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  • Day144

    Happy birthday marissje

    February 26, 2017 in Guatemala

    8 uur uit je bed gehaald worden om met een stel dronken lui taart te eten en met je vriendinnetjes te skypen, betere start van je verjaardag kan je niet hebben👌

    Vervolgends stappen wij lekker in de bus naar t strand waar maris ook verwend word met heelijke shotjes😅

    Weekje chillen op t strand! Ciao!!

  • Day84


    November 30, 2017 in Guatemala

    Die kleine Propellermaschine ist sicher gelandet. Zuvor gab es sogar noch - bei blauem Himmel - ein paar Extraschleifen über der Stadt. Am Flughafenausgang stand auch schon ein günstiges Shuttle (80 Q. p. P., c.a. 10 €) nach Antigua bereit. Die Fahrt in die 20km entfernte alte Hauptstadt dauerte bei zeitweisem zähen Verkehr dann doch knapp drei Stunden.

    Das Straßennetz innerhalb der kolonialen Stadt besteht ausschließlich aus Kopfsteinpflaster was zwar romantisch aussieht aber nicht wirklich gut zu befahren ist. Uns wundert deshalb warum es hier so viele Mopedfahrer gibt, die auch noch ohne Helm fahren. Der Shuttlefahrer hat uns praktischerweise fast bis vor unsere Unterkunft gefahren. Von deren Dachterrasse aus man einen wunderbaren Blick über die Stadt sowie die umgebenden Vulkane hat, die wir die Tage bei einem Trekking noch sehr viel näher sehen werden.

    Im sonnigen und wohl temperierten Antigua lässt es sich aushalten, es gibt sehr viele kleine Cafes mit allerhand Gebäck und guatemaltekischen Kaffee. Sowie zahlreiche Sprachschulen, Bars und hochwertige Restaurants mit nationaler und internationaler Küche. Von 1543 bis 1773 diente Antigua als Hauptstadt der spanischen Kolonien in Zentralamerika und war somit auch die Hauptstadt von Guatemala. Eine Besonderheit sind die vielen Schmuckgeschäfte die, die im Land gewonnene Jade in hauseigenen Werkstätten kreativ zu Schmuck weiterverarbeiten.
    Einen der sagenumwobenen Maya-Kristalschädel konnten wir jedoch auch hier nicht finden.

    Uns hat die mittlerweile sehr auf Touristen ausgelegte Stadt in ihrer Professionalität sehr an Cuzco in Peru erinnert. Trotzdem ist Antigua mit seinen schmalen Gässchen, bepflanzten Balkonen und mit handgefertigten Ziegeln gedeckten Kolonialhäusern in farbenfroher Fassade ein wahres Juwel in Mittelamerika und ein echter Geheimtipp für Sprachreisende.

    Die Stadt wurde nach dem verehrenden Erdbeben 1773 jedoch noch nicht wieder komplett aufgebaut, was man gut an den zahlreichen spanischen Kirchen- und Klosterruinen sehen kann. Mittlerweile ist die Kleinstadt geschütztes Weltkulturerbe. Im Großen und Ganzen geht es hier aber trotz des bunten Touri/Indios-Mix recht „tranquilo“ zu. Nur die Feiertage, die bis in die Nacht zelebriert werden sind vielleicht etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig.
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  • Day9


    April 17 in Guatemala

    Antigua, the town everyone loves for it's European style beauty. Meh.
    It was a very pretty town, but not for its colonial features, but rather for its multi-colored walls, gorgeous surrounding mountains and volcanoes, and beautifully maintained central park. Every town has it's central plaza - usually with a government building on one end, and a church on another. This one was no different, but there was always life, kids playing around, ladies selling usually relatively useless trinkets, and men sitting around chatting. It was slightly more challenging to find inexpensive food since this is such a touristic town - everything was geared towards the international patron - Chinese and Italian food of plenty but not much cheap Guatemalan food.

    Being the original capital of Guatemala, it did have some amazing older buildings, mostly churches, from the 16th century - partially or mostly destroyed by earthquakes in the 17th century. Or something along those lines. Anywho - beautiful ruins of churches, with amazing carvings and massive pillars.

