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  • Day86

    Bleik - Bukta

    July 23, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Reisekilometer 8.610 km
    Tageskilometer 33 km

    Das Wetter ist viel besser, als die Vorhersage vermuten ließ. Die Sonne scheint und es ist windstill. An der Fähre von Andenes nach Gryllefjord treffen wir ein nettes junges Pärchen, die morgens bei besten Bedingungen schon die Walsafari mit den Schnellbooten gemacht hatten.
    Nein wir sind nicht neidisch....jedenfalls nicht wirklich 😂🤣.
    Auf Senja haben wir erstmal Abwässer geleert und Trinkwasser gebunkert. Und ganz wichtig, die Scheiben vom Sprinter gewaschen. Wir wollen ja ungestört rausschauen können.
    Unsere Urintankfüllstandsanzeige zeigt mittlerweile wieder ziemlichen Quatsch an. Wenn der Tank vollständig geleert ist (was so geht mit Hahn öffnen), werden 49% Flüllung angezeigt. Das ist ziemlich blöd, weil wir auf keinen Fall auf dem Campingplatz stehen wollen und unten tropft das doch etwas unangenehm riechende Zeug raus.
    Dirk hatte allerdings auch schon überlegt, das Zeug aufzufangen und in den Addbluetank zu füllen, ist sich aber nicht sicher ob wir DIN gerecht pinkeln.
    Jedenfalls haben wir ziemlich schnell einen tollen Platz gefunden und sind geblieben.
    Denn Senja soll ja besonders schön sein und da wollen wir nicht so durchrauschen.
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  • Day2

    Arriving at Skaland, Senja

    February 28, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ -4 °C

    As I drove up that road (final photo of the last footprint) the golden light on the snow was amazing and it only confirmed why I'd wanted to visit an Arctic region again, but now I wondered if I'd be too late to catch this light at the location I knew was not far past the end of the tunnel - The Bergsbotn Viewpoint.

    You'll have just seen the view from there because the main photo of this footprint is the view I saw when I arrived ... and remember, apart from any Aurora photos that might come my way, all photos in this blog are taken with my phone. That view was awe inspiring and I set my tripod and camera and stayed capturing images while the light changed as the sun set and the colours on the mountains and reflections in the water continually changed. It is true to say on this occasion there definitely was (perfect) light at the end of the tunnel.

    Eventually I had to drag myself away to go to my hotel about ten minutes further on and when I arrived the sunset afterglow was in full swing. A quick phone panorama then I quickly picked up my key, checked meal times (only until 7pm), found my room then left to see if there were photo opportunities to be had. I drove back along the fjord where the water was calm and acting as a mirror against majestic snow-brushed mountains. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I had only just arrived and had already been given perfect conditions in which to play. I am so lucky.

    It was almost completely dark as I drove back to the hotel for my meal but I arrived in good time for good food.

    The day wasn't over yet however ...
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  • Day3

    Different Day, Different Weather

    March 1, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ❄️ -1 °C

    The clouds that brought the show to an end last night also brought snow and this morning there was a dusting over the cars - not just the cars of course but white on in white is kind've hard to spot! I had set the alarm for an early rise to catch the morning light, but having peeped out of the curtains at much too early o'clock I could see that a little longer in a cosy bed was all that was needed until breakfasttime. I made it so.

    You can see the grey clouds hanging heavy which when combined with a snowy landscape can make for some lovely images. Clear blue skies, like yesterday, aren't the favoured conditions for photography - there needs to be something more such as moody clouds, dramatic light after a storm or simply fantastic light like yesterday afternoon. The scene yesterday from the Bergsbotn Viewpoint was amazing, but a few clouds lit by the sunset-orange tones of the moment wouldn't have done any harm at all. It was still truly wonderful to see though.

    So, what will today bring? Snow showers are forecast therefore anything could happen. Let's find out.
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  • Day3

    Tungeneset Viewpoint

    March 1, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ -1 °C

    I drove away from the beach, passing my hotel then turning left to go through a long tunnel to pop out at Steinfjord. Not all that much further on from there is the Tunganeset Picnic Site but I think it sounds better if you call it a Viewpoint because you go there to view the Devil's Teeth mountains ... oh, and have a picnic I guess. The phone picture here gives the general idea but the reason photographers visit is because of the large rock pools which are great for reflections. Sorry, I should have taken a reflection shot for you and I neglected to. I ended up staying here until I needed to go back to the hotel to eat: Mexican buffet - really good.

