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  • Day28


    July 14 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Explored Marrakesh in the heat. Saw the palace of the Sultan. Went to the kasbah, mosque and explored some markets where there were snake charmers. Soo hot and tired we had to go back home for a nap. Then had an expensive dinner with a sunset view.

  • Day30

    Morocco - Spain

    July 16 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    We escaped the Medina and saved the princess in an escape room. Then had our last lunch in Morocco before heading to the airport. At the airport they hand wrote our boarding pass and when we got to security we had to go alllll the way back because the date was missing and we couldn't write it in. Made it to Valencia. Meagan got severe food poisoning up all night.Read more

  • Day2

    Single White Male

    May 2 in Morocco ⋅ 🌫 18 °C

    The first stop was a cash machine to get some Moroccan currency as the Ryad only accepted cash and that wasn't planned for. I hadn't got 200 metres along the road afterwards when I was approached with the old story of "Ah hello, work at your Ryad and I show you around to the leather festival that stops at one o'clock. I not guide and you no need pay me. I show you. It's over soon." It wouldn't be he'd not want money and the chances are he never worked at the Ryad or had ever seen me before. But I had time to kill so why not?

    So he walked me for about twenty minutes to the tannery area where there are tanneries of course, and leather shops of all shapes and sizes. On the way I got to see how bread is made in ovens heated with cedar wood and had various schools and other buildings pointed put to me. It was all very I interesting to be honest, made better of course because he'd said, "no need pay me." His English was not so good but I kind've got the drift.

    I then had a free tour of a tannery which was very interesting too and very unexpected to actually be able to visit one, pong included. What a coincidence my guide happening to know the tannery guide so when the tannery tour ended I was ‘shocked’ to find that both expected to be paid. Wow, I say tutting in a sarcastic manner, I never saw that coming and I definitely never expected that between them they wanted the equivalent if around £70 for their time. It's a shame they do this because it tends to spoil things when you have to argue about their broken promises when I’d be more than happy to pay them a sensible rate for their time.

    And so it was as I walked the twenty minutes or so back to the Ryad. Time after time men came up to me to tell me about the festival, the gardens, the just about anything that might allow them, for no charge of course, to empty my pockets into theirs. Whilst I walked I realised small groups of tourists or couples didn't get hassled as much as me even though I had no camera gear with me to attract attention. But I was a Single White Male, a solitary tourist and to them an easy target.

    I enjoyed my time out and about though and got back to the Ryad about 12.30. Just right.
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  • Day2

    Street Photography

    May 2 in Morocco ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    I met with my group at the prearranged time. You see I'm on a Photography Workshop tour and there are ten of us including Katrina our tutor/guide. So after an initial meet up and a check of our cameras and settings, we headed off into the alleyways and passageways to try out some street photography. This isn't something I've really done in any sensible way before so I didn't know what to expect, especially given what happened this morning.

    We got back to the Ryad around 11.30pm having all got on really well and had a great time. It was challenging - Moroccan's don't like photographers, unless money is involved of course, so many photos were taken discreetly and literally from the hip. This led to some very random results with shots of people's legs or of nothing at all. The odd one worked though so maybe it's simply a case of more practice needed.

    Lunch was taken on the lovely cool roof terrace of the Museum of Photography where we had free access to look around afterwards. Then more opportunities to practice our street photography skills.

    The hooded person in the doorway is our local guide who at one point had to suffer the violent abuse from a young group who felt they should have the money being paid to an old guy with whom we'd agreed a price to take his photo. It got quite nasty, resulting in no photos being taken and no money for the old guy, who looked as if he needed it if we're honest. Our guide was fine but it was a shame this happened.

    We ended the day in the large square (Jemaa el-Fnaa Square) which you can see in the two photos taken not long after sunset. We photographed the sun setting whilst sipping drinks on a roof terrace overlooking the square then moved elsewhere to photograph from another terrace. Finally we ate in a small cafe before sharing taxis back to the Ryad.

    A good first workshop day then and quite a mixture of things on a common theme. Did I get some street photos worth showing? I think perhaps I might have but I think there’ll be a lot of rejects.

    Tomorrow we head to the coast.
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  • Day2

    Cool and Cloudy

    May 2 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    So the first proper day begins. The first task was breakfast of course, then afterwards I followed the staircases upwards to find the roof terrace of the Ryad. Oh, I thought, as I felt the chill of 16c, and oh again as I saw the grey skies. Should I have packed my waterproofs I thought. Mmm ... too much thinking I finally thought, and decided the weather forecasts can't all be wrong and surely it'll brighten up later. So I admired the view.

    It's a typical hot country old city scene with buildings that look as though they'll fall apart at any minute but have undoubtedly been here for a very long time. There's the hot city smell too, that gentle aroma of festering drains, though not overbearing you realise, just there in a comforting kind of way. You can see the way the tops of the buildings are used with most looking very weathered of course but some looking like they're used to dump everything that can't be dumped elsewhere. Such is the character of cities like this.

    Look for two things in this footprint's photos - the Jacuzzi on the roof here (not heated of course) and the rabbits. On the roof of the building opposite I counted at least six but I think there were more than that hopping around.

