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  • Day25

    Day 25 - Capri - Best Day Ever

    October 4, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Today was absolutely the best day ever. And Capri is absolutely the best place ever. It is basically a giant island made up of giant cliffs and giant rock formations that stick hundreds of feet out of the Mediterranean Sea, with views of the Bay of Naples, the Sorrento Coast, the Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius, and, at some points, just water as far as the eye can see. About three quarters of the island is beautiful empty cliffs while the other quarter manages to squeeze a couple of small towns - Capri, down on the water, and Anacapri - up in the cliffs.

    We started our day by walking the short but steep walk from our beautiful bed and breakfast down to Anacapri town (with a friendly kitten) to catch the chair lift to the top of Mount Solaro. I am terrified of heights and was terrified to get on this single-person chair lift to the highest point on the island. I didn't do well. I gripped the railing and either stared at the cliff on my left or closed my eyes the entire way...not once looking at the beautiful view of the water and town and cliffs on my right. Once we made it to the top, we got off and walked around and I got to actually take in the beautiful scenery. It was amazing. I am so glad we took this trip in September/October because there were not that many people on the mountain. I imagine in the summer there is barely room to stand, let alone grab a seat overlooking the cliffs. We had a cold beer and relaxed and I built up the strength to take the lift down instead of hiking all the way down. The ride down was beautiful.

    Once we got back down, we had a quick pizza, and took the crazy bus down to the Capri marina for a private boar tour around the island. I'm not sure what to say about this tour except that it was the absolute highlight of the trip. I can't think of much else I've ever done to top it. We spent three hours in a private boat, riding around the entire island of Capri, sipping wine and beer, swimming, and taking in the views. We went into several caves, swam in caves and grottos, and saw the island in the best way imaginable. The white grotto was amazing, with it's natural Madonna statue. The green grotto was beautiful, and Tim was able to scale the rocks inside and dive in. But nothing could ever compare to the blue grotto.

    I had read so much about the blue grotto this past year. I knew it would be amazing. But everything I read said that you paid a small boat a lot of money to take you inside the grotto with a dozen other boats, turn you around, and you're out in 2 minutes. I had also read that, before and after hours (9-5), the boats and the cops leave and sometimes the locals just swim in. I had wanted to do this and had told everyone I would do this for the past year. Well that's how our boat trip ended. He dropped us off near the entrance and told us to have fun. We swam over to the tiny opening (I have no idea how any boat can fit in), we pulled ourselves in on the rope, and we saw the most beautiful thing imaginable. The entire cave is lit up with a glowing bright blue water that I can't even describe. We spent a long time in the cave, swimming and climbing and diving off rocks. It was unreal.

    Then we rode back to the marina, dried off, changed, had a good pasta dinner, and now we're ready for bed. What a day!
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  • Day24

    Day 24 - Capri!

    October 3, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Wow...Capri is beautiful! We left Naples this morning for the short ferry ride to Capri. Then we hailed a cab from the ferry port and rode in the back of the open convertible up through the mountains and along the windy rode to our Airbnb in the highlands of Anacapri. We decided to stay up here in the quieter Monte Solaro area instead of down in the crazy packed Capri, filled with day trippers. Our Airbnb, which is actually a family owned bed and breakfast, is probably the highest point that we could be staying, with gorgeous views of the cliffs, the Mediterranean Sea, and the island of Ischia. We ordered delivery salad and pasta and set up on the pool deck for a late lunch. Then we walked down the steep hill (about a 5 minute walk down...but about 20 minutes back up) to the Anacapri town. We walked around for a little bit and then returned to the pool deck for the beautiful sunset. We decided not to go back down for dinner, since I am still not feeling great. We are going to have another relaxing night and hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow to explore the island.Read more

  • Day3

    The island of Capri

    May 13, 2018 in Italy ⋅

    Set off this morning for the island of Capri, a stunning island populated by the very rich and famous!
    Expensive shops and restaurants, but we managed to find a restaurant tucked away!
    Sandy bought a pair of custom sandals so very happy!
    Lots of window shopping, now planning our evening meal from the trattoria underneath our apartment!!!Read more