    We walked up to a view point Cerro de la Cruz. I was winded and tired when we reached the top, which for me confirmed I wasn't doing a volcano hike with Jack. If I can barely breath after 20 minutes of stairs, there's no way I'm doing a 5 hour hike! How I changed my mind you asked? A cute girl at the hostel convinced me... Lol

    Antigua seems like the town you go to when you've spent a long time travelling and you need a break from it all, and you sit and enjoy a nice latte or glass of wine. We haven't been traveling very long so this wasn't needed.
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  • Day8

    Antigua, Guatemala

    January 8, 2015 in Guatemala

    Met de chickenbus ( het lokale vervoer, zonder kippen ) zijn we van Guatemala City naar Antigua gegaan. Een oud koloniaal stadje in een dal omringt door vulkanen. Er hangt een relaxe sfeer, waar we dankbaar gebruik van maken ( zie de hangmat op het dakterras van ons hostel ) om steeds een beetje meer in de reisstemming te komen en alle hectiek van de laatste weken voorbereidingen los te laten.

  • Day143

    Guatemala, Antigua

    February 15 in Guatemala

    Antigua ist eine wirklich schöne Stadt und gefällt mir sehr gut. Hier habe ich nach dem Lake Atitlàn noch einige Tage verbracht und einfach mal das "Nicht-reisen" genossen.
    Mit der Hilfsorganisation CommonHope ging es in ein nahegelegenes Dorf, wo wir eine Schule und eine Familie besucht haben, die durch die Organisation unterstützt werden. Es war sehr interessant Einblicke in Alltagsprobleme zu erhalten. Z.b. werden die Hütten nicht nur aus finanzieller Hinsicht zum größten Teil aus Wellblech und nur mit Lehmboden gebaut, sondern damit bei Mieterhöhung und damit verbundenem Umzug, alles abgebaut und mitgenommen werden kann.
    Auf einer Macadami Farm war ich auch. Nachdem die grüne Schale entfernt wird, die Nuss getrocknet wird, muss diese noch heile aus der extrem harten Schale geholt werden. Wohl gar nicht so einfach...
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  • Day121

    Antigua, Guatemala

    February 15, 2017 in Guatemala

    Curry, comfort and a colonial cosmopolitan.

    Antigua Guatemala is not to be confused with the island of Antigua in the Caribbean, for those of you with a sharp memory. We're still in Guatemala, very much so.

    Antigua was once the capital of Guatemala and is located just a short ride from it's predecessing capital, Guatemala City - a now buzzing metropolis in the south of the country. Antigua is what I imagined Havanna to be and has delivered on all fronts.

    It's a United Nations World Heritage Site, situated in the Guatemalan highlands between towering, hazy volcanoes and steep lying coffee plantations. The streets are cobbled, impressively maintained and buildings low rise, wonderfully coloured and trimmed with cast iron grills and art deco sculptings. The WHS title lived up to at every turn. The town is a perfect grid, and streets numerical in both directions, distinguished in orientation as Calles or Avenues - a navigators dream!

    We spent three nights here at Hostel Matiox, which I highly recommend! These nights were split up by a night on a Acatenango (see seperate footprint) but the days just disappeared as we wandered around town, nibbling on delightful treats, shopping in the markets, preparing for the hike and knocking back delicious coffees.

    We stumbled across a delicious curry house, Toko Baru, which we had to repeat-dine at. Huge plates of curry with all the sides and sauces for $8 NZD. We had some delcious italian ice cream at the recomendation of our hostel, and a cheeky name drop saw us get it free! The bakeries also on point with their bread and sweet treats.

    We also made an effort to cook dinner one night, and sourced all our ingredients from deep within the massive local markets, speaking only spanish or more often just pointing. It was good fun deciphering what was what and interacting with friendly and funny locals. Despite the hectic crowds and midday heat.

    Cat and Char are keeping our spending on track with an app called Trailwallet. It's quick an easy to use and an excellent way to prove we drink too much beer. We've been making progress on the planning for El Salvador and beyond, with countless hours on the hostel wifi and bean bags.

