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  • Day25


    April 2 in the Netherlands

    Wir wurden sehr herzlich und fürsorglich von Tedi und Ludwig in Utrecht empfangen. Da wir keinerlei warme Sachen mit hatten (s. vorheriger Blogeintrag 😒) wurden wir erstmal mit dem europäischen Klima passenden Jacken vom Bahnhof abgeholt. Nachdem wir uns mit einem Kaffee und einer Art Osterstollen gestärkt hatten, zogen wir nochmal los, um das idyllische Zentrum von Utrecht zu erkunden. Da wir einen kleinen Hunger bekamen, kehrten wir in eine als Bar umfunktioniere Kirche ein und snackten leckere niederländische Spezialitäten und belgisches Bier. Auf dem Heimweg kamen wir an einem Rummel vorbei und dachten uns, dass man mal so ne kleine Runde auf dem Karussell und mit den Autoscootern drehen könnte (sollte man viel öfter machen) 😁🙄. Als Abendessen gab es passend zu Ostern einen sehr sehr leckeren Lammbraten mit Offenkartoffeln und Böhnchen - ein richtiges Festmahl nach dem nicht so spektakulären Flugzeugessen. Danach spielten wir bis in die Nacht eine Partie Phase 10, aus der Tedi als Gewinnern hervorging. Wir hatten einen wirklich schönen Ostersonntag und guten Ausklang eines wundervollen Urlaubs.Read more

  • Day4

    Out and about in Utrecht

    August 2, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Utrecht is about twenty-five minutes out of Amsterdam by train. It's a small university town with a population of about 300,000 people, with a fifth of the population being university students.

    There's a certain charm about the city, which Jason fell in love with as soon as he stepped outside of the train station 🚄 🚉 . Similar to Haarlem, there are fewer canals and people than Amsterdam. There's definitely less tourists!

    Wondering the streets of Utrecht made for a nice relaxing day. We ended the day with a canal boat 🚣 tour, getting a glimpse of the main attractions of the town: Churches (kerks), docks, an old prison, walls and houses.
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  • Day245

    Utrecht, The Netherlands

    January 13 in the Netherlands

    We spent a week with our friend Judith in her hometown of Utrecht. Utrecht is a beautiful city full of old townhouses built around canals - think Amsterdam without the tourists. The main mode of transport in the Netherlands is cycling and we quickly followed suit spending our days riding around the city. It was fun seeing how tall the Dutch are (especially coming from Southeast Asia) and our bikes on the lowest setting were too tall for me and Andreas. We had fun cooking dinner at Judith’s house, meeting up with our friend Tjarda from NZ who cooked us a wonderful Dutch meal, ice skating, and meeting Judith’s friends. One day we rode into a local forest and ate lunch at a famous pancake restaurant (very Dutch). We even gave Andreas his first IKEA experience including the hotdogs. What a treat!Read more

  • Day27

    Utrecht, Niederlande

    May 5 in the Netherlands

    Auf dem Weg nach Utrecht bin ich an einem Oldtimer treffen vorbei gekommen. Hauptsächlich waren es alte amerikanische Autos.
    Natürlich gab es auch mal wieder Eis, das musste sein, da ich bestimmt schon drei Tage kein Eis mehr gegessen hatte.
    In Utrecht angekommen hatte ich erstmal Schwierigkeiten mich zurecht zu finden. Ich habe es aber sehr sehr genossen durch die, meist für Autos gesperrten oder wenig benutzen, kleinen Straßen zu laufen, im regen Getümmel des Samstag nachmittags.
    Die Pommes waren wirklich sehr lecker und machen auch sehr satt. Allgemein ist Utrecht eine eher schöne Stadt mit ihren kleinen Gassen, den Kanälen und dem vielen Grün.
    In Utrecht werde ich bei Davide schlafen, einem guten Freund der Familie. Seine Frau Marjie und Kind Elin sind gerade in Deutschland.
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  • Day28

    Sightseeing in Utrecht

    May 6 in the Netherlands

    Heute bin ich viel durch Utrecht gegangen und habe mir die Stadt angesehen . Irgendwann habe ich mich auch mit meinem Ebook-reader an den Kanal gesetzt und habe gelesen und den Leuten beim paddeln zu geguckt.
    Am Abend war ich noch mit Davide im Kino. Das Kino war sehr gemütlich, da nur um die 80 Leute in einen Kinosaal passen. Wir haben the rider gesehen.

  • Day163

    Day 164: Utrecht

    July 28, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Another busy day today! Early drive into Amsterdam to drop off the car, then a train south for an hour to the city of Utrecht. Thankfully my train went directly past our town, so Shandos hopped on my train and met me on board!