  • Day24

    Capri Italy

    June 30, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Great trip to Capri. Stopped at cave where you could see red coral growing just below the sea level attached to the walls of the cave. I have seen jewellery made from the red coral so I was excited to see it in its natural state. Capri was overflowing with tourists however we managed to find our own little patch of beach and had a lovely swim. We also went up to the old town on the funicular. On the way home we stopped just offshore near a fishing village called Nerano situated between Sorrento and Positano for a swim. Amazing water, views in every direction and only 10 people! What a great finish to the day.Read more

  • Day41


    October 9, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    What an amazing day. On the recommendation of friends we decided to do a boat tour today to Capri and it was simply brilliant!! Absolutely breathtaking!!

    There were only five other couples so it wasn’t a big group on a big boat. It was great. We got to sit up front and enjoy the ride over to Capri, riding the waves and admiring the scenery. Our tour guide then took us around the island by boat, taking us into the White Grotto and Green Grotto, the Love Grotto and through the stone archway of the Faraglioni di Mezzo.
    And when I say he took us into the Grottoes, we were in so far we could touch the walls of the caves. Our skipper was excellent. He would go in front first so those on the front of the boat could experience the grottos and then he would reverse in so those sat at the back would not miss out.

    The color and clarity of the water around Capri is astounding. It's absolutely beautiful. The colors are so rich and vivid.

    First stop was the Grotta Bianca, the White Grotto, filled with stalactites and stalagmites, where the limestone rock seems to reflect only white rays of light, thus giving the cave its name. If you squint you can see a statue of the Virgin Mary in the stalagmites.

    We then passed Capri's most iconic sight, the dramatic Faraglioni, three towering rock formations which jut out from the Mediterranean just off the coast. We sailed right through the stone archway and legend has it that if you're with your sweetheart, be sure to exchange a kiss while passing through for good luck, so we did.

    The Grotta Verde, the Green Grotto, was next and this earned its name from the green light upon the rocks. This effect is due to blue light reflected and transmitted from the water, playing upon the yellowish-hued sides and roof of the cave. Once again the colour of the water was breathtaking.

    To complete our boat ride prior to spending time on Capri we went into the Love Grotto, named for the heart shape on the cave walls. Not as deep or as impressive as the others but still cool to see.

    Capri is a pretty town filled with lots of colour, from the lovely lush gardens as we disembark to the pastel colours of the buildings. It is a typical tourist town with lots of shops and restaurants along the water front and it was a beautiful day to meander through the shops. We took the funicular up to the top to admire the views, before heading back down to enjoy lunch and a few drinks on the waterfront. (Lesson learnt - just because food prices are cheap, doesn’t mean the drink prices will be.) It was a very relaxing afternoon with our view of the boats bobbing on the blue sea.

    We ended the day with a quick boat ride home, after losing time waiting for a couple that never turned up, followed by a “fun” drive back to Sorrento with a cranky driver. Obviously speed limits over here are only a suggestion. It was a bit of a scary drive back but added to the adventure.

    Being on the boat was amazing and while Capri was lovely, I actually would have preferred to spend more time on the boat than on Capri. Even so it was a truly fabulous day!!!
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  • Day24

    Capri Part I

    May 7, 2016 in Italy ⋅

    As we got on the ferry at Amalfi to an island called Capri, it felt like we were going to Rottnest, just off Perth, only our backdrop was the breathtaking Amalfi coastline. Definitely does not look like Fremantle B-shed! To say we were flabbergasted would be quite an understatement. This part of the Italy is unbeatable – the most beautiful part of our Italy trip so far, and that’s a huge call.

    The ferry transits in Positano before crossing the Mediteranean Sea to Capri. Positano looks amazing from the sea. Tomorrow we find out that it is even more incredible up close.

