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  • Day8

    Stinky tofu, and other culinary delights

    December 1, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌫 20 °C

    After a fabulous breakfast of scrambled eggs, steamed buns, porridge, rice, vegetables and toast, we met our driver Steven to begin our tour of Taiwan.

    Being Saturday morning, the roads are full of locals heading away for day trips out of Taipei, so progress was very slow at times, despite being on a 4 lane freeway with additional raised lanes on both sides.

    We arrived at Longfeng Broken Bridge in time for morning tea, and Oliver jumped right in the deep end with a Taiwanese specialty - black stinky tofu (the name is extremely accurate). She and Steven had most of it, but everyone had a taste.

    We continued through the mountains on to Shengxing Railway Station, a town which was bypassed by the railway many years ago, and uses that, and its Hakka heritage, as a tourist attraction (think Hahndorf with noodles instead of wurst ☺). We also made some traditional pound tea by grinding herbs, peanuts and seeds in a mortar and pestle before adding hot water to make tea.

    We then drove to Taichung via the Rainbow Village, a former veterans village which was painted from head to toe in bright murals by one of the residents in a bid to save it from demolition. He is in his 90s now, and although no lives there anymore (it is purely for tourists), he was in the village today and happy to pose for photos for a small fee.

    Next stop was the Fengjia night market, famous for its imaginative food and drinks. It was here that bubble tea was invented, so we sampled sweet potato balls, fried quail egg balls, a hot dog in a hot dog (a pork sausage inside a rice sausage "roll"), deep fried suckling pig omelet, and a watermelon milk drink. We walked for over 2 hours and covered about half the market, so you'll get an idea of it's size!

    A short drive across town had us at our hotel around 8pