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  • Day18


    January 7, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    We’ve had a very chilled day today, after our long few weeks we thought we’d take a day off from planning and just walked around Queenstown, going from different coffee shops and doing a little bit of shopping. Tomorrow we have the morning in Queenstown and then we have a 4 hour journey to our next stop (Timaru), so we’re enjoying some downtime!

    Wir hatten heute einen recht entspannten Tag in Queenstown. Nach den vielen Touren/Fahrten dachten wir, dass wir uns heute einfach einen Tag frei nehmen. Wir sind lediglich ein wenig durch den Ort geschlendert und haben einige Male in verschieden Cafés eine Pause eingelegt. Morgen Vormittag sind wir noch in Queenstown und dann gehts in einer 4-stündigen Fahrt zu unserer nächsten Station (in der nahe von Timaru).
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  • Day113


    February 14, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Queenstown liegt am Ufer des kristallklaren Lake Wakatipu umgeben von den Südalpen. Die Bergkette „the Remarkables“ (die Bemerkenswerten) mit
    ihren Sägezahnartigen Gipflen liegt gegenüber der Stadt auf der anderen Seite des Sees. Beliebt ist die Stadt vorallem wegem der zahlreichen Outdoor-Aktivitäten wie Wandern, Wassersport, Mountainbiking, Bungeespringen und Skifahren.
    Die Skyline Gondola brachte uns zum Bob‘s Peak zur Bergstation. Von hier oben war die Aussicht über Queenstown und den Wakatipu-See grandios. Den restlichen Nachmittag schlenderten wir durch die Stadt und zum Znacht luden wir uns in ein Steakhouse ein.
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  • Day62

    Day 62/72: Ben Lomond

    December 28, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    We went into town and picked up some croissants and baguettes from a famous bakery. Actually the bakery itself isn't famous but its part of a chain with a very famous burger place. The food was good anyway.

    We walked straight to the start of a small cable car which takes you to the start of a walk up Ben Lomond, passing Noel Edmunds (which Tom was very excited about). Having never watched deal or no deal the excitement was slightly lost on me, and the following 45 minutes of googling his entire life story and whether we had really seen his wife and son or not was slightly tedious.

    We started our watches and began the long walk up. The first part was hard work, but lovely paths through forests. Then we got out into the side of the mountain, and there was no shelter from the burning hot sun. The walk got steeper, and soon we we scrambling on our feet and hands up the gravelly path, with steep drops to either side. The walk up took a long time, but the views from the top were incredible! Queenstown and lake Whakitipu was on one side, and on the other a huge mountain range with snow capped peaks as far as the eye could see.

    The scramble back down was less than fun, and took longer than the walk up. We were so hot, and had nearly finished all the water in our bags when the cable car came back into view, and we sat there with 2 random other people, who had probably had a nice coffee at the cafe and enjoyed the view, instead of climbing up a mountain, feeling very bad about how sweaty we must have smelt.

    When we got back to the car we drove to stock up on food, then out into the countryside to Te Anau Lake, our next campsite and the base of our trip to Milford Sound.
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  • Day61

    Day 61/72: Mountain Biking!

    December 27, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Today we wanted to hire mountain bikes and explore the surrounding area. Mountain biking is huge in Queenstown, they're everywhere, and we wanted to see what the fuss was about. Tom went for a run first thing and then we both did a circuit on a sports field near the campsite, watching paragliders soar overhead. It really is a very adventurous place to be.

    Feeling very refreshed, we went into town to the Fergbaker bakery, which is the best and only real bakery we've found in the whole of New Zealand so far. Bread seems to be really awful from most bakeries over here for some reason compared to the UK, but ah well this place was the best we've found. We got some supplies for the day and then headed to the mountain bike hire shop. We chatted to the guy and decided to hire them in the early afternoon, so spent the morning chilling in the town, searching for a top that Izzi wanted and drinking coffee next to the lake.

    We picked up the mountain bikes and headed off on our chosen route. It was great fun cycling again and for the first 8km or so it was either road, or what would be "steep cliff path only for walkers" in the UK, which made for tricky cycling! The next bit up to the top of a good downhill section was all switchback turns up a hill, and Izzi had a strop halfway up when she realised she'd bitten off more than she could chew, and vowed as she pushed her bike up the hill to do more cycling in Guernsey (this was in retrospect, at the time she vowed never to get on a bike again and was much more unreasonable).

