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  • Day19

    Creative Christchurch

    February 8 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    This morning’s port was Akaroa - a charming town that strives to recreate the feel of a French provincial village, down to the names of its streets. The ships used to dock in Lyttelton, but since the earthquakes Akaroa has been a popular substitute.

    Given the weather this morning, which was cool and a bit wet, we decided to take a trip on a local tour coach to Christchurch, 1.5 hours away. Beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes en route reminded us of our homeland.

    Christchurch is in the middle of an epic rebuild that has completely reconstructed the city centre, where over 80% of buildings needed to be demolished after the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, which left 186 people dead. There are still lots of vacant lots and most buildings in the city are only a few years old. We took the historic tram ride around the city centre, visiting the ruined cathedral, Canterbury Museum and another Botanic Gardens (Ken, you would be proud of us!).

    Christchurch is like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and seems to have a burgeoning Arts scene, with numerous art galleries, museums etc. It’ll be nice when it’s finished.
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  • Day20


    January 9 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    This morning after breakfast we drove from Timaru to Christchurch. In Christchurch we had something to eat, visited the the botanical garden and briefly took a look at the Canterburry Museum. Afterwards we went to the hotel and now we’ll just relax a bit before our return flight tomorrow!

    Heute morgen sind wir nach dem Frühstück von Timaru nach Christchurch gefahren. In Christchurch haben wir etwas gegessen, uns den botanischen Garten angeschaut und kurz das Canterburry Museum angeschaut. Danach sind wir ins Hotel und entspannen nun vor unserem morgigen Rückflug noch ein bisschen!Read more

  • Day6

    Ali and Jill

    December 18, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Arrived in Christchurch and fabulous reunion with Ali and Jill. Great to be back visting again. Went for a walk around Christchurch. Walked past these sweet peas and had food at C1 Espresso cafe where food is delivered to your table through pneumatic tubes!

  • Day75

    Driving in the clouds

    January 20 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    The reason for choosing Kiwi Basecamp as our hostel for Christchurch was the freshly baked bread they offered in their free breakfast. This turned out to be true and nice. The Internet was also super quick, so we took advantage of it and backed up quite some pictures. Then it was time to take the bus to the airport where we could pick up our second rental car. This time it was a 2012 Suzuki Swift with 184000km on it. Quite a difference to the previous one that had only 5000km and a few less scratches. However, this Suzuki comes with a functional back window wiper and it feels easier to drive. So not bad at all.

    Our first stop was a Pak'nSave for some basic groceries for the next few days. Then we decided to do a day trip to the Banks peninsula. The driving already offered great views but we also did a small walk for a bit more. The clouds were rolling over the mountains but for the rest the sku was blue. We liked it here and decided to spend the night in one of the bays as well.

    Some days earlier at the sandfly hostel in Nelson we looked up some info about sandflies in New Zealand. We found a map that showed you were most likely to be at wars with them on the west coast, whereas on the east coast they were unlikely to bother you. Back then we were happy about that, knowing that we'd head east after Nelson. But arriving at the Pigeon Bay campsite on the Banks peninsula near Christchurch, we learned that this map was clearly a lie.

    The sandflies kept harassing us while setting up our tent and making dinner. By the time we went to bed, hundreds of them had managed to find a place in our outside tent, with quite some sneaking into the inside tent as well when we were going in or out. They're not the most intelligent creatures, but they certainly don't lack in persistence. They take one for the team as well, proven by the one that flew into Machiel's eyeball and some others that attempted similarly suicidal actions. In the end we managed to eat and get into our beds, but it definitely took a lot away from what otherwise was a good campsite with nice surroundings.
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  • Day18