    I'm off for a wander in a minute but I need to be back here for 1pm.
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  • Day1

    First Night in Marrakech

    May 1 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    It was an early start this morning - tidying up, finishing off, checking lists, house checks etc etc but then it was time to start the journey to Gatwick South Terminal for a 12.30 drop off for the car then a BA flight around 14.30. I arrived at the car park at 12.20 - perfect!

    I think this was one of the smoothest airport experiences I have ever had and in no time I was boarding and accelerating down the runway. That'd be the plane doing the accelerating of course, not me! The flight was great (I think I slept most of the way) and all of a sudden I was in Marrakech and getting into a minibus with an an extremely friendly and helpful driver who charged less than the quoted rate.

    I am staying in a Ryad somewhere in the city of Medina. Marrakech has seven cities within it so maybe we'd call it the Borough of Medina. At least I hope that's right. My Ryad is small and cosy, as many are, with a little swimming pool next to the restaurant where I ate this evening. I had chicken in a stew like sauce with olives and bread and a small plate of chips. It was really nice.

    So why am I here? Photography of course but you'll have to follow along to find out what I get up to. Tomorrow I'm staying in Marrakech and will be sleeping here again tomorrow night, then moving on. But where will it be and what will I see?

    One last thing before I rest for the night: I'm not sure what sort of access I'll get to the Internet. Here it's fast, but it may be unavailable at times so I'll update this trip as and when I get chance.

    I hope you'll persevere and enjoy another journey with me. It's always great to have you along.
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  • May3

    Arrival in Marrakech

    May 3 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We arrived in a very hot and humid Marrakech in the evening and got a taxi from the airport to our hostel in the Medina.
    As it turned out, that heat and humidity quickly turned into a full on biblical storm, complete with hail stones and floods. Lucky for us, we'd just checked in and were able to watch it from the relative safety of our room. Relative because the 2nd floor landing outside our room is open to the sky and it completely flooded and started to leak under the door into the room. Fortunately our friendly host Said was on hand to sweep the water down the stairs and save the day. We asked him if the storms happen often, "with ice rain? never". Just our good luck then :)
    After all that excitement we ventured out as soon as the storm passed to find some dinner. Ended up in a really cool restaurant with live music where we had our first tagines, delicious.
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  • May4

    Marrakech Medina

    May 4 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    An enforced early start today with the 5am call to prayer blaring out of the mosques, it was a lot louder and longer than we expected, and really unlike anything we've heard before. We did manage a couple of hours more sleep once it was over.
    Our second start to the day was breakfast in the hostel, fresh bread, pancake things, jam and honey, really nice.
    We headed out to Bahia Palace, not far from where we're staying. It was built to represent the best of Morrocan design and it is brilliant, funnily enough it's name means brilliant too. It has beautiful courtyards and gardens and loads of Vera's favourite tiles.
    Next we had a look around Place des Ferblantiers and then stopped for some lunch, babaganoush, freash orange juice and mint tea.
    After a bit of a siesta we went to the national carpet museum Dar Si Said, much more interesting than expected and the building was maybe even more brilliant than the brilliant Palace itself, with the added bonus of being pretty much empty.
    Finally we went to the main market square, Djemaa el-Fna and Koutoubia mosque. Non Muslims can't go in the mosque but the snake charmers, monkeys and millions of people all rushing around and making a lot of noise were entertainment enough.
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  • May5

    Jardin Majorelle

    May 5 in Morocco ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    An other day in crazy hectic Marrakech. We are slowly getting used to the rhythm of the city, still we got really tired by the afternoon after a big walk in and outside of the Medina. By getting lost we have discovered some new areas of the North part of the Medina and checked out the Photography museum which had some fantastic pictures mostly of Marrakesh and Tangier (definitely planning to go there), from late 19th and early 20th century. Then we headed out of the old Medina to see the more modern side of Marrakesh. We visited the Jardin Majorelle, an oasis in the middle of the hot and busy streets, which has amazing cactus and palm trees and a memorial to Yves Saint Laurent for some reason.
    Right now we are having dinner on a top of a roof terrace. These restaurants are all over the Medina helping tourists to escape the noisy streets and allow them to people watch from a distance.
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  • Day63


    November 4, 2016 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 72 °F

    It was exciting to change this trip's momentum by visiting Marrakesh. Being so close to Europe we knew we needed to make time to visit Morocco and step foot in Africa for the first time!

    We didn't really know what to expect and what we discovered was a city flooded with lights, noise, people and craziness that can only be understood if experienced. The Medina which is at the heart of the city is where you'll find tiny streets with local shops selling everything from traditional goods to knock off brand names. It was a bit intimidating walking through the Medina as you had to weave out of the way of scooters, bicycles, and locals trying to grab your attention to come into their stores and restaurants. We quickly realized we had to be very alert at all times and walk with confidence to avoid looking like a "tourist". Oh and good luck finding a map of the tiny streets since it doesn't seem to exist, which led to plenty of wandering in the never ending maze.

    The main square was also an interesting experience and basically a huge carnival. No matter what time you visited it, there were people everywhere, mostly poorer locals trying to make money in any way they could including snake charmers, men with monkeys on leashes, traditional dancers, acrobatic acts and much more!

    We embraced this cultural immersion and got a chance to see how this predominantly Muslim country had been influenced by religion in their daily life.
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