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  • Day212

    Melaka 26.02. - 01.03.

    February 26 in Malaysia

    Von Krabi sind wir nach Kuala Lumpur geflogen und von da aus ging es weiter mit einem Bus nach Melaka. Seit 2008 gehört die Stadt zum Weltkulturerbe und wir waren auch sehr angetan. Für asiatische Verhältnisse richtig schön. Dies liegt in erster Linie an der bewegten Geschichte der Stadt. Die Straße von Melaka ist seit jeher eine wichtige Handelsroute und hatte auch immer eine große strategische Bedeutung. So waren neben den Chinesen, die Portugiesen, Holländer und zu guter letzt die Briten in Melaka, die hier alle ihre Spuren hinterlassen haben. Der Hafen ist heutzutage nicht mehr wirklich wichtig, da die großen Containerschiffe diesen nicht mehr anfahren können. Durch die Straße von Melaka fahren täglich allerdings noch 2.000 Schiffe, 20-25 % des weltweiten Schiffverkehrs.
    Bei unserer Hotelsuche hatten wir die Qual der Wahl, da es ein unfassbar großes Angebot gibt. Speziell am Wochenende fallen hier wohl Horden von malayischen Touristen ein, um in erster Linie den Markt auf der sagenumwobenen Jonker Street zu besuchen. War uns jedoch wumpe, so dass wir hier von Montag bis Donnerstag im hübschen "Rucksack Caratel" (Tine, mal wieder mit Pool 😉) geblieben sind. Drei Nächte konnte man hier auch wirklich problemlos aushalten. Neben einer Bootstour sind wir viel durch die Stadt gelaufen, haben in einem der netten Restaurants am Fluss gelesen, sind in der MegaMall
    shoppen gewesen und haben das leckere malayische Essen genossen. War ein rundum gelungener Ausflug und brachte ein bisserl Abwechslung zu den Inselsufenthalten.
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  • Day34

    Day 34: Checking out Malacca

    July 19, 2016 in Malaysia

    Woke up at a fairly normal time this morning but had a few errands to do before getting the day off. Firstly our washing situation was becoming critical, so we needed to find a laundry shop. And our efforts the previous evening to find an ATM proved fruitless, so we needed to find one pronto as we had no money and were clearly in a relatively cash-driven area. After a pair of hot tips from a passing motorcyclist and a tourist info officer, we managed to find both facilities okay.

    Malacca is a city with a long and surprising history. Before arriving, I'd assumed it was similar to George Town in Penang which we'd visited last year, but it's actually very different! It was an important trading city and the centre of a sultanate from about the 1100s onwards, until the Portuguese arrived in the 1510s and colonised the place. They occupied the area for about 140 years until the Dutch conquered it in the 1640s, who then ruled for just under 200 years. The Dutch wanted to free up troops and resources to fight off Napoleon's occupation of the Netherlands, and so handed temporary control of the town and area to the British in the 1810s. The British, concerned about giving the Dutch back a strong fortress and trading post sabotaged the place, pushing most of the trade to their settlement at Penang a few hundred kilometres up the coast. In the end, the Dutch didn't want it back so the British kept it until the Japanese conquest in 1941/42 (Malacca fell only a week or so before Singapore). The Japanese occupation ended in 1945 with the return of the British, until Malaysian independence in 1965. So a long and varied history!

    We spent most of the day wandering around the ruins of the old town - there's still a crumbling archway from the original Portuguese fortress, along with a bunch of buildings, churches and graves from the Dutch era as well. The British didn't build much so there wasn't a lot left from their era. We spent quite a bit of time in a couple of museums which were very impressive and very thorough - exhausting even.

    Also found the time to go on the observation tower, which ascends to quite a height, maybe 20 storeys? It takes about a minute to ascend, and stays at the top for about 5 minutes while slowly rotating. Great views from the top, long distances in every direction!

    We retreated from the heat of the day to a cafe and had a cold drink then headed back to the hotel around 5pm. Showering in the evening is just such a necessity in the tropics, even being outside for more than 10 minutes makes me sweaty! Headed back out around 6:30pm, intending to take a river boat ride during sunset and dusk which we'd heard good things about. The dock was only a couple of minutes walk from our hotel, and we made it with time to spare.

    The ride itself was great, 20 minutes each way up and back along the river which is really more of an Amsterdam style canal, complete with ornate lighting and brightly painted buildings. It also went past the amusingly poorly-thought-out monorail that only operated briefly before being shut down. The idea of sticking a monorail in a UNESCO World Heritage listed town honestly makes me shudder! Got some good photos from the boat which was good!

