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  • Day365

    Day 366: South to Sicily

    February 15 in Italy

    Our one-year anniversary of this trip, and we passed it appropriately enough - on the road! Hard to believe that 12 months ago we stepped off a plane in Madrid, worrying about our dog and wondering what the future held for us! At that point we had basically zero plans for the future other than meeting up with people when they made it to the UK later in the year.

    Side note - I realise this claims to be day 366, while the FindPenguins numbering calls it day 365. The app's numbering is correct, I accidentally doubled-up a day on our second stint through London (the one in July) and fixing it is just way too hard. Oh well!

    We got up quite early, around 7am, shivered our way through breakfast and then hit the road back towards Naples. Fairly long 2.5 hour drive, but mostly on the freeway so not much exciting happened. Made the car rental return place by 11am where we had no problems dropping the car off. It still stunk of cigarettes after a week, but otherwise it's been fine.

    Onto the shuttle bus back into town where we made it in plenty of time for our train south. Here in Italy the long-distance trains come in three varieties: Frecia Rossa (Red), Argent (Silver), and Bianca (white). Ours was a white, indicating the cheapest and least luxurious, but it's still a mile above the typical regional trains we've had through most of Italy. This train had started in Milan and was going all the way to the southern tip of Italy so was quite crowded.

    We'd tried the travel hack of booking diagonally opposite seats, hoping that nobody would take either of the other two in the four, but when we boarded there was already a guy sitting in one of the seats. Oh well. In went the headphones and the train chuntered off south through Campania and then Calabria.

    Four hours later we hopped off the train in Pizzaro San Giovanni, right next to the wharf where ferries run continuously between the mainland and Sicily. Although there was a boat right there being loaded, we were told the next boat was at 5:30pm, an hour from now. Nothing to do but sit and wait in this little outpost of civilisation, watching the trucks roll past onto boats.

    Finally the time rolled around and we were able to board - quite a few people on as well! The journey across the straight was only about 20 minutes and very flat & calm, it's surprising how close Sicily is at this point. No wonder the Roman empire fought so hard for it over the centuries!

    It was nearly dark when we disembarked, but thankfully our accommodation for the night was right nearby - about halfway between the port and the train station where we'll be leaving from in the morning. Headed out for a short wander, where we found a really good burger place. I ordered a burger with double meat, tomatoes, bacon, fried melanzane cheese and a serve of fries on the side - defeated! Couldn't finish a burger for the first time basically ever. Very tasty though.

    Headed home and didn't get much chance to look around the city, but there doesn't seem to be much here anyway. Oh well, onwards!
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  • Day5

    Messina (Sizilien) / Auf See

    December 1, 2017 in Italy

    Um 9:20 haben wir verspätet in Messina angelegt. Es ist bewölkt, sehr windig und gefühlte 15 Grad.

    Gegen 10:00h bin ich von Bord gegangen. Vorher habe ich noch mein "Zwangstrinkgeld" an der Rezeption auf 0 Euro setzen lassen. Ich bevorzuge, das Trinkgeld individuell in Cash zu geben. Miguel aus Honduras - der für meine Innenkabine 1177 zuständig ist- ist ein erster Kandidat. Das einzig Interessante an dieser ziemlich vermüllten Stadt ist die Aussicht auf die Meerenge zwischen Sizilien und dem Festland. Zwei auf einem Hügel liegende Kirchen bieten eine gute Aussicht. Normalerweise sind bei Kreuzfahrten die zu kurzen Landausflüge ärgerlich, aber hier in Messina definitiv nicht. Max. 2 Stunden, um sich die Beine zu vertreten sind für diese Stadt mehr als genug. Nach dem Mittagessen bin ich dann noch einmal etwas gelaufen. Aber etwas wirklich Interessantes habe ich dann immer noch nicht in der Stadt gefunden. Haken dran ....

    Ich habe wieder exzellent geschlafen und setze meine "Wasserkur" konsequent fort. Nur bei den verführerischen Süßwaren kann ich noch nicht konsequent "nein" sagen. Wir kreuzen jetzt südöstlich von Sardinien mit Kurs auf Barcelona. Heute erwarten uns 15 Grad und offensichtlich ein bewölkter Himmel. Nach Barcelona kann es jeden Tag nur noch wärmer werden.

    Sardinien ist jetzt an der Steuerbordseite zu sehen. Ich habe mittlerweile wieder alles angezogen, was ich dabei habe um draußen an der frischen Luft sitzen zu können - einschließlich langer Unterhose.

    So ein See Tag kann lang und kalt sein. Sobald die Sonne verschwindet, ist es an Deck auf Dauer zu frisch. Auch eine lange Unterhose hilft dann irgendwann nicht mehr. Aber selbst im Inneren des Schiffs kann es echt kalt werden. Heizungen gibt es offensichtlich auch nicht. Eine Kreuzfahrt ist eben nur was für warme Gefilde. Zum Glück wird es ab morgen täglich etwas weniger kalt und ab Madeira täglich etwas wärmer.

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  • Day5

    Messina, Sicily

    October 26, 2016 in Italy

    Our next port was supposed to be Taormina, Sicily which is a quaint, ancient Sicilian town with a lot of Roman and Greek ruins. Unfortunately, the sea was too choppy for us to anchor in the Mediterranean and take boats to shore, so we docked in Messina, Sicily instead. Messina is covered in graffiti and is much more modern, but the area is naturally beautiful. We managed to find some interesting sights as we walked around town.

    Pics include Tempio Votivo di Cristo Re, which is a War Memorial with a promenade below it that has beautiful views of the city and harbor. Duomo di Messina was originally built in the 12th century and accidentally burnt to the ground in 1254, the cathedral was destroyed again in the earthquakes of 1783 and 1908, as well as by an incendiary WWII bomb in 1943. And guarding Messina's harbour is the golden statue of the Madonna della Lettera visible in front of the sunrise as we docked.
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  • Day15


    July 24, 2016 in Italy

    The boys insisted on a beach stop after seeing all the old stuff. Neil did his 1 geocache and then we took the tram towards the beach. On the way we met Ashley and Cary, the honeymooners from N. Carolina. A couple of local girls told us to wait for the bus to a nicer beach. After waiting for 40 min in the scorching heat we decided to just go to the closer beach. At the beach, we met up with the rest of our gang.Read more

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