    Kaikoura - Akaroa

    April 23, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    On our second last day in NZL we left Kaikoura in the morning for a nice drive to Christchurch. For the moment we bypassed Christchurch and followed the road to the outer end of the Peninsula out of CC until we reached the touristic village of Akaroa. Nice little town with lots of shops and even a boucher where we bought our last BBQ 🍖 for the evening. Looking at the surroundings of Akaora you could imagine being in Meggen or elsewhere at Lake Lucerne. Quite similar scenery but with no higher alps behind. Spent the night at a camping ground above Akaora with a nice view across the harbour and town.Read more

  • Day74


    January 19 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Our bus was leaving at 16:40 and the Albatross Backpackers where we were staying had a great policy. Sundays start with a free late pancake breakfast at 10:30 and a late checkout at 12:00. So we slept long and then got positively surprised by the whole setup. The hostel owner herself was baking pancake after pancake, they had maple sirup, jam and peaches and some coffee and you could really eat as many as you want. Generally the hostel was a bit alternative and quite nice. They had music instruments everywhere free for use. Art was hanging all over the walls with a small corner in which you could contribute by painting your own master piece (we sadly didn't have time). Lots of board games, a free clothes box, organic tea and coffee. And the people staying there were also nice.

    So we didn't mind spending the hours until the bus would leave, by just hanging around, talking to others and... finally getting some ebooks on our ebook reader! Yes, we are carrying an ebook reader since the start of the trip. While we can proudly say that we seemed to have packed correctly as we really use everything on a regular basis and didn't miss anything really either yet, the ebook reader was an exception. The only books on there were 2 Lonely Planets, one from Norway and one from Ecuador. So it was more than time to change that. Now we are also the proud owners of travel guides from South New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia. Actually useful ones.

    A bus ride of 3 hours brought us to the city of Christchurch. To get to our hostel we had to walk 2.2km which felt heavy with all our stuff. On the bright side that gave us the opportunity to see a bit of Christchurch and how 9 years after the big earthquake the effect is still so visible. Not only are lots of the buildings very new, there are also still quite some clear spots where nothing has been rebuild yet.

    Arriving at the hostel, we smelled weed all over the place. Our dorm room was occupied by 2 others that had already stayed there for several months. It's not the nicest if you can't even find a place to put your backpack that isn't already occupied by dirty clothes, opened bags of rice, plastic cutlery, or other trash. It was basically an incredibly dirty student room where mother hasn't visited for quite a while. At least it was only for one night. A few minutes from the hostel we found a Domino's that sold us 2 pizzas for 10 dollars. That was really cheap, and actually pretty good.
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  • Day96

    Goodbye tent?

    February 10 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    New Zealand really wanted to get rid of us, or at least the sandflys made us think so. As soon as the sun rose behind the mountains and it got pleasantly warm in the tent, they were all up again swarming between the tent layers, around the entrance or just chilled on top of the tent. It was a shame because instead of enjoying breakfast on our beach towels at the lake surrounded by mountains we had to flee into the car. And the most annoying thing about it is that none else seems to have this problem. It's as if all the sandflies in the wider area collectively decide that we are the target. The 2 other tents at the camping were totally fine and the guy next to us almost couldn't believe it when he saw the sandflies around us and our tent. So apparently we just smell really good, as does our tent, and our car, apparently... After hastily packing our stuff we drove off to brush our teeth somewhere else. We just wanted to get out of there.

    On the way back to Christchurch we stopped at the Castle Hill Limestones. A fun walk among humongous boulders. Like the elephant boulders we saw some time ago, but then even better. We had a typical New Zealand pie somewhere for lunch, and had a few other quick stops with not so noteworthy viewpoints. Arriving in Christchurch, we still had quite a few things to do before our flight. Grocery shopping, a stop at the farmacy, laundry, and a much needed hairdresser for Machiel. Especially the laundry at the campsite became an issue when it just didn't want to dry quickly enough. At least no sandflies though. In the meantime we made a wraps dinner and booked the transportation for the Fiji islands. After a shower it was time for bed. The weird thing was that we didn't know if this was the last time we would sleep in this tent. For the next 3.5 months we most likely won't sleep in any tent and seeing how the front zipper slowly stops working and the tent is more than 6 years old, it would be an easy way to save some space and weight. And while Machiel can think about this very rationally, Susanne struggles more as this became our home over the past months.
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  • Day15


