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  • Day118

    Los Arcos

    June 27 in Spain

    We left Estella around 6 am after a great night’s sleep. We had gone to the store last night to get some bananas, snack bars and salty chips to carry today. Yesterday, I didn’t eat enough, and I wanted to not make that mistake again. We motored out of town with another group of young women. We got to a spot where we could go left or right, and we all went right, so we missed seeing the wine fountain. 🙁 We talked to this Irish guy later today, and he said that it was not open this morning when he went by, so that made me feel better.

    We stopped in Azquata for breakfast, and noticed, as we were leaving, that we were in quite a bubble of pilgrims today. We hoped that Los Arcos had enough beds.

    We spent most of today walking by farmland-vineyards, wheat fields, potatoes, and some family gardens. The family gardens are so perfectly tended to, and we have noticed how carefully they water each row or section. They do not waste any water at all!

    A surprising moment was when we came upon a food truck along the way with music playing. The guy running it had food, snacks, cold drinks - even had beer taps! We grabbed a cold drink and continued on. We used our lightweight reflective umbrellas for the first time today to keep the sun off of us. It made a huge difference compared to yesterday when we didn’t use them.

    We arrived at our place for tonight right as it opened. Within an hour it was booked full. Our friend, Anja, just barely got a bed at the municipal albergue when she arrived around 3:00. So glad she did, because she looked too tired to go on.

    We spent the evening in the plaza having some sangria/beer and watching the World Cup. They had a tv rolled out for the Korea vs Germany game. There were a lot of happy Koreans in our group when Korea won. 🙂 We ended our evening with a meal served by the family here, and then going to the church for a pilgrims blessing. The inside of the church was crazy amazing! It would take years to notice all of the details.

    Tonight, we are in a room with 3 bunk beds, and Alan is the only man, which hasn’t phased the Spanish women at all...They were trying to teach him some Spanish and then embarrassed him by saying he was handsome. 😂😂

    Tomorrow, we have a 17 mile day to Logroño where we are splurging on our own room with our own bathroom and air conditioning!! Woohoo!!
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  • Day12

    Los Arcos to Logrono

    May 1 in Spain

    Today was an exceptionally tough day. My guide book said: “Enjoy the views as you walk through the beautiful rolling hills of La Rioja vineyards”. Well, that sounds beautiful but it translated to having to hump your pack up and down a lot of hills! My goal today was not to push it to Logroño as it was to far, however I reached Viana where I planned to stay and I could not find a bed or a room so I pushed on with a guy named James from the UK where he had a room booked in Logrono. We limped into Logrono at around 6pm. An 18 mile day which would have been fine had it been flat...but the hills...Ugh! I plan on a shorter day is only an 8mile hike to the small town of Navarrette so I am shooting for that. Take care, I hope everyone is well. Thank you for checking in!Read more

  • Day4

    Estella -> 21km -> Los Arcos
    Although the walk was shorter than the other days, I feel the third day in my legs. Tired, but happy to have made it so far! I will need a big paella and a glass of sangria to make up for it

  • Day9

    Los Arcos

    July 11, 2017 in Spain

    Since we are walking shorter days we have more time to explore the town.

    Although the church here is fairly small, it is very ornate. The oldest part of the church was built in the 12th century.

    The organ pedals have faces painted other wit differenth expressions.

  • Day9

    Villamayor to Los Arcos

    July 11, 2017 in Spain

    We are taking it easy for the last few days that Julie is on the Camino because she's having some pain in her achilles tendon. I don't want to send her home to her husband injured!

    So today's walk was an easy 8 miles of fairly flat trail through the Spanish countryside. As we approach the Rioja area we are starting to see more vineyards.

  • Day12

    Estella to Los Arcos - 13.4 miles

    October 3, 2017 in Spain

    Wow, a short day and somewhat easy.

    Last night I met a lady from New Zealand that recently celebrated her 50 wedding anniversary and she wanted to walk the Camino to prove to herself that she could it without her hubby doing all the planning. She was doing well. Will also mention that she is a shrink.

    For dinner I had paella with seafood, like shrimp and clams. Shrimp here are not like what we get at home. These had the heads, tails and shell, and legs still attached. Very small and over cooked so I picked through them and ate most of the rice and peas. Main course was pork tenderloin and chips with mellon for dessert.

