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    • Day 33

      True equality

      July 30 in Italy

      Today, Alfred proved himself as a true feminist - when they told him his board shorts were too short to enter St Mark's basilica and I'm that moment he truly understood women's suffrage. He bravely shuffled his shorts down, risking them falling off altogether and we collectively pondered how on earth this was more respectful 🙃 The inside was pretty cool with heaps of Byzantine mosaics, proving itself as more worth the wait than the Duomo in Florence. Other than St Mark's we explored the canals and a bookstore where they keep their stock in boats and baths because of how often the city floods!Read more

    • Day 13

      Venice + answer to trivia question

      September 12, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

      This morning we slept in a bit, had breakfast and then took the bus to Venice. We walked around looking at the different shops with masks and little souvenirs and looked at the gondolas. The gondola drivers had the black and white striped shirts and the hats with ribbon around it just like in movies. There were canals everywhere and there were lots of tourists around. Some houses had doors that if you walked through them, you'd fall into the water. We just walked around getting lost taking photos for the whole day. We found a park to have lunch and took a break from walking, and later in the afternoon, we bought some giant meringues to share. We also stopped in a chocolate shop that had a chocolate fountain and lots of delicious chocolate and cookie samples that the employees encouraged us to taste. It was super hot out, 27 degrees so we tried to walk in the shade near the canals. There were also lots of glass shops because there's an island that specializes in glass making.

      Answer to trivia question from last week: The earl grey tea was more expensive, it was 6,4 euros and the baguette was only 3,95 euros

      New trivia question: How many fountains are there in Zurich? a)50 b)210 c)800 d)1200

      Ce matin, on a mangé le déjeuner et après on a pris l'autobus à Venice. On a marché pour toute la journée. On a regardé les magasins avec des masques et des souvenirs, on a aussi vue beaucoup de bateaux et de gondoles. Les personnes qui conduisait les gondoles portait des chandails avec des bandes noirs et blancs et des chapeaux avec le ruban bleu autour comme dans les filmes. On marché à travers Venice pour tout le jour, il y avait beaucoup de touristes et on a pris beaucoup de photos. À midi, on a trouvé un arc et on a mangé le diner, dans l'après-midi, on a acheté des grands meringues qui étaient délicieuses. On a ausi arrêté dans un magasin de chocolat, il y avait un fontaine de chocolat et beaucoup de petits chocolats et biscuits pour gouter. Il y avait aussi beaucoup de verre, il y a un ile qui spésialize dans le verre. C'était aussi très chaud dehors, 27 dégrées.

      Réponse pour question du semaine passée: Le thé earl grey est plus cher, c'était 6,4 euros et la baguette était 3,95 euros.

      Question pour cette semaine: Combien de fontaines est-ce qu'il y a dans Zurich? a)50 b)210 c)800 d)1200
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    • Day 32

      Firenze to Venezia

      July 29 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Travelled from Florence to Venice on a bullet train but it wasn't going full speed :(

      Our favourite Panini shop isn't open on Saturdays - so we went to the second best in Florence instead. Venice is very pretty and adds well to my growing collection of Kate walking down narrow streets photos. Also home to the best tiramisu we have demolished on this continent.Read more

    • Day 196

      What is it?

      August 7, 2020 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Yes. We made it to Venice.
      But we had a little stop at Padua.
      I had to. As the real Lieske had taught me an riddle, if I had lost something. And that had everything to do with a strange guy in Padua.
      So we payed him a visit. And as it looks, also the town of Padua is quite nice.
      We arrived at noon in the suburbs of Venice, were we found another campsite. Booked for three nights, as we thought could use two days for exploring the city.
      But is it a city?
      We were able to take the bus already in the early afternoon to have a sniff.
      It became more than that, but the real deal was today.
      Strolled around again for more than 12 hours..again, and did a small 20km .
      Saw a lot.
      And as we navigated through the city yesterday, today we had the city play us.
      Just walked around in this maze of small streets who ends in the water.
      But don't you dare to take of your shoes and dip your feet into the salty water... the local police will order you not to. Sadly.
      We had a lunch ..a diner.. a sit in and a "take a look at others".
      And we decided that we do not know what this city is.
      Is it a city or a "open air museum"?
      Is it a city or a themepark? A collection of architectural art droped into the sea.
      A reserve?
      We miss .. at least I miss, the humm of a living city. The sound of life,
      Maybe because there are no cars?
      Or maybe because the real Venetian citizens are hard to find?
      Although it is a city you must visit, and we will just not see it all in two days, -we will not even come close,-
      it does not feel as a city.
      And that's a pity.
      So ...What is it ..
      Maybe we will discover it tomorrow.
      Our last day in Venice, and probably one of the last days in Italy.
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    • Day 11

      Venice, you are a piece of art!

