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    • Day 24 - Rome

      August 2 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Today we had no plans set, we woke up late after a nice sleep on from our late night at the colosseum.

      We do get breakfast at our BnB but consists of 3 packet croissants and a packet of other stuff I’m not really keen on trying.
      So we saw a nice reasonably priced cafe on the street. II Nido Gusto E Miscele, the waitress spoke great English and the breakfast menu start at 10am, we arrived a little after 10 luckily enough!
      Katie got avo on toast with pear on top, I got pancakes with fruit. Was a great coffee and will definitely be having their coffee again!

      We caught the metro to Spagla again and walked up the Spanish steps, then headed around town.
      We went to Chiostro del Bramante which is a cultural space hosting classic art exhibitions, we went there as the cafe has painted walls & roofs. The stair are done by an artist that let the paint run down the stairs not letting colours touch each other until the landing as well.
      We walked along Via del Coronari, a cobblestone street lined with shops, cafes plus churches and buildings as old as the 15th century.
      Next street we walked down is Via del Governo Vecchio, this is also a cobbled street with shops and restaurants with lively palazzos. Also home to the famous Frigidarum gelato store, we had to try some! So Katie got the lemon flavour that tasted like freshly squeezed lemon, I opted for cookies and chocolate! We walked past the pantheon the temple built 118-125AD, line was massive and they now charge for entry so we moved on to get some lunch.
      Lunch was pasta made a huge hit over TikTok, Pastificio Guerra. Lunch starts at 1pm and the menu isn’t announced until it opens, at €4.50 a serve of pasta and it’s made fresh! We waited in a small line, got some pork pasta and headed to Fontana del bottino steps to eat with others like us while watching the world go by.

      We went back to the hotel and opted to go to the laundromat, this was the highlight of Katie’s day watching the machine spin around and around 😂

      For dinner we went to the Jewish Ghetto, we looked at the Portico of Octavia, remains of an ancient walkway built in 2nd century B.C. to link two Roman temples. The turtle fountain that is an elegant renaissance fountain with bronze figures of men with turtles and dolphins and a walk around the ghetto itself.
      We sat down for a drink and some buskers were playing, I thought this is nice, drink music & my beautiful wife. They came around to all the tables for a tip, I have one euro and straight after they got all their tops they moved down the street! Katie didn’t let me down on this one euro for a while!
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    • Day 3

      continuazione ……

      November 1 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      „Vicolo di Santa Maria in Capella“ in Trastevere ist eine Überraschung! Sie stammt in Teilen noch aus dem 11. Jahrhundert und diente unter anderem als Hospital. Vor allem der Innenhof ist wunderschön - ruhig, wie entrückt.
      Über und vorbei an mehreren den Tiber überspannenden Brücken gehe ich weiter zum Porticus der Octavia, nehme mit der Kamera mit was ich entdecke.
      Ein kleines Abendessen in einem Pub - der 🍷 war aber aus Italien 😉
      Es ist ruhiger geworden, wenige schlendern wie ich durch diesen Teil der Gassen Roms.
      💫💫💫 Buona notte 💫💫💫
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    • Day 16

      Trastevere - the perfect location

      July 30, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

      After much research, I decided to stay in an area called Trastevere because it was within walking distance to Vatican City and the Colosseum area. This has turned out to be such a fun area in the few hours we have ventured out. The AirBnB is in an awesome location and there are side streets with restaurants, bars, wine stores, and shops lining the streets. We found a local pizza and pasta place and everything we had was delicious, especially Sydney’s dish, which was a lemon linguine with goat and ricotta cheese. It’s like nothing we had ever tasted before. Afterwards we made our way to the Ponte Garibaldi to catch the sunset and saw there was a street market just below us along the Tiber River. We tried to make it to the Mouth of Truth, but it was already closed. We caught some musicians who had drawn an audience in one of the piazzas and roamed through the busting streets filled with all sorts of people.Read more

