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  • Day21

    Lake Forsyth, Christchurch Akaroa Road

    October 2, 2016 in New Zealand

    Unsere Tour von Christchurch City zur Halbinsel Banks Peninsula, die durch 2 Vulkanausbrüche entstanden ist!

  • Day17

    2. Nacht, Little River

    October 1, 2016 in New Zealand

    Halli hallo,

    heute Nacht haben wir die zweite Nacht in unserem Auto verbracht. Aufjedenfall war es trotz der Kälte schon viel besser als die 1. Nacht. Wir konnten gestern nämlich noch unser Auto ein bisschen einsortieren, sodass wir beispielsweise nicht mehr an unseren Koffer müssen, weil wir alles in Kisten einsortiert haben.

  • Day25

    Dag 21: Fairlie - Little River

    April 4, 2016 in New Zealand

    Aaaaah, onze laatste dagen zijn aangebroken. We zijn onderweg naar onze laatste activiteit, een boottocht in Kaikoura op 6 april (als het weer meezit). Maar we maken vandaag een tussenstop in Little River. Dit gat ligt net onder Christchurch, waar we een lunchpauze hebben gehouden.

    Wat is Christchurch een bizarre stad. Het is vijf jaar geleden dat daar een allesverwoestende aardbeving was. Het centrum was (vertelde iemand ons vandaag) na de aardbeving compleet afgesloten, omdat er van alles op instorten stond. Veel gebouwen zijn daarna platgegooid, hiervan dienen een aantal plekken als parkeerplaats en op andere plekken zijn ze aan het bouwen. Er wordt heel veel gebouwd, maar ook bizar veel gebouwen staan nog leeg. Een aantal gebouwen zijn ondertussen wel versierd met prachtige muurschilderijen. Ook zijn er een aantal initiatieven genomen om de stad weer een beetje kleur te geven. Zo zijn we vandaag even naar de Re:Start mall geweest. Dit is een klein winkelcentrum dat bestaat uit winkels die zich in containers bevinden. Leuke winkels met spullen van lokale sieraden en interieur accessoires designers en eetkraampjes. Maar verder is het centrum een trieste aangelegenheid.

    We zijn ook bij Dilana rugs langsgeweest, ik weet al jaren dat er een tapijtenwinkel bestond die zo heette, maar vandaag ben ik gewoon even langs geweest, we waren toch in de buurt. Super leuk, want ik vertelde de eigenaar waarom ik langs kwam en toen kregen we gelijk een tour door de werkplaats. Hij vertelde dat de zaak zo heette omdat in het Latijn 'Di' betekent 'van' (net als in het Italiaans) en 'Lana' 'wol'. Jammer dat mijn achternaam niet Schaapsma is, dat zou echt hilarisch zijn.

    We zitten trouwens vanavond in onze coolste verblijf ooit, in een silo!! Zie foto's, echt te gaaf! Jammer dat hier verder weinig te beleven is. Oh ja morgen gaan we even naar Akaroa, dat is hier vlakbij en schijnt mooi te zijn. Daarna door naar Kaikoura!

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  • Day425

    Entering a mini paradise

    April 17 in New Zealand

    We've just arrived this evenjng at our last Airbnb for this part of our journey and wow it is amazing. It's a little cabin set deep in the native bush in a valley, about 2 metres from a river and is about as remote as it can get. Everything about this place is beautiful and we're so excited to fall asleep tonight to the sound of the water outside. Today we left Christchurch and drove the hour and a half scenic drive to Akaroa, a small town settled by the French in Banks Peninsula. It's established in a small bay that leads out to the sea. The sun was shining and everything just looked so postcard picturesque. After desperately finding the public loos we had a stroll around and coffee in a cafe to get on Wi-Fi to actually find the address of our next accomdation, something we forgotten to do before leaving. We then visited a place called The Giant's House which I imagined was a house filled with huge things as if it was owned by a giant. Turns out some girl told the owner that the house looked big enough for a giant so that became it's name. It's quite deceptive when you find out the attraction is actually a garden filled with mosaic artwork. It was cool and interesting to look at but really not our cup of tea so we regretted not reading more into it before visiting , especially when it was $10 each to go in. We spent the rest of our time exploring the other end of town which included a walk through a forest and a trip to the lighthouse. Sitting by the harbourside eating ice creams in the sun was one of the highlights of the day. This Airbnb doesn't have great cooking facilities so we decided to use my birthday gift card on a nice dinner together. My friends Lauren and Lottie sneakily used my sister to get our address to send me a gift voucher from the local post office that can be used like a normal credit card here. It was so thoughtful of them and I've been wanting to use it for something special. When we heard that there's a hill top restaurant with amazing views that do wood fire pizza we just knew this was the the moment to use it. We arrived for an early dinner because we hadn't actually checked in yet and after a family left we managed to get a table right in the window. I had my first lamb on pizza which came with onion and a spicy sauce and paid extra to have the other half of the pizza as a bbq meat combo. We really enjoyed the meal even though the card didn't work in their restaurant in the end! We plan to use it on fuel or something and say the meal was still paid for with it. We left and then drove into such a beautiful part of the area down a narrow 1.6km track until we reached our adorable cabin. We even passed a family out walking their two cows on the road and were greeted by about 20 chickens running towards us as we pulled into the driveway. We're definitely experiencing very rural living and so far we love what we see.Read more

