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  • Day7

    Freezing in Fés

    December 17, 2019 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Google Fés and you will see people walking along the Medina in the sun. That is the picture that was in my mind that was quickly being erased as we fell asleep Monday night to pounding rain and wind rattling the windows. It would blow over right? Yes. Yes it would. Positive thinking.

    No. No it did not.

    It was not even a sprinkle it was a bloody down pour. We got off the bus to see the door of the royal palace...just the door and the Jewish quarter. It was the worst 30 minutes of everyone on the tour. With cold wet feet we all got back on the bus to go to the top of a hill to view the Medina. As you can see from the video it was awful.

    But we paid money for this and Wednesday we are off to a new place so we sucked it up and continued to the the Medina tour. Which was semi covered and we got to go into shops. We needed a tour guide for the Medina because it is full of windy narrow streets with no street signs. And no google map street view to help.

    Stop 1 - ceramics shop - new found respect for ceramics and the hand painting the people do. Also just being able to make pottery is amazing. I wanted it all but just got a new tea cup with silver on it. Nothing fancy.

    Stop 2 - Fés tannery - this place is famous (google it!) for its leather and how they colour it. Obviously I had to buy a bright pink leather purse. Which I bartered down and was happy with the price. Also I helping a man feed his family. (Shhhh don’t tell my leather guy in Bali).

    Stop 3 - scarf shop - they showed us how they weave the scarves and then pushed their wares onto us. Luckily Ty and I are scarf people (sorry, Ty wears pashminas). I was able to get a suitable price for 4 of them but the man was not giving in to my low balling price for the silkworm scarf. Sadly I walked away from the camel scarf. Still have regrets. 😢

    Lunch was in restaurant that had remarkable ceramic tiles, which after seeing how they were made gave all of us more appreciation for the craftsmanship. We had another 4 course feast where salad is not salad. Still loving lamb tangine and mint teas so that is good as I think there are a lot in my future.

    We returned to the hotel at 3 where we at napped, read, and warmed up. Yes, it is that cold. I went to dinner in my wool aritzia blanket scarf! Like we said in London “you know it is cold when the Canadians are”. Here I was worried about having enough cool clothes to wear. Haha. Fack.

    Tomorrow we have a 6:30am start so we can make it to the Sahara to ride a camel to watch a sunset. You know just a regular day. Haha
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    Joyce Tratch

    Totally sucks, you leave Canada in the snow & go to Africa and it has snow! But then again, it’s an adventure that will be talked about.

  • Day2

    Morocco Days 1 and 2

    October 13, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Arrived in Casablanca, Morocco from NYC via Paris around 4PM. Our driver met us at the airport along with others on the flight in our group. Illene, Isabel, Jeannie and I are traveling with OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) and will be with a group of 16 for the next 2 weeks. Only saw the airport in Casablanca, then off via minivan to Rabat. Our hotel was across the river Bou Regreg from Rabat in Sale and lovely – The Dalwitz. A quick shower before our dinner at the hotel Lots of travel weary folk after overnight flights from the US. Five of the group, including Jeannie, have been here for a 5-day pre-trip to areas in the North of the country.

    Breakfast and our “orientation” meeting ll o- all of us of similar ages, lots of white hair. 😊 Mustapha, our guide for the next 2 weeks, provided an overview of the daily schedule, introductions all around and general questions asked and answered.
    Off to explore Rabat, the administrative capital of Morocco. First stop, the King’s Palace. The system of government in Morocco is a monarchy and the king has the final “say”. The sub governmental structure is a parliament, bicameral, of which one of the bodies is elected by the population. The other unit is “businessmen” or tradespeople e.g teachers, telecom, etc. These leaders are elected by the people in their trades. Mustapha was very clear that corruption is a real problem and, as of yet, unresolved. Palace interior is off limits to visitors. Next stop, Chellah, another example of the vast expanse of the Roman Empire. The site consists of Roman ruins as well as a 15C mosque built on the site with lovely gardens, flowers and fruit trees. Discussion held around the tenets of the Muslim religion and purpose of the different sections the mosque. A quick stop at the mosque of Hassan II, the previous king of Morocco. A new structure with lovely mosaics interior, very ornate and replete with his tomb (as well as family members), on the ground floor.
    Remainder of the afternoon on our own. The 4 of us ate lunch at a fish restaurant – good but too much food. Then we split up, Isabel back to hotel to rest her leg, Jeannie, Illene and I to the quite new Modern Art Museum Il and I quite pleased with the content – all Moroccan art and some quite interesting. Modern art is an emerging market in the country. Then Il and I took a quick trip thru the souk (market) in the medina (old town). Interesting with the food and spices everywhere but, in general, just a big flea market. Back to hotel for a quick shower and out for a walk to the Kasbah – fortification overlooking the Atlantic -and a walk through a quieter and prettier section of the medina on our way to dinner. A very important stop at a liquor store to get alcohol for the next phase of our trip where apparently” spirits” are not available. Il and I got 5 bottles for the 2 of us for the next 5 days. 😊 !!!!!
    Dinner was very special – a Riad (an old Moroccan home now a B & B or Inn). An elderly gentleman with a lamp met us as we were walking to the restaurant. The dining room was in the courtyard or atrium of the home. Beautiful interior, candlelit tables, music and an excellent Moroccan dinner. After dinner our same gentleman with the lamp led us back to our bus. Restaurant: Dinarjat – highly recommended for anyone in Rabat.