    Utrecht is a medium-sized city south of Amsterdam, and I didn't know much about it until arriving. I guess I still don't, but it's a nice spot with lots of canals winding around and old historic buildings. We checked out the cathedral and grabbed an early lunch of sandwiches in a trendy cafe, then headed for the Centraal Museum where they had a few displays about the history of the city and stuff.

    But the main reason we were here was a UNESCO World Heritage Site (of course), a modernist house on the outskirts of the city. Our tickets included free bikes from the museum, so we hopped on those and cycled over, thankfully only about 10 minutes! It's great cycling around here, drivers look for you, expect you and respect you, and the roads are clearly designed to cater for cyclists. Lots of fun and very easy.

    The house itself was great - built in the early 1920s as a private house, in what was known as "Der Stijl". Very modernist, with lots of straight lines, primary colours, minimalism, and great use of space. The architect was more of a designer, and some of his old furniture was still inside. Interesting to see how his ideas about negative space (thinking more about the space inside a chair than the space the material occupies) was reflected in his house design as well.

    We filmed a bunch and did our tour, where the highlight was upstairs - a fully open-plan area. This was unheard of in the 1920s! It came with cleverly hidden sliding wall panels to create three private bedrooms and a lounge area, which was quite ingenious.

    Filming done, we headed back to the museum and dropped off our bikes, then walked back to the station and caught the train back to our houseboat at Abcoude. Since I'd driven to Amsterdam with the car in the morning, we only had one bike at the station. I drew the short straw and walked home, 25 minutes in all but thankfully it didn't rain! Spent the evening editing videos as we've just done six sites in four days and I suddenly need to start catching up!
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  • Day3

    Mary K hotel & Amsterdam

    June 13, 2016 in the Netherlands

    Mary K is a boutique hotel with a tiny street sign - blink and you'd miss it. Breakfast looks nicely sourced but expensive and not big so we repaired to Hema for a bigger breakfast which at €2 is popular and hard to beat.

    Train to Amsterdam, Resistance museum, boat trip, and Anne Frank House (not pre-booked so had to queue for an hour).

  • Day1

    Two worlds

    April 12, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Overthinking the goal or purpose of (your) life can make you feel lost. At least, that is what I felt. Fearful. Lost in a big world of which you are only a really small part. But by getting lost you can find a connection deep down inside you, which makes you feel part of the universe. Actually not just part of it, you can feel that you ARE the universe. It's all inside you. It does sounds cheesy, I know, but for me this is all that counts. Connection. With the world inside you and by that, with the world around you.
    The goal we are taught from a very young age is to get educated. Science is the truth. Get a certificate and work. Work to earn money. Work to buy a house. Work because that is what we have to do. Work is the purpose of life? To me the word work has a negative vibe around it. It gives me stress. Because we should be the best, fastest, most special, most efficient. But does that make me happy? No. At the same time I know that this developing world, the western world brought us some good things. Because of the technological inventions, I can now type this story in my smartphone. Because of the constructional inventions I am now sitting on the second floor of my house. Because of inventions I don't even have a clue how it works, I am able to live a life with ease. I can buy my food in the supermarket, can take a shower with flowing water falling down on my skin, I can ride my bicycle on paved roads with traffic lights. Lights, I can use a switch to put on the lights in my room. I don't need to search for wood and create my own fire to have light and warmth. So, the world we're living in amazes me. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that all of this is invented and made by us, humans. I am not saying it is good or bad. I can see both sides. The only thing I'm saying, is that I feel that it's good to take moments to stop and be thankful for everything there is. Appreciate. But also take time to realise that there is more than just work and earn money. Think out of the box.
    I just saw the instagram of a travelling couple and got lost in the amazing pictures. I felt jealous. How cool would it be to just explore the world in a van?! But then I reminded myself that the world of exploring isn't like heaven. It can be hard. Challenging. Not only the travelling itself, but also the judgement of others. Because they keep reminding you how important it is to find a job. Use your diploma from university. Don't spill it.
    That, for me, is not easy. I feel caught between two worlds. One world in which I have to find a job. Find a proper job that I like and at the same time makes me earn enough money. The other world is the world of exploring and travelling. Both worlds are pulling me in different directions and I am searching to find a way to mix them up. Combine them.
    The realisation that I can do what I want feels freeing at the same time. In all those years of studying it felt like I was living the life I had to live. No actually I didn't even think about it like that. I just went with the flow, so time passed without me even noticing. And now, after graduating, there is this space for me to breath. Breath and have a moment to stand still. Find balance between the two worlds.
    Let's see what life will bring me. The good thing is that it is all open. A new chapter with blank pages to be filled. Scary, but oh so exciting at the same time!
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