

    Eventually, I began to feel human again so we decided to explore Thira/Fira (not sure which name is more correct as it appears to have multiple spellings). Fira is the capital of Santorini located on the Caldera Cliffs and overlooking the volcano. It's full of winding streets and hidden pathways along the cliff face. Such fun to explore.

    We descended the 600 stairs down to old port. Navigating the donkeys and their poo. If you are prepared to pay, you can ride a donkey up and downthis slop. At the bottom there was beautiful clear blue ocean, some quaint shops and funnily enough some boats. It was then time to ascend... It was hard work and suddenly the sun was beating down, which made it hot and sweaty too. We also had to contend with herds of donkeys racing down the steps. We tried playing chicken with one heard of donkeys. We lost, one of the donkeys damaged my shoes (thankfully not my feet) and Nic was sandwiched between the wall and the donkey,with enough force to get airborne. I'm glad she wasn't hurt and didn't go over the edge. We made it to the top bit couldn't find stair 600, the highest we found was 588. I'm going to count the stairs back to our hotelas the last few steps.

    We had dinner at Classico Cafe and watched the sunset over the volcano. Just magical. To finish we found a dessert shop and tried some loukoumades (mini dounuts) and then meandered home.
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  • Day6

    Volcanos and Hotsprings

    September 27, 2017 in Greece

    New dawn and our first stop was the nearby volcano, Nea Kameni. We took a boat from old port (yes we went down those 600 stairs again) and sailed to the volcano. On arrival we took a 20 minute hike to the summit and walked around the active crater, which aside from a slight Sulfur smell looked like nothing more than black rocks.

    I'm gonna get my geek on and give you a geology lesson on the Cyclades islands. Santorini was once a large circular island that included nearby Thiraisa (which is on the other side of the Caldera).

    About 3600 years ago a massive volcanic eruption occurred. The ancient society which inhabited Santorini was wiped out and the power from the eruption created a giant a sink whole. This sink whole is known as the caldera and is the large depression which separates the islands.

    Within the depression is Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni, two volcanic formations created from the 6 eruptions over the last 3600 years. The last eruption was in 1950 and was considered minor with no damage to Santorini.

    We got back on the boat and headed for the hot springs, located on the shores of Palea Kameni. The waters have a high mineral content including magnesium and iron which means they have historically consider to have therapeutic benefits. I'm not convinced, I could certainly smell Sulfur, which had also turned the water brown but didn't feel healed after my swim. However somewhere deep below. a magma chamber assisted in heating the water to a pleasant 28°C, so not complaining at all.

    All in all a fantastic tour that is informative, fun and affords spectacular views of the Santorini coastline.
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  • Day22

    Exploring Mykonos

    September 12, 2017 in Greece

    Needed a relaxing afternoon for recovery and to escape the heat so hung around the accommodation.
    Headed into town for dinner and sunset. Found the famous windmills and an amazing seafood restaurant for dinner. And always gelato to finish.

  • Day9

    Party Hard

    September 30, 2017 in Greece

    After lazy day trying to escape 45km/h winds. We headed to Joanna's Taverna. Set on the beach, we were hoping for great seafood but all we got was mediocre stuffed calamari.

    We headed back into town and found Montparnasse, a piano bar. It has a speak easy feel and is located on the waterfront. They have a large cocktail menu, I can highly recommend the Rhubarb Gimlet. Just before 10pm people appeared everywhere, it went from empty to packed in minutes. A pianist with a deep American drawl and a happy smile appeared. A silence fell. His fingers caressed the keys and music filled the bar. Requests came from the crowd, the first? Unsurprisingly Piano Man by Billy Joel.

    Phyllis, a Mediterranean lady in her sixties casually dressed in sneakers, black slacks, a shirt and a pink cardi. Her style clashed with the decor, but she took her place by the piano and serenaded us with her gravely voice. The night continued to improve when we discovered Phyllis had pizzazz, she had a dirty sense of humour and gave zero fucks. The set was fun, light and included favourites such as *****.

    Next we found a little bar called Alley. The service here was on pointe. The bar staff were attentive and we're soon making us all their favourite cocktails including a number that weren't listed on the menu. This place has the best cocktails I've tasted in Mykonos.

    At the recommendation of the bar staff at Alley we went back to Caprice. It was teeming with energy. The music was a mixture of Greek and 90s pop. My Salsa and newly learnt zorba moves featured on the dance floor.

    The night was carefree and fun and all to soon it was very very early. We were in bed before the sun, but only just.
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  • Day6

    Atlantis Books

    September 27, 2017 in Greece

    Legend has it the formation of the Caldera and the island of Santorini was the inspiration for Plato's Atlantis.

    Also an amazing book store founded by some philosophy students from Brown, Cambridge and alike in 2004. It is a underground cave completely covered with shelves of books in English, Greek, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese. Most books appeared to be paperbacks but I did spy some first edition hard copies, for the true connoisseur.

    Rumour also has it there are sleeping nooks hidden amongst the books for staff. Who are all amazingly well versed in literature and their recommendations are recorded on notes throughout the shop. There is also a fantastic you diverse range of books available. An amazing bookshop, best I have ever seen.
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