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  • Sep17

    Villeguillo To Alcazarén

    September 17, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Another day of pine forest paths. The day after having a feast put on by the local bar owner last night, Paul was having a hard day walking, suffering from last nights feast. Most of us are not too hungry today.

    Having a bit of a rest at our new albergue tonight. Tomorrow a 24 km day.

    Rob Lassche, there are a few pics of listings that you have to move fast on!
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    Mary-Anne McLaughlin

    Go well, pilgrims! That's more than a half marathon tomorrow.

    Debra Burgess

    Gosh Terry, these are great 'buys' on real estate.. think you should invest!

  • Day8

    2. Tag in Madrid

    August 11, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Um 8:45 Uhr standen wir heute morgen an der Bushaltestelle - heute müssten wir nur 17 Minuten warten 😃👍

    Einfach toll wenn man schon so früh in der City ist - eine Ruhe die man später nicht mehr findet.

    Unser Ziel war heute der „Parque de el Retiro“ mit seinen verschiedenen Sehenswürdigkeiten wie z. B. Das Monumento Alfonso XII.

    Der Höhepunkt heute war allerdings die Besichtigung des „Königlichen Palastes“ PALACIO REAL.
    Hier kam Amy voll auf ihre Kosten und konnte nicht genug bekommen.

    Um 16:00 Uhr kamen wir dann wieder auf dem Campingplatz an und ließen es dann mal richtig ruhig angehen.

    Vor dem Abendessen dann noch eine schöne Runde in den Pool um die körperlichen Temperaturen wider zu normalisieren 😎
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  • Day3

    Buen Retiro Park

    January 6, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

    We visited this park on a Spanish National holiday and so people were everywhere.
    The park features a large lake close to its centre that people row on and around the lake are various entertainers that busk.
    Interestingly in the park were a couple of “blue gums” that are common to Australia and we wondered how they came to be planted in Spain.
    The weather has been fantastic since arriving from England allowing us to do lots of walking. We both have averaged about 16k steps a day!
    We had a tapas lunch opposite the park and whilst the food was quite good our waiter was a sullen sort of guy who didn’t care much for customers it seemed.
    Madrid is characterized by lots of large roundabouts with hotels and cafes surrounding the area as well as having some big historical monuments in the center which again is quite characteristic of many European cities.
    Had some fun with one of the statue buskers who let me call him by phone...
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  • Sep16

    Nava de la Asunción To Villeguillo

    September 16, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    A vary nice walk today thru pine forest again. Our first stop was the city of Coca, which had a very nice castle. The castle was built by Moors on the orders of Bishop Alonso de Fonseca who had been given permission to build by Juan II.

    Our final destination, is the village of Villeguillo. Here is a tiny bar, run by the famous keekay. When we arrived, he asked what we wanted for supper, we all said fish. At 7:00 we went there, and he brought out a fish dinner that would feed 10! There was also a huge salad that we could not finish. It all was huge but marvellous. We were also joined tonight by Gerard from Ireland.

    Tomorrow 18 Kms to Alcazarén.
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    Rob Lassche

    I wonder what the chef would have said had you decided you wanted cat for dinner ?

    Rob Lassche

    Very nice pic of your fish dinner, by the way


    Looks like a nice trail terry. Lovely to see you meeting up with some of your old walking pals thanks for sharing

    Debra Burgess

    Huge dinner... looks like a great bar - full of fun and stories!

