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  • Day83

    Venice (Venezia)

    August 28, 2017 in Italy

    We arrived in Venice Sunday evening and saw a little of this amazing place. Today we did the "Best of Venice" tour to get to know more. It was a very good tour that explained how Venice as we know it today evolved (too much information to include here and I don't want to lose you as followers 😉). We were taken through St. Mark’s Basilica in San Marco Piazza, which is tiled with Byzantine mosaics - no photos allowed - and then walked through the many pedestrian roads to the famous Rialto Bridge where a water taxi drove around the canals, as well as the Grand Canal, for an hour. Fantastic!Read more

  • Day84

    Venice - Doge's Palace

    August 29, 2017 in Italy

    The Doge's Palace, on San Marco Square, was the residence of the Doge (the ruler of Venice) and also housed the political bodies of the state, including the Great Council (Maggior Consiglio) and the Council of Ten as well as prisons. Doge's Palace is now a museum. It was originally built in the 9th Century, but after fires and rebuilding, it became the beautiful Venetian Gothic building that stands today. We got the private "secret itineraries" tour which allowed us into rooms and parts of the prison not accessible to the general public, including a torture chamber and a secret passage into the Hall of the Council of Ten (cleverly disguised as a wardrobe in the room). Additional prison cells were located across the canal in the Prigioni Nuove (New Prisons), which were built in the late 16th century, and connected to the palace via the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri).Read more

  • Day18

    Visite des iles de Venise!!!
    Murano et son art du verre.
    Burano et ses maisons de pêcheur toutes plus colorées les unes que les autres
    Torcello qui fut l'île concurrente de Venise et qui ne compte plus que 15 habitants à ce jour.
    Une journée au rythme du vaporetto.

  • Day6


    November 18, 2016 in Italy

    Being close to venice, it started to get necessary to visit venice. So we did - tonight.. Maybe a relatively good time of the year - Momentarely are not too many tourists.
    And yes, it is a really pretty town!

  • Day14

    Day 13 - Arrive in Venice

    August 23 in Italy

    ‍‍We said good-bye to Florence and took the high-speed train to Venice.  The train ride to about 2 hours.  From the train station in Venice we took water taxis to our hotel.  At the hotel we had a buffet lunch.  On the buffet was a penne pasta with pesto sauce.  We were being served and without thinking I accepted the pasta or on my plate.  I also got chicken and green beans.  As I was heading for a table, our Program Director, Florence, stopped me to give me a plate of pasta in tomato sauce since I am allergic to the pine nuts in the pesto.  Thank goodness to Florence for looking out for me, since it would not have been good if I had eaten the park on the penne pasta.  And up to that point I had been so careful.

    Once lunch was over, we meet or our local guides and headed for St. Mark's Square and the Doges Palace.  There were a lot of steps and it was hot and the building was not air conditioned.  Our group was fine but the other group did not do well and some cut the tour short and returned to the hotel.

    After the tour we returned to the hotel to check-in and get our room keys, go to our rooms and shower and meet again to go to the restaurant.  This was our farewell dinner so the attire Evening Smart (aka dressy).  Our meal consisted of three courses.  For my first course I selected a vegetable roll.  Since John didn't think he wanted either, he selected the Caprese salad. The vegetable roll was like a spring roll, so I let John have that and I took the Caprese salad.  For my second course, I chose the vegetable lasagna; John chose the steak.  For our third course, we both chose the gelato.  It was a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of chocolate.  And there was lots of wine, of course.  Then it was back to the hotel and time to relax and then go to bed.

    John called the hospital and Matt was doing better.  The nurse said that they migh discharge him on Saturday, but they still hadn't gotten word back on what bacteria was the culprit.

    I was struck today by all the different ways there are to turn on the water in sinks; get soap for my hands; and dry my hands.   
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  • Day15

    Day 14 - Exploring Venice

    August 24 in Italy

    ‍John and I decided to forego the glass blowing factory tour.  Instead we decided to do as the slogan says and "get lost in Venice".  Which really means to just wander aimlessly which was very relaxing. One nice thing about Venice is there are signs on all the streets pointing to one of the bridges, so it's ready to travel around without getting to lost.  First we went to the Rialto bridge and to the fish, meat and produce market.  Then we wandered around and had lunch in a little shop.  John got mini ham and turkey sandwiches.  I got a vegetable and cheese in half a toasted pita.  I also tried the Spritz (a mix of white wine, Aperol and a spritz of Seltzer water).  It was okay, but more but then I expected.

    After eating we returned to the hotel and took the hotel water shuttle over to another island and wandered around there for a while.  When we returned we meet or group for a gondola ride.  It was so much fun.  And we had Musicians in our gondola.  One played a guitar and the other sang.  I think the serenading was for Bretna and Lonnie since their anniversary was a few days ago.

    Then we returned to our room to shower and dress for our farewell reception and the private St. Mark's Basilica tour.  While we were getting ready John got a call that Matt was being discharged today.  The hospital was arranging for ambulance transportation.  However, the snag was getting his prescription filled and put in his pill box. John tried to get someone close to Merica House to get the prescription, but could not get in touch with anyone.  So I contacted about friend, Marian,  and she agreed to pickup the pills and put them in Matt's pill box.  John continued to work on getting the prescription filled and the logistics off the discharge.  While John worked on that, I went to the reception to let Florence, our Tour Director, know we would probably not be going to St. Mark's.  It started raining a little after the reception began, so we moved indoors.  I stayed for the reception and then returned upstairs to our room.  Then we went to dinner in the hotel, so we could ensure we had cell service to contact the hospital and anyone else.

    We had dinner in the hotel restaurant so that we would be assured of Cellular service and WiFi.  Finally, the prescription was sent to the CVS near Matt and I could let Marian know.  And while we waited we got packed for the 9:45 am luggage pickup to head home.  Marian texted me when she got to Merica House and put Matt's pills in the pill box.  Now everything was settled and all we needed to concentrate on was going home.  It has been a fun trip and we have made a lot of new friends.
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  • Day146


    August 14, 2015 in Italy

    Its an early start as we check out of Verona and set off for Venice... Everyone (except Travis) has sore bellies (Sukis theory is that everyone has O.D'ed on wine and cheese) and is a little cranky from the travelling. The boys and the girls split up: the boys take the car back to the airport and the girls check in to the accommodation. The accommodation is a gorgeous little apartment right in the heart of Venice so we are back on track! Once everyone is reunited we explore Venice, a spot of shopping, picking up some lovely Murano glass pieces and most importantly hit Happy Hour- 5euro spritzers with a free canape buffet! Everyone is happy :-) We end the evening sitting on the pier drinking red wine and whiskey out of plastic cups and chatting the night away... Its our last night with James and Steph and we have had an awesome time :-)

    The next morning we say goodbye to James and Steph as they set off for their morning flight. We spend our last day in Venice on Burano island- its a 40min ferry ride over to the quaint little island, well known for its picturesque colourful houses and lovely lace related items. The vibe is very relaxing- very difference to Venice and was definitely worth the trip over.

    We head out to Treviso for our last night in Italy, in preparation for our early morning flight tomorrow.. next stop Parree! (Paris)
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  • Day16


    September 26 in Italy

    Premier jour à Venise ou nous avons choisi de flanner avant de commencer les visites intensives!! Venise est un musée à ciel ouvert!!

  • Day17

    Venise 2eme jour

    September 27 in Italy

    Aujourd'hui visite du Palais des Doges, le Pont des Soupirs et tant d'autres!!
    Nous avons fini la journée sur la place San Marco au son des orchestres des cafés Florian et Quadri!!

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