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  • Day211

    Wet (and still windy) Wellington

    April 5, 2017 in New Zealand

    What do you do in Wellington when it is very wet and windy? You visit one of the many great museums! Luckily for us, we've had our worst weather day yet here, with plenty to keep us occupied. We had planned to visit a couple of museums but we ended up spending the whole day in in the Te Papa National Museum, it was so good - both for adults and children. It had exhibits about the history of people in NZ, including Maori origins, more recent immigration and the history of wildlife in NZ. My favourite exhibit was the colossal squid - that was caught by a fishing boat in Antarctica in 2007 and frozen, then thawed, examined and preserved for display in the museum - fascinating. Solana's favourite was the life-sized model of the blue whale's heart that you could climb inside. There was also a great special exhibit about bugs, with lots of special effects and fascinating facts; Solana's favourite in this section was a giant wasp that you could climb into and slide down inside - as you emerged from the bottom of the slide, the wasp "farted"!). Later we dried out and warmed up in our Air BnB room (taking advantage of the free tumble drier use too!) - see pictures.

    This is our 77th blog footprint posted, over 7 countries. We've been travelling for 11 weeks and we have 6 weeks left of our Big Adventure. We wonder what those next 6 weeks will bring...
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  • Day212

    Windy Wellington

    March 8 in New Zealand

    Erster Tag in Wellington- wir parkten unser Auto an der Oriental Bay wo wir für 2 Stunde kostenlos parken konnten. Die beiden Stunden nutzen wir um ins Te Papa, das National Museum von Neuseeland zu gehen, das freien Eintritt hatte. Echt schön gemacht mit vielen Veranschaulichkeiten, Filmen, einem Erdbeben Simulator und viel Geschichte. Ein bisschen verbrachten wir hier, aber so Museumsmenschen sind wir nicht wirklich🙊 liefen lieber noch ein wenig in die Stadt. Die Cuba Street mit den ganzen Restaurants und Bars ist ganz süß gemacht aber sonst ist Wellington auch einfach nur eine Stadt. Am zweiten Tag fuhren wir zum Mount Victoria Lookout, von dort hat man eine super Sicht auf Wellington und sieht sogar Flugzeuge am Flughafen landen. Machten dann nochmal einen Stadtbummel und viel mehr machten wir auch nicht;)Read more

  • Day4

    Mt Viktoria Lookout

    December 5, 2017 in New Zealand

    Today I went to Wellington. I decided to make a quite tour through the city what was very interesting. I met a girl from Switzerland and we decided to spent the rest of the day together.
    So after the tour we was eating lunch and then went to the national museum Te Papa.
    It's was really interesting to learn some stuff about the Maoris and how New Zealand is formed from the nature.

    After a calm time in the Te Papa museum it was time to hick Mt Viktoria.
    That was quite a challenge but I need to train if I really want to make the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
    And the view from the Lookout is amazing.
    Weather is really good as well. Around 25 degrees and quite windy. But that's just nice.
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  • Day202

    Mt Victoria

    March 17, 2017 in New Zealand

    Hier wurden auch einige Filmszenen gedreht. Wenn die Häuser von Wellington im Hintergrund zu sehen waren wurden sie halt rausgeschnitten. Manche Bäume waren auch nur einige Sekunden im Film zu sehen. Ich finde es wirklich krass an wie vielen verschiedenen Stellen Sie gedreht haben und welchen Aufwand die teilweise betrieben haben.

  • Day110

    Wellington - Vormittag

    December 20, 2016 in New Zealand

    Unser Tag fängt mal wieder mit Wäsche waschen an. Wir haben einen Waschtrockner im Appartement und das müssen wir natürlich nutzen. Dann bummeln wir den Lambton Quay zum Regierungsviertel entlang. Wir suchen noch eine Handtasche für Heike für die Gala (soll top aussehen und nichts kosten - wird danach entsorgt 🤔) und ausserdem das Old Government House. Letzteres finden wir mithilfe von, denn heute gehört es zur Victoria Universität und beherbergt die Juristische Fakultät und die Bibliothek. Dem Gebäude ist nicht anzusehen, dass es vollständig aus Holz ist. Wir klopfen mal dagegen und ja, es ist aus Holz. Drinnen finden wir die typischen viktorianischen Elemente und einen urigen Fahrstuhl vom Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts.
    Auf dem Weg zum Te Papa Tongarewa (Museum of New Zealand) machen wir einen Abstecher zur Cuba Mall und futtern einen super leckeren Chicken Döner. Im Museum wird die Geschichte der Besiedelung NZL interaktiv, multimedial und sehr anschaulich dargestellt. Hier erfahren wir das erste Mal, dass nicht alles Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen zwischen siedelnden Europäern und Maori war. Dennoch verlief es nicht so wie in Amerika, Kanada oder Australien, wo die Ureinwohner vertrieben, gemeuchelt oder versklavt wurden. Die Maori sind heute eine bedeutende Macht in NZL und gleichberechtigt zu den "Weißen". Sehr eindrucksvoll ist auch der Erdbebensimularionsraum, in dem wir ein Erdbeben der Stärke 5 miterleben. Am schlimmsten sind die Bilder, die über die Monitore eingespielt werden und einen Eindruck über die Schäden im Haus vermitteln.
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  • Day110