    Our main goal upon arriving on the glorious shores of Capri was to find a ferry to take us to see the Blue Grotto – a cave with waters that glow fluorescent blue due to the light coming in from the entrance to the cave. We somehow chanced upon an English couple who had been pounced on by a local offering a private tour of Capri on his boat. Flora’s ears perked up as she senses a bargain. She approaches the couple with an offer to share the private boat tour with us, Viv and Kez. 25 Euros per person for 6 people on a private boat versus the commercial sardines ferry with 40 people onboard for 18 Euros. It’s a no-brainer. Although, what kind of boat does he actually have?? A sense of dread washed over us. He brought it around and we rejoiced with our great win. The boat is beautiful!

    For two hours, he took us to little caves around the island and also gave us an insight to Capri. This island is a holiday mecca for the rich and famous. Mussolini had a castle perched on top of a tall cliff. Sophia Loren has a private house isolated from everyone else, on top of yet another cliff. The skipper rattled off some more names that we ooh-ed and aah-ed at but instantly forgot. He took us to a private bay with only one other small boat where Aaron promptly dived into the crystal waters. No one else was game enough to freeze to death. Aaron thinks it’s the clearest water he has ever seen.

    We had lunch by the marina. We’ve been eating out almost every lunch and dinner since arriving in Italy and it’s not working wonders for our budget. Then again, you don’t go to Italy to miss the amazing food. After lunch, we defied death and took a bus to the famed chair-lifts at Anacapri. All bus drivers in Italy must be rally drivers in their past lives. We were a mere 100mm from dropping off the face of a cliff that this narrow road perched on. Aaron lost the plot. Flora thought she’d have to knock him on the head to calm his nerves.

    We eventually arrived unscathed to the chair-lift station. Single chair-lifts take us on a 15-minute journey to the top of Capri for an incredible 360 degrees panoramic view. Aaron’s vertigo proves to be a problem yet again but he really hasn’t got anywhere else to go (haha!). Flora thoroughly enjoyed the chair-lift ride. This is what it must feel like to fly (very slowly). Life is beautiful. This is a view we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.
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  • Day21

    Rome to Sorrento, via Capri

    June 7, 2016 in Italy ⋅

    We drove from Rome to the port of Naples to catch a ferry to Capri. Apparently, Naples was the most damaged Italian city during WWII and it has never fully recovered because even today, it is quite run down. That said, it is the second busiest port for cruise ships next to Hong Kong.

    The ferry to Capri was only about 45 minutes and the coach didn't come with us (Ollie continued in driving to Sorrento). Most of the group took a boat cruise around the entire island, which only took about 90 minutes, including scenic photo stops and swimming! The water wasn't as warm as I expected, but it was refreshing and the colour was amazing! It was very salty and easy to float without expending any effort.

    We got back with a couple of hours until our ferry to Sorrento and a few of us (UK Tom, Australian Tom, and Cobey) thought it would be interesting to see more of the island views, so we went to a scooter rental shop. If tried ones out, but the owner suggested I should go on with one of the other guys because it's quite challenging to ride on their road - especially since I've never operated a scooter. In hindsight, it was definitely the right decision because the entire route was all narrow, walled roads and switchbacks. Possibly the worst place to learn to ride a scooter! I rode with Cobey because he has ridden them for years and is very good at it, which meant I could take in all of the sights along the way! We made it to the other side of the island and took in the most amazing views I could imagine! It was €15 for an hour for each scooter, which was perfect because that was all the time we had.

    We made it back in time to meet the rest of the group and catch the 45 minute ferry to Sorrento. Ollie met us with the coach for a short ride to the campsite. We set up in record time and the whole lot of us descended on a piazza for a walkabout dinner. Ten of us found our way down one of the side streets to a great little place that held us, but that was pretty much it! For my last meal in Italy, I ordered lasagna AND gnocchi, finished both, and they were fantastic... Great way to wrap up my Italian food experience!
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  • Day11

    Piazetta und Chiesa die Santo Stefano

    October 12, 2016 in Italy ⋅

    Capri wird echt überbewertet. Schon auf den ersten Metern wird uns klar, dass die Insel total überlaufen und überteuert ist. Schon am frühen Morgen hat man ein kaum auszuhaltendes Menschengewühl auf der Piazetta von Capri. Wir flüchten uns erstmal in die kleine Kirche.

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