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  • Day12

    Naturbrücke Imi-n-Ifri

    December 15 in Morocco

    Wir trennen uns schweren Herzens von unserem schönen Ausblick auf dem wirklich sehr schön angelegten und gepflegten Campingplatz Zebra.
    Heute beginnt das Abenteuer Marrakech.
    Wir fahren auf direktem Weg, über sehr gute Nebenstraßen, dorthin.
    Stoppen an der Naturbrücke Imi-in-Ifri.
    Der Fluss hat einen Felsen ausgewaschen und faszinierendes geschaffen.
    Wir laufen, vielmehr klettern durch die Schlucht. Unser Führer, der auf einmal da ist und uns durch die Schlucht führt, zeigt uns das der Fluss einmal Afrika als Silhouette erschaffen hat, geht man ein Stück weiter sieht man Südamerika.
    Es war toll.
    Weiter geht es nach Marrakech. Wir fahren auf den Stellplatz direkt in der Altstadt. Dazu müssen wir durch die Stadt. Das ist mit unseren Autos nicht so einfach. 3,20 hoch...überall Tore... die Medina vor Augen. Ein Rollerfahrer erhebt immer drohend den Finger. Er möchte uns führen. Wir wollen das nicht. Er ist hartnäckig. Irgendwann geben wir nach... und siehe da...ratz fatz sind wir am Platz.
    Aber es war schön eine Hammer fährt. Hut ab an unsere Fahrer.
    Angekommen ging es dann in die Stadt.
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  • Day13

    Marrakech oder Marrakesch 1

    December 16 in Morocco

    Bereits gestern haben wir einmal in die Medina geschnuppert. Waren etwas essen und haben einen „Schlachtplan“ für heute erstellt.

    Nachdem uns der Muezzin sehr ausdauernd zum Morgengebet einlud, wir aber lieber noch ne Runde
    weitergeschlafen haben, tapperten wir um 10:00 Uhr los. Wir gönnten uns eine Kutschfahrt.
    Es ging durch die Neustadt, am Bahnhof vorbei, in einen Garten, durch das „ Judenviertel“, über die Prachtboulevards, am Königspalast vorbei, wieder in die Altstadt. Wir waren über 2 Stunden unterwegs.
    So bekamen wir einen tollen Eindruck von Marrakech .

    Den Nachmittag ließen wir uns durch die Medina treiben. Immer schön rechts gehen, sonst wird man von den vielen Mofas und Tuk-Tuks umgefahren. .... Teil 2 folgt...
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  • Day13

    Marrakech oder Marrakesch 2

    December 16 in Morocco

    An den Imbissständen probierten wir das ein oder andere.
    Völlig erschöpft machten wir eine Teepause auf dem Berbermarkt, ehe es durch den Leder-Suk und den Teppichsuk erschlagen für eine Pause zum Womo ging.

    An Abend ging es zum „zum Platz der Geköpften“.
    Hier sind die Gaukler und die Garküchen anzutreffen.
    Ein Erlebnis.... zum Essen haben uns die Leute regelrecht auf Knien angefleht bei Ihnen zu essen.
    Als unsere Entscheidung auf einen Stand gefallen war bekamen wir ein Ständchen.
    Das Essen war gut aber zu teuer... aber man muss es einfach gemacht haben 😃

    Danach guckten wir noch bei Cobras und Gauklern vorbei, ehe wir uns mit leckeren Pralinen versorgten.

    Marrakech oder Marrakesch... das ist die Frage...beide Schreibweisen sind möglich 😂
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  • Day63


    November 4, 2016 in Morocco

    It was exciting to change this trip's momentum by visiting Marrakesh. Being so close to Europe we knew we needed to make time to visit Morocco and step foot in Africa for the first time!

    We didn't really know what to expect and what we discovered was a city flooded with lights, noise, people and craziness that can only be understood if experienced. The Medina which is at the heart of the city is where you'll find tiny streets with local shops selling everything from traditional goods to knock off brand names. It was a bit intimidating walking through the Medina as you had to weave out of the way of scooters, bicycles, and locals trying to grab your attention to come into their stores and restaurants. We quickly realized we had to be very alert at all times and walk with confidence to avoid looking like a "tourist". Oh and good luck finding a map of the tiny streets since it doesn't seem to exist, which led to plenty of wandering in the never ending maze.

    The main square was also an interesting experience and basically a huge carnival. No matter what time you visited it, there were people everywhere, mostly poorer locals trying to make money in any way they could including snake charmers, men with monkeys on leashes, traditional dancers, acrobatic acts and much more!

    We embraced this cultural immersion and got a chance to see how this predominantly Muslim country had been influenced by religion in their daily life.
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  • Day10

    Morocco Day 10

    October 21 in Morocco

    Quarzazate has developed as a city since the 1920s. The city is a movie studio capital used for 30-35 movies/year. The movie culture/production started when Lawrence of Arabia was shot here. There are two large studios, one owned by Francis Ford Coppola. Other movies and documentaries shot here that we discussed were Homeland, Game of Thrones, lots of desert and Biblical movies. Many of the producers, actors stay at the hotel where we are staying. Who would have thought we would see a movie capital in Morocco!!!