    When I got up, a couple of the Spaniards were singing and I said "no bueno, no bueno", then in english, "that is horrible singing". We all had a good laugh.

    The laundry was dry so packed all and left as the sun was rising.

    The first pic is leaving the city looking back into it.

    The day started off cool, but a slight uphill generated enough heat to make things comfortable. After a fashion, the Camino split with the shorter path to the left. As I was about to take the shorter way, a local said take the longer way as it was flatter. Hey, my mama didn't raise any fools so the longer way for me.

    Saw a few folks from prior days, met a young man from Ecquidor and we chatted for aways until he stopped for a rest. Had coffee and a potatoe quiche at a bar, then continued towards Los Arcos arriving around 1. Room, dinner and breakfast, and laundry for 23 euros.

    I'm relaxing in the kitchen having a beer so happy trails to all of you. Tomorrow is a 17 miler so the rest of the day my feet are up!
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  • Day10

    Los Arcos

    May 5, 2017 in Spain

    Another 14 mile day with a bit of rain but warmer temps (~60 degrees) brought us to Los Arcos. On the way, we visitrd the infamous Irache wine fountain. After arriving, we checked in la casa de la abuela (Grandma's house) where we had fortunately, add it was full) reserved a private room with shared bathroom. It was the perfect respite. We read, stretched and finished with a family style dinner of salad, bread & lentil soup with talkative and boisterous pilgrims from Italy, Korea, Norway, Japan and Canada (we were the only Americans). Everyone was in shock that the Americans could speak French (and some spanish). We were invited to stay in a new pilgrim friends second bedroom in Tokyo.Read more

  • Day7

    Los Arcos

    September 6, 2017 in Spain

    Wie immer sind wir um 7 Uhr losgewandert. Heute war es endlich mal bewölkt! Perfektes Wanderwetter. Da ich die Chorizo meiner Mãe in Estella vergessen hatte hab ich ihr unterwegs ein Bocadillo gekauft. Im ersten Ort durch den wir kamen gab es eine Weingquelle für Pilger. Wein aus dem Zapfhahn!! Und das unbegrenzt. Leider waren wir zu früh dort und die Quelle war noch nicht eingeschaltet, dennoch liessen wir es uns nicht nehmen unser Frühstücksbier zu trinken. Habe mich später auf dem Weg dann mit Loreano (Deutschland) und Raphael (Österreich) über Politik und die Welt unterhalten. Habe in Raphael definitiv einen guten Wanderfreund und einen Partner zum Singen gefunden. Angekommen in Los Arcos checkten wir in die Casa Austria ein, einer weiteren deutschsprachigen Herberge. Nach dem Duschen habe ich mich dann gratis dort massieren lassen. Anschliessend sind Raphael und ich in die Stadt um die Kirche zu besichtigen. Ein wirklich eindrucksvoller Bau, besonders wenn man bedenkt wie klein der Ort doch ist. Haben anschliessend für das Abendessen eingekauft. Heute haben wir für unsere internationale Familie Käsespätzle gekocht, dazu habe es zwei Paletten San Miguel Dosenbier. Das Essen kam sehr gut und und Raphael und ich planen schon das nächste Dinner für unsere Familie.Read more

  • Day17

    Villatuerta to Los Arcos

    August 28, 2016 in Spain

    Today I got a ride to Los Arcos and Jerry and Dennis walked here. Yesterday I got overheated and was covered in a heat rash so we decided I would take a taxi here, partly because the Villatuerta to Los Arcos stretch is through farmlands with no shade and also because it was going to be a 16 mile day. But I have the best trail angel story for my experience today. Jerry and Dennis left at 6:00 am and I sat downstairs to wait for the owner to come so I could have him call a taxi for me. Well at 8:00 am I was still waiting. Then I hear noise upstairs and down comes a woman obviously not a peregrina carrying 2 shopping bags. Then her husband follows down the stairs dressed for hiking. He speaks English so I explain what I'm doing and he says, "Not a problem, my wife will drive you to Los Arcos." He explained that he walks the camino while his wife drives to the next town and shops. Then they meet and stay in an albergue and do the same thing the next day. His name is Angel and he certainly was one. We drove to Estella and they bought me breakfast. Then Angel started walking and Rosie and I drove to Los Arcos. When we got here she walked me ro the church, told me how beautiful it was, checked when it opened, and wished me buen camino. Then while I was having coffee in the plaza waiting for the church to open 2 peregrinos sat down near me and we got to talking. It was a mom and her son, both from Philadelphia. Well turns out he is a triple crown guy, PCT, CDT, and AT. He has films of all of these and gave me his business card so I could share it with Jerry and Dennis. Then on top of all that he is moving to Ashland when he finishes the Camino. So what started out to be a tearful day for me turned out to be a delightful one. Jerry and Dennis got in at 1:30, hot and tired. I booked a private room in our albergue for Jerry and I, we actually have regular towels and sheets, it's those little things you appreciate, all for 35 euros.Read more

