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  • Day13

    Venice + answer to trivia question

    September 12, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    This morning we slept in a bit, had breakfast and then took the bus to Venice. We walked around looking at the different shops with masks and little souvenirs and looked at the gondolas. The gondola drivers had the black and white striped shirts and the hats with ribbon around it just like in movies. There were canals everywhere and there were lots of tourists around. Some houses had doors that if you walked through them, you'd fall into the water. We just walked around getting lost taking photos for the whole day. We found a park to have lunch and took a break from walking, and later in the afternoon, we bought some giant meringues to share. We also stopped in a chocolate shop that had a chocolate fountain and lots of delicious chocolate and cookie samples that the employees encouraged us to taste. It was super hot out, 27 degrees so we tried to walk in the shade near the canals. There were also lots of glass shops because there's an island that specializes in glass making.

    Answer to trivia question from last week: The earl grey tea was more expensive, it was 6,4 euros and the baguette was only 3,95 euros

    New trivia question: How many fountains are there in Zurich? a)50 b)210 c)800 d)1200

    Ce matin, on a mangé le déjeuner et après on a pris l'autobus à Venice. On a marché pour toute la journée. On a regardé les magasins avec des masques et des souvenirs, on a aussi vue beaucoup de bateaux et de gondoles. Les personnes qui conduisait les gondoles portait des chandails avec des bandes noirs et blancs et des chapeaux avec le ruban bleu autour comme dans les filmes. On marché à travers Venice pour tout le jour, il y avait beaucoup de touristes et on a pris beaucoup de photos. À midi, on a trouvé un arc et on a mangé le diner, dans l'après-midi, on a acheté des grands meringues qui étaient délicieuses. On a ausi arrêté dans un magasin de chocolat, il y avait un fontaine de chocolat et beaucoup de petits chocolats et biscuits pour gouter. Il y avait aussi beaucoup de verre, il y a un ile qui spésialize dans le verre. C'était aussi très chaud dehors, 27 dégrées.

    Réponse pour question du semaine passée: Le thé earl grey est plus cher, c'était 6,4 euros et la baguette était 3,95 euros.

    Question pour cette semaine: Combien de fontaines est-ce qu'il y a dans Zurich? a)50 b)210 c)800 d)1200
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  • Day6


    November 18, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Being close to venice, it started to get necessary to visit venice. So we did - tonight.. Maybe a relatively good time of the year - Momentarely are not too many tourists.
    And yes, it is a really pretty town!

  • Day146


    August 14, 2015 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Its an early start as we check out of Verona and set off for Venice... Everyone (except Travis) has sore bellies (Sukis theory is that everyone has O.D'ed on wine and cheese) and is a little cranky from the travelling. The boys and the girls split up: the boys take the car back to the airport and the girls check in to the accommodation. The accommodation is a gorgeous little apartment right in the heart of Venice so we are back on track! Once everyone is reunited we explore Venice, a spot of shopping, picking up some lovely Murano glass pieces and most importantly hit Happy Hour- 5euro spritzers with a free canape buffet! Everyone is happy :-) We end the evening sitting on the pier drinking red wine and whiskey out of plastic cups and chatting the night away... Its our last night with James and Steph and we have had an awesome time :-)

    The next morning we say goodbye to James and Steph as they set off for their morning flight. We spend our last day in Venice on Burano island- its a 40min ferry ride over to the quaint little island, well known for its picturesque colourful houses and lovely lace related items. The vibe is very relaxing- very difference to Venice and was definitely worth the trip over.

    We head out to Treviso for our last night in Italy, in preparation for our early morning flight tomorrow.. next stop Parree! (Paris)
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  • Day11

    Venice, you are a piece of art!

    August 11, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Venice was an unavoidable stop on our way to Slovenia and a huge surprise for our eyes! We were expecting streets full of tourists and "picture points" where everyone would fight for taking their best selfie to upload to their Instagram stories. Instead, we got lost through the narrow streets of its old city and we couldn't stop looking up the tall beautiful old houses amazed by their faded colours. This city has such a special personality hidden behind their walls.