    A busy first day in Morocco!!!
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    dorcas walton

    Enjoy!! Your trip Sounds wonderful! In Copenhagen after train ride from Hamburg. In AM off to Stockholm by train. Coming to tail end of our 3 1/2 weeks on the road.

    Kay's Travels

    Send pictures !! Just getting caught up - jet lag still an issue.

    Ellen Meuse

    Sounds great- you all look happy- and Kay and Jeanne no gray hair!!

  • Day26

    Morocco Lesson #3 haggle or bust

    May 27, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    So after 5 days in Morocco it is official that we suck at haggling. Allanah is probably better than Kim and I. Everyone it seems, is trying to take money from you - because you can travel they think you are rich! We we say from Australia, there are $$ because we are so far away!!!

    Yesterday, we were looking for a particular restaurant in Fes which has vegan and Moroccon. Like Portugal, when we say Allanah is vegetarian they say ‘ah, so you like fish and Chicken - or just a little bit of meat’. The problem was, we had to walk through the part of the Medina (which we had done earlier in the day with a guide - who also swindled us!) which is the butchers area - live and not so live (being killed and plucked as we walked by).

    A young guy (20’s, gel in his hair and leather jacket - that should have been a give away) said he will show us. Taking us the long way!!! Well, we finally found the restaurant - lost 20 dirham!!!
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    Diana Perry

    Gotta have your wits about you!

  • Day12

    Borj Sud

    April 19, 2014 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Von außen unscheinbar ist unser Riad El Yacout, und nicht wieder zu finden, wenn man nicht weiß wo...
    Der erste Weg führt uns hinauf zum Borj Sud, um den Panorama-Blick zu genießen.

    Leider ist es ein bißchen diesig, der Blick auf die Stadt ist trotzdem toll. Und an den Hängen grasen Schafe... :-)Read more

  • Day8

    View Point

    November 13, 2019 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Zum Tagesabschluss holten wir noch einmal unsere Wanderschuhe aus dem Auto und wollten zu einer alten Burgruine, von wo man einen super Blick von oben auf die Medina haben sollte.

    Der Anstieg zu der Ruine war sehr entspannt und einfach. Um einen noch besseren Blick zu haben, kletterten wir auf die Mauern und machten es uns gemütlich.
    Von dort hatte man einen super Blick auf fast die ganze Medina.
    Wir genossen nun einfach den Moment und das gute Wetter und chillten eine ganze Weile dort oben.
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  • Day175


    September 25, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 35 °C

    Our taxi was early and arrived at 5:30 but we were ready to go - happy to leave!
    Our taxi got us there is 10 mins then we ate some brekkie at a cafe.
    It was easy finding the train - we jumped on and claimed our seats.
    Over the next 8 hours people got on an off - I was so incredibly hot at one point - it was fine once I got the air flow seat :)

    The toilet is gross - it just goes Onto the tracks but there was old poo everywhere because there is no water to wash it away even a little bit.

    Made it to Fes - had a few naps on the way I think.

    The distance to the hostel was 3.5km and we decided to be healthy and walk it.
    Oh god. The sweat.
    Also it would seem that tourists in shorts are less common around here. The men were not subtle with their staring. Very glad I had Will. They have no shame just steering at my groin and someone yelled I had beautiful legs lol

    Our hostel foyer is really cool.
    I'm writing this at the moment as we wait to check in - we got orange juice refreshments and the guy hasn't come back and that was 20 mins ago..
    At least it's cool and bonus they have a tortoise just chilling inside.
    I have it a pat :)


    We showered - my hair for s turning into dreds 😂 just couldnt be bothered to wash it ... maybe tomorrow haha

    We went walking to find a pharmacy to buy more cream. No idea what it is - the only understandable word is irritant so that's at least on the right track.

    While walking for food we ran into a man who asked Will what the 88 on his jersey meant - he said it meant nothing - the man then didn't shut up and showed us his tour guide credentials and said he sometimes works for topdeck.
    Long story short is we might go on tour with him on Wednesday for a half day because his English was good, he had credentials and the hostel is a rip. He knew our hostel owner and doesn't like him hahaha

    We ate - Will ordered the camel burger but they were our so we have to go back.
    Reasonable food.

    Walking home again more stairs.
    So much so Will said I can buy a pair of Jeanie pants which he HATES because it's too hot for my other clorhss but can't stay in shorts either.

    Back at the hostel I played with Bruno the dog ❤️❤️🐶

    Now relaxing in bed.

    We went out into the foyer/common room to mingle and chatted to an American for ages. First one we have met in Morocco. She was 37 which blew me away cause I would have guessed 25.
    She had an interesting story of how she escaped with her family after the Vietnam war.

    I played with the dog and tortoise.
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  • Day9


    March 16, 2020 in Morocco ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Given the Coronavirus situation my sightseeing days are over. Our number one goal is to get back home. So that’s what we will focus our time n energy on. We are going to go back to Casablanca to see what our best options are. Overall, we are find and in good spirits.Read more

    Adera Robinson

    Wise decision. See you guys when you get back. Love you!

    Norma Berg

    Yes, you are needed at home! Be Safe!


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