    We then went down the track which popped us out just opposite a bike park. We spent the next few hours here, on the hills on the edge of the lake, riding the tracks through the forest and generally wearing ourselves out at the steepness of the tracks and how rutted they were. We rode back later that evening feeling exhausted but pleased with the days efforts, it was a great place to ride.

    That evening we got changed and headed out into town to go for our first evening meal out in quite a long time. We found a steak restaurant which had great reviews so decided to go there. We ordered 2 very reasonable steaks (some of them were veeeery pricey) but when the waitress arrived and gave us the food, something seemed wrong. She had said the correct meals as she put the plates down, but Izzi had received a HUGE fillet (like really huge) that somewhat differed to the rump that we thought she'd be getting, and that the waitress had said, and Tom received something that nether of us knew straight away but thought was a sirloin. Not wanting to question the waitresses judgement, we tucked in happily. It was a fantastic meal! We only realised at the end of the meal, that the table next to us seemed to have much smaller steaks, that looked suspiciously like what we should have had as they had ordered the same things as us. We were worried that the bill would be sky high but luckily it was just as we'd ordered and we left feeling pleased yet confused, wondering if someone had received our meal instead of their own...
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  • Day55

    Day 55/72: horses and lotr

    December 21, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Today we woke up early and drove to Glenorchy to go horse trekking through the most beautiful valley filled with lupins and crystal clear rivers. The hack was awesome, the mountains were amazing and we did a few very deep river crossings.
    3 hours of riding later we were both feeling sore and/or out of practice. The area (and the horses we were riding) were used a lot for various films, including lots of Lord of the Rings scenes, Wolverine scenes, and Prince Caspian. And it's easy to see why! The scenery was breathtaking.

    The lupins absolutely fill the valleys here, they were brought over from England as a decorative garden plant but have become a weed, meaning that the valleys are super beautiful.

    We drove back to Queenstown (the drive along the lake is incredible) and had a good lunch before heading into town. We wondered around for a bit, exploring surf and skate (board not fish) shops, and finishing off some Christmas shopping.

    Queenstown is the adrenaline capital of the world, and it shows in all the signs for bungy jumping and Skydiving or another weird adrenaline fuelled activity every 2 meters you walk.
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  • Day56

    Day 56/72: Luge and Frisbee Golf!

    December 22, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    We woke up early and had breakfast in time for the 0800 Queenstown Parkrun (a free 5km run that happens on a Saturday morning in various parks around the world, very popular in the UK). It was attended by a respectable 100 or so people and we had a good race around the parks and along the lakefront. We both ran well and thoroughly enjoyed it considering it rained heavily half way through!

    After the run we cooled down and went to get a coffee (flat white, originated in New Zealand don't you know) and then went back to the campsite to have a shower and get changed. Queenstown was in a rut of low cloud so we decided not to do the very tall mountain hike, but luge from halfway down the hill instead. Luging is a bit like sledging on a road, you sit in a little cart with wheels, a steering column and a brake and you roll down the hill around corners and over humps etc. Great fun! We got tickets at the bottom of the cable car that took us up the mountain and got on, Izzi very nervous as she looked out the glass windows, jumping every time we went through the connecting pillar bits. We got to the top and donned our, very unflattering in Tom's case, helmets. The view was brilliant and we admired it, taking photos before the rain came, and then hopped on a ski lift that took us to the start of the luge. We got taught how to use it, and wondered incredulously at how some people failed to grasp the concept of braking. But after our brief we were on our way, zooming around the corners and weaving through the nervous nellies. It was great fun, sliding around some of the wetter corners and trying to brake as little as possible!

    We then went up the lift again for our second run, this time down the more advanced slope. Nothing too strenuous, just a bit steeper and more corners. Tom arrived at the bottom in front of Izzi and looked behind to see she'd stopped further up the track. What was all the fuss was about? Izzi had managed to lose control of her sled on a wet bit of ground and had collided with the entrance to a tunnel. A large graze on her forearm was the visible damage, and we went back up the hill to the office and first aid station. She got patched up and after joking about a free ride down, received one so we both made our way back down the first slope, Izzi more tenderly than before.