    • Day 17

      Last dinner and last café in Roma

      July 31, 2022 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 82 °F

      As we were walking back to the AirBnB we passed a place called Pasta e Vino Osteria with a woman rolling out pasta dough to make different kinds of ravioli, linguine, and tortellini. I could have watched for hours. We decided that this had to be the place to eat dinner after the sunset. This place was hopping and was the only restaurant we passed with a line, so we figured we had hit the jackpot. Everything was so fresh and delicious and the manager who was also a sommelier suggested all the dishes we needed to try. Definitely our best meal in Rome! 🍝

      The next morning, I had a few places I wanted to visit before our flight back home. I had yet to have a morning cappuccino at a street side café, so I went to the San Cosimato Market that I had wanted to check out, and found Il Siciliano where I grabbed a cappuccino and may have interrupted a Mafia meeting, LOL! I sat around taking in the quiet streets and watching the market get set up. I still had time to get to the Jewish Ghetto to get some crostata, a cherry and ricotta breakfast treat that I had heard so much about at the Pasticceria Boccione. Along the way, I passed more churches so I had to pop inside. It's always interesting to see what these churches have inside.

      Taking my last stroll back to Trastevere, crossing over the Tiber River, I am in awe of how this area changes from the night time with all the bustling crowds and tables set up in the streets, to just a few people on the street; most sweeping up last nights crumbs to prepare for the day.
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    • Day 120


      November 20 in Italy ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

      Rom in drei Tagen. Sicherlich darf man nicht den Anspruch haben, alles zu sehen. Das wollen und können wir auch auf keinen Fall. Was wir uns während der drei Tage anschauen, ist im Zeitraffer das, was wohl auch die meisten Besucher in Rom interessiert: Das ursprüngliche Viertel Trastevere, das Kolusseum, die Galleria Nazionale del Arte moderna, MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolot (das Gebäude - fantastische Architektur von Zaha Hadid), das Pantheon (sooo beeindruckend und fast 2000 Jahre alt), das Forum Romanum (sehr weitläufig 😅), der Trevi Brunnen, die Spanische Treppe (zu gehyped) und natürlich der Petersplatz. Rom hat gewiss noch viel mehr zu bieten. Wir belassen es bei diesen Eindrücken und fahren weiter gen Norden.Read more

    • Day 16

      Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

      October 2, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Have spent a very happy morning mooching through the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
      Completely in awe of the sheer size of the place and how much there is still left to discover.
      You can feel the importance of the area as you wonder through.
      Only criticism is lack of information for visitors, we are not archeologists therefore some of it just looks like piles of rock and brick.
      Very worth a visit and would highly recommend.
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    • Day 5

      Trastevere - per sempre

      November 3 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Noch zeigt sich blauer Himmel, aber es gibt auch weiterhin starke Windböen und kurze aber heftige Regengüsse - „strandeln“ in Trastevere geht da gut.

      Faro do Gianicolo
      Gebaut aus lombardischem Kalkstein dient er der Erinnerung an nach 🇦🇷 ausgewanderten Italienern.
      Das Areal ums Gebäude wurde mit inoffizieller Billigung der örtlichen Polizei und Justiz bis vor einigen Jahren zur familiären Kommunikation zwischen Häftlingen, die im nahgelegenen Regina-Coeli-Gefängnis einsaßen und deren Angehörigen vom Leuchtturm mittels Lichtzeichen genutzt.

      Eine Pinsa + ein Glas Wein in einer „no Name“ Bar - soooo gut!
      Trastevere zu durchstreifen ist ein genussvolles Tun, sowohl für den Leib als auch für die Augen 📷 😊

      Noch einen kurzen Sidestep auf den Aventin - zum berühmtesten Schlüsselloch Roms.
      Es blitzt, es donnert und phasenweise schüttet es wie wild 🌩️ ⛈️ 🌧️

      Ich sage heute schon Arrivederci - morgen um 10 Uhr fahre ich mit dem Zug einem neuen Ziel entgegen.
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    • Day 9

      L'ultimo sera

      April 28, 2022 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 66 °F

      I am stuffed and tired. Yet I am waiting outside a trattoria for one last meal. They should be open soon. Open now. I am sitting inside, as the outside tables all filled up a head of time..

