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  • Day3


    March 19, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Miután visszatértünk a Porta Porteserol, kerestünk egy jó kis helyet, találtunk is hamar egy hangulatosat a szallashoz közel. (A neve gőzöm sincs pontosan mit jelent pedig próbáltam leguglizni.) Feleztunk egy pizzát, ami isteni volt, meg kipróbáltuk a sült articsokat, amivel minden tele van mert most van a szezonja. Haaat, olyan mint egy kicsit égett chips, nekünk annyira nem jött be de legalabb ez is megvolt.Read more

  • Day35


    May 4, 2018 in Italy ⋅

    Waking up in a 16th century AirBnB in Campo di Fiori!!

    Saturday night:
    48 hours into this incredible city- a whirlwind! Staying in the most amazing 1500's apartment. You drive through a maze of narrow, cobbled streets to get here. The building front has super-thick massive wooden security doors which lead through an arched hallway into a 4-story courtyard complex, smack in the middle of an authentically Italian neighbourhood- but also within walking distance of all the main sights. Even though it has been modernised, the exposed hand-carved wooden ceiling seems to be the real thing, as well as a few stone features.

    Yesterday we started off wandering about with no specific intentions- just in the direction of the Colosseum. We found ourselves in the Jewish Ghetto (in the 1500s the Pope made all the Jews live there), then strolling past the Teatro de Marcello and ruins from the Temple of Apollo. Wandered into a gorgeous church (randomly), and then in front of a National War Memorial, which had a lift that took you to amazing rooftop views of Rome. Brief pizza/gelato stop to recharge the batteries and then into the Colosseum and a stroll through Palatine Hill area.

    Jesse definitely seems to have fractured his tibia from skiing. Our amazing AirBnB host had a spare crutch to lend us. He carried on like a champ but was hurting a lot by the end of the day.

    Today we hit the Vatican, St Peter's Basilica, and Sistine Chapel. Took a 3-hour tour which was sooooo interesting and worthwhile. Boys' history (& mine) definitely schooled up. Maria, the tour guide, pointed out so many historical anecdotes and small details that I would have never noticed. The Vatican lets in 35,000 visitors per day, though- so we were packed in like a Chinese subway carriage. And there's just too many amazing pieces of art- by the end of the Museum part of the tour we just walked passed original works from Chagall, Dali, Matisse, etc. because there's literally too much to see.

    I do struggle a lot with the grotesque wealth of the Church and how so much of that wealth has been acquired in very dubious ways (to put it mildly), as well as the massive scale of abuses they have tolerated- even supported- which has become even more clear in recent years. So I was actually against taking us to the Vatican, as if felt somehow complicit to get tickets. But Buz vetoed me... & it is a jaw-dropping place (even the boys appreciated that). but I had to suppress a gag when the tour guide said at the beginning that the Vatican has few ways to make money - it relies on the generosity of the Catholic community. You only have to look at the priceless artwork in there to understand how they are one of the most wealthy institutions in the world.

    To avoid the dangers of dreaded 'hanger' after that 3-hour tour we grabbed a taxi to Piazza Navona and watched artists make some cool stuff and then feasted on beer, pasta, and a shameless platter of desserts!

    Tomorrow should be an easier day of a short stroll to the Pantheon and lots of gelato breaks.
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  • Day28

    Antipasto for dinner

    September 23, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Because we can't possibly have walked enough today, Craig and I decided to find a delicatessen and buy some various antipasto ingredients for dinner tonight. Google Maps gave us an option which was a 3km round trip, which seemed reasonable for some authentic Roman fare. So off we set. Unfortunately, Erzinio Food has not lodged the correct opening details with Google Maps! Our other option was Roscioli which turned out to be a 4.2km round trip.

    Finding ourselves in a stuffed-to-the-hilt deli where everything was in Italian was only slightly daunting ;-) We walked away with fresh pesto, whole baby caramelised onions, artichoke hearts and more than what we asked for of the €150/kg prosciutto. It took him a good 20 minutes to cut the prosciutto by hand, so it was a bit of a masterpiece.

    Roscioli also had a forno (bakery) a little further down the lane, so we bought some crusty bread there from an equally stuffed-to-the-hilt-with-bread-and-people shop, and some cheese and salami and grapes from yet another shop, and our hunter-gatherer duties were done.