  • Day1525

    Passing Through

    January 31, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Whilst looking for flights to Mexico I found it much cheaper to book our journey with a stop off in Madrid. After a quick flight we collect our luggage and jump on the tube to our Airbnb it was a couple of changes but nothing too complicated but on arrival we couldn't gain access. After numerous phone calls i suggested we go and grab a beer and a bite to eat. Across the road is an Irish bar so we head in and after fish and chips and a G & T and a few emails i finally get the access code. We finish up and after dropping the bags off and a quick shower we head out to explore the city of Madrid by night.
    Madrid is so romantic with its beautiful architecture, wonderful aromas and windy streets we strolled for a couple of hours enjoying a coffee along the route. We arrive in the Plaza de Jacento and i stumble across Paw Patrol, Mario and his friends I willingly have my photo taken with them and as i go to walk off they start shouting at me in Spanish they start to give chase and Im literally being chased by the whole crew of them I dart down alittle side street and down a small cobbled alley to find a lovely traditional Spanish restaurant offering the best Patatas Bravas in the world, How could we resist. I started chatting to the girls on the table next to us and had overheard the conversation that she had just been living near mexico city for six months and told them we were going to the town of Queretaro and she couldnt believe it as thats exactly where she had been. She told us how beautiful it was and the many beautiful places there were to visit. We buy an ice cream as we walk through the Theatre distict before heading back to the hostel to get a decent nights sleep.
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  • Day2

    Madrid Tag 2

    November 2, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Nach einer ruhigen Nacht und einem ausgiebigem Frühstück machten wir uns auf zum Stadtrundgang, jedenfalls soweit/soviel es unsere Beine zuließen. Per Pedes ging es vom Hotel Richtung Parque de El Retiro. Das ist wohl der Central Park bzw. der Tiergarten Madrids. Hier schien ganz Madrid auf den Füßen zu sein, Menschen über Menschen. Genau wie dann auch in der Altstadt. Jeder Madrilene und Tourist war wohl draußen. Aber als Berliner ist man das ja gewöhnt, wenn man sich bei uns die City mit Alex und Unter den Linden anschaut. Madrid hat rund 3,22 Mio Einwohner (Berlin rund 3,61). Wichtig - Nahrungsaufnahme. Ab in eine kleine Nebenstraße und in ein einheimisches Lokal. Leckere Scampi mit Knoblauch in heißem Öl, dazu Rotwein. Mit genügend Bettschwere ging es dann zur Pause wieder ins Hotel.
    Ohne konkretes Ziel schnappten wir uns dann vorm Hotel ein Taxi und baten den Chauffeur um eine Empfehlung zu einer Tapasbar. Gefragt, gefahren... Pulpo & Co mit viel Vino Tinto waren das Ergebnis einer Sammlung von diversen Vorspeisen. Ausklingen ließen wir den Tag bei ein bisschen Käse und Schinken..
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  • Day1526

    Retiro to Mexico

    February 1, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    I've decided to go to Parque de El Retiro. We have a few hours to spare before we head to the airport. The park is filled with stunning architectural monuments and statues. Struggling to find a coffee bar we eventually stumble across one . The lady wasn't open but said the coffee machine would be five minutes before it was ready so we waited while watching the local college practice boat racing on the man made lake. A little further through the park is the Monument to Alfonso, a brilliant arch filled with beautiful carvings. In the park used to be a zoo , with bears and various animals but thankfully was no more. They still have peacocks here . A further walk leads us back towards the Airbnb and a bite of breakfast and collection of suitcases and were waiting for the bus to the airport. When we board the tickets with 10 journeys on isn't valid and we have to pay a furthere 5 euro each.We make it to the Airport well on time and finally on our way again. Long haul flights are like childbirth, painful but we'll worth it at the end. After a long haul we arrive and after what seems like forever the guys pull up.
    It's a really strange thing the connection I have with these adoptive children I meet, but the feeling of joy when I'm reunited with Diana and finally getting to meet Oscar and Violetta is indescribable. After getting picked up we had gone back to Oscars parents to change cars, Oscar was in his dad's car because only cars with a Mexican plate can drive in Mexico city at certain times.
    I'm surprised at the fact they still have a tree up, but Christmas isn't officially over until the 2nd . We briefly meet Oscars gran and mum and then a two hours drive and once we arrive it was straight to bed.
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  • Day31

    Madrid - Retiro park

    August 31, 2015 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Madrid has a huge park east of the city center, kind of like the Auckland Domain but bigger, nicer, and more popular. It has tons of paved/dirt walkways, fountains, statues, buildings, and a lake. Very nice.

