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  • Day21

    Both my eyes are drunk

    July 10, 2016 in Spain

    So we finally decided to venture out today. We headed to city center by metro (about a 15 minute ride). Where we did a "3 hour" self-guided walking tour. It took us about half that time. We call it European time because everyone things it takes alot longer than it does.

    We began at the statue of the Bear and Tree Strawberry monument which led to a street that house the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The architecture around here was stunning! Next stop was the Cibeles Fountain and the Cibeles Palace, where we went in to explore for a bit and take in the history. A little further along was the Gate of Puerta de Alcalá - an archway commissioned by King Charles IV to commemorate the many battles waged by Madrid to keep control of the city.

    Afterward, we wandered through El Retiro Park where there were ample opportunities to take some awesome pictures. We stopped by a lake with some gigantic statues surrounding it where people were rowing and enjoying the warm day, and stumbled upon the Glass Palace (which is exactly what it sounds like). Near the glass palace was a pond that was absolutely filled with turtles and black swans.... That's right. Black swans. We sat and watched our animal friend for a bit before we ventured further into the park. Next stop was the fountain of the Fallen Angel (another photo op) and walked out of the park to continue our tour.

    Next up, we strolled around the Literary Quarter and Museum Quarter which were full of book shops and - you guessed it - museums.

    After the walking tour we decided to grab some lunch at this restaurant that had pasta, fries & sangria for 6.90€. Amazing right!? No, wrong. The food was microwaved... But honestly, we didn't even care cause we were so hungry. It wasn't the worst food I've had.

    We got on the metro to head back to our host's house to get ready to go out. We ended up just hanging out for a bit & watching a movie. Breanna obviously took a nap. Nap Queen. Shaunessa & I ate tons of fresh salad we made & watched Step Brothers.

    We got ready and went back into the city around 10:30 pm with our host Keri. She took us to a pre-drink bar.. Because the real bars don't open until 12. There we had one of Madrid's known drinks... Beer mixed with lemon Fanta. SOOOO good.

    We left the bar after our drink to grab a "street beer" (only 1€ *in Spanish accent) where we sat with all the locals and drank our beer.

    We then ran into someone Keri knows & ended up going with him to this rock & roll ish bar/club where we stayed the rest of the night.

    So this was a super local bar. Barely anyone spoke English. Whenever someone would speak to us, we would just point to Keri. Because of the humor we have, we obviously used this to our advantage. When people would try to talk to us in English, we pretended that we would only speak french. Later during the night, I started pretending I was deaf. We also taught some people in the bar sign language.

    We left around 3:30 to go get some pizza & headed home, where we got to bed around 4.
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  • Day19

    San Vincente de la barquera

    September 16, 2017 in Spain

    And it ends here for now.
    Yesterday, once again I walked far. The planned stop had no beds left. I could have got a hotel or hostel but I wanted my last night to be with other walkers.
    I met up with two Polish grandmother's, my age as we walked into the town we hoped to sleep in. One had a little English and the other backhanded my arm and said, ", food, tired, you ask".
    She was great and I walked the extra 7 km with them to the next available bed. We were tired at the point and hungry too. That was the plan to go right to the next available bed, , but we got off track, or rather we stayed on the track, which was winding and long, instead of the more direct, shoulder of the road route. . The rain was relentless and the wind was harsh. They both hand on ponchos which flapped and made noise like sails. I was singing, yes, singing, to try to lighten the mood. One of them was exhausted, I could not pronounce even an approximation of her name. When she was just about on her last footstep, and after many backhands from Ana, pointing to houses... "you go there, ask where albergue", as she points to a house with rabid, foaming at the mouth dogs, barking, growling and hitting the end of their chains trying to get at us.
    I said "no, we walk, will find bed"
    Then a double rainbow came out, and Ana blocked a cars exit from their driveway, motioned to driver to the driver to put down window, backhanded me "you ask where Albergue"
    I did, she gave us a lift. Less than a 2 minute drive, but it felt like heaven.
    Got a bed, dinner and breakfast this morning. Ana and Bodu.....? were great company. It was a huge challenge for the last few kms in the wind driven rain. We drank wine and ate dinner together and slept well.
    The Camino is a very personal journey, shared with so many others. No words to describe what it means. I will be back
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  • Day3

    Picnic in the park

    May 27, 2017 in Spain

    I made it to Madrid! Finding my apartment ended up being more tricky than anticipated, but I figured it out. Our apartment is awesome, the neighborhood is super cool and full of vibrance and activity. Amanda and I went exploring and must have walked 10 miles.