    January 15 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Christchurch wurde am 22.Februar 2011 von dem stärksten Erdbeben erwischt was Neuseeland bisher hatte dadurch sind sehr viele Gebäude eingestürzt und gab viele Todesopfer im ersten Bild wurden die Todesopfer durch einen Stuhl simbolisiert welche im zweiten Bild ein zehnstöckiges Gebäude gewesen war und dort ihr Leben gelassen haben. Die Kirche wurde dort auch zerstört. Die Artgalarie war interessant.Read more

  • Day33

    11-1 Aardbeving, vooral voor Edo

    January 11, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    80% van het centrum was stuk (foto's 1+3). Foto 4 is 3 maar dan nu. Als je bedenkt dat we in Utrecht al 20 jaar bezig zijn, terwijl we dáár van te voren over nagedacht hadden.....
    Door bijverschijnselen van de aardbeving, was de Avon smaller, ondieper en het land er omheen lager. De bruggen over de Avon waren een harmonica, (foto 2) omdat de oevers dus naar elkaar toegekomen waren. Dan heb je dus een probleem. Inmiddels ligt daar een stadspromenade, hartstikke mooi. (5)
    52% van de wegen was stuk, de riolering naar de haaien en water was er ook niet. Dat zijn dingen die je dus ook moet oplossen. En dan nog bedenken: hoe gaan we het nu doen. (6,7+8)
    Ze bouwen zich 3 slagen in de rondte, als ik nu zie wat er is en de foto's hoe het was: wauw. Ik snap niet waar ze het geld vandaan halen. Wel een hoog "Hoog Catharijne" gehalte. (9+10). En ja, er zijn nog veel lege plekken. Maar zeker geen 80% meer.
    By de by: een hele wijk is opgekocht door de Gemeente omdat de grond door de aardbeving vloeibaar werd en de hele handel is ingeklonken en instabiel is geworden. 30 tot 50 cm verschil met eerst. Onvoorstelbaar.
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  • Day131

    2 Monate bei den Kiwis / Impression

    February 26, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Meine Zeit in Neuseeland geht zu Ende. Am 28.2. fliege ich nach San Francisco.
    Mit dem Wetter hatte ich wirklich Glück. Den Regenschirm habe ich nur die letzten paar Tage gebraucht. Eigentlich wollte ich 6 Tage in Akaroa verbringen, schwimmen und wandern, da das Backpacker aber "obergruusig" war, kaltes Wetter und Sturm angesagt wurde und das Internet nicht funktionierte, kehrte ich nach 3 Tagen nach Christchurch zurück.
    Nachdem alleinreisende Frauen von den Backpackerunterkünften geschwärmt haben, habe ich die auch ausprobiert. Der Vorteil ist, dass sie meistens viel zentraler im Ort sind als die AirB&Bs. Man trifft entweder junge Leute oder grauhaarige. Dafür kann man sich in den AirB&B mit ortsansässigen Leuten unterhalten. Insgesamt habe ich in NZ in 17 verschiedenen Betten geschlafen.
    Was ich rückblickend anders machen würde: 2 oder mehr Nächte auf dem Mt.Cook/Aoraki verbringen für Sternenbeobachtung und eine Nacht auf einem Boot beim Milford Sound.
    Und hier meine Neuseeland-Leseliste:
    Joscha Remus, Gebrauchsanweisung für Neuseeland.
    Witi Ihimaera, Pounamu, Poumamu.
    Keri Hulme, Steinfisch. (schwierig!)
    Alan Duff, Once Were Warriors. (brutal!)
    Janet Frame, An Angel at my Table.(Für mich die eindrücklichste Biografie, die ich gelesen habe!).
    Die letzten beiden Bücher wurden verfilmt.
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