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  • Day29

    Finally made it to Hong Kong, And finally had some luck.

    Scored a seat between us on the plane, so I was able to get really comfy. And I actually slept almost the entire flight. Pretty awesome I would say.

    Landed and got through security in pretty quick fashion, bought a huge coffee, and am now sitting at the gate passing time. No attempt of weird food this time. Just going to enjoy my book and the wait.

    Once again, making sure to not cough in the airport as they are announcing that anyone feeling sick or off will need to report to airport staff... eek.
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  • Day2

    1,5 h nach Amsterdam und gleich der erste Asiate neben mir.
    Dann Umsteigen in Amsterdam.
    Nun hieß es 10,5 h Flug. Abendessen war oke... Fleischbällchen mit Kartoffelbrei und dann Filme schauen, so solls sein.
    Nach 3 h Schlaf zum Frühstück aufgewacht, dann sind wir auch schon bald gelandet.
    In Hongkong sein Gate zu finden ist gar nicht so einfach, aber es hat geklappt. Jetzt sitz ich hier übermüdet und warte auf meinen Flug nach Taipei.Read more

  • Day5

    15.10.17: Da gestern alle interessanten Märkte geschlossen hatten, machen wir uns nochmals auf, den Ladiesmarket und auch abgelegenere Gassen zu erkunden. Der Ladiesmarket stellt sich als riesiger Kleinzeugs- als auch Kleidungsmarkt heraus, perfekt zum durchschlendern. Danach gehen wir etwas abseits der Hauptstraßen entlang und entdecken verschiedene Wochenmärkte, auf denen echt alles angeboten wird, was uns dann doch zu wider ist: direkt am Fußgängerstrom abhängendes Fleisch, allerlei Fische (lebendig als auch geschlachtet), andere lebewesenartige Gebilde. Das Obst macht dann aber doch verführerisch. Hier scheint jeder sein eigenes Geschäft haben zu wollen, in jedem Erdgeschoss befindet sich ein Laden, aber irgendwie verkaufen alle immer das Gleiche. Auch so manchen Handwerker wie z.B. einen Schmied oder Industriemechaniker sehen wir in seiner Garage werkeln, einfach eine Maschine in die Garage gestellt und Zack fertig! Bei einigen endet dies aber im Messiladen.
    Im Hostel angekommen fragen wir uns, wie die Toilette eigentlich so verdammt schnell verstopfen konnte. Aahja, hierzulande wird das benutzte Toilettenpapier also nicht in die Schüssel geworfen...gut zu wissen, jetzt! Mit Plümpel, kochendem Wasser und Plastiktüte bewaffnet springe ich 10mal über meinen Schatten und befolge Youtube Tipps...iiigitt, na dann gut Nacht!

    16.10.17: Bis 12 Uhr ist Check-Out Zeit im Hostel, der Flug zu unserem eigentlichen Reiseziel Auckland geht aber erst um 21.05 Uhr. Das wird ein langer Tag am Flughafen (in etwa so wie Tom Hanks in "Terminal"). Morgen sollten wir um 12:50 Uhr ankommen.
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  • Day77

    This is it. The end. The last of 77 days and 77 blog entries.

    We woke up in Hong Kong and went for brunch about 15 steps from our hotel. It was hard to decide if today should be a lazy day or an action packed day but seeing as we did most of the tourist attractions the first time we were here the former kind of won out.

    We sent our big bags off on the airport express, a great service where you can check in bags from a couple of train stations across HK and they'll (hopefully, we've not got back to the UK yet) get on your flight without the need to lug them around all day.

    We went for a walk around Nan Lian Gardens. The gardens were set up in 2006 and are aiming to become a UNESCO site. It's patrolled by an army of staff who want to stop all fun. Not limited to, and this is spelt out on signage, frolicking, bawling and brawling. We saw people stopped from taking fun group pictures and using selfie sticks by the guards. We stayed on the right side of the garden law and walked around uninterrupted. We went to the rockery where each rock had some profound calligraphy attached to it - see photos. We visited a room of beautiful ceramics made by a group of students and a room of important spiritual buildings made out of wood. It drizzled throughout. We also stopped by the most densely populated koi carp pond I've ever seen which was fascinating to watch for a while.

    Once the walk was done we surpassed ourselves in the over ordering stakes at a ''modern Chinese restaurant'. We did however manage to eat it all before heading off to visit the Chi Lin Nunnery. No nuns to be spotted but more Buddhist statues and rocks with poignant phrases. After that we were at a bit of a loose end so what else was there to do but hit Soho and happy hour cocktails for a few hours? £3.50 sangrias helped soften the blow of returning.

    Alas the time came and we're currently sitting at the airport. We went crazy and paid to come into the lounge so showered and watered we await our flight home. The lady serving noodle soup gave me extra fish balls because I wanted 'everything'. There's maybe some deep and meaningful rock worthy life message there.

    The trip has been amazing and as the cliché goes, time flies when you're having fun. The scary part is that we'll go back to normal life almost like nothing happened. I'm not going to miss the packing/unpacking, the sniffing of clothes to decide if they're re-wearable and the constant use of TripAdvisor to dictate my daily activities but that's about it. We're looking forward to seeing our friends and family and our reliable bed and shower. Plus the ability to cross roads safely and not worry about bumping monks.

    Thank you to everyone (all 6 of you I reckon) who have been reading the blog and commenting on what we've been up to. It made writing it worthwhile. Hopefully we'll be back for another trip one day. See you soon UK.

    Helen and Matt xxxx
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  • Day4

    Hanging out - waiting for the next flight to bangkok. So far so good...managed to sleep quite a bit on the plane ride here. 😴

  • Day185

    Bleary eyed we rose in the pre-dawn darkness to tentatively eat a breakfast our still sleeping stomachs reluctantly accepted. Through the silent streets by taxi, we bade farewell to the humid heat and entered the bright and airy cocoon of airport controlled atmospheres, which would accompany us until we arrived in London.

    Daylight steadily motioned across the departure gate's glass panelling, illuminating our plane as we boarded. Nestling down into our seats we settled into the few hours it would take to cross back over the countries we had visited and land in Hong Kong to transfer planes.

    Both tired but not ready to sleep we watched with surprise as a man, seated across the aisle and donning what appeared to be liberated hotel slippers, broke into heavy snoring within one minute of takeoff. However his symphony did not last long before he was asked to change seats to accommodate the whims of a young girl who did not want a window seat after all.

    Entering the cavernous terminal at Hong Kong we changed the last of our remaining money to buy a picnic of Starbucks pie and muffin over brown napkins, the taste still lingering as we were called to board...
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  • Day2

    Arrived in Hong Kong safe and sound. We have 3 hours until we board our flight bound for Paris.

    While we were boarding in Auckland a hostess briskly walked down the tunnel with a Country Road bag looking for the owner. It had been left in the departure lounge. When we got on the plane the hostess gave the bag a big squish and said "No dodgy, soft soft" to the other hostesses. They all cracked up laughing, so did I. Both genuinely and a little nervously!

    P.S. I asked Nick what kind of cow that meat came from. Ick!
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