    I took a number of 'proper' photos here and one which I particularly like and will undoubtedly enter into competitions. You see, while I was taking my photos there were other photographers there too then they left, leaving just one who was concentrating on photographing the waves breaking over the rocks. He ended up posing in one of my photos for me and was the perfect solitary figure on the rocks, with the Devil's Teeth behind. I really like it and hopefully you will too.

    My 'model' was also from Germany, travelling on his own because his wife 'hates the cold.' I wonder how many German photographers are left in Germany right now.

    The second image here represents me trying to capture the evening light over the mountains. I almost didn't include it because I don't think it's all that good, but hopefully I have better versions on the 'big' camera.

    So far then, not such a good day as yesterday but still some success and not a wasted day by any means ... and enjoyable too. Where did the time go?
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  • Day4

    Photography Before Breakfast

    March 2, 2019 in Norway ⋅ 🌙 -5 °C

    The alarm was set for 5.30am and a sneak peek through the curtains revealed clear skies and calm weather, which was what I hoped for. So once again it was time to layer-up and venture out into -7c.

    My destination was again the Bergsbotn Viewpoint because hopefully the morning light would create a subtly different scene. I expected other photographers to be there when I arrived at around 6.15am but in fact I had the place to myself, only interrupted when two walkers arrived to park their car there before setting off down the road.

    I stayed for quite a while taking photos as the sun rose and the light changed. You can see from the photos in this footprint how the light is gentle at first, about half-an-hour before sunrise, and when the light increases the scene soon looks completely different. The third photo I took when I arrived back at the hotel for breakfast at around 8am so comparing the three you can perhaps see why photographers love the beginning and end of the day, an hour or so either side of sunset or sunrise.

    It was just lovely this morning. Yes it was cold and yes it was a little bit of a push to leave a warm bed and head out into Arctic temperatures, but it was so relaxing and peaceful watching the light change as the sun moved gently upward to the horizon then rising above it and painting the landscape in a beautiful red-orange glow. A magical experience for sure.

    Then, in a moment, it's all over and the day had arrived.
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  • Day4

    A Penguin on a Sunny Day

    March 2, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ -4 °C

    In December when I came to Tromsø with Penny & Tom, the forecast had been for pretty much continuous snow the entire time, but it wasn't anything like that and we had pretty much ideal weather the entire trip. It was the same this time - not continual snow forecast but mostly cloudy with regular snow showers. As you can see however, this has not (so far) been the case though for photography, as I've said already, bright sunny days with clear blue skies is not what's needed to get moody or atmospheric photographs. Don't get me wrong though, you can still capture some stunning views but as an example, take a look at the main photo of this footprint captured on a brief stop at Tungeneset where now it looks completely different to yesterday. Which do you prefer? I bet you prefer this one don't you ... sad face!

    The original plan was that yesterday I'd explore the area north of Skaland but I didnt get very far as you know. Having spoken to the hotel reception about whether I should stick to the original plan of going south today, or continuing northwards, they recommended north. So that's what I did, hence the very brief stop to check out the light at Tungeneset.

    I had a lovely driving tour with the odd stop for photography but I found it hard to find compositions with the harsh light today. I was either in full sunlight or flat shadow alongside fjords where the sun was too low to make it above the mountains. You have to remember that my photography isn't all about what the light may or may not be, I have to somehow also be in the right mood and be inspired to be creative. Today it wasn't happening for me and I've learned not to try and force things. Nothing good comes from that.

    For most of today I was therefore happy to be a wandering Penguin, taking a relaxing drive through the stunning landscapes in which I was immersed and stopping every now and then simply to try and take it all in.
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  • Day4

    Mefjordvær and Evening Light

    March 2, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ -4 °C

    Generally, the hour before sunset, when the sun's light is more towards yellow/orange, is known as the Golden hour. In northern climes this golden 'hour' lasts much longer because the sun is much lower and therefore grazes the horizon at a much more shallow angle. Sunset at the moment is around 5pm but the Golden hour starts around 2pm and after that time you start to get softer lighting and a very different colour pallet.

    My journey today took me as far as Mefjordvær - the main photo in this footprint - and the light was now changing as it was mid-afternoon. I took some photos here but it was really cold for some reason even though the car showed it wasn't any colder. My fingers didn't agree so after a while I waddled off in true Penguin style and ended the day photographing fjord reflections.

    Photography-wise this has been a quiet day, one of sightseeing and wonderful views. After dinner back at my hotel I checked the Aurora forecast and it wasn't so good so tonight they didn't make an appearance at all. I did however have a lovely evening chatting with a Norwegian couple. She worked in the old people's home next to the hotel and he was retired from working for Ever-Ready - you know, the battery people who I think had a factory in Wolverhampton at some point. Locally the area is important for graphite mining, hence why Ever-Ready are an important company here. They’re known by the brand name Energizer these days.