  • Day8

    Los Arcos - Jour 8

    September 18, 2017 in Spain

    Après une bonne nuit de sommeil et je descends en bas pour le petit déjeuner. Si c’est aussi bon que la veille et bien ça sera super!! Je prends bien mon temps, car aujourd’hui sera encore une bonne journée. Je veux me rendre à Los Arcos si possible, mais ce n’est pas moi qui vais décider, mais bien mon corps ou bien le chemin...

    Je pars seul ce matin et j’adore! Marcher seul est tout à fait ce que je recherchais depuis les conversations que j’avais eues avec Arabelle et Søren... il fallait que je fasse mon chemin absolument. Søren avait été assez clair... je crois que j’ai compris le message!!! 😊 Il m’avait dit aussi : « Don't kick the earth when you walk kiss her instead... feel her ». Je pars de ce pas avec le silence total à part bien sûr la nature qui apporte son lot de sons! Je marche tellement avec un rythme à moi que mes genoux en sont reconnaissants. Je peux profiter de toutes les petites choses que la nature nous apporte, car bien souvent nous le voyons plus. Nous ne portons plus attention à genre de choses, car nos vies vont à plein régime et ce à tous les jours.

    Les paysages sont toujours à couper le souffle... je ne me lasse pas de voir cela tous les jours. Chaque jour je me dis que ça ne peut pas durer d’avoir des paysages si joli. J’arrive à Estella et j’ai assez hâte de la passer, car il y a tellement de bruits. Dire que l’on vit avec ce bruit à tout les jours! Arendelle me contacte et elle me dit qu’elle est encore couchée et elle ne sait pas si elle pourrait continuer. Je l’encourage de prendre son temps et que peut-être ses genoux seront en meilleure forme plus tard. Je l’aime bien Arendelle... vraiment gentille, mais nous n’avons pas pu rester sur les mêmes étapes malheureusement... c’est ça le chemin. Tu rencontres des gens une heure, une journée ou bien 1 semaine, mais tu ne sais jamais la durée, mais chacun a un impact sur ton chemin.

    La journée, va toujours bien, mais mes genoux commencent à dire qu’il est temps que j’arrive. Je prends plusieurs pauses pour être certain que je puisse me rendre à Los Arcos. Un moment pendant une de mes poses un groupe me demande de me prendre en photo pendant que je relaxe et écoute la nature. Je réponds « Bien sûr! »... par la suite je remets mes souliers et repars pour la fin de cette journée. Le temps est venteux et assez froid alors j’ai vraiment hâte d’arriver. Cait me contacte et me dit qu’ils sont arrivés déjà depuis un moment. Je lui demande de me réserver un lit, car je ne veux pas chercher de place en arrivant.

    J’arrive finalement à Los Arcos et va rejoindre Cait et Marc au bar. Je rencontre Nick par le fait même... un autre californien!! Nous allons souper et décidons d’aller visiter la cathédrale et d’aller à la messe pour les pèlerins. L’intérieur de la cathédrale est incroyable... je n’en reviens tout simplement pas. Il y a de l’or là-dedans pas à peu près! 😳 Nous retournons à notre gîte et du fait même Arendelle me contacte de nouveau et m’annonce qu’elle arrête son chemin. Ces genoux lui font trop mal alors elle préfère arrêter. J’essaie bien tant que mal de l’encourager, mais je sais comment ça doit être dur de prendre cette décision. Elle est à Burgos et prendra le bus pour Santagio et elle ira à Finisterre et Muxia. Je crois bien maintenant que ça ne sera pas possible de se revoir... j’aurais bien aimé 😊

    Buenos noches!!
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