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  • Day115


    February 8, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    Von Yogjakarta sind wir mit dem Nachtbus in die Hauptstadt Indonesiens gefahren. Um 6 Uhr früh sind wir in unserer Unterkunft angekommen und mussten uns dann erstmal erholen. Danach sind wir ein bisschen durch die Stadt gebummelt. Wir sind durch ein paar Malls geschlendert und konnten sogar in der Sportabteilung ein paar Schläge Golf üben. Danach sind wir noch zum National Monument, ein Obelisk, der zur Feier der Unabhängigkeit über die Niederländer errichtet wurde.Read more

  • Day22

    Day 22: Yogyakarta to Jakarta

    July 7, 2016 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Alarms buzz at 6am, meaning we've got 1 hour for breakfast, packing, dressing, washing and getting to the train station. Well, I had to pack, Shandos had done hers the night before which made logical sense! Took me longer than expected, and it was nearly 6:30 by the time we made it downstairs for breakfast - only 15 minutes to eat! Picked out a couple of breakfast items and then had to make an unspeakable pitstop in the bathroom, so I only had time to scoff half a piece of toast. My stomach felt uneasy so I had a couple of Gastro-Stop tablets and off we went to the station.

    Quite a bit busier than the other stations we'd been to, with lots of people milling around and no special executive class waiting room this time. The train arrived right on time and we boarded and settled in for the 7.5 hour journey westwards to Jakarta. There were some nice mountainous bits of scenery as we went across the middle of Java, but on the whole it was much the same scenery as the previous journey (crumbling concrete towns and rice fields), so it wasn't what I'd call a particularly spectacular journey.

    Our executive seats were just as comfortable as the previous trip - loads of luggage space, leg room, power points, tray tables etc. Passed the time with a couple of podcasts and a few hours of Civilization on my laptop, while Shandos dozed and read books.

    Arrived in Jakarta about 30 minutes behind schedule at 4pm, right next to the huge national independence monument (Monas, or Sukarno's Last Erection as it's colloquially known - apparently it was the last project the president really cared about in the last days of his life/reign). Got a cab to our hotel for the princely sum of $4 - we probably could have walked it in 10 minutes but Jakarta isn't really a walking kind of place. Wide boulevards with Indonesian traffic and no footpaths isn't a great combo!

    Checked into the Alila hotel which is easily the fanciest (and most expensive) place we've stayed so far. As I mentioned earlier, we've decided to stay put in Jakarta for a week to do a bit of catching up and a bit of forward planning too. We also splurged a little for an "executive class" room meaning that we also have access to a special lounge with superior breakfast options, and free canapes and cocktails every night between 6 and 8pm. Straight away we both realised though that the Wifi in our room didn't work - we were in the far corner of the building on level 15, and the signal just couldn't maintain through the walls. A couple of calls to reception and a guy confirming that yes, it didn't really work, and we were on the move to a new room, this time on level 22 with great views over the city.

    The new room was much nicer as well - not an upgrade, but it had been renovated far more recently and had far better furnishings. Once all the moving was done, it was conveniently 6pm so we headed for our exclusive lounge on level 7 to check out the cocktails and canapes, and we were very pleasantly surprised at the selection. Lots of sweet and savoury options to choose from, and good cocktails too! I had a lychee martini and Shandos had a mojito.

    While we were relaxing my stomach starting feeling off, and I had to run to the bathroom a couple of times for unspeakable acts. Since we'd filled up on canapes and drinks we decided against a proper dinner so headed back upstairs. Unfortunately my stomach was now feeling very off, and I had to make several more trips to the bathroom before turning in for the night.
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  • Day26

    Day 26: Small steps in Jakarta

    July 11, 2016 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Decided to risk heading downstairs for the (apparently) delicious a la carte breakfast that Shandos had raved about a few times earlier in the week. I hadn't made any disastrous pitstops for over 36 hours at this point so I was feeling confident. And the gamble paid off! The food was indeed excellent, I had a very tasty croque monsieur (jaffle with ham & mushroom filling, topped with cheese and a fried egg) which stayed in for the entire day.

    The morning we spent working on various things, before venturing out for lunch. We wandered a bit before settling on Happy Day, an American-chain style restaurant a couple of blocks from the hotel. Shandos had eaten here a few days ago while I was sick and wasn't overly impressed, but I just wanted something clean looking that wasn't likely to upset my stomach. I got my wish at least, though I agree it wasn't especially spectacular.

    Again we spent the afternoon doing various bits & pieces at the hotel lounge, but headed out around 4pm. We were considering heading to one of the rooftop bars that dot Jakarta but figured we'd be under-dressed for most of them - I've only got thongs and hiking shoes, and only shorts! Instead we decided on the backpacker area of Jalan Jaksa where we hoped to find a bunch of cheap restaurants and bars.