    After a great time luging we went to Fergburger, an apparently must eat takeaway burger place in Queenstown. The queues are normally mental but in the rain it was a little less, so we got 2 fantastic cheese burgers that lived up to the hype they have. We then went in search of frisbees for frisbee golf. This is a GREAT sport, played very similarly to classic golf, but with a frisbee instead of a ball. You play through woods, and there's a surprising amount of effort that goes into the sport, with a variety of plastics, weights and designs for various different shots. We spent a good 15 minutes chatting about the disks in the shop before purchasing one each for ourselves to use. Queenstown Park has the first official frisbee golf course and we had a great time lobbing our frisbees round in the intermittent rain, trying to get them into the chain frisbee catcher thing that varies from being 40-180m from the tee. Our first attempt was pretty poor but it was great fun, and we were glad we bought the frisbees instead of renting them, so we could play again in the coming days!
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  • Day99


    February 6, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Der Vorteil eines Ortes ist, dass man ein ordentliches Frühstück bekommt, und das trotz Feiertags ab 7h. Heute Nacht gingen die Temperaturen bis auf 4°C runter, es war ganz schön frisch im Zelt...

    Der Weg nach Queenstown war sehr gepflegt und total flach. Da liefen sich die fast 30km so weg. Es ging fast immer am Wasser entlang, erst Lake Hayes, dann der Shotover River und zum Schluss am Lake Wakatipu bis zum Ziel.

    Um 12h war ich in FRANKton (a propos Happy Birthday Frank 😊), einem Vorort von Queenstown und erledigte gleich meinen Resupply für den nächsten Abschnitt. Ich musste das Zeug dann zwar noch 6km tragen, aber der Pack'N Save ist unschlagbar günstig.

    Mein Hostel (Black Sheep Backpackers) ist ganz nett und nicht weit vom See. Hier ist jetzt alles ausgebucht. Millionen junge Leute treiben sich hier rum und suchen den Kick (Bungeejumping, Canyoning, Ziplining, Skydiving, Jetboating uvm,...)

    Die Sonne schien den ganzen Tag trotz anderslautender Vorhersagen. Momentan ist die Strasse zum Beginn des Trails gesperrt. Der starke Regen hat zu Überschwemmungen und Abbrüchen geführt. Ich hoffe, dass es am Samstag weitergehen kann. Das werde ich morgen sehen...
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  • Day100


    February 7, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Die Situation südlich von hier ist unüberschaubar. Ich war heute beim DOC und habe mit 3 Leuten gesprochen - jeder erzählt etwas anderes. Meine Recherche in der Facebookgruppe ergab auch kein klares Bild. Doch dann wurde ich abends zum Handeln gezwungen, da mittlerweile mein Hostel für morgen ausgebucht ist, also muss ich morgen weiter...
    Ich entschied mich für eine Umgehung der gesperrten Straße, indem ich morgen um 10h mit dem Steamboat zu einer Farm übersetze und von dort einem Fahrradweg folge, bis er wieder auf den TA trifft. Bis dahin hat sich hoffentlich die Situation etwas beruhigt... Was mich auf dem Weg erwartet, weiss ich allerdings nicht so genau...

    Neben dem ganzen Hickhack habe ich es mir aber gut gehen lassen: um 13h habe ich eine Weintour zu 3 Weingütern in Otago gemacht. Anja hat mich spontan begleitet.
    Der bekannteste Wein aus der Region ist der Pinot Noir, sie haben aber auch einen guten Pinot Grigg (der hat mir deutlich besser geschmeckt). Auch ein sehr fruchtiger Riesling war dabei. Es war sehr lecker 😋. Abends war ich dann noch beim Inder...
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  • Day11

    Lysmaskar i taket

    February 7, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    I dag lämnade vi Te Anau men innan vi körde åkte vi iväg på en tur till the Glowworm Cave.