    We got pan de chocolate and some drinks and had a picnic in the park. I got a sim card, but it wouldn't work for Amanda so we are investigating. Then we explored the metro , though we were both so tired that we went round in circles a few times!Read more

  • Day42

    Pintin to Marcadoiro

    October 18, 2017 in Spain

    10.18.2017 Wednesday 15.5 miles

    Leaving at 8:30 we had cool temperature that required an extra layer under the rain coat. The trail through old farms was relatively easy compared to what we had been walking the last 2 days.

    Today we were happy to arrive at the100k mile marker to Santiago de Compostelo. Serria is the 100k town where many pilgrims start their Camino. 100k is the minimum required distance for a certificate from Santiago.

    We noticed the trail appeared much more groomed when we left Serria. Mostly wider and easier to travel. There were many fruit trees and thousands of chestnuts. A couple houses had set up food stands with fruit, cakes, drinks that were supported by donations. It's a welcome treat on the Camino. We were lucky to walk through only a few rain showers that lasted 10 minutes.

    Our auberque is Abergue Mercadoiro and we have an unusual private suite in a stone house with sitting room and 2, step down to "cave", stone bedrooms!
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  • Day10

    Lorca to Los Arcos

    September 16, 2017 in Spain

    9.16 Saturday
    Although quite long, it was a beautiful 18 mile mile walk. Enjoyed seeing local blacksmith at work.. A little further up the hill was a wine fountain where one could enjoy a free glass of wine. The last 7 miles were totally isolated with no towns or inhabitants. God watching over us, we were lucky to walk between heavy rain clouds all around us. Needless to say we were very tired at the end of the dayRead more

  • Day239


    December 21, 2017 in Spain

    Mein Hostal lag nur wenige Meter von dem Platz Puerta de Sol entfernt, wo die Tour beginnen sollte. Als ich die Treffpunkt, die Statur mit dem Beer und dem Baum, suchte wurde ich nur so von Anbietern einer Walkingtour überfallen. Nachher fand ich raus das mehr als 12 Anbieter auf dem Platz um Teilnehmer feilchten, sowas hatte ich auch noch nicht erlebt! Der von mir Gewählte wurde auch schon im Hostal angeboten und auch als sich rausstellte das das Mädel keine Einheimische sondern lustigerweise Ungarin ist und "" seit sechs Jahren dort wohnt nahm ich trotzdem teil. Auf dem Platz fiel mir vor dem Start dann auch auf was mir so bekannt vorkam: Das Geschrei und Anwerben von Lotterietickets. In Lateinamerika ist das auch typisch und daher fiel mir das Geschrei zu beginn nicht so auf sondern erst als die Ungarin sogar mit einem kleinen Verstärker nicht immer hörbar wurde mir das bewusst. Da musste ich dann schon mal innerlich lachen! Zu Beginn lernte ich eine britische Familie kennen deren Eltern aus Indien ist. So lernte ich, dass "Namas dei" oder wie man das auch schreibt, "Hallo" auf Indisch heißt oder auf einem der zig Sprachen die die in diesem Land haben, lach! Dieses Wort kannte ich schon vom Yoga da dies immer am Ende des Kurses gesagt wurde. Nun ging es los mit einem schön großen auffälligen Schild damit wir uns in dem Trubel nicht verlieren. Entweder lag es daran das ich noch müde war und verplant oder die Ungarin nicht so den seriösen Eindruck machte aber irgendwie wusste ich das diese Tour mir nicht so viel bringen würde. Auf jeden Fall ging es dann von einem Platz zum anderen. Zuerst lernten wir das die wahren Einwohner "Gato" also Katze genannt werden angeblich weil sie gut über Mauern klettern können oder eine andere Story besagt das sie im Krieg Katzen gegessen haben. Aha, das ist ja mal ein wenig baller baller aber naja. Wenn ich zurück komme werde ich zusehen das ich einen Einheimischen finde der mir dies bestätigt. Was ich spannend fande ist das man angeblich bei den vielen Monumenten aus Pferd und Reiter sehen kann wie der Feldherr gestorben ist. Hat das Pferd alle Hufe unten ist er normal gestorben, ist der rechte Vordere oben dann an einer Verletzung aus dem Krieg, beide vorne oben als Held in einer Schlacht und das linke Vordere oben an einer Krankheit. Es gibt aber Ausnahmen, war ja klar! Was mich etwas verwunderte war das Thema der Muslime. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass die 700 - ca 1420 n. Chr. in Spanien waren. Dadurch hieß zum Beispiel die Kirche gegenüber des Königspalastes Almudena, was wohl arabaisch ist. Hier habe ich ganz schön eine Lücke aber Geschichte war ja noch nie so mein Ding und bei "Wombel" habe ich leider auch nicht viel gelernt. Als nächstes erhielten wir eine kleine Flamencoeinheit neben der Brücke deren Geländer mit Glas versiegelt wurde damit sich nicht zu viele in den Tod stürzen. Soso, das sind natürlich wichtige Infos über Madrid, lach! Naja die ganzen Storys zu Phillip dem Dritten und Vierten konnte ich in meinem Jetlag- Hirn eh nicht halten. Was mich wirklich aus den Socken schoss war das älteste Restaurant der Welt. Nach den komischen Jokes der Ungarin dachte ich echt das DAS auch ein Joke ist aber nein, im Schaufenster war die urkunde des Guinessbuch der Rekorde. Wer hätte das gedacht. Gut das Franzi aber das Eröffnungsjahr vergessen hat, irgendwas mit 1740!? Halleluja, muss echt was an meinen Gehirn arbeiten! So ging es dann von einem Platz zum anderen ohne das Franzi sich groß was gemerkt hat. Dafür das Spanien doch so viele Kolonien und eine dicke Historie vorweisen kann wurde davon nicht so viel berichtet. Stattdessen weiß ich nun das der Königpalast 3480 Zimmer hat, yeah! Diesen würde ich später auch noch besichtigen da von 16-18 Uhr für Europäer und Südamerikaner freier Eintritt ist. Fragt mich jetzt bitte nicht warum nur für die, okay? Danke!Read more

