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  • Day9

    Our new home! !

    September 13, 2015 in the Netherlands ⋅

    We have finally found a nice room to rent! I am so happy now. I am enjoying the small luxuries such as having our own proper towels, we had been sharing my travel towel for six weeks! Being able to leave my shower stuff in the shower and shopping for more that two meals at a time and not thinking we are going to have to carry this! It is a really nice place to, recently renovated, we have a big furnished room. We pay 550 Euro per month which is about 800aud- including all utilities and WiFi. We are about 15 min (by bike of course, all measurements are by bike here) from the central station and my work. We are living with two nice girls, a Lithuanian dance teacher and a Lebanese yoga teacher, but she will move in tomorrow. Oh and three huge cats!!!! But they have their own room too and are very chilled and friendly :) since the hostel had bed bugs Joel is really paranoid that we will transfer them to our new place so everything is quarantined and we will wash everything! !Read more

  • Day2


    September 6, 2015 in the Netherlands ⋅

    This is where we are living now, one week down two to go! We work 25 hours a week for a dorm bed and breakfast, but on weekends We need to change to the big dorm as the hostel is usually full. This weekend there was a large group in the room, they were awful. 30 year old dutch men, who partied half the night, came back to continue the party in the room, light on, taking loudly. And when they did eventually go to bed they farted all night and still talked really loud. Also we got bed bugs!! So no sleep this weekend! ! Kind of cruel putting us in this massive dorm and poor Joel had to work at 7 this morning.

    The work is not too bad, mostly cleaning, but they are really pedantic. They always check that you are doing a good job and want everything really clean, really quick, which is not really possible. I'm also working as a nanny 25 hours a week so this week I will be working 50 hours! And probably changing rooms three times and I won't get to see Joely much since we never work together. I'm a bit stressed as I also have two more potential babysitting jobs which would be perfect and I have no time to find somewhere to live. I'm going to ask the hostel today if I can work less and pay for a long stay room. I think it will all be too much, and I really don't want to turn down paid work.

    In general the hostel is quite good. The other work stayers are really nice, Rodrigo from Brazil and lnma from Spain. There are guitars and a pool table so Joel is happy :) it's close to the beach, which is nice to look at ;) one night the owner was is in a really good mood and we actually got free beers! And he paid for us to go out to a club near by called the crazy piano. It was a lot of fun! Work the next day wasn't.
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  • Day8

    This week

    September 12, 2015 in the Netherlands ⋅

    This week I got bitten by bed bugs again at the start, but now the bus are going away thank goodness! We have still been living at the hostel but today we are moving to a big room in a share house! I can't wait, but Joel is still sleeping, so I have to wait for him to wake up. I worked 31 hours nannying, it is different from what I'm used to. The mum tells me how to do thing specifically, for fruits I gave then a mango and kiwi fruit-like we do in Australia, but she wants then cut up and eaten with a fork, do they don't get dirty (remember they are 4 and 6 and boys). The boys are getting more used to me which is good. On Thursday after school they were paying with their friends in the play ground and a mum came up to me and asked if I was their nanny, and she said they had paused in a bag of sand and were bringing it near the girls, far out. Then one of the girls mum had called their mum and said they were not being supervised. Rich people are crazy, boys are boys- and they don't think. I miss jess and phuong as 'employers'.

    I have also worked 10hrs for the hostel, do full time! I scrubbed lots of showers! So I have been pretty exhausted. Joel worked 20 hours at the hostel cleaning rooms. I'm jealous because he got to make more friends here and has partied every night, hence while he is still sleeping at 9:34am. I have also not spent much time together since I'm so busy with work. So that's really sad so this weekend we will spend it all together :) I have managed to get the flu as 2 massive cold sores as well, they are so painful. I think it is from the stress of the hostel last week especially and worried that we won't find somewhere to live!

    This week we also met up with jasper! It was so great seeing him again and hearing properly what has been happening rather than from messages. He will be living in Sweden, so hopefully can catch up when Joel and I go to Sweden :)
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Scheveningen, اسخیفنینگن, Skeveningen, סכוונינגן, スヘフェニンゲン, 스헤베닝언, Sjeveninge, Схевенинген, SCE, 斯赫弗宁恩

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