    The weather is still good with clear skies so it may be an early start again tomorrow. After an early start this morning my body was telling me it was time for sleep.
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  • Day5

    Up Early Again

    March 3, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ -10 °C

    The alarm was set for 5.30am so I could check the conditions to see if it was worth venturing out ... and it was. I'd already decided it might be good to photograph the mountains on the other side of the fjord if conditions looked promising and this was also a good idea because it meant I only had to venture across the road, around the buildings there and to the water's edge. I chose my spot and set up my tripod whilst the light was still quite blue, but it wasn't long before the delicate shades of pink I was hoping for arrived. I spent quite some time photographing the white snow-covered mountains against a pink-toned sky. Absolutely gorgeous, even though it felt much colder than yesterday morning.

    The main photo for this footprint was taken after I'd finished with my big camera and packed it away. You can see the kind of light I was experiencing but I'd got the images I wanted and now it was time for breakfast and the inevitable coffee.

    The last two photos in this footprint are typical views of the fjord, taken as I began my drive northwards to my next location. I'll take some photos as I travel because once again it looks like lovely weather for the long drive ahead.
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  • Day3

    Sand, Snow and Meeting New People

    March 1, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ❄️ -2 °C

    My plan for today was to travel northwards from Skaland and explore the coast to find photographic locations en-route, or i-rute as they say in Norway. I didn't get very far though.

    To start the day I decided to go to the beach at the end of the Fv251, or turn right out the hotel and keep going until you can't. I'd spotted this as a possible location before the trip and as it was only ten minutes away it seemed like a good idea.

    I spent way too much time here trying to find photographic compositions that simply didn't become apparent. I should have cut my losses and moved on because I ended up spending way too much time here. I have photos but I'll be surprised if they come to much.

    The highlights of this location were the sign for the toilets, the toilets themselves (check the photos) and the people I met here.

    I never thought of landscape photography as a social event but here I met a German couple who'd rented a house for two weeks using Skaland as a base for their photography. We chatted for ages about where we'd been, photography and photo related stuff. It was amazing how many locations in different countries we'd both been to. They left and I attempted a couple more photos, got nowhere then as I walked back to the car, I met another German who was on a Senja photo trip. Again we chatted for a while and I was amazed to discover he intended to walk up a mountain that night and would be camping there to hopefully catch the Aurora and maybe the sunrise tomorrow. When I mentioned the cold his answer was, "It's probably warmer in my tent than sleeping in the car." Okay, he was twenty-something but even so, neither of those choices would ever have been on my list of things to do in Norway in winter. I was kind've impressed though, even if I did think he was bonkers.
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  • Day4


    August 27 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    Nach diesen echt zickigen Tag, der uns im viertel Stundentakt mit Regen überzog, gab es doch noch einen versöhnlichen Ausklang...
    Ein Stück weg von unserer Unterkunft in Steinfjorden liegt Tungeneset. Eine Aussichtsplattform über die man auf den grossen Steinebeach da gelangt.
    Welch kraftvoller Ort. Magisch fast.
    Durch den Wind gibt sich das Wasser heute Abend aufgewühlt. Kleine Tüpfelchenwellchen, weit weg vom Ufer, machen es ungemütlich. Grosse mächtige Wellen, die sich aus dem tiefdunkelblauem Atlantik bilden und in den Fjord hier kommen, donnern mit Kachacho an die felsige Shoreline.
    Ein tolles Schauspiel. Rechts sehen wir heute die spitzen, zackigen Berge, die den Nachbarfjord begrenzen. Gestern zeigten sie sich nur angedeutet durch dichte Wolken. Heute ragen sie steil und schroff in den Himmel.
    Links gibt sich , weit entfernt, die Sonne die Ehre, heute einen annähernd würdevollen Sonnenuntergang zu präsentieren. Allerdings, viel Kraft scheint sie nicht mehr zu haben, die Wolken bekommen nur ein schwaches Rosa auf die Brust.
    Wir kraxeln auf den Felsen umher. Vorsicht ist durchaus geboten. Rutschtst du hier aus und schlitterst auf nassem, schlüpfrigen Untergrund gen Atlantik, dann wars das. Hilfe kommt hier erst irgendwann.
    Ich möchte das gerne mal bei Sturm hier erleben, wenn die Wellen sich schon weit vor der Shorline auftürmen um sich dann mit Getöse über die Steine zu ergießen...
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