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  • Day131

    Iranian Grand Canyons?

    January 7, 2018 in Iran ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    After we had climbed the 2000m pass south of Shiraz, we thought that was it - 250km downhill back to sea level from that point on. But then we recalled the terrain map of the southern Iran. Fan-shaped mountain ranges are laying parallel to the coast. It felt like our road was cutting through the sharp ridges of them and our navigation app said it all: 2800 more meters to climb in total make 4800 height meters downhill, nice!

    The road is hard to beat in terms of scenic beauty (if you like mountains). Dramatic canyons, vertical scraps, serpentinous creeks, dry rivers and beautiful valleys reminded us of 'The Land Before Time'. Unimaginable how it would look like if there was more water, maybe in spring?

    The Red Crescent, comparable to the Red Cross, provided us an oasis for relaxation. We had heard that they would accommodate cyclists and we never had the timing to stop by at the end of the day. But this time it was perfect. We had just cycled a new daily record with 117km and then there was their building next to the road. Let's try it! They opened their door, let us in, cooked delicious food, offered us a shower and a bed and we spent a great evening playing ping pong and Iranian card games together. Thanks for everything Mohammed, Reza, Peyman, Ali, Achraf and Erfan!
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  • Day125

    Happy New Year from Tashk Lake

    January 1, 2018 in Iran ⋅

    We wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2018!
    We bumped into the new year with 12 fellow cyclists from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France and New Zealand on a dried out salt lake. We cooked plenty of food, had campfire twist bread, delicious cream puffs and chocolate pudding. Our bonfire reached its peak at midnight and our resolutions are all the same: Keep peddling and living our dreams.

    Comments on recent protests against the government:
    It's said to hear that people were killed. We hope that there will be freedom of speech and the right of free assembly one day in this country and that the people never lose their courage.
    When we see that well educated Iranians make their living by selling nick-nack on the bazaars we feel that it's reasonable to protest against unemployment and rising prices.
    However, we didn't notice what's going on until we received your messages and checked the news. Some internet applications had been blocked and we encountered slightly more policemen while entering Shiraz. Nevertheless, we felt safe at any time and the locals we talked to so far are all criticizing the exaggerating media coverage. We can hardly judge if this is the case.
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  • Day126

    Stopover in Persepolis

    January 2, 2018 in Iran ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    It is more than 2500 years old and the remains are still highly impressive - this is Persepolis, an ancient symbol of the power of the former Persian empire.

    The Persians build it on a huge terrace they cut into a mountain and incorporated Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Ionian ornaments into the pillars, walls, palaces, squares and other buildings.

    Definitely a must see!

    It was time then for the five of us to continue to Shiraz and get a shower after 8 days without :)
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  • Day129

    No wine in Shiraz

    January 5, 2018 in Iran ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    It was not the perfect season to visit the famous gardens but we saw other things like the beauty of the first lights in the 'pink mosque' and the holy shrine 'Shah-e-Cheragh' (probably the last one we would see in Iran). We cruised through the city to ascertain that everything is calm and peaceful and spent some time to maintain our bikes, to free them from all the dust, salt and sand of the weeks before.

    In this country, it's always exciting to get something done, like getting shoes repaired in Shiraz. You usually just ask randomly chosen people who send you to someone somewhere who sends you to someone somewhere else and so on. Thus, Hauke dipsy-doodled through the city, met tons of people, found himself on a lot of selfies and ended up in a pharmacy where he was fed biscuits and sticks of cinnamon and told to wait for an old man who would appear at the corner of a street sometime. Eventually, the shoes got fixed by this old man and the experience would be remarkable.

