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  • Day76

    Day 4: Puenta La Reina, Estrella, Arcos

    June 22, 2015 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

    Day 4: Puenta La Reina, Estrella, Los Arcos, Viana
    What an adventure! The Camino life is a simple life. We wake up, walk a few miles, grab coffee, walk some more, grab lunch, then walk into the town where we stay. Once we enter a town we find an alburgue, shower, do laundry, and relax and explore the town! On our second day, we met a wonderful Italian woman. Her name is Anita, and her oldest child is 56, so you can only guess her age! She has walked parts of the Camino for 8 years for a total of 2 Caminos. Many people choose to walk only a section of the Camino at a time, and return to where the left off until they finish. I continue to be amazed by all of the different nationalities. Yesterday we helped a Mexican and Turkish man with electrolytes, had dinner with women from California, Canada, New Zealand, and France, walked with a Puerto Rican, spoke with an Australian, had orange juice with a woman from Asia, shared tape with an Italian, had coffee with an German lady and of course many more! We don't all speak the same language, but we manage to communicate with a little bit of English, a small bit of Spanish, and a whole lot of hand gestures! The landscape is absolutely stunning. We are currently entering a part of Spain that is full of red clay. It makes for a beautiful hike, because we see red cliffs and many crops with red clay. My favorite parts of the journey are the little towns that we hike through each day because we always find something exciting. For example, yesterday we found one of the typical double wide doors slightly ajar. When we peaked in, we saw a giant pot which peaked our curiosity. We went inside the little courtyard area and looked up. Wow! We found a dome ceiling with beautiful designs. I will post a photo because I can't possibly describe the beauty. Inside was also a magnificent antique shop. It was unlike all American antique shops because the pieces were much older, and very exquisite. The owner spoke no English, but he told us (in Spanish, thanks to Profe!) that his pieces were 300-500 years old! We have decided not to worry about the number of miles we walk each day, and instead we are slowing to allow ourselves to take time enjoy the experience of Spanish culture. As we type this, we are sitting inside the "garden" of an incredible alburgue. Although advertised as a garden, it is not a garden at all! It's a beautiful roofless (the roof was destroyed in a Gothic war) stone church built in the 13th century. I will add a photo below. Don't worry Tom, we are also taking photos of the bread ovens!Read more

    Great, but where's the giant pot? Tom


    Really enjoying logging in each day to follow you both. Love the photo's. Kathy


    This is a photographers dream.

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  • Day16

    Cold and Windy Walk

    May 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    May 2 & 3, Estella to Los Arcos to Viana:

    John had discovered that the secret to Camino life is E-S-P: Just concentrate on Eat, Sleep, and Potty, and the walk is fine!
    Yesterday a Japanese doctor and his wife stopped their BMW as we were crossing a road and asked to take our picture! So I guess we look like real pilgrims. He gave us his card and said to give him a ring if we ever come to Hiroshima.
    We stopped at the wine fountain at Irache — yes, Jennifer, a fountain that dispenses wine instead of water! John had a taste with his pilgrim shell, just like they did 1000 years ago. Laurie finally found a good chocolate croissant. And we stayed in a dorm with 12 of our new best friends.

    Still no rain, but today was cold and windy all day long. We’re tucked up in a room above a local bar, where we were served a typical menu of the day — 2 courses plus dessert, bread and wine or water, all for €11.5 each (about $14).

    Rest day tomorrow — only 6 miles to Logroño.
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    Lindy Maingot

    The pictures are really beautiful. I was wondering if they had a fountain with Margaritas coming out of them.

    Amara Hung

    Miss you so much 😘

    Pam Jasiewicz

    My kind of fountain. Great pics!

    Jennifer Maingot

    We sure could use some wine fountains around here. Maybe we could start a new trend.

  • Day11


    May 6, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We gifted ourselves a short day of walking only 12 miles. We checked in to Albergue Izar then wandered around the town, exploring historical remains and lunching on strawberry and cream, tortilla and bocadillo queso.

    Afterwards, Tom punctured my blisters (one on each pinky toe) and rested a bit before socializing, reading and acro yoga'ing on the patio of our Albergue. It was a nice surprise to find that Charlotte, a 25 year old from Brooklyn that we had chatted with at Suseia, was staying here and her mother, who she is traveling with. We had a communal meal, the vegetarian option came late but with a large salad and more spanish tortilla. We enjoyed dinner conservation, particularly with Lizette, from Sweden and an Australian guy who had walked the Camino 9 times.
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  • Day17

    Another great day - Saturday in Viana

    September 8, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Today was meant to be less than 20 kms but of course it ended up being almost 22, but it was good as we weren’t doing the extra 10 kms into Logroño! We split the distance here last time, and tomorrow we saunter into Logroño - even if it ends up being 12km who cares! We did work hard though today. As usual it sounded fairly easy, with one serious climb, and it did start with beautifully even terrain through the still beautiful countryside. But then we did climb up and down to rivers, or river beds, past the usual hill towns, past olive groves and vineyards, and arrived here at about 2 o’clock.