      August 11, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Venice was an unavoidable stop on our way to Slovenia and a huge surprise for our eyes! We were expecting streets full of tourists and "picture points" where everyone would fight for taking their best selfie to upload to their Instagram stories. Instead, we got lost through the narrow streets of its old city and we couldn't stop looking up the tall beautiful old houses amazed by their faded colours. This city has such a special personality hidden behind their walls.

      We found much less people than expected (we avoided the 'mass' actually) and also found very affordable prices to enjoy a delicious pasta in the middle of such a beautiful vignette. Arrivederci Venezia!
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    • Day 18

      Venise (Les îles Murano-Burano-Torcello)

      September 28, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

      Visite des iles de Venise!!!
      Murano et son art du verre.
      Burano et ses maisons de pêcheur toutes plus colorées les unes que les autres
      Torcello qui fut l'île concurrente de Venise et qui ne compte plus que 15 habitants à ce jour.
      Une journée au rythme du vaporetto.
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    • Day 21

      Venice, get lost!

      July 7, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      As soon as we stepped off the train the reality of beautiful Venice hit me as the canal flowed right in front of the train station. We elbowed our way onto the vaporetto and travelled down the Grand canal to our airbnb stop at the Rialto Bridge.

      We stayed in the heart of St Marco and could even watch and hear the gondolas serenade past our balcony ❤.

      What a maze Venice is! Our first afternoon in Venice was a mix between finding out where we were and trying to get ourselves off the beaten track and away from the hoards of tourists!

      The weather again was super hot! 🌞🌞🌞so over a couple of days we had short jaunts out of the appartment to see the sights and then back to cool down 😓.

      We went to the top of Campanile Di San Marco for the stunning panoramic view of Venice. Steve and I also visited St Marc's Basilica and the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's palace) in St Marco's square, where we crossed the Bridge of Sighs - famously named because the prisoners would 'sigh' as they glanced at the beauty of Venice for the last time before being booted straight to the prison cells beyond it.

      We have now inevitably purchased a selfie stick!
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    • Day 6


      November 18, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

      Being close to venice, it started to get necessary to visit venice. So we did - tonight.. Maybe a relatively good time of the year - Momentarely are not too many tourists.
      And yes, it is a really pretty town!Read more

    • Day 14

      Ah Venice

      September 2, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      It was almost 8 when we arrived at Mestre and were then able to hop onto another train which took us across the bridge and into Santa Lucia (the main Venice Station). Although it was getting dark as we arrived the Grand Canal was thrumming with people and boats and the sky was being periodically lit up by flashes of lightening and accented by regular rumbles of thunder. Our hotel was only 800 metres from the station but this did involve 3 large bridges (steps up…steps down) and then at the hotel (which is just a doorway from the street) there was 3 floors of later like stairs to get up to our room …. Phew.
      We quickly dumped our stuff and then back down to the street where we just had to cross the street to a Pizzeria (Antico Gafaro Ag) where we enjoyed a large mushroom pizza and a carafe of wine. We were seated next to a (?) father and son who had come from Sicily to see the Biannale and we chatted with them in a mix of English, French and Italian getting their recommendations about what to eat and do in Sicily and commenting on things in Venice. Sated and perhaps a tad effected by the wine we wandered back to our hotel via a gelato place…… aaah Venice
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    • Day 1

      Venedig, Italien

      September 23, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      -Die Rialtobrücke Bild 1
      -Schreitet die Erderwärmung künftig weiter voran, könnte Venedig in weniger als einhundert Jahren unter Wasser liegen. Davor möchte der italienische Künstler Lorenzo Quinn warnen – mit zwei riesigen weißen Kinderhänden, die so aussehen, als würden sie eine Hauswand stützen. Die Skulptur namens Support ist 2017 an der Hauswand des berühmten Ca‘ Sagredo Hotels angebracht und soll eine klare und einfache Nachricht vermitteln: Gemeinsam – und nur gemeinsam – können wir den Klimawandel bremsen. Bild 2
      -Der älteste erhaltene Stadtpalast, das spätere Handelshaus der Türken (Fondaco dei Turchi). Die turmartigen Aufbauten entstammen der Phantasie der Restauratoren des 19. Jahrhunderts. Bild 4
      -Ponte degli Scalzi (Scalzi-Brücke) Bild 6
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