    Contrary to this, Shiraz has also been about a sad story because we had to say goodbye to Valerie & Steijn who want to be in Nepal by the end of January to help building a hostel for kids of a remote school. Time passed by rapidly but the last weeks with you two and the others were really incredible, see you in Nepal guys!
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  • Day9

    Persepolis et Necropolis

    September 18, 2018 in Iran ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Passage obligé d’un voyage en Iran, nous sommes allés visiter la cité antique de Persepolis. Cette cité date de 2550 avant JC et a été le fruit d’un travail titanesque de toutes les régions de l’empire Achéménide (de l’Egypte à la Russie), c’est monumental et assez impressionnant mais ça reste en très mauvais état, c’est vraiment en ruine à part quelques fresques qui étaient enfouies… Il faut dire qu’Alexandre le Grand n’a pas fait dans la demi-mesure lorsqu’en 331 avant JC il détruit complètement la citée.

    Ensuite on est allés à Necropolis où reposent les principaux rois Achéménide, ça fait un peu Petra en Jordanie, c’est monumental et impressionnant. Comme vous pouvez voir on était pas gêné par le monde encore une fois…

    Next step :
    Départ pour Kerman pour un tour dans le désert des Kaluts (pas si loin de l’Afghanistan…Vous inquiétez pas les mamans, tout va bien se passer !)

    Fun Fact qui n’a rien à voir:
    Il y a beaucoup de mots français dans la langue perse comme « Douche », « Ampoule », « merci » etc. et très drôle « Le loup ».
    Tous les enfants iraniens ont peur de « Lelou », mais personne ne sait vraiment ce que c’est. Il prend des formes différentes selon l’imaginaire des enfants, une vieille sorcière, un animal méchant. Etc.
    Il s’agit en fait de notre bon vieux loup qui va venir te manger !
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  • Day5


    September 14, 2018 in Iran ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Après nos deux jours à Téhéran, on a pris un train de nuit direction Shiraz au sud du pays.
    On a trouvé un logement sur Homestay, un site qui permet de dormir chez des gens moyennant quelques dollars. Nos hôtes étaient adorables, la trentaine, parlent bien anglais et reviennent d’un voyage en Europe d’un mois. Nous avons été invités à diner un soir avec toute la famille. C’était super sympa de discuter avec eux et de voir comment se passe un diner de famille en Iran et à part le fait qu’ils mangent sur un tapis, pas beaucoup de différences !

    La ville
    Shiraz est une grande ville (2M d’habitants), il fait encore plus chaud qu’à Téhéran malgré les 1500m d’altitude. Il y a plusieurs mosquées très belles à visiter, des tombeaux énormes, des bazars, des très bons restos…
    Les gens sont encore plus sympas qu’a Téhéran, toutes les femmes regardent Marie avec un air curieux et bienveillant. On entend des « Hello » tous les 3m et les gens nous aident même quand on n’a pas besoin !

    La bouffe (oui c’est important)
    La bouffe est délicieuse, on se régale de Kebab (non, pas le sale dwich de fin de soirée mais de la bonne viande grillée ou mijotée) avec du riz, du yaourt (genre Tzaziki mais attention ce n’est pas du Tzaziki...), des caviars d’aubergines…

    Next step
    3 jours avec les nomades dans les montagnes de Zagros

    On vous embrasse !

    Nos visites
    Mosq Vakil ++
    Bazar Vakil ++
    Hafez Tomb +
    Citadelle +
    Pink mosq +++
    Shahecherag shryne ++
    Gavareh Did ++

    Haft Khan (traditional) ++
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  • Day21

    Shiraz, Iran

    January 30, 2017 in Iran ⋅

    Shiraz is een prachtige stad met veel historie. Het was een van de belangrijkste steden in de silk route en is verschillende keren hoofdstad van een koninkrijk geweest. Dat het een rijke en welvarende stad is valt ook wel te zien aan de prachtige gebouwen.
    Shiraz is het cultureel centrum van Iran en heeft meerdere belangrijke dichters en artiesten gehuisvest. De eerste dag dat ik in Shiraz was ben ik naar de tombe van Hafez gegaan, de belangrijkste dichter van Iran. Daarnaast heb ik over door de bazaars gelopen en heb ik meerdere moskeeën bezocht.Read more

  • Day179

    Hiking in the Zagros mountains

    April 5, 2018 in Iran ⋅

    After a brief morning visit to the pink mosque, we got in two cars and drove off the the southwest of Shiraz for our hike including spending the night in the village or with nomads.