    Our activity for the day is “A Day in the Life”. This experience is unique to OAT, the company we are traveling with, and provides a more in-depth study of the people of the country. We traveled to a village called Ait Ben Haddou, which consists of a new village and an old village, built in the 9thC, with a river on the edge of town. The old village was built into the side of a mountain with a watchtower on the top. This village has become a tourist attraction as it is well-preserved. We started with a tour of the new town with Ali,our town guide, and a visit to a home and a school. Homes built with places for the animals (goats, sheep and donkey) to live and several large rooms as well as a kitchen. Most all homes are made of adobe but some with cement. The reason most of the people have moved from the old town to the new town is, that, when it rains, the river flooded their homes. There are still 5 families that live in the old town and about 150 families in the new village.
    As we finished our tour of the villages, we went to a building outside of the old town which houses the Imik Smik Women’s Association for Rural Development. This is an organization that the OAT Grand Circle Foundation supports. The association supports women’s rights in this rural area of Morocco and was established in 2012. Essentially started with a group of women getting together because they wanted some “space” and now is 74 members strong with members from 16-74. Their goals are to create workshops and programs to teach women how to sew, read, cook, and further education. They started by baking cookies to sell, added other products and now have a little store where they sell their goods. All of the money so far goes made back into the organization. A fascinating discussion with several of the girls/women running the organization about divorce, relationships with men, etc. An amazing feat for these women in this country and a force in women’s rights. Tagines made by the women for lunch. Following our meal 2 of the gals did artistic henna tattoos for those wanted A great, fascinating experience.
    Back to hotel, cocktail hour on an open air patio near our rooms, a walk through a bustling Sunday night market and dinner at a French restaurant – very good duck.
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  • Day11

    Morocco Day 11

    October 22 in Morocco

    Our last long bus ride today from Quarzazate to Marrakesh. The road leads through the High Atlas Mountains with lush, fertile valleys and small villages. The High Atlas Mountains are the longest mountain range in Africa and have 3 peaks over 12,000 ft. A very windy, mountain road up to the pass at ~7,000 ft and down the other side to Marrakesh. A couple stops for pictures, coffee and bathrooms.
    Arrived at the wonderful Jardin Koutoubia Hotel in the Medina of Marrakesh in time for a late lunch. Wonderful food, the restaurant at this hotel is listed on the fine dining restaurants of Marrakesh and it was easy to tell why. Lovely seating area by the pool with lush greenery, palm trees and very quiet in the courtyard.
    Time to unpack - again - and then Illene and I out to find a bank and a pharmacy. Had a successful walk not far from the hotel. Large group of people lined up on both sides of the street several blocks away clearly waiting for something. When we asked we were told that the king was coming. Morocco is a monarchy and the people love this king. We waiting as long as we could but never got to see the king. :-(
    Back for our first sojourn into the souk (shopping area/bazaar) of Marrakesh. So hard to describe. We walked for at least 1/2 hour past stalls and merchants selling any kind of wares. After all of that time, our guide said that we had probably seen only a very small part of the souk. We make our way to the famous square in the city - Jemaa el-Fnaa. The area is immense with hundreds of stalls all around, a huge "street food" area, hotels, cafes, and lots of open space. The square is busy from 10 in the AM to 3-4AM 24/7. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. As the sun goes down the entertainment in the square heats up and there is a carnival-like atmosphere. Belly dancers (tranvestites), snake charmers, Moroccan bands, henna tattoo stands, games for kids, gambling games, etc. You name it and it is there. A cacophony of sights and sounds. An amazing display of entertainment.
    We wandered on our own for an hour or so, Ilene and I bought some cheap travel technology - adapters and different types of plugs. I got a US to Europe 3 prong adapter for $2. :-) We all ate at one of the street food places, incredibly cheap and everything very fresh. back to our hotel for "after dinner" drinks.
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  • Day12

    Morocco Day 12

    October 23 in Morocco

    Out for a morning walk to see the major sites of Marrakesh. A little background on Marrakesh, the most visited city in Morocco, also called the Red City, for its predominate pink adobe buildings. city of 1.7 million people and thin the last 20 years. The city consists of a large medina which includes the bazaar as well as a huge city outside of the walls of the city. Marrakesh is also called the City of Gardens for its lovely gardens and lots of parks and green spaces - all spotless and immaculate. Our first stop was the Koutoubia Mosque, near our hotel. It is the 2nd largest mosque in Morocco. As in Turkey, the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer 5 times a day on loudspeakers all over the medina. This mosque has a huge minaret that serves as an architectural landmark for the city, all in pink plaster. Our mode of transportation around the city today was unique, horse and carriage! :-) Lots of fun taking pictures as 16 of us drove around the city in 4 carriages. The horses took us to the Jewish quarter, same story here, minimal number of Jews remain but the style of home (living quarters on top and store on the bottom) has been retained. A short walk to the Bahia Palace. A beautiful massive building filled with complex geometrical carvings and dazzling bright colored mosaics, Carrara marble floors and - replete with a harem. Quite the impressive palace. A short stop at the Saadian Tombs. Built in the 16th C by a very wealthy Sultan who decided to build a mausoleum for his family. More mosaics and tombs clearly a representation of immense wealth.
    Light lunch in the square, some shopping in the medina and back to hotel for siesta.
    Dinner was on our own this PM and we had planned carefully for our dinner in Marrakesh. Lots of discussion and research between Isabel and me. Mustafa tried to get reservations and they were full. :-( So we took Mustafa's recommendataion and went to La Maison Arabe - terrific setting in a huge courtyard surrounded by lush greenery and low lighting. Food was 8-9 on a scale of 10 but ambiance was a 10+. Vendy and Phil went with us as well.
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  • Day158