  • Day426

    The cutest Airbnb ever

    April 18 in New Zealand

    Today we woke up and had been visited by the "breakfast fairies" AKA our host's 8 and 6 year old daughters. They'd left us a lovely breakfast outside with homemade breads, eggs from their chickens, home grown grapes and tomatoes and locally sourced cheeses. The eggs even had cute knitted egg cosies on them. The mother is German and the style of breakfast definitely reminded me of when I visited Germany in school and was so put off by all these cheeses and meats laid out for breakfast that I had a week of nutella on toast, something I hadn't really had prior. Sitting outside eating our breakfast on the decking we still couldn't quite believe where we are and we decided we needed a day of just enjoying our surroundings. Our hosts and their 4 neighbours all came together to sign a legal agreement that their land can never be used for farming, even if they sell the land. This included the stream that runs by our cabin and the spring it comes from so all the water is completely pure meaning the water from our taps is coming straight from the stream. It's deliciously ice cold and crisp. The cabin also has a composting toilet so nothing's wasted there and soon they plan to utilise the waterfall in their stream to generate their own power. We found all this out by talking to the mother and her children this morning. She was on a working holiday visa in Australia when she met her British now husband. After going home for a while they decided to come to New Zealand on a working holiday and have never left since. They were working in Christchurch but moved out to Little River to achieve the lifestyle they really wanted for their children. The husband still commutes to Christhucrch for work and the mum does Airbnb full time. Most months in summer they are booked up completely and in winter it's about a 70% booking rate. It's all very inspiring really and if New Zealand wasn't so far from home I think we would move here in a heartbeat. With only 4 million people it just has a much nicer vibe than back home and a real sense of community everywhere you go. The collective landowners have come together and made a walking track that takes you right up to the top of the hill and down again. We did this walk today and loved the fact that more than likely no one else would be on the track with us because it's private land. We got some great views and sat on the bench at the top of the hill just soaking it all in for quite a while. We even had a couple of fantails leading the way, they are definitely becomming my favourite bird. After visiting the waterfalls we came back to our lovely cabin and I gave making scrambled eggs on a bbq a go. It wasn't a huge success but it was edible at least!Read more

  • Day427

    Rockpools and sheep

    April 19 in New Zealand

    We woke up to yet another great breakfast and it definitely set us up for the day ahead. After a relaxing day yesterday it was time to explore Banks Peninsula. At our last Airbnb our hosts recommended visiting Le Bons Bay so we decided that should be our first destination today. The drive there was very challenging with lots of tight bends and continuously climbing hills to then descend them. Nick started feeling really queasy during the drive so we were both glad that I was driving. After an hour or so we reached Le Bons Bay after passing a grand total of 4 dead possums on the roads. Most journeys you know you will see at least one on the road so I think these volumes really show how many there must be in the country and why they have become such a pest to the native wildlife. The bay itself was beautiful and the sun had come out for us. What made it even more amazing was the sound of the waves or at least they would have been lovely to listen to if they weren't being over powered by the sound of two children riding motorbikes all over the beach! We swiftly walked past and as far away from the noise as possible. Down the end of the bay was a river that was flowing out to sea. We explored the area and forest around it with no unnatural noise or anyone else around us. A sad moment was when we saw our first seal, only he was a baby one who has clearly had his tail bitten off, probably by a shark, and has now washed up on shore and sadly died. I'm hoping we do manage to see an alive one and wild penguins during our time here. We walked back down the beach towards where we came in and over to the other side of the bay. This side had hundreds of rockpools amongst the shellfish encrusted rocks. We saw hermit crabs, little fish and sea anemones while trying not to stand on too many of the hundreds of shells clinging to the rocks. The most unusual animal we saw was sheep! On the cliffs above once you pass the rocky cliff faces is lush green grass so of course there would be sheep making this their home. It was surreal to see this animal so close to the sea and you did wonder if any have been brave enough to jump down and take a dip in the sea! After a while the sea started to come in so we adbandoned the rocks and headed back to the car. We had planned to do a walk in the afternoon but neither of us were really feeling it. Instead we drove the tourist route down to Akaroa to have some lunch. The views were spectacular during the whole drive and Nick was relieved he was driving so that he wasn't in charge of taking the photographs. We had some lunch at a restaurant in town before having one last wonder around the shops getting a few bits and bobs. Banks Peninsula is beautiful and it makes me so excited for what else New Zealand has in store for us.Read more

  • Day65

    1887 Farm House Stay

    January 26, 2016 in New Zealand

    Jan 26-27, 2016
    1 night

    It was again on of those cases where your Airbnb can turn out to be either awesome or super creepy. Luckily we got the former, again!

    Tranquility is what it was. Like you got removed from present and moved to the remote past. Really calming farm with the big wooden table (for two) and real fire place.

  • Day403

    Little River

    November 19, 2015 in New Zealand

    Darryl je cool. Je mu 42 a bydli se svym synem (tak 12, 13 let) v pidi hippie komunite v autobusu v mestecku Little River. Autobus je taky cool a bylo v nem teploucko od kamen. Darryl ma prehled, svuj nazor na spoustu veci a je tak trochu hippie. Na farme nedaleko Mount Herbert ted sortuje ovci kuze, co je tu sheareri strihaji z ovci.
    Spime pred autobusem v aute, na zachod hodime na vlakovou zastavku, ale je tu klid a mir :-).Read more

  • Day14

    Auf der Suche nach einem Auto

    September 28, 2016 in New Zealand

    Der Campervan gestern ist leider noch nicht unser Auto geworden, allerdings haben wir uns heute einen anderen angeguckt und wenn morgen beim Check alles gut läuft, wird es unser erstes Auto werden :) jetzt wird erstmal noch eine Nacht im Hostel verbracht bevor es morgen früh direkt zur Werkstatt geht 🚘❔

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