    We've now got a week in San Pedro at a live-in spanish language course, so you mightn't hear much from me until I graduate. We also go a man down today. Scott is pulling the pin and heading home for some family time. It's been four months on the road with him - a good long spell! A shame to see him go but hopefully he eludes any real work for some time yet. Perhaps it will give the northern hemisphere lobster species some much needed regeneration time. Hasta luego Scott!
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  • Day17

    Long travel day

    January 19, 2017 in Guatemala

    We had the choice of leaving at 6am followed by an 8 hour drive or leave later followed by a 12 hour drive. Alot of roadwork makes the journey slow.

    A no brainer there and we left at 6am.

    Lovely and peaceful on the lake at dawn.

    We stopped at a dreadful place for breakfast - overpriced and not very appealing. The only people who ate the food were the tour guide and the bus driver.
    I pulled out my groceries and most of the others had bread, chips or crackers! They did have ok smoothies which are generally available everywhere in Guatemala and are great in the hot weather.

    Then a tyre blew so there is the shadow of me taking a photo of the view. One of the aussie girls said she could change the tyre - good on her - I wouldn't have a clue.

    Every truck and car beeped at us!

    We drove through Guatemala City. Crazy traffic, lots of barbed wire protecting homes and businesses, gated communities with guards, businesses with guards - a good city to drive through I think. Photo three was a drive by photo of the suburbs.

    We reached Antigua and our hotel is a charming colonial building with lots of courtyards and a roof terrace which overlooks the city.

    We walk around town and its gorgeous. Lots of great cafes, bars and restaurants. Beautiful pastel coloured buildings. Not many street vendors so we end up in this hole in the wall place (photo five) where two ederly women cook the food. You walk through a small shop (photo six) and go out to the back. Its like being in their home.

    You can see the traditional Guatemalan meal we had for $5 and we all had two avocados each and loads of bread and tortillas. It was excellent and what a bargain!
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  • Day19

    Back to Antigua!!

    January 21, 2017 in Guatemala

    Love this town. This afternoon going to look at the handicrafts and just wander taking photos.

    Some are going to climb the volcano which overlooks the town. There were five deaths last week when a group and their guide were blown off the volcano in their tents when the weather turned.

    I asked our idiot guide (who has insightful comments such as 'there is alot of history there' but doesn't tell us any!) about the walk and his reponse was that it was quite short. We have all learned that he is quite stupid so I start interrogating him. Its actually a six hour walk on loose rocks!!!
    Is he for real!!

    Weather is abit overcast which I love. Cooler for walking. Its Saturday and some streets are closed off and everyone is out walking. Great atmosphere and it got even busier in the evening.

    So nice not to have to dodge the cars and the closed off streets are so pretty without them.

    We have dinner in this fabulous restaurant in terms of its decor. Its quite spectacular as you can see from the photos. In the evenings its dinner by candlelight. So my travelling companions - a swiss girl and a Perth uni student and I all have pasta which we have been craving. The service and the meals were great.

    Then we head to the town centre which has a park in the middle and cafes and shops surrounding it and have some great gelato.

    End of a good day which is topped off by me catching up on my washing! Yes its the little things like clean clothes.
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  • Day20

    Chilling in Antigua

    January 22, 2017 in Guatemala

    Just having a chill day today. Catching up on emails and postings.
    Walked around abit and did some cafe hopping. The cafes here are fantastic.

    Finally got my key lime pie! It was fabulous.

    We got our lunch from the back of a car for $1.00! Really nice pastrie filled with chicken and it was heated.

    Also looked at the lovely churches and old buildings here. The town has lots of little parks scattered around.

    Walked up to the cemetary which overlooks the town to have a look at the view.

    Meeting the new tour guide and group additions tonight. And then we leave for Honduras at 4am!!

    We all need some bland comfort food so we are having McDonalds for dinner tonight in the most placial McDonalds I have ever seen. Beautiful outdoor courtyard in a colonial building.

    Then a quick stroll around the centre of town with a gelato and an early night. You can see one of the lovely courtyards in our hotel.

    Oh and I can rest easy as you can see from the sign our hotel has got it covered!!
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