      I came home after my negative covid test and sat on the balcony with my wine. I also ate most of the cheese from the bike tour. The restaurant didn't open until 8pm, so I hung out until almost 7:30pm. Walking to the restaurant, I couldn't imagine eating any more (or drinking!), but here I go...

      The food was okay. I had gnocchi with a red sauce and a side of seasonal veggies. They turned out to be puntarelle. Let's just say that I will not be wasting energy growing puntarelle. Glorified dandelion greens! I sat inside, by the door to outside. The place was hopping. All women running the place, except the man at the counter. It was a good dinner for 23€.

      I walked around a bit before I had one last visit to the piazza. Then I walked back--so tired! I packed my clothes that I wore to dinner and watched movie while drifting off to sleep.
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    • Day 3

      Santa Maria in Trastevere

      November 11 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      Neben den Gassen ist das Highlight im Viertel Trastevere sicherlich die Santa Maria in Trastevere. Santa Maria in Trastevere ist die älteste Marienkirche Roms und bildet mit dem davorliegenden Platz das Zentrum des Viertels Trastevere. Nach den Überlieferungen des 4. Jahrhunderts entsprang dort, wo heute der Altar der Kirche steht, im Jahr 38 v. Chr. eine ölhaltige Quelle. Was möglicherweise durch vulkanische Tätigkeit zu erklären wäre, wurde von den jüdischen Einwohnern des Viertels als Ankündigung des Messias gesehen. Später wurde dieses Ereignis als Zeichen der Ankunft Jesu Christi interpretiert. Schon im 3. Jahrhundert soll es an der Stelle eine christliche Hauskirche gegeben haben. Im 4. Jahrhunderts wurde schließlich eine große Basilika errichtet, die im 12. Jahrhundert unter durch einen Neubau ersetzt wurde. Neben dem sehr schönen Inneren hat uns auch der Turm der Kirche sehr gut gefallen. Türme haben wir in Rom eher selten gesehen, weder an Kirchen noch in anderer Form. Hat aber durch die Kuppel, Denkmäler und Hügel gar nicht gefehlt! Von der Kirche aus ging’s dann wieder weiter, jetzt auf möglichst direkten Weg zurück zum Hotel. Auch wenn es erst kurz vor 14 Uhr war, waren wir doch schon über 8 Stunden wach und somit auch schon fast 8 Stunden unterwegs. Wir waren nicht wirklich müde, platt aber ganz sicher! Der Rückweg hat gut 30 Minuten gedauert und so konnten wir uns bis zum Abendessen gut 3 Stunden Pause gönnen. Hat gut getan, war notwendig!Read more

    • Day 6

      Rick Steves Trastevere

      April 25, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

      After breakfast, which consisted of coffee from a moka, a coronetto, some apricot tart, and some yogurt, I went back to the room/balcony to plan. Originally, I was planning to go to the Caracalla baths, but they are closed today. I checked my Rick Steves tours. There was a Trastevere one loaded and ready to go.

      I had to walk 20 minutes to the start. I found a place for a covid test, too. The tour started on the bridge over Isola Tiberina. The first big site is Chiesa Santa Cecilia. It was beautiful and had a bonus of an underground section of the original house. That was worth the 3€! Next was basically wandering though the neighborhood until we arrived at Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere. This is the same place with the busy piazza yesterday. This church had very beautiful mosaics, but I'm sort of churched out.

      I was hungry and started to look for lunch. I pointed myself towards a place called Suppì, but it wasn't there. I ended up at a ace that was nearby. I just finished my 1st Pasta of Rome--Amatriciana.

      Now back home to change and recharge for the food tour!
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