    Grabbed a cab and headed into Jakarta's traffic around 4pm which as it was essentially commuting time on a weekday was at a standstill (though time doesn't seem to really have much impact on the traffic here). It got worse as we rounded a corner near our hotel which bounded the main Presidential palace and several military jeeps charged out the gate, limousine with President Widodo aboard and trailing just behind. Off he went with his motorcade and escort, changing traffic lights to suit (again not that people pay much attention to the lights), while us mortals sat and waited.

    Before long we arrived at Jalan Jaksa, and were a little disappointed to find that it was actually nothing special. There were a couple of backpacker style dive bars and some dingy hotels but that was about it. Found a couple of interesting looking alleyways which we explored down, past locals with their little food carts and warungs, unfailingly happy and smiling - quick to ask where we're from but not following on with a pressure sales tactic.

    Eventually we found a bar that we'd heard about called Melly's Garden, which was set back from the road amidst some gardens and Hindu temple architecture. Almost like being back in Bali, as it had the mosquitoes to match! But we were very early - at 5pm there was literally nobody else in a 300 seat venue. Undeterred we took a seat, grabbed a couple of 750ml Bintangs and settled in. By 6:30 the place had started to pick up but we'd almost had enough to drink and there was no non-smoking section as usual which kills our enthusiasm for venues pretty quickly. So off we wandered, the earliest of the earlybirds.

    Foursquare had recommended a burger joint a couple of blocks away which we wandered over to, but the supposed burger joint actually turned out to be a small food court type place with semi-permanent food trucks surrounding a small eating area with table service. There was a bunch of different options (none of them burgers but never mind); we both ended up going for a kebab each and shared a platter of satay skewers. Satay is a bit different over here - rather than large chunks of marinated chicken you get in Western countries, it's very small bits of chicken grilled almost crispy, and then slathered with a thick spicy peanut sauce. Delicious.

    While eating we noticed the most popular stall was selling "martabak" which neither of us had heard of, but were intrigued by. Martabak is apparently very common across the middle-east and subcontinent and was brought here by Indian traders. It's essentially a pizza/pancake style dish, but it gets folded over to form almost like a sandwich (or a square calzone, but not crispy). The fillings are normally minced meat, spices, diced potato, cheese etc sort of like a Turkish gozleme, but this stall was doing a roaring trade in sweet ones filled with Oreo, Toblerone, Milo, peanut butter & chocolate etc.

    We couldn't just make a find like this and not indulged, so we settled for a red velvet pastry filled with cream cheese and crushed Oreo biscuit. The bread/pastry was roughly the consistency of a crumpet, and the filling was amazing though extremely rich and I couldn't eat more than a few pieces. We'd at least had the foresight to bring it back to our hotel room where we ate it with our remaining bottle of wine from Bali.

    All in all a good day, if a little tame. But at least my food stayed down!
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  • Day81

    Central Jakarta

    February 24 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    This is the new and more upscale part of Jakarta that looks just like any other city in the region. Hence only pictures of the cathedral and main mosque, both of which are said to be the largest of their kind in southeast Asia. First is the mosque, followed by the cathedral.
    We did drive by the main square with the obelisk topped with a "flame" covered in gold as a symbol for Jakarta. However, I couldn't get a picture.
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  • Day2


    September 6, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    In Jakarta ist es heiß,  schwül, laut und teilweise recht dreckig. Dafür aber voller netter Menschen, überraschend sauberen Ecken, gutem Essen und Trinken. Eine Stadt voller Gegensätze. Es ist komisch, wie schnell ich mich wieder angekommen gefühlt habe. Es gibt soviel zu sehen und heuer bin ich vielleicht auch einfach entspannter neuem gegenüber. 🤗Read more

  • Day23

    Day 23: Sick in Jakarta

    July 8, 2016 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Unfortunately my stomach got worse and worse overnight. Lots of pooing, and a bit of spewing for good measure. Basically every 2 hours I ran to the bathroom, feeling awful all the while.

    Morning came but didn't bring any relief, I wasn't capable of anything but sleeping and running to the bathroom. Shandos pottered around with a delicious breakfast, getting the laundry done, exploring the local area a bit, and doing some work down in the executive lounge.

    I spent the entire day in the room feeling very sick and very sorry for myself. I perked up a little by the end of the day and went downstairs for some canapes, a decision which I regretted shortly afterwards. Off to bed again for another night of severely interrupted sleep.
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  • Day25

    Day 25: Recovering in Jakarta

    July 10, 2016 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Finally starting to feel a bit better, though I didn't make it downstairs for breakfast again. Feasted on a couple of dry biscuits and some water; one more awful visit to the bathroom but aside from that I definitely felt on the mend.

    Made it to the Chinese restaurant downstairs in the hotel for lunch and had a small serving of yum cha before heading back up to the business lounge where I parked myself for the rest of the day. Shandos at this point was going insane so headed out shopping to one of the many huge shopping malls dotted across Jakarta. I spent the afternoon doing various things online, catching up on Skype with family and just generally relaxing.

    Shandos returned by around 5pm and we hung out for a bit before having our by-now-regular canape dinner in the executive lounge and heading upstairs to the room. I'd successfully made it over 12 hours without running to the bathroom, so I think I've finally gotten it beat.
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