    We reached the village near Kaserun after ~2 hours and prepared the lunch - marinated chicken kebab and vegetables to be freshly grilled on the mountain. The hike was not too difficult and overall it was more a picnic than a hike in German-Austrian fashion :-) The lunch took about 2 hours including collecting fire wood, starting the fire, drinking tea, grilling kebabs, eating, drinking more tea. Our group was really nice, the two well know Catalans and a couple from Munich being with us.

    A great aspect of it was, however, that the girls did not have to wear any Islamic dress during the hike - freedom! It was so nice to feel the breeze in hair and neck....

    We arrived back in the village quite late and, thus, changed the original plan: no sleeping over at the nomads but sleeping at our guide’s home. Anna went for an our of yoga before we got great dinner by his mother. Soon after dinner, everybody went to sleep.

    We visited the nomads on the next morning (today) and has tea with the woman as the man had climbed up the mountains with their ~200 goats. Luckily, they had a couple of young goats still at the camp 🐐 so cute! In good Iranian-nomadic fashion, we had another cup of tea before driving back to Shiraz.
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  • Day176


    April 2, 2018 in Iran ⋅

    Today’s attraction: Persepolis! We hired a driver to take us across the Iranian plains from Yazd to Persepolis.
    Along the route, there are actually a number of archaeological sites that more or less belong to the Persepolis archaeological site (we stopped at three, Pasargadae, Nagshe Rostam and Persepolis proper). We were impressed by the monumental buildings and tombs that were built about 2500 years ago. It’s hard to compare different cultures, but we’ve seen a number of archaeological sites now over the course of our travels and this was certainly the oldest and - with that age in mind - certainly one of the most impressive. We very much enjoyed looking at the detailed pictures of the various groups of peoples that were ruled by the Persian emperors. The engravings in Persepolis pictured them paying homage all differently: some carrying cloth, some bringing camels, others driving chariots and so on.Read more

  • Day177

    Express but extensive visit to Shiraz

    April 3, 2018 in Iran ⋅

    We left Persepolis in the late morning and treated ourselves to a taxi ride to Shiraz (~1 hour and 8 Euro :-)). Upon arrival we checked in and got going to explore the city as we had now planned to join our Catalan friends for a 2-day hike as of tomorrow. So no more time than today!

    We first walked in the semi-deserted streets around noon as everybody hid away from the sun :-) perfect timing ;-) we walked to the main mosque near the old bazaar which had beautifully designed columns in the prayer hall.

    Afterwards we walked into the bazaar (mostly for the shade not for the wares) and reached a shrine on the northern side of the (dried out - like many others we have seen so far) river. Anna got another chador to wear and we were allowed to take pictures of the blinking mirrors inside. We then made it even further outside of the center and went to the mausoleum of famous Iranian poet Hafez. Essentially, it is a park with an octagonal pavilion housing the tomb. It was okay...

    Back in town we had a coffee (and Bert a nap ;-)) and we went to get some business done: exchange money and book a domestic flight to Tabriz for April 5. All was accomplished successfully :-)

    We now had another drink at the bazaar plaza (Anna dared the local specialty called Joulep: Rose water (of course, it is EVERYWHERE :-)), saffron (dito), orange blossom extract (the Shiraz specialty), and chia seeds - plus a fair amount of sugar :-) and will later head to a small local restaurant before getting to bed early for tomorrow’s hike!

    Like on so many days, we again met very friendly Iranians who chat us up, wanting to know where we are from and whether they can help us. We met one lady who actually lives in Germany and is now visiting her family in Iran. Another gentleman found us as we studied the map in our guidebook and immediately proceeded to tell us which sights are worth visiting and which are not :-) All in all - apart from the annoying sellers in Isfahan - we only met friendly people here, eager to talk to foreigners and to help us as we visit their country.
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