    Wellington - Abend

    December 20, 2016 in New Zealand

    Irgendwann ist auch das zu Ende und wir gehen zurück zum Hotel, machen Abendessen und fahren zum Sonnenuntergang auf den Mt. Victoria, dem 196 m hohen Hausberg von Wellington. Hier haben wir einen 360° Blick auf die Stadt und die Umgebung. Wir sind nicht die Einzigen mit dieser Idee (ist ja tolles Wetter) und der Parkplatz ist voll. Aber wir finden einen fast legalen Stellplatz und können so mit untergehender Sonne die tolle Beleuchtung der Stadt genießen. Jetzt wird es leider auch kalt und wir machen Schluss für heute, morgen geht es in unser Weihnachtsquartier.Read more

  • Day153

    Weta Cave, Mt Victoria, Hobbit Hideaway

    November 29, 2017 in New Zealand

    We had a few things planned for our second day in Wellington. We drove a winding loop around the Wellington harbour. We also decided to get a tour in the Weta Cave. Weta are cochroach-like insects that hide under tree bark. But this "cave" isn't home to animals. Instead it is the location where props, puppets and computer animations are made for TV series and movies.

    Weta Cave gained reputation through classics like Thunderbirds. But even more famous now, of course are The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies that were created here. Avatar and Ghost in the Shell were other notable titles. But an almost endless wall of recognizable movie posters that they worked on proved that this really is an influential studio on an international scale.

    One of the designers of props gave us a tour of the different materials that are used. It's impressive that props like chain-link armour are all hand-made, link by link. And with the many layers of props (make-up, clothes, armour) that actors had to wear, we got a feel for how physically demanding it can be for an actor, especially in running or fighting scenes. It was also interesting to learn that jewelery and weapons of main characters are real. Jewelery like 'the One Ring', is made of real gold. And swords were actually made by the master sword smith of the Queen of England. Several of each sword were made, and have almost all been sold for tens of thousands of dollars!

    We were lucky to meet the director of the studio who came to say hi. Despite all of his success, he was very humble and answered any questions we still had. Our guide had explained the history of the studio. He and his wife started making props for a local movie. They were so focused on detail and hardworking that they quickly caught the attention of bigger producers.

    After our tour, we went for a short walk in Victoria park (Mt Victoria), on a hill overlooking the city. We could see the ferries to the South island come in and out. There are many hiking and biking trails here. By pure chance, we ran into Sonny and Anna again (two German girls)! We had met them at Kerosene Creek a week earlier. And on top of that, we realized that we had booked the same ferry as them! It was fun to catch up. Another Lord of the Rings scene was filmed here in the park. When the four hobbits first set out from the Shire, they were pursued by the Black Riders. In Victoria Park, the scene is filmed where Frodo yells, "Get off the road!" and the hobbits hide. We did our best impression.

    We camped two nights in the same spot, overlooking the channel between the North and South islands. It was very peaceful compared to the busyness of the city. We met Luc and Leonie here (also Germans), who we crossed paths with several more times on our journey. That evening we heard our first penguins, hiding in the bushes. An older lady (in her 60s) who lived in her van permanently joined us, got out her smart phone and played penguin noises. And the real penguins responded! It was too funny, unreal =D
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  • Day50


    February 2 in New Zealand

    We had a perfect day in Wellington today, the southernmost capital city in the world. The temperature is about 63°. The Viking Sun has left the tropics for a while, and Glenda couldn’t be happier. We took an inclined railway up to the Wellington Botanical Gardens, where we encountered And unbelievable number of beautiful plants and flowers. There we also encountered the Carter Observatory. I marveled at the beautiful Cooke Telescope. It was built in 1866-67 in York, England. Around the turn of the twentieth century it was shipped to Napier, NZ. Eventually it found its way to Wellington, where it continued to be used at the local university. In 2001 the observatory had planned to renovate the lenses, but found that the optics on this old 19-inch refractor were not worth repairing. A generous local benefactor financed the grinding of brand new lenses, and the telescope is still in use today. Note especially the jeweler-engraved setting circles to set declination and right ascension. As exact as they are, however, the assembly still requires four collimated spotting scopes. Note also that the mechanical, weight-driven clock drive on this apparatus was crafted by a master clock maker. It really is a remarkable and beautiful work of art. I had wanted to see the Magellanic Clouds and Alpha Centauri while we are south of the equator, and the planetarium show helped me to orient myself in these unfamiliar southern skies. Unbelievably beautiful flowers and birds surrounded us as we made our way to the rose garden and lunch at the appropriately named Begonia Cafe.

    Our visit to the New Zealand Parliament building revealed next door their state executive office building, known as the beehive. Two architects were just noodling around on a paper napkin one day at lunch and playfully came up with the beehive design. Surprisingly, the idea stuck and now the executive office building is a manifestation of their scribbles on a paper napkin. We returned to the ship just before the rain started and settled in for dinner and for our overnight voyage to Christchurch, where we will tour the Southern Alps and Gandalf country.
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  • Day16

    On the top of Wellington

    March 17, 2017 in New Zealand

    Am Viktoria Lookout hatten wir einen grandiosen Ausblick auf die 2 Buchten und den Hafen von Wellington! Die bebauten Hügel mit den Viktorianische Villen erinnern irgendwie an San Francisco!Obwohl wir da ja noch nicht waren!Natürlich haben wir auch die obligatorische Touristen-Tour mit der Cablecar-Bahn gemacht!

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