  • Day4

    Noch ein Tag in Madrid

    September 13, 2016 in Spain

    Gestern Abend waren wir noch in der Stadt und dank des guten Gedächnis von meinem Schatzi haben wir auch die schöne Straße von vor einem Jahr wiedergefunden, wo wir dann gemütlich und lecker gegessen haben. Es waren noch 30 Grad... Und eine sehr schöne Atmosphäre, viele Leute waren unterwegs und die Geschäfte waren sogar noch sehr lang auf.

    Heut haben wir uns ein langes Frühstück im Hotel gegönnt. Es war alles sehr lecker und wir hatten eine schöne Aussicht. Nebenbei haben wir dann die E-Mail zu unserer Elektroplanung fertig gemacht. Und nun sitzen wir im Retiro-Park und machen ein kleines Päuschen. Wetter soll heut nicht so gut werden, aber bis jetzt ist ea total angenehm und die Sonne kommt auch mal durch.
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  • Day20

    28 May Singapore to Barcelona

    May 28, 2018 in Spain

    Overnight flight landed at 7:30am. Staying in El Born again in Hotel Mercer Boria. Love this area with its eclectic mix of shops - boutiques, handbags, jewellery mixed in with bars, cafes, indian mini markets. No chain stores here.
    Took metro to Montjuic with views over yhe city, visited 1992 Olympic Stadium.
    Home dinner of empanadas with tomato and avacado.
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  • Day21

    29 May Barcelona Montserrat Visit

    May 29, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Slept well and enjoyed substantial included breakfast complete with custom scrambled eggs. Spent a wonderful day at Montserrat which is the second most important catholic pilgrimage site in Spain but also has incredible rock formations and walks.
    Back to Barcelona and hunted down the Dow Jones Bar in Carrer de Bruc. Temporary issue for a capiroska with shortage of limes but order was filled at EUR5.95, then the price was up to 6.45. Barman said its all “run by the software”.
    Other interesting fashion shops in the same street catering to wholesale trade but also allows retail.
    Tapas for dinner at Santa Caterina including octopus, pesto and white beans.
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  • Day33

    8 Jun Ponferrada to Lugo

    June 10, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Rainy day for 1.5hour bus to the ancient roman town of Lugo. Even in the rain it was a classy old town with pale grey stone and white frames. Walked the old roman walls round the town, enjoyed the shops and made a poor dinner choice of pilgrims menu. But my 5th floor hotel room was lovely so had a good sleep in preparation for ghe coming camino.Read more

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