    We found much less people than expected (we avoided the 'mass' actually) and also found very affordable prices to enjoy a delicious pasta in the middle of such a beautiful vignette. Arrivederci Venezia!
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  • Day17

    Finding our way through Venice

    July 22, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Watch out for lost tourists walking while looking at a map and suddently out of no where stopping and making a turn. And make sure not to be one of those annoying tourists! I can proudly tell that we didn't get all lost today, and we did all the sights we had in mind. Including Tiramisu at a cafe and picnic in a park! (Yes, there is a park in Venice).
    Furthermore this was without any doubt the beginning of my cultural education; starting with architechture from different influences and different eras. Who would guess I should be able to recognise a byzantic church?
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  • Day14

    Ah Venice

    September 2, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    It was almost 8 when we arrived at Mestre and were then able to hop onto another train which took us across the bridge and into Santa Lucia (the main Venice Station). Although it was getting dark as we arrived the Grand Canal was thrumming with people and boats and the sky was being periodically lit up by flashes of lightening and accented by regular rumbles of thunder. Our hotel was only 800 metres from the station but this did involve 3 large bridges (steps up…steps down) and then at the hotel (which is just a doorway from the street) there was 3 floors of later like stairs to get up to our room …. Phew.
    We quickly dumped our stuff and then back down to the street where we just had to cross the street to a Pizzeria (Antico Gafaro Ag) where we enjoyed a large mushroom pizza and a carafe of wine. We were seated next to a (?) father and son who had come from Sicily to see the Biannale and we chatted with them in a mix of English, French and Italian getting their recommendations about what to eat and do in Sicily and commenting on things in Venice. Sated and perhaps a tad effected by the wine we wandered back to our hotel via a gelato place…… aaah Venice
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  • Day17

    Art, art and more art

    September 5, 2017 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    We started the day with and ride in the ACTV ferry to the Rialto Market and then breakfast at the Farini Café – double espresso and focaccia with feta. Then it was on a meander via the shops and St Mark’s Square (where I demonstrated my Pigeon Mastery skills .... just for you Sam McKay). Following the pigeon interaction we headed down the Canal Di San Marco to the Gardini where the Biennale is held. It was quite cool and the breeze had a bit of a chill but it was lovely to be out and strolling. Wre arrived at the ticket office just before 10 and joined the short queue – smack on 10am up went the blinds and we soon had our 48hr pass (we had thought about just getting a day pass abut as it turned out we were glad we went with the 48hr).

    The Biennale is an international contemporary art exhibition which occurs every second year in Venice and has been going in odd numbered years since 1893 (this year is the 57th). There are exhibitions by both individual artists and “countries” Countries have their own permanent pavilions and will have a nominated artist or artist exhibiting there – there are also large pavilions with 40+ plus invited artists exhibiting works based on specific themes. The exhibition is primarily held in the gardens (Gardini) at the tip of Venice and the Arsenale – but there are also various works scattered all over the city.

    We started off in the main pavilion – I don’t know if I just don’t “get” contemporary art, but I found most of the stuff in there just really odd (although some was really good). However I enjoyed some of the work in the international pavilions much more, as well as the pavilions themselves – it was interesting seeing how the buildings reflected national character. The Australia exhibit was a tad odd – a photographer (Tracey Moffatt) – whose work I found overly staged. At about 3pm I think we got to the point where we were tired and a tad hungry and so decided to head off in search of Pizza even though we had only seen the works at the Gardini and not yet the Arsenarle

    We left the exhibition and headed off to find Art Della Pizza which I remembered from my last visit to Venice – it took quite a bit of meandering and swearing at the map but finally we found the place and enjoyed a couple of pieces of Pizza (as good as I remembered) before repairing to a local bar for a “spritz” – not nearly as yummy as the one we enjoyed of Murano yesterday. Refreshed we headed off to find a Traghetto – the gondola which takes you across the Grand Canal for 2 Euro (can’t visit Venice and not have ridden in a Gondola) Jumping out at the fish market we wandered around the shops and and generally got lost several times on our way to dinner, we managed to find the shop selling coffee makers and the one where I had seen a pendant I wanted for Mum, as well as the supermarket for a few necessities before rocking up at La Zucca for dinner.