    Efter en 30 minuters båttur på Lake Te Anau anlände vi till the Glowworm Cave. Grottan, som ligger i the Fiordland National Park, är 7,4 km lång och de nyare delarna av grottan bildades för 12000 år sedan. Vår guide tog med oss på en spännande färd in i grottan. Den första delen avverkade vi till fots, vissa delar var bara 1 m höga och där fick vi gå dubbelvikta. Det forsade en massa vatten genom grottan, som ett vattenfall. Guiden berättade att p g a det regnat så mycket den senaste tiden var det extremt mycket vatten som rann genom grottan. Efter en stund kom vi fram till en liten båt som skulle ta oss ännu längre in i grottan. Det var helt mörkt omkring oss och vi fick inte fotografera eller lysa med någon ficklampa. Detta för att vi skulle vänja oss vid mörkret så att vi skulle kunna se lysmaskarna.

    Båten gled sakta ut och.... WOW.... så många lysmaskar vi såg! Det såg ut som en stjärnhimmel! Så vackert!

    Guiden berättade att maskarna väver en slags trådar som hänger ner från taket. När vattnet kommer så för det med sig insekter och andra djur. Dessa lockas av ljuset från lysmaskarna, de flyger upp mot taket och vips, så fastnar de i trådarna.

    Efter en liten stund var vi tillbaka igen och sen var det bara att gå tillbaka till grott-öppningen igen. Efter lite mer information om lysmaskar och deras tillvaro tog båten oss tillbaka till Te Anau igen.

    Från Te Anau körde vi sen till Queenstown, en bilresa på cirka 2,5 Tim. På vägen blev vi stoppade i en polis-kontroll. Tror nog det var 10-15 poliser som kontrollerade nykterheten bland bilisterna. Så trevliga poliser! ”Hallo - how are you today”! Så fick Gert räkna till 10 i en liten apparat och därefter sa polisen: ”Do you want some coffe and a sausage?” Tvärsöver vägen stod Lions och bjöd på kaffe och korv och samlade in pengar till skogsbränderna i Australien, Det var verkligen en annorlunda poliskontroll!

    Framme i Queenstown checkade vi in på Autoline Queenstown Motel och därefter drog vi vidare längs den fantastiskt vackra vägen längs Lake Wakatipu mot Glenorchy. Wow, vilka vyer!

    Kvällen tillbringade vi i Queenstown centrum, en livlig ort med en mängd barer och restauranger. Vi satt och pratade en stund över ett glas vin med ett par från norra England som också var på resa i Nya Zeeland. Tänk så många trevliga människor vi har träffat hittills under vår resa!

    I morgon är det en ”ledig” dag, d v s inga aktiviteter är inplanerade. Får väl se vad vi hittar på då.
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  • Day12

    Slappedag i Queenstown

    February 8, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    I dag vaknade vi upp till ösregn. Åååh så typiskt. Vi som hade tänkt strosa runt i Queenstown och ha det bra i solen i dag. Men efter någon timme klarnade det och sen bröt solen fram🌞! Under tiden körde vi en maskin tvätt på motellets ”guest-laundry”, åt frukost och läste Sydsvenskan.

    Tvättmaskiner har vi haft lite överallt under resan. Ibland är de gratis, i dag kostade det 4 dollar (30kr) för en 35-minuters-tvätt. Skönt att slippa packa ner en massa smutstvätt i resväskan.

    Frukost fixar vi själva, och ibland även middag, utom på Stewart Island där frukost ingick i boendet. Det finns alltid ett supermarket i närheten, där vi handlar bröd, smör, ost, müsli, yoghurt och lite frukt. Vattenkokare och kyl har funnits på alla rum hittills, likaså kaffepulver. Skönt att slippa lägga pengar på frukost ute under resan.

    Vad gör man i Queenstown en solig sommardag i februari? Tja... staden ligger jättevackert intill Lake Wakatipu och är ett världscentrum för alla sorters sporter. Här erbjuds bungyjumps, forsränning, vandringar, turer med jetbåt eller vanlig båt, linezipping, hängflygning, tandemhoppning... ja den sport som inte erbjuds här finns nog inte. På vintern erbjuds fantastisk skidåkning längs de höga bergen som omger staden.

    Men vi valde att strosa runt och titta i butikerna, kolla in marknaden, äta lunch nere i hamnen, titta på folk, lyssna till gatumusikanter, äta glass, lapa sol och ta en promenad i Queenstown Gardens.

    I kväll blir det en trevlig restaurang och i morgon bitti lämnar vi Queenstown för nya äventyr. Då ska vi köra långt, och hoppas komma till Franz Josefs glaciär fram på eftermiddagen.
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