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  • Day43


    September 6 in New Zealand

    Als ich heute Morgen aufwachte, fühlte ich jeden einzelnen Muskel meines Körpers! Mein ganzer Körper tat nach gestern einfach nur weh und mein Knie war dunkelblau! Ich quälte mich aus dem Bett und setzte machte mir erstmal einen Kaffee, um ein bisschen in die Gänge zu kommen. Zu frühstücken hatte ich irgendwie nicht mehr viel, also machte ich mich auf und schlenderte ein bisschen durch Queenstown und kaufte ein.
    Wieder im Hostel machte ich mir ein leckeres Frühstück. Danach musste ich erstmal wieder ins Bett, weil ich noch immer so kaputt war. Ich plante ein bisschen den Verlauf der nächsten Tage. Als die Putzkolonne kam raffte ich mich wieder auf und marschierte los in Richtung Stadt. Unterwegs überlegte ich, dass es doch cool wäre bei dem schönen Wetter zu einem Aussichtspunkt zu gehen. Also drehte ich um, ging ins Hostel und wechselte meine Klamotten. Google Maps sagte mir danach den Weg an. Nach 15 Minuten Weg und dem ersten kleinen Aufstieg kam ich an einer Karte mit den Wanderwegen vorbei und merkte, dass ich Google Maps mir den Weg falsch angesagt hatte. Toll! Da meine Beine schon bei dem ersten kleinen Anstieg streikten, entschied ich mich dazu den Plan zu canceln und wieder zurück zum Hostel zu gehen. Die an der Rezeption dachten glaub ich ich bin ein bisschen durcheinander. Ich wechselte wieder die Sachen, machte mir einen Kaffee und setzte mich in die Sonne vors Hostel. Elisabeth und Clement kamen dazu und wir entschieden zu einem Cookie Store zu laufen. Ich kaufte mit eine Kugel Cookie Dough (Keksteig) und einen Cookie. Wir gingen zum Seeufer und aßen unseren Süßkram. Danach war uns allen ein bisschen übel :D Elisabeth ging wieder ins Hostel, Clement holte sich ein Bier und ich ging in einen großen Garten um noch einen Spaziergang zu machen. Dort war es echt schön! Es gab riesige Bäume dort, schöne Blumen und man hatte eine tolle Sicht auf den See und Queenstown. Ich beobachtete Gruppen beim Frisbee-Golf, einem sehr beliebten Zeitvertreib oder Sport?! hier und einen Vogel, der ein schönes Muster auf dem Bauch hatte und der sich blitzschnell Würmer aus dem Boden pickte. Auf dem Rückweg fand ich eine Reifenschaukel am Ufer und schaukelte ein bisschen vor mich hin und beobachtete, wie es immer dunkler wurde. Der Spaziergang tat echt gut. Nur total übermüdet und kaputt bin ich irgendwie immernoch.
    Jetzt liege ich wieder in meinem spacigen Hostelbett mit Gardine, eigenem Lichtschalter und eigener Lüftung :) Voll cool. Hier kann man es aushalten.
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  • Day65


    November 10, 2016 in New Zealand

    We spent a couple o days in Queenstown it is an excellent plice we great atmosphere- we loved it here. Hed a great night oot we Aimee. Lee wis brave and did a bungy but I cudna do it.😥 We also went jet boating.
    Lastly we got a Ferg Burger which has been recommended ta wis by lots o fok. Da plice always hed a huge queue o fok. It wis yummy! 🍔

  • Day199

    Te Anau to Wanaka

    March 24, 2017 in New Zealand

    We drove the rest of the Southern Scenic Route today, up to Queenstown, where we enjoyed a scenic picnic by the lake. We didn’t partake in any of the adrenaline activities that Queenstown is famous for but we did see a few taking place, including parasailing and a strange activity where people in wetsuits with what looked like a jetpack strapped to their feet appeared to stand on large “stilts” that were actually jets of water! After lunch we drove on to Arrowtown – an old gold mining town from the mid-late 1800s – where we spent an enjoyable couple of hours. We saw the old huts in the “Chinese settlement”, where people came over from China in search of gold – interesting history, similar to the gold rush in California. There are 2 routes from Arrowtown to Wanaka, our destination for the night, and we opted for the scenic mountain pass route. En route we passed through a small town called Cardrona and we glimpsed what looked like bras on a fence as we drove past – we turned around and drove back to find out what it was all about and bizarrely found hundreds of bras tied to a long fence, collecting money for a NZ breast cancer charity. A great idea – amusing and serious both at the same time! We stayed in a “budget cabin” on a campsite (“budget” only by NZ standards – still £55 per night, without bathroom – accommodation here is expensive). On the plus side, the campsite offered a free shuttle into town (2km away), so we took advantage of that and enjoyed a pub meal, washed down with great NZ wine. Afterwards we walked back along the lake to our campsite, to walk off some of the excess calories consumed at dinner! It was a mild evening and back at the campsite Solana enjoyed playing on the swings and trampoline in the dark and we really enjoyed seeing the stars come out as the sky got darker. By the time it was fully dark, the stars were amazing – amongst others we saw Orion upside down, the Southern Cross, and we saw the Milky Way very clearly, running nearly 2/3rds of the way across the sky. The sky really was fantastic – we haven’t seen stars as good as that since the amazing dark clear skies when we were camping in South America 12 years ago...Read more

  • Day6

    Today was an early rise at our extremely comfortable caravan park. The alarm went off at 6:30am and after a small snooze I lovingly shook Jo awake and it was adventure time. James joined us a few moments later and we hit the road, leaving Jess and Hudson to explore Queenstown. We were headed for Coronet Peak Ski Fields.

    We left early in order to beat any traffic heading up to Coronet Peak, about 25 minutes out of Queenstown. And beat the traffic we did! We braved the darkness before sunrise (8am), the sleet, and the icy winding road and made it to the slopes before everyone but 5 people. But as James went searching for coffee and Jo and I ate our breaky while we waited for the slopes to open, we kind of lost track of time. We completely misjudge how long it would take us to get all our layers and gear on, and some us completely forgot how difficult ski boots are to walk in up an icy hill. So it wasn't until well after 8am, following a coffee stop and planning meeting, we were on the Meadow Express chairlift heading for the beginner green runs to get our confidence back.

    We were greeted with incredible weather at the top of Coronet Peak, views of Queenstown and all the incredible surrounding mountains. It was such an incredible experience to be able to look out for miles around at the vastness of God's creation. New Zealand seems so small on a map but it's really absolutely huge, with such a variety of scenery. There was something about sliding down a mountain surrounded but such amazing things.

    So a few easy runs later we were completely exhausted...... and it'd only been 30 minutes, a true testimony to our supreme unfitness. We pushed on, hitting the various slopes and runs that Coronet Peak had to offer. It had been a while since any of us had been to the snow, so it didn't take long for our feet and legs to start wearing down. I was the first to take a tumble and continued on to win the most amount of crashes for the day. I simply put it down to the snowboard vs ski argument and how it's "impossible to stack on skis". But it wasn't long before James hit the ice, and soon after Jo too.

    We thoroughly enjoy our time at Coronet Peak. The slopes were a little steeper and unfamiliar to what we're used to back in Australia, but all in all it was a great time. We made sure we paced ourselves with plenty of rest stops but still to this moment our bodies are truly in a world of pain. We pushed to explore as much of the beautiful mountain we could, but soon heavy rain and terrible condition helped us make the call to get out fo there early and once again beat the traffic down the mountain.

    After returning our gear back tot he hire shop, Jess and Hudsy greeted us when we arrived back at the campsite. They were full of energy..... we were not. But none the less, we were keen to get down into town for some dinner. We did a big clean up of our vans (which included some dumping and pumping) and made full use of the holiday park's hot, well-pressured showers. Warm and fresh, we set out for a rainy walk down to Queenstown. Jess, who had been exploring for the day, was our personal tour guide to all the best restaurants and dining experiences. After a bit of wondering and looking at menus we settled for a traditional Irish pub. It was perfect! Open fireplace, mood lighting, dark timber everywhere, perfectly cooked steak, and vibrant Irish atmosphere was all we needed to fill our bellies and warm ourselves. We spent sometime here, eating and chatting before it ended up getting a little warm inside and we set out down the streets for some Mrs Ferg Ice-cream, a branch off of Fergburger. Ice-cream, a temp of 5 degrees and the cold rainy night mean't it was back up the hill and into the vans for the night.

    We decided to get a bit of laundry done so gathering our dirty clothes, towels, and a suspicious ziplock bag of laundry powder off Jess (don't know how she got that across the border), we set off in the rain once again to get the domestic duties checked off. Then it was back to the van and into bed for a movie night and perhaps a late night Fergbakery snack, who knows?

    We're loving it so much here we've extended our stay at the holiday park so we can cram in more of what Queenstown has to offer.

    Tomorrow we're recovering from today's activities and exploring some old historical towns around Queenstown. Nice and relaxing!

    Asher ☺️
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  • Day8

    Rainy day in Queenstown

    July 8 in New Zealand

    After not feeling too great yesterday and sleeping the afternoon away, Asher and I woke up and decided to spend another day in Queenstown to explore the city and ride the Gondola up the top of Ben Lomond mountain, we couldn't leave Queenstown without doing that, it just wouldn't be right. So we said farewell to James and Jess who went down south for the day to explore the sites and the beautiful scenery it offered.

    We set off for the Gondola but couldn't walk past the cafe without stopping for Asher's morning coffee. After the coffee and brekky was consumed, we went up the mountain and I was very excited to see the beautiful view from the top. We hopped on and it was a short ride to the top with the view getting better and better as we went up, there was some shocking sites as we headed up, Asher and I turned in horror as we heard shrill screams and saw a girl fling herself off the side of the cliff head first...can you believe people pay for this experience? I must admit, I did have the urge to do it myself. Bungy jumping and the giant swing are some of the more adventurous activities NZ has to offer. Maybe next time.

    The view from the top of the mountain was stunning, it was like nothing else, the beautiful blue lakes stretched out beneath the tall mountains and looking out of the city nestled in between. We enjoyed pointing our the landmarks from the top, the places we had walked, our Van and most astonishing, you could clearly make out the line at Fergburger, which still has a long line at every hour of the day. As we walked around the Mountain exploring the different look out spots, the rain had really set it. Walking around toasty warm in our jackets and scarves makes the rain a fun adventure.

    After our wanderings we decided to head back to our van for morning tea and some board games. We are really settling into the van life. On a rainy day like today we appreciated the cosy warm van more than ever. After some games and a nap we decided to hit the town and pass the rainy afternoon away with a movie followed by dinner.

    Before leaving Queenstown we needed to pump, dump and restock on water and gas, which took a little longer than we thought. Finally we were ready, bakery treats on board and we were off to meet Jess and James at our campsite for the night.

    But wait.... James called from a Maccas nearby. With no wifi or phone reception they couldn't find the campsite we had agreed on that morning, and being low on fuel they made the good decision to come back to Queenstown. Thank goodness for Maccas free wifi cause were just about to head in the opposite direction to meet them.

    So back to the holiday park in Queenstown for our last night before we start our journey back up to Christchurch tomorrow. We settled into our vans, heater on and bakery goods waiting, Jess and James joined us with their treats from the bakery and we had a lovely night catching up on our days and feeling very content with our current situation. Warm showers, toilets and power tonight, what a treat.

    We are due back in Christchurch at 2pm on Thursday afternoon to return our vans. We are looking forward to exploring the west coast as we make our way back up and stopping at some more lookouts, quaint towns, bakeries and enjoying the scenic drives.

    Looking forward to spending next weekend with Luke and Nay. xx

    Special happy birthday to Dad! Hope you're having a wonderful day where you are on your holiday! Love you xx

    ♥️ Jo
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  • Day5

    Over the Mountains

    July 5 in New Zealand

    Today started with loud bangs on our motorhome door at 7:30am, Asher rushing to get off the bed, slipping and landing on the ladder (ouch), only to be greeted by the park ranger, not James or Jess in distress. We had paid to stay at our site by the lake, but in the dark we could not find the slip of paper to go on our dash to prove it. So early in the morning we were awoken to be questioned. Today was designated as sleep in and relax, so I was not happy to be woken so early. Still fighting to get rid of this flu, I spent the next couple of hours trying to get a bit more shut eye.

    It was late rise at 11:00am with toasted croissants with Jam, thanks Asher! We showered, packed the van and we were off to explore the little town of Wanaka. To much delight, it was my turn to drive, I was very excited to get behind the wheel of our, what feels like a bus, and if I say so, I think I did a pretty good job. Don't worry school, if you need a new bus driver, I'm ready!!

    Wanaka was beautiful, a quaint little town with a backdrop of a crystal clear blue lake and snow capped mountains. I am still in awe that people live with this as their day to day view, Morisset just doesn't deliver. We spent a bit of time walking around the cute little town, made the important stop at the bakery and the essential pharmacy stop for some cold and flu tablets then it was off the see 'the tree'.

    It's called the 'Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka'. It is a solitary tree that has grown in Lake Wanaka which is backdropped by the beautiful Southern Alps...however in winter, it's a tree that has no leaves and the water level is so low you can walk to it. I must say I was rather underwhelmed, I have no doubt it would be beautiful in Summer when the lake is high and the green leaves contrast the blue lake.

    After a few quick snaps of the tree, it was time to head to Queenstown. A lot of excitement to get to the main hub of the Island. We drove through the breathtaking Cardrona Valley. It was quiet an experience driving the van through the twists and turns up and down the mountainside. It's like nothing I have ever seen before. Driving through Queenstown really tested my driving skills. It's jammed packed with parked cars lining already narrow roads, so guiding the beast through the city, avoiding any kind of collision was a miracle. We decided to head for the local holiday park, which cost a bit of money for a powered site but it was worth it. Just a short walk down the hill and we were in the city centre of Queenstown but, more importantly, we were at the open doors of Fergburger!

    We beat the huge queue by about half an hour and invested in some extremely large burgers. While we waited for our delicious meal, we crossed the road and purchased our lift passes for tomorrows ski field adventures at Coronet Peak, and then returned just in time to be handed a grease wrapped bundle of goodness. Talk about efficiency!
    We walked our bag of delight a couple of streets down to the waters edge where we ate our burgers with the spectacular view. We took our time to stroll around the town, we might be heading out for a midnight snack, so many beautiful places, it would take weeks to truly explore the whole of Queenstown.

    Back up the hill to our caravan park we went, only after our stop at the bakery with our delicious desserts, what a treat. Asher, James and I were off to find a hire place for our ski equipment for tomorrows adventure. We will be heading up to Coronet Peak for a days skiing, it will be an early morning for us tomorrow, but it will be greeted with much excitement.

    Back to our caravan park for the night where we tucked into our bakery treats and played a game of Rummy, our first board game of the trip. We are looking forward to the unlimited warm showers tonight, no van shower for us. No complaints about the van facilities, but a warm, high pressure shower has been eagerly awaited.

    Early to bed tonight, looking forward to our skiing adventures tomorrow, it has been a while, so who knows the condition we will all be in tomorrow night. We are loving the van life so far, wonderful adventures and looking forward to many more. I am holding Mum close to my heart exploring the place she was born.

    ♥️ Jo
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  • Day6


    October 20 in New Zealand

    3,5h Fahrt von Paihia zum Flughafen in Auckland, Mietwagen abgegeben und dann Flug nach Queenstown. Obwohl das Auto kein Navi hat, haben wir unsere Unterkunft „villa del Lago“ gefunden 🤓
    Jetzt erstmal nen Tee und dann sehen wir weiter 😎😍👍🏻

  • Day115

    Queenstown I

    December 24, 2016 in New Zealand

    Und schon war Weihnachten und gleichzeitig auch Lucas Geburtstag. 🎅🏼🎄🎂
    Wir konnten "leider" nicht ausschlafen, da wir um 10:30 Uhr in Shop von "NZONE Skydive" sein mussten.
    Heutiger Tagesplan: in 3.700 Metern Höhe aus einem Flugzeug springen! ✈️
    Wir wurden mit einem Shuttlebus zum Flugplatz gefahren und nach einer halben Stunde warten und anderen zugucken, waren wir endlich dran.
    Als erstes hat man uns in Windschutzanzüge gesteckt und eine Mütze plus Brille gegeben. Danach kamen die Sicherheitshinweise und uns wurden unsere "Flugbegleiter" und der Kameramann jeweils vorgestellt.
    Lucas seine kamen aus Holland und Lauras Partner kamen aus Buenos Aires. 🇳🇱🇦🇷
    Gegen 12 Uhr saßen wir dann im Flieger und wurden auf unsere Flughöhe / Absprunghöhe gebracht.
    Als erstes war Lucas dran. Noch einmal lächeln für die Kamera und dann ging der Spaß los. Mit einem Rückwärtssalto angefangen und gefolgt von mehreren Schrauben ging nach 45 Sekunden freien Fall und 200 km/h leider der Fallschirm auf.
    Die ersten Sekunden waren komisch im Magen aber danach war es ein einfach unglaubliches Gefühl und es hat einfach nur Spaß gemacht. 😍
    Laura war die letzte in der Reihe und konnte alle vorherigen von oben betrachten. ☺
    Die Aussichten bei diesem schönen Wetter waren traumhaft. Mit Blick auf die Berge, Queenstown und den See Wakatipu. 🏔🏘🌊
    Wir landeten nach gut 5 Minuten in der Luft wieder sicher auf unserem Hosenboden und waren geflasht von diesem Abenteuer.
    Der Körper konnte es nicht wirklich realisieren und dadurch setzten später ein bisschen Bauchgrummeln ein.
    Aber wir würden es immer und immer wieder machen und so hoch wie nur möglich abspringen. 😍

    Nach diesem Abenteuer fuhren wir zurück nach Queenstown und checkten auf dem Campingplatz für die nächsten 2 Nächte ein.
    Wir gingen gegen Nachmittag in die Stadt, holten unsere Fotos ab und Lucas suchte sich ein Restaurant aus, bei dem wir ein Tisch für den Abend bestellten.
    Zurück zum Campingplatz, duschen und fertig machen und ab ins Restaurant.
    Lucas wählte ein schönes Fischrestaurant aus, welches schon einige Preise gewonnen hatte und wie wir wenig später herausfanden, auch zurecht.
    Laura wählte ein "Rib Eye Steak" aus, welches perfekt gebraten war und auf der Zunge zerlief. 👌🏼
    Lucas entschied sich für Lachs mit kalten Nudeln und Gemüse und auch dieses Gericht war perfekt. 👌🏼
    Nach 2 Bier und einem schokoladigem Nachtisch rollten wir zurück zum Campingplatz und fielen müde und voll gegessen ins Bett. 😴
    Für Lucas war es nach seinen Aussagen ein unvergesslicher 21.Geburtstag, an den er sich immer erinnern wird. ☺
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  • Day231


    March 29 in New Zealand

    Queenstown ist Neuseelands "Touristenstadt" und für ausgefallene Sportarten bekannt - dabei kommt die wunderschöne Natur in der Umgebung auch nicht zu kurz. Den berühmten und leckeren Fergburger kann man aufgrund der langen Warteschlange auch nicht übersehen ... zum Glück habe ich den Bungy Sprung am nächsten Tag gemacht ... Jipie!!!

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