    La Zucca is a vegetable focased (but not vegetarian per see) restaurant – it doea really nice food and we had visited 4 years ago and I was keep to go back. We had a really lovely meal there – I have baked pasted with egg plants and kirstin had a pumpkin and ricotta tart – plau we shared a spinach dish and some grilled artichokes – delicious. We shared our table with a couple of German students who I think we scared with all our talk of fierce Australian wildlife, then, sated once again it was time to head home…. Or at least back to the hotel.
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  • Day18

    More art – old & new!

    September 6, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We started the day with breakfast at Café Farini where the coffee was excellent yet again! Next stop was the Doges Palace in St Mark’s Square. This costs 20 Euro for the visit but you also get entry to 3 other museums in St Mark’s Square so it isn’t too bad. The palace is another of those buildings that has been added to, burned down and partially rebuilt several times. Started in the late 12th century the palace was the residence of the Doge (the elected ruler of Venice) and the seat of the administration of the city. The visit is fairly structured in that there are lots of signs saying “direction of visit” and that sort of thing. We started with the administrative chambers which are rather grand and filled with art – a lot by Tinteretto (Jacob as well as his son Domenico). The we visited the armory which has 2000+ weapons and then finally the goal which includes the famous “Bridge of Signs” which one actually gets to cross in both directions. Although the goal was built as a “model” prison and was seen as very “nice” for the prisoners, it is clear that such things are relative as it was dark, dank and really rather smelly. It WAS very interesting however.

    Having seen lots of old art we moved on to the new stuff – heading off to the Arsenale where we had another go at the Biennale. The Arsenale was first developed in the early 12th Century and was the heart of the Venetian naval power as it functioned as the ship building yards covering an area of 46 hectares (about 15% of Venice) and employing 16,00 workers at its peak – at which time up to 100 ships would be in various stages of production simultaneously. The Arsenale is now the venue for a large proportion of the Biennale, which is what we went to see. There were 5 pavilions with invited artists in the main building and then various country pavillions around the rest of the site. I am not sure if I am missing something or just don’t “get” contemporary art – I couldn’t see the point of a lot of it – we actually suspected many of the artists might have genital issues based on what we were seeing. Although that being said some of the works were really interesting and the venue was fascinating!

    By about 3pm we were all “arted” out and headed back towards the Rialto – we got a bit lost (a very regular occurrence in Venice although it never lasts long) and then stumbled across another Farini branch where we revived ourselves with a double espresso and a cake thing. Fortified we wandered off to check out the Correr Museum which is housed in a late 16th Centruy Building at the other end of St Mark’s Square to the Doges Palace – it has a serious of rooms restored to their 18th Century use as the apartments of the Empresses as well as a large collection of items ranging from religious, through naval and church items.

    After the museum, we took the Traghetto from the Rialto Market stop across the Grand Canal and then walked down Strada Nuova towards the station browsing the shops and generally enjoying the mild evening. We returned to the hotel to shower and change and then headed back past the station to a restaurant we had passed earlier for tea. The food wasn’t awful or anything but it wasn’t fantastic either – I had spaghetti al nero (spaghetti with cuttlefish and squid ink) which was really nice, then grilled salmon (which was a tad dry and a bit boney) with a nice salad. Kirstin had Salmon and polenta but didn’t enjoy the salmon because of the bones. Post dinner it was back to the hotel to start packing and sort out our plans for tomorrow when it is off to Verona!
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