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  • Day25


    August 2, 2016 in Sweden ⋅

    Von Elverum bis nach Karlstad führte uns unsere heutige Tour. In Karlstad haben wir uns den Dom angeschaut und die City, und sind anschließend mit dem Wasserbus zu unserem Womo zurück. Wir stehen heute auf einem Parkplatz eines Freizeitparkes am Wasser mit vielen anderen Womos.

  • Day27

    GEN Europe conference

    July 22, 2017 in Sweden ⋅

    This journal entry is my overall experience of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Europe conference at Angsbacka Retreat center in Molkom, Sweden.  Written below is highlights, critiques, and fulfillment reflections in that order. Please do not take anything to heart without reading the whole journal article. And feel free to reach out to me chloegbuzzotta@gmail.com

    My intention for the gen conference was to connect with change makers all over the world. We become more resilient when we unite together as a global community.  Some of these inspirational being I had met via Skype/ zoom, email, and other media platforms. I knew that it would be much more integrative and impactful if I met them in person.  I knew that I would feel much more supported in the world when I create this connection to the network.  Now, after the conference, I can say I my intentions came to fruition as well as much more!

    Bonding with the GEN, NextGEN, and angsbacka network has been such a gratifying experience. Most importantly, the connections that I already had became much more dynamic. I got to know my gen friends as people who had relationships, goals, dreams, food preferences, etc. I got to see some of them in their peak experience; dancing, speaking in front of large crowds, holding workshops, snuggling. I feel so grateful that I was able to support my friends and engage in these experiences as well.

    Another take away was a new perspective of what is still needed within the GEN/NextGEN movement to make it more cohesive.For NextGEN: A contact page on the GEN website is definitely a must. A general email contact would be good as well. Also a more unified voice as a youth movement.  Something we need to more clarity around is the age range of NextGEN. Currently it is between 18-30 but I feel like people outside of that age range should/ would like to participate in the youth movement.  Participation of a more experienced voice is still critical aspect of our youth movement.  And people who are in the later thirties may still resonate with the youth movement.

    As for the my growing perspective of GEN, I now can understand the set up and history of GEN as a whole and the region of GEN Europe. I also was able to see the connection between GEN Europe and GEN North America as we had a few informal representatives of North America at the conference including myself, Cynthia, Daniel Greenberg, Charles Eisenstein, and others from U.S. Our voices were very necessary during this conference. In GEN, I also feel like I am reinspired to contribute to the larger movement and specific aspects like refuGEN, emerGENcies, and GEN consultants. As these projects are on stand still, I'd like to help support their emergence and evolution.

    Some of my critiques were that patriarchy was spoken about but a majority of the immediate participants did not seem to have a clear awareness of how they were supporting the patriarchal structure. An example is men who did not openly pay recognition to women holding this movement or wanting self recognition first. It seemed that many of these men did not hold space for women to have an equal voice and through their actions I perceived  that they felt more qualified to answer  questions etcetera. Also as GEN Europe, I felt overall lack of awareness how patriarchy affects the dispersion of resources and education while affecting the overall global environment.  Even if this awareness is known through GEN members it wasn't outwardly taught and emphasized as much as it needed to be.  I believe that we as white, westernized people need to be re-educated on how our privilege as white people affect the rest of global resources. All that being said, I do feel like we are still an overall progressive group. Meaning that GEN International is very aware of this separation and impact on global degradation. On webcam meetings I have experienced that awareness much more but as GEN Europe I feel like that awareness needs to be deeply integrated.

    Angsbacka as a space was so healing. I have bonded with my volunteer group so much. I already miss the space and the people. I think that what held the container of space was the sharing time that happened every day. It was a time that everyone had five minutes to share their current state while having full attention of the group. Sometimes it was sharing feelings or stories. Sometimes it was cuddle puddles or massaging on person. Sometimes it was eye gazing or meditation.  This time really brought depth to our group after a day of work.  Another aspect of Angsbacka was the healthy food! There was so many sprouts, raw foods, local, organic, and just so many veggies!!! Also there was hardly any meat which felt good.   Also angbacka is a drug and alcohol free space.  I personally have nothing against these substances but it was so refreshing to connect with people deeply and intimately without any intoxicants. It held people more accountable for their actions no matter the time or place. Also it brought a deeper clarity to the space and relationships.  I definitely appreciate that space AND people were not afraid to be theirselves which is also so refreshing and fr some reason validating for me.  

    This overall experience has been so fulfilling. I seriously have more hope for humanity as a whole. I almost see how I was burnt out before I came to this space. Even though I live an alternative reality than most of society it hasn't been this elevating or nourishing.  Saying that is strange because I caught myself saying again and again how much Austin TX is like this space but now reflecting I feel like the GEN conference at Angsbacka was different in that it was a full integrative space that had no outside influences.  I now see the importance of having a retreat like this.  
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  • Day20

    Day 20: Karlstad - Made it to Sweden!

    June 24, 2017 in Sweden ⋅

    Today was a travelling day, our first stop was at the Lillehammer Ski Jump which was used for the 1994 Olympics. Unfortunately we were held up at the shop so we could only take the chair lift up and back and not spend much time up the top. The views were great all the same and the highlight was seeing three ski jumpers training, these guys are amazing and we got a video of one of the jumps they did. I could have stayed and watched them for ages.

    The countryside has changed completely again, no longer are we in the mountains and the terrain is undulating with large forests and farm areas again. The weather today has also been perfect which has added to the great experience. We stopped for lunch at the Norwegian and Swedish border, our last taste of Norway.

    Today Andre our guide told us his life story, his time in the Soviet army and in particular what he had to do to seek political asylum from the old USSR. His tenacity, work ethic and courage was inspiring. He has worked hard since getting out of the USSR and made a great life for himself and his family. I could only think during his story of how many Andres are sitting in Manus Island right now or the other inhumane refugee prisons we have created. Just people wanting a new chance in life yet we decide to treat them deplorably, it's a disgrace.

    We are now in Sweden for the last leg of our Scandinavian tour. Tonight we are in Karlstad. It's another beautiful city that is easy to walk around. We walked for well over an hour this evening checking out the city. We are loving these cities that are so pedestrian and bicycle friendly. I wish our cities back home were similar, I believe it would create so any opportunities and improvements to our lifestyle and perspective on the world.

    Apparently all Scandinavians are celebrating the mid summer holiday this weekend which means many people have left the cities for the countryside so we pretty much had the place to ourselves tonight. Tea was enjoyed at a local Italian restaurant and I can say is Swedish Calzone's rival those that I have enjoyed back home.

    It's an early night tonight catching up on the sleep we didn't get last night.
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  • Day5

    Rottneros Park & Shopping

    August 7, 2017 in Sweden ⋅

    Nach dem Rottneros Park fahren wir ins Bergvik Shopping Center.
    Es bietet eine Vielzahl von Boutiquen und sonstige Läden, die zum stöbern einladen... Außerdem gibt es zahlreiche Angebote, um den kleinen und großen Hunger zu stillen...

    Den Abend lassen wir mit einem Schnäpsle ausklingen :)
    Muss auch mal sein. Skål !!!
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