    After the boat ride it was nearly 8pm and definitely time for dinner (though we'd snacked on some pineapple tarts late in the afternoon). Once again we couldn't find much open - I think most tourists come here as a day trip from KL or Singapore so the bulk of the restaurants just don't open in the evening. Once again Shandos vetoed the Hard Rock Cafe, so we had a beer in a small bar overlooking the canal then a laksa dinner at a cafe around the corner from our hotel.

    Looking forward to tomorrow, this town seems to have quite a lot to offer! Today was mostly on the eastern side of the canal, as for whatever reason the western side where the older Chinese community live is mostly closed on Tuesdays. So we'll check out that tomorrow!
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  • Day1

    erste Eindrücke von der roten Stadt

    July 18, 2016 in Malaysia

    Die Spuren der holländischen Kolonialisten prägen das Stadtbild Melakas. Muscle Man, akrobatische Baumverschneider mit gerechter Arbeitsteilung und Hello Kitty-Rikschas runden es ab. Melaka gilt also zu Recht als UNESCO Welterbe. :D

  • Day1

    Zeit für die Werbung

    July 18, 2016 in Malaysia

    Unser Guest House in Melaka, das Old Town Guest House, verdient diese Werbefläche, weil es echt toll war. So schicke Bilder von allen Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt - da müssen wir ja gar nicht mehr das Haus verlassen, um alles zu sehen. ^^
    Und der Inder um die Ecke (letztes Bild) hatte die besten und günstigsten Süßspeisen der Stadt.

  • Day57


    August 6, 2016 in Malaysia

    It's a cute place to spend couple of days in. It's much quieter than Georgetown but also nice, there are some nice cafes and restaurants there, and shopping is really good. There is a lot of red everywhere, even the floor in my bedroom is painted in red! I'm staying in yote flashpackers with a friendly, hippie vibe, buy this is the first place where the owners seemed to pity me cause I was on my own...I think they assumed I got dumped after I made the booking because I rented a private room with a double bed on my own. That's what it sounded like when I checked in :) but I don't take it personally.Read more

  • Day188

    Exploring Melaka

    September 27, 2017 in Malaysia

    This morning I just did some laundry and packing and in the afternoon I met Roland ‘the old man’ as he called himself at my hotel. He was a experienced, retired American from New York. His dad was a Irish Jew and his mother a catholic Spanish. He called himself a christian missionary and traveled the last 7 years through Asia.
    He knew lot’s of people around town and helped me to get my bus tickets to the airport quickly.

    Later we end up doing a bicycle ride through all the main places of the town. Starting in China Town visiting mosques, churches, buddhist and taoists temples we drove through the modern city centre and end up in the so called Portuguese village where we ate a delicious vegetarian, Portuguese/ Asian food plate at the end of the day.
    In that village I saw good constructed flat single houses with catholic symbols above the doors. All houses were surrounded by little walls what reminded me a bit of Portugal.

    The only monument from the Portuguese time around 1500 in Melaka was a big entrance gate from the old castle close to Chinatown. 100 years later the Dutch people took over to Melaka and after the British who controlled it long time.

    Ronald explained me with his strong expressions that all the new buildings were constructed by cheap underpaid workers from Bangladesh. And the new finished buildings often stay empty for several years, because the rents are to high.
    For him all that was a big waste of money.
    He explained “From 1$ you should make 3€” - that’s what he called business.
    By the way he told more and more Spiritual stories using examples from the bible. I understood that this man divides the world into cursed nations and people and blessed ones. And everything else seem to be a way to make or lose money.
    He was definitely sure about his knowledge about god. He had spent his life by selling guns and drugs in the US till he nearly got killed with 34 - and surviving this he changed his personality living the christian way of life. He helped lot’s of people also his Jewish or Islamic ‘brothers’ and all the other too.
    He had fluently christian advice and answers for nearly everything and some things I agreed totally and others just made sense to explain actual situations in the world but I had different more scientific explanations.
    I respected that old and passionate man and his intentions to help people and make them aware of the importance to listen to your intuition (or what he called Jesus voice).
    All those men's monologues were long but almost interesting and sometimes even inspiring. I liked the guy and not just because he wanted to invite me often :D.

    There are two sentence which stayed in my mind the “old man” told me:
    - If you got power you’ll should exercise it - and we’ll see if you do it right or wrong.
    - You had good parents, education, some girls and now you should decide if you want to use that and grow on it and became a ‘laughing man’ or if you do something else…

    In Front of our hotel I met the Canadian mechanic who offered me a Joint but I said “NO thx” and went to bed.
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