    A meal fit for a king, only topped by gelati from the shop downstairs (dangerous to live close to too many gelati shops!) I feel slightly vindicated by the additional 4.2km walk we squeezed in on top of all the other walking we did today.

    On the topic of lots of walking, and tangentially related... the kids are somewhat enamoured by the bidet and keep asking us if we have used it yet. After the extra walking this afternoon, I think the perfect use would be to fill it up with some warm water, add a splash of Radox, sit back on the loo next to it and soothe the sore feet!
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  • Day35

    Rome 1

    May 4, 2018 in Italy ⋅

    My fav European capital city!
    Staying in a 15th century apartment in a cool, old neighborhood.
    Saw the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia, Foro Romano ruins and the arch of Titus.
    The highlight was a lunch feast and eating three icecreams over the course of the day!

  • Day3

    Vacsi a Trasteveren

    March 2, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Kitaláltuk hogy este elmegyünk a Dóri által javasolt sonkazos helyre a Trasteverere. A szallasunkrol azonban nem olyan könnyű sajnos oda jutni, pedig kinéztem h van az FL3-nak egy trasteverei megállója. De mint kiderült az eléggé a végére visz a varosresznek Uh nagyon nehezen ki logisztikaztuk h a 3as villamos egy darabig jó lesz nekünk h ne kelljen 30 percet gyalogolni éhesen. Egészen jól és viszonylag gyorsan el is jutottunk a Sonkazaba, csak hely nem volt. De 10-15 percet kellett csak várnunk felszabaduló helyre, addig pedig ittunk egy-egy pohárka san govese-t, a ház borát. Eleg jó bor volt szó se róla.Read more

  • Day1

    Hotel Regola

    March 26, 2015 in Italy ⋅

    És végül-mint aki jól végezte dolgát- vacsi a Baccanaleban, a Campo sarki szokásos éttermünkben, spaghetti alla vongole és bolognese sok parmival, vino rosso de la casa és egy kis macchiato ahogy az olaszok isszák... Aztán már csak pihi, holnap újra szétcsapunk!

  • Day1

    Róma, hotel Regola

    March 26, 2015 in Italy ⋅

    Akkor mégis folytatom.Lisztfecóbeli szokásos Vipezés, majd szerencsére eseménytelen repülőút-Róma mindig mosolygós/napsütéses arcát mutatja, olyan mintha hazajönnénk.Minden a szokásos, mégis imádjuk, már az olasz nyelvet hallva is mintha simogatnák a fülünket...Vonattal Trasteveréig, 8-as villamos és máris a város szívében vagyunk, a Campo Di Fiorinál, kedvenc sétálóutcánkon át besétálunk kedvenc szállodánkba, ahol a recepciós a Ciao köszönésre Mariannázva üdvözöl, csak a hangom alapján.Read more

  • Day4

    Angyalvar es Trastevere

    March 3, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    A Vatikán után átsétáltunk az Angyalvarhoz és mivel érvényes volt meg a Roma pass-unk be is mentünk megnezni. Vagyis inkább fel. Vegigmentunk a teteje ig ahonnan nagyon szép kilátás nyílt Rómára. Megérte felküzdeni magunkat annak ellenére h már mindkettőnk lába eléggé fajt az előző napi tulhajtastol. Minden irányba jól ellehetett látni, szerencsére szép napsuteses idő volt. Ezt követően felkereskedtunk h atmegyunk a Trasteverere mert előző nap csak sotetben láttuk... a via del Corso egy részénél már nagyon fajt a lábunk Uh felpattantunk egy buszra ami elvitt a Piazza Veneziaig, onnan pedig mentünk tovább 8as villamossal, ami már ismert járat volt. Szóval atjutottunk a labkimelo móddal a célhoz. Sétáltunk egy kicsit aztán beultunk a terén egy helyre h pihentetjuk a labunkat egy kicsit, iszunk egy jó bort meg kértünk egy-egy bruschettat h ne haljunk éhen vacsiig. Na akkora adagot kaptunk h nem is bírtunk vacsizni Uh jó mergesek voltunk. Ez a nap annyira nem sikerült jól kaja szempontból de megfogadtuk h legközelebb figyelunk jobban 😉 meg sétáltunk egyet a hangulatos kis utcákban aztán hazafele vettük az irányt, immár teljesen tudatosan.Read more

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