    There's a modern art museum in the park too. Someone had put wooden blocks in various simple patterns. I don't understand modern art.

    The Crystal palace there was neat too. Hard to see in the photo but it's all glass and you can see right through it.
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    Such wood! very art! wow!


    Later heard some good advice: never sit on anything in a modern art gallery, it's probably art

  • Day21

    Both my eyes are drunk

    July 10, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    So we finally decided to venture out today. We headed to city center by metro (about a 15 minute ride). Where we did a "3 hour" self-guided walking tour. It took us about half that time. We call it European time because everyone things it takes alot longer than it does.

    We began at the statue of the Bear and Tree Strawberry monument which led to a street that house the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The architecture around here was stunning! Next stop was the Cibeles Fountain and the Cibeles Palace, where we went in to explore for a bit and take in the history. A little further along was the Gate of Puerta de Alcalá - an archway commissioned by King Charles IV to commemorate the many battles waged by Madrid to keep control of the city.

    Afterward, we wandered through El Retiro Park where there were ample opportunities to take some awesome pictures. We stopped by a lake with some gigantic statues surrounding it where people were rowing and enjoying the warm day, and stumbled upon the Glass Palace (which is exactly what it sounds like). Near the glass palace was a pond that was absolutely filled with turtles and black swans.... That's right. Black swans. We sat and watched our animal friend for a bit before we ventured further into the park. Next stop was the fountain of the Fallen Angel (another photo op) and walked out of the park to continue our tour.

    Next up, we strolled around the Literary Quarter and Museum Quarter which were full of book shops and - you guessed it - museums.

    After the walking tour we decided to grab some lunch at this restaurant that had pasta, fries & sangria for 6.90€. Amazing right!? No, wrong. The food was microwaved... But honestly, we didn't even care cause we were so hungry. It wasn't the worst food I've had.

    We got on the metro to head back to our host's house to get ready to go out. We ended up just hanging out for a bit & watching a movie. Breanna obviously took a nap. Nap Queen. Shaunessa & I ate tons of fresh salad we made & watched Step Brothers.

    We got ready and went back into the city around 10:30 pm with our host Keri. She took us to a pre-drink bar.. Because the real bars don't open until 12. There we had one of Madrid's known drinks... Beer mixed with lemon Fanta. SOOOO good.

    We left the bar after our drink to grab a "street beer" (only 1€ *in Spanish accent) where we sat with all the locals and drank our beer.

    We then ran into someone Keri knows & ended up going with him to this rock & roll ish bar/club where we stayed the rest of the night.

    So this was a super local bar. Barely anyone spoke English. Whenever someone would speak to us, we would just point to Keri. Because of the humor we have, we obviously used this to our advantage. When people would try to talk to us in English, we pretended that we would only speak french. Later during the night, I started pretending I was deaf. We also taught some people in the bar sign language.

    We left around 3:30 to go get some pizza & headed home, where we got to bed around 4.
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    K Harve

    Pretty dress!! Beautiful girl!!

  • Day42

    Pintin to Marcadoiro

    October 18, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    10.18.2017 Wednesday 15.5 miles

    Leaving at 8:30 we had cool temperature that required an extra layer under the rain coat. The trail through old farms was relatively easy compared to what we had been walking the last 2 days.

    Today we were happy to arrive at the100k mile marker to Santiago de Compostelo. Serria is the 100k town where many pilgrims start their Camino. 100k is the minimum required distance for a certificate from Santiago.

    We noticed the trail appeared much more groomed when we left Serria. Mostly wider and easier to travel. There were many fruit trees and thousands of chestnuts. A couple houses had set up food stands with fruit, cakes, drinks that were supported by donations. It's a welcome treat on the Camino. We were lucky to walk through only a few rain showers that lasted 10 minutes.

    Our auberque is Abergue Mercadoiro and we have an unusual private suite in a stone house with sitting room and 2, step down to "cave", stone bedrooms!
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    Ronald Johnson

    100K That's more my kind of pilgrimage (one week )

    Melissa Gringeri

    Such a cool hotel!!


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