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  • Day3

    Tungeneset Viewpoint

    March 1 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ -1 °C

    I drove away from the beach, passing my hotel then turning left to go through a long tunnel to pop out at Steinfjord. Not all that much further on from there is the Tunganeset Picnic Site but I think it sounds better if you call it a Viewpoint because you go there to view the Devil's Teeth mountains ... oh, and have a picnic I guess. The phone picture here gives the general idea but the reason photographers visit is because of the large rock pools which are great for reflections. Sorry, I should have taken a reflection shot for you and I neglected to. I ended up staying here until I needed to go back to the hotel to eat: Mexican buffet - really good.

    I took a number of 'proper' photos here and one which I particularly like and will undoubtedly enter into competitions. You see, while I was taking my photos there were other photographers there too then they left, leaving just one who was concentrating on photographing the waves breaking over the rocks. He ended up posing in one of my photos for me and was the perfect solitary figure on the rocks, with the Devil's Teeth behind. I really like it and hopefully you will too.

    My 'model' was also from Germany, travelling on his own because his wife 'hates the cold.' I wonder how many German photographers are left in Germany right now.

    The second image here represents me trying to capture the evening light over the mountains. I almost didn't include it because I don't think it's all that good, but hopefully I have better versions on the 'big' camera.

    So far then, not such a good day as yesterday but still some success and not a wasted day by any means ... and enjoyable too. Where did the time go?
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  • Day4

    A Penguin on a Sunny Day

    March 2 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ -4 °C

    In December when I came to Tromsø with Penny & Tom, the forecast had been for pretty much continuous snow the entire time, but it wasn't anything like that and we had pretty much ideal weather the entire trip. It was the same this time - not continual snow forecast but mostly cloudy with regular snow showers. As you can see however, this has not (so far) been the case though for photography, as I've said already, bright sunny days with clear blue skies is not what's needed to get moody or atmospheric photographs. Don't get me wrong though, you can still capture some stunning views but as an example, take a look at the main photo of this footprint captured on a brief stop at Tungeneset where now it looks completely different to yesterday. Which do you prefer? I bet you prefer this one don't you ... sad face!

    The original plan was that yesterday I'd explore the area north of Skaland but I didnt get very far as you know. Having spoken to the hotel reception about whether I should stick to the original plan of going south today, or continuing northwards, they recommended north. So that's what I did, hence the very brief stop to check out the light at Tungeneset.

    I had a lovely driving tour with the odd stop for photography but I found it hard to find compositions with the harsh light today. I was either in full sunlight or flat shadow alongside fjords where the sun was too low to make it above the mountains. You have to remember that my photography isn't all about what the light may or may not be, I have to somehow also be in the right mood and be inspired to be creative. Today it wasn't happening for me and I've learned not to try and force things. Nothing good comes from that.

    For most of today I was therefore happy to be a wandering Penguin, taking a relaxing drive through the stunning landscapes in which I was immersed and stopping every now and then simply to try and take it all in.
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  • Day96


    August 12, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    So langsam aber sicher neigt sich die uns verfügbare Zeit auf dieser Reise dem Ende zu. Und so stellt sich die Frage was wir noch sehen möchten und was wohl noch in der verbleibenden Zeit möglich ist.

    Natürlich hängt das alles davon ab wie lange und wie schnell man pro Tag so fährt. Und obwohl wir dies mittlerweile sehr gut einschätzen können, diskutieren wir auch alternative Strategien - während dem Fahrradfahren hat man schliesslich viel Zeit für solche Gedankenexperimente. Auf zwei die uns besonders gut gefallen, möchten wir etwas näher eingehen.

    Die Kalinka-Strategie: Mit dieser Strategie kommt man erstaunlich weit, ist aber sportlich anspruchsvoll. Sie funktioniert ganz einfach. Am Morgen wählt man seinen Lieblingsgang und 'trampt' dann einfach den ganzen Tag im Kalinka-Rythmus. Schon nach wenigen Minuten ist man unglaublich schnell unterwegs. Wir möchten jedoch nicht so durch die Landschaft rasen und sehen deshalb davon ab :-) .

    Die zweite Strategie ist sehr gut der noch zu bewältigenden Strecke angepasst. Man fährt einfach immer gerade so schnell wie man noch Distanz zurückzulegen hat (in seinen Lieblingseinheiten). Man könnte meinen, dass dies die perfekte Strategie ist. Je näher man am Ziel ist, desto gemütlicher kann man's nehmen. Aber Achtung, bei genauerem Hinschauen zeigt sich, dass man so unendlich lange bräuchte um ans Ziel zu gelangen!

    Also lassen wir's mit den ausgefallenen Strategien und fahren einfach weiterhin munter drauf zu. Was wir noch so vor haben? Das seht ihr dann vorzu :-) .
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