    The Medina - Marrakesh

    November 25 in Morocco

    The Medina is the “old city” which is always surrounded by walls as the Moroccans protected themselves. This Medina in Marrakesh seems to be NEVER ENDING! It is full of life at 7:00 am 5:00 pm or midnight! It is quite colorful. Also, in this market you can find restaurants, fruits, meats, vegetables, clothes, shoes, leather, household items, spices, art, jewelry, etc., etc. A unique fact here is that this HUGE city maze is highly trafficked by locals on bicycles and motorcycles, therefore one must become skilled at not getting run over or run down by them... we survived!!!Read more

  • Day1

    Große Freude, große geht nach drei Jahren wieder einmal in eine der für mich interessantesten Städte der Welt ..... Marrakesch! Allein der Name verzaubert schon, lässt an "Geschichten aus 1001 Nacht" denken, klingt magisch und orientalisch zugleich und..... die nordafrikanische Stadt wird all dem gerecht.... Marrakesch! Das Sehnsuchtsziel vieler Reisender, liegt zu Füßen der majestätischen Gebirgskette "Hoher Atlas" im Königreich Marrokko und wird heute von Ryanair ( die irische Fluggesellschaft befördert mit über 400 Flugzeugen rund 130 Millionen Passagiere im Jahr ) in rund 3,5 Flugstunden vom Airport Frankfurt / Hahn aus angeflogen. Die Wahl der Unterkunft fällt wiederholt auf das in der Medina ( Altstadt ) gelegene "Riad Helen". Wer nach Marrakesch ( einer der vier sogenannten Königsstädte des Landes ) reist und sich nicht für eines dieser wunderschönen, traditionell marrokkanischen Häuser entscheidet, sondern die großen, seelenlosen Hotels am Stadtrand wählt, der hat Magie verschenkt! Die Gastgeber Mario, Maxim und Fathia ( begnadete Köchin und "Seele" des Hauses ) werden durch ihre herausragenden Gastgeberqualitäten ganz sicher wieder ihren Teil dazu beitragen, den einwöchigen Aufenthalt unvergesslich werden zu lassen. Gerade überfliegt die Boeing 737 / 800 bei toller Sicht die Meerenge von Gibraltar und erreicht den afrikanischen Kontinent - noch eine Stunde bis zum Ziel! Am Flughafen wird dann sicherlich der Privattransfer bereitstehen, um uns zwanzig Fahrminuten später, an einem Platz in der Altstadt abzusetzen - Inshallah! Mal schauen ob dort, so wie in den vergangenen Jahren auch, Mario wieder wartet, um die letzten Meter zur Unterkunft, durch die verwinkelten Gassen der Medina zu weisen.Read more

  • Day2


    "Keine Angst, alle Gassen in der Medina von Marrakesch, führen irgendwie zum Djemaa el Fna, sagte mir ein Ladenbesitzer vor fünf Jahren, bei meinem ersten Besuch der "Roten Stadt" - "wenn du Glück hast", fügte er noch grinsend hinzu! Damals fiel es schwer, sich in den unzähligen, verwinkelten Gassen zu orientieren und "La Place", wie er von den Einheimischen schlicht genannt wird, durch die Altstadt laufend zu finden. Heute war das Abenteuer "durch die Gassen der Medina" auf Anhieb erfolgreich. Es war amüsant zu beobachten, wie Susi mit großen Augen und komplett reizüberflutet versuchte, die geballten Eindrücke aufzunehmen - genauso erging es mir selbst das erste Mal! Aber, soviel sei gesagt, dieser Versuch ist von vornherein zum Scheitern verurteilt! Es gibt wohl kaum einen anderen Ort auf der Welt, der so geballt alle Sinne fordert, bzw. auf eine positive Art und Weise überfordert. Farben, Gerüche, Geräusche.....das magische Spiel von Licht und Schatten.....und natürlich die Hauptdarsteller in diesem exotischen Epos - die Menschen selbst! Der Muezzin ruft auf zum Gebet, Verkäufer plaudern entspannt mit potentiellen Kunden und direkt gegenüber streitet sich heftig eine Gruppe Männer, während fünf Meter weiter ganz entspannt der allgegenwärtige Minztee getrunken wird - was für ein buntes Leben in den Gassen der Medina!Read more

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