    We left Los Arcos at 8 am, having first stopped for fresh OJ in the square. The sun rises at 7.45 so the square was so different at sunrise than in the afternoon when we arrived - then full of tables and umbrellas and a buzz of walkers mostly relaxing after the trek and sheltering from the very bright sun. (This is the famous square where 5 years ago Amr bandaged the leg of the Rheinmaiden!!). It is blissfully cool in the early morning, about 13°, but as the sun gets higher it does get quite southern arm and leg (the left as we are heading west) are getting quite sunburnt...

    So we had a good day’s walk - passing and repassing familiar people who are in the same rhythm as us. This keeps changing as people stay at different places, but sometimes the same people are around for a few days. And a babble of many languages - all good, great camaraderie, but as we walk people thin out as everyone goes at a different pace.

    Viana is a lovely small town, and we have wonderful memories of the superb hotel we stayed in before (and the dinner!) which we are again at. My brain had totally forgotten the outskirts with modern apartment buildings, and the outer streets we had to walk through to get to the old centre, which is much as it was in the Middle Ages. Our hotel is in the one main street through the centre, and as we approached what a surprise! Something was afoot...there were explosions, which we later realized were fireworks, but we could hardly walk along the street - crazy crowds - we did realize it was Saturday, but this was something more than a normal weekend...Many people and their children wearing white shirts with red handkerchiefs round their necks like what you see in Pamplona for the running of the bulls...and this is what it is, Viana’s own festival - today is the day before celebrations- the actual running is thankfully tomorrow afternoon after we will have left (I think Amr is a little disappointed, but I am happy)! Actually, we would have a perfect view from our hotel window...As we arrived there was a parade, with huge effigies and a band, which was why we found we were going against the tide. Already along the street there are barriers up to protect windows etc from the bulls, except the many cafes and restaurants which will be open till tomorrow but the metal barriers are there ready to be put into place. The hotel tells us that tonight there are festivities and music that starts at 10.30 pm!! So it promises to be a noisy night, but what a fun weekend to be passing through! Dinner isn’t till 8.30 tonight either, so we will head out now and have some tapas to tide us over.

    Just tried to publish but it wouldn’t upload...I thought it was strong WiFi but will take off all the photos and do them separately...I think they are really good, but will see if the words will go...
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    Sue Thornton


    Tallie Farrell

    Beautiful pics! Shame you missed the bulls by a day! xxx

  • Day10

    8. Tag: Torres del Rio - Logroño

    August 11, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Heute starten wir erst gern 7:00 Uhr, da wir nur ca. 20 km Strecke zurücklegen und das Wetter mit bewölkten 24 Grad auch durchaus angenehm ist.
    Die erste Stunde werden wir außerdem von Regen begleitet. Aber nicht wirklich stark, so dass das mit der nötigen Ausrüstung absolut kein Problem darstellt.
    Die heutige Strecke ist tatsächlich einmal realtiv eben und lediglich die ersten 4 km gehen stetig leicht bergauf. Ich bin heute zwar wieder mit der Gruppe unterwegs, gehe aber größtenteils für mich.
    Lediglich mit Alicia und Francisco gehe ich einen Stück des Weges, da diese beiden uns leider in Logroño verlassen werden. Gerade diese beiden Spanier sind mir in der kurzen Zeit unheimlich ans Herz gewachsen. Zwei absolute “Herzensmenschen” die mir mit ihrer offenen, emotionalen Art, der gute. Laune, den tiefgründigen Gesprächen und ihrem viel zu schnellen spanischen Mundwerk mehr als nur fehlen werden. Obwohl ich die beiden erst seit wenigen Tagen kenne, fühlt es sich an, als wären sie mein Leben lang da gewesen. ♥️

    Mit Alicia spreche ich eine Zeit lang deutsch, da Sie Ihr Auslandssemester in Braunschweig verbracht hat und ihre Kenntnisse ein wenig auffrischen möchte. Das ganze ist völlig strange, da ich inzwischen seit über einer Woche kein Wort deutsch gesprochen habe ( von gelegentlichen Antworten auf die Frage wie dies oder jenes auf Deutsch heißt mal abgesehen) muss ich mich fast schon konzentrieren die richtigen Worte zu finden, da mir oft zuerst das englische (manchmal sogar das spanische) Wort in den Sinn kommt. Ein krasser Unterschied zu den bisherigen Reisen, auf denen ich immer deutschsprachige Reisebgleitungen hatte un deshalb trotz allem größtenteils auf deutsch kommuniziert habe.
    Ich habe mich nich nie so distanziert von meiner eigenen Muttersprache gefühlt. Völlig verrückt.....
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  • Day18

    Los Arcos to Viana

    August 29, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    We woke up to much cooler weather - yea - and it stayed cloudy all the way here. We walked almost exclusively on earthen paths through farmland. We had a short day, just 10 miles, because the next place is Logrono, a huge city that takes almost 2 hours to walk through. We are staying at a municipal albergue that we stayed in last time, but I forgot there is only one women's toilet and one men's toilet for the 46 people staying here. Tomorrow I booked an albergue where Dennis gets his own room and Jerry and I get a double, we're all looking forward to that.Read more

    Mark Hutt

    Looking good Dad! Thanks for the picture Nancy.

    Mark Hutt

    Thanks for the pictures! Glad to hear the weather cooled off.

    Cyndi Gaub

    I showed Emily the picture and she said, "Hi Papa!". Thanks for the updates.


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