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  • Day7

    Tourists in Mykonos

    October 8 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    So, today we had no plans, other than to spend the day walking around town and chilling out. This is NOT my normally preferred itinerary. But hey, it worked! We just had a lazy day, up to the iconic Mykonos windmills, down to the touristy trappy lanes, round and about. Saw a great sunset, enjoyed sitting on the water, and we were just generally in relax mode.

    I continue to be stunned by the numbers of people who get off a huge cruise ship, wait in line, and then come and walk around to shop and eat. They then have long lines at the old port to get a bus to the new port, to get a boat to the cruise ship. My good friend at the hotel reception (who turns on the AC when I go down to the fitness center) tells me that it is just a fact of life on Mykonos, and that the island very much depends on this tourist onslaught.

    Finally had a really great moussaka, and a bite of Joe’s amazing baklava. And a perfect ending on our hotel balcony with a view of both th old and new ports. Tomorrow Delos!
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  • Day25


    August 30 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Woke up to an amazing view! It was just beautiful and we had breakfast on the balcony, so much food. I decided to have a real relaxing day, reading and lying by the pool. Pete headed out for a walk and a coffee and I retreated to upstairs to the sun and the pool. Put sunscreen on, as I do but it was hot up there. I looked like a patchwork quilt after the morning in the sun! Brown, white and radiating red, and blotchy, it the look I was going for, but it will settle down eventually.

    After I managed to drag myself up we headed out and went for a walk, booking a sunset cruise and having lunch. We explored the narrow winding lanes and looking at shops and glimpses of the amazing views. We found out where the cable car was for the next day. I was here 35 years ago and boy has it changed. Now there are two ports and the cable car, when I came there was one port and only donkeys to get you to the top. They still have the donkeys and they look really healthy which is good. We opted for the cable car though.

    We had a recommendation for a restaurant near where we are staying and so we went up there for dinner. Popular spot, there were people queuing up, and we were lucky to get a table inside. We had already watched the sunset on our balcony with a bottle of sparkling, so we were happy for good food, and it was wonderful. Great that we only had to walk a short distance home, well I should say roll home as we were so full. Wonderful relaxing day ❤️❤️
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  • Day28

    Paradise in Greece

    September 2 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    We had another lazy morning, oh no that’s right, I had another lazy morning😂😂. Pete went out to pick up his washing and came back after hiring a car for me to drive! We thought we would five around for the afternoon and check out the beaches. Oh well we managed to get to one beach, it turned out to be a great black sand beach with a great bar and excellent food. We couldn’t force ourselves to move so we spent the afternoon at the one beach.

    Well we are here to relax so we were happy. Driving is pretty much the same as in Italy, just keep moving and stay on the right. Haha not easy when you still have problems working out your left and right!

    We managed to find our way home after a few wrong turns, and then got ready for dinner and another sunset! We went back to our great restaurant and had another yummy dinner and watched our last sunset in Santorini. Heading off to Syros tomorrow morning!
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  • Day19


    September 10 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We were tendered in to Santorini early in the morning as we had a tour booked. We were met by Dimitri and as we drove to Oia he gave us a geological lesson on Santorini and surrounding islands which make up the volcanic crater. We wandered around Oia for a while, catching a glimpse of the famous, well photographed blue dome. On to Santo Wines which is a cooperative winery. Here we tasted three wines with nibbles. Then onto Fira, the village with the steps and donkeys! We had lunch and a wander with many others doing the same (six cruise boats were in port 😮) We then dodged donkeys and hopped on board the ship.Read more

  • Day35

    Naxos Greece

    June 19 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Naxos has come just at the right time. We have stopped here for a few days R and R. The island pace is slow and w have a lovely B and B in a small village caled Agios Anna. No street names here nor house numbers so it's hard to find your acoms without internet. Such is the pace of life. Today my morning took me to local wharf taking with a Greek fisherman here on holiday from Piraeus. I caught a small fish and spent time chatting, then bought fresh fish for tea from straight from fishing boat which supplies local restaurants. The pool at our accoms is fabulous. Everywhere you look us a's just stunning and one of our favorite places so far.Read more

  • Day6

    Island hopping

    October 7 in Greece ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    It was a bit complicated to drop off the rental car and get to the port in Santorini for the ship to Mykonos. The port is a teeny tiny place, no room for car rentals, lots of crowds and chaos. So we dropped off the rental car at the airport and took a van to the port. As we waited for our boat, we watched in amazement as busload after busload got picked up and others got dropped off. Pretty well organized, I must say, and those bus drivers can turn their huge vehicles on a dime. Very entertaining and a bit scary to watch them back up a busload to within 6 inches of the end of the dock, with no guardrail, no nothing. And then they maneuver around like they were riding a bicycle.

    The boat stopped at Ios and Naxos, and by 1 or so we were in Mykonos. We took the bus into town and then had about a half hour walk from the very top of the old town, down to the old port/harbor, and around to our hotel. Very nice views from where we sit! It has been cloudy with a few showers, so we have limited our time to a few walks around the port. I have NEVER seen as many tourist shops in one maze-like set of twisty-turvey lanes. There is absolutely nothing else here — it’s all for the tourist trade. Shopping on Mykonos, or anywhere for that matter, is not high on my list, but being here was the only way we could get out to the ruins on the uninhabited island of Delos, birthplace of Apollo among other things.

    We are going to have a late dinner and sleep in tomorrow. Looks like the rain is gone but we may have some clouds. So we will save the trip to Delos till Wednesday, which is forecast for cool and sunny.
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  • Day8


    October 9 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    After a quick trip to the archaeological museum to see an amazing huge urn depicting the Trojan War, we hopped on a ferry for the half hour ride to the very tiny island of Delos. It is now uninhabited, but was settled about 5,000 years ago. It is the birthplace of Apollo, so that makes it pretty sacred. For centuries it was a prosperous commercial port. The whole place was destroyed by pirates in about 60BC and has been uninhabited since then. Excavations are ongoing. We spent hours walking around, climbing up and down, enjoying great views over the Aegean, and in a nice change from Mykonos, there were no crowds!

    Tomorrow we get an early plane to Athens, and head northwest in a rental car. Monasteries, Delphi, and some mountains are our desination.

    But now time for one more stroll around the harbor as night falls.
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  • Day26

    Cruising the Caldera

    August 31 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    It was just perfect to sleep the night with the French doors wide open and wake up to the great view. Another wonderful breakfast and then I settled in to read for a bit. Pete went out to find a laundry while I spent a lazy hour reading and relaxing. When he got back hot we went upstairs for a swim before heading out for our cruise on a yacht.

    We went down to the old port via the scary cable car, and waited for our boat. Once on board we headed out, first stop is the volcano, unfortunately I didn’t have walking shoes so I didn’t have to walk the hour in the heat, up to the top. Lucky Pete did so he could take the photos and tell me the history.
    When we moved on we went to an area by boat that had hot springs. Great fun jumping in the sea, once I talked myself into it!! We swam down a narrow section to where there was warm water and the red mud that they say is good for you. Then back to the boat, and we headed off to the next port where we moored and ate dinner and swam a bit more.

    We headed to another area after dinner and watched the amazing sunset. It was a bit windy and the boat rocked a bit but it was very romantic and we arrived back at the port, tired but happy.

    Went to the cable car to return back to the apartment but was told the cable car was undergoing maintenance. 😩😩 ok so we went and had a drink and snack at a bar at the port until we saw the cable car moving. So off we went to the station, we were the only ones there. We had to sit and wait while they pottered around starting and stopping the engines and conversing in Greek with lots of hand shaking. I was not feeling confident when they finally said ok you can get on now🤨🤨 so I asked are we going to die, they laughed and one of the men got on with us and said we die together!!

    Obviously we didn’t die, though I was really glad to have my feet back on the ground. We walked home and collapsed into bed. Another day in paradise.
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  • Day487


    September 23 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Extending our summer a little bit we travelled with Jamie, Renee, the girls, Kirsty and great granny Mac to this lovely Greek island.
    We are staying for a few nights in a converted brew house at Finikia. We were picked up at the airport and transported to the accommodation which we accessed via a short walk through twisty turney lanes..
    We are very high up at the southern end of the island with great views of the islands about us.
    We walked into Oia (pronounced Ear) one day and descended to the port 300 steps below. We did not take the donkey taxi back to the top so earned our beer with lunch in a taverna.
    The next day we walked the cliff path to Fira which was very spectacular, the 11k walk was very busy in both directions. The bus back was very busy - standing room only. Fantastic weather with sun non stop but not overbearingly hot. Just perfect. We were all very impressed with Santorini and its beautiful views. Everything we had expected!
    The island is very busy with tourists and a stop off point for Cruise ships which enter the bay every day discharging up to 8000 pasengers per day by tender into the small port below Fira. There were three or four ships there each day of our short visit. The small towns and villages were heaving with people and the ratio of 54 seat coaches per square mile of land mass must be one of the highest in Europe. The island is staggeringly beautiful but in danger of becoming too successful for its own good.
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  • Day491


    September 27 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    We travelled by boat to Paros, where we are renting a beautiful villa with views over to Naxos. The port at Santorini was mayhem. Hundreds of people were congregating for ferries to lots of the other islands and coaches were departing in streams up the cliff road to deliver arrivals to the towns above. It was organised chaos but the system worked once you got the hang of it. The large ferry must have been about 15% full for a very relaxing trip to Paros. In the height of the season with the ferry full the port activity must be frenzied.
    We picked up hire cars and were met by Anna who led us to our villa. Villa Nefeli - what a place!!! 2 separate apartments which each could have slept a family, as well as 2 large en suite bedrooms in the main house. Everything had been thought of with beautifully equipped BBQ area and a great pool and area for cooling off.
    The view from our bedroom looked out over Naxos where the sun rose every morning. The pre-sun rise skies were well worth waking up for..
    the localtown to the north of us Naousa was a wonderfully relaxed fishing port full of tavernas, ice cream bars etc and lovely narrow lanes with bespoke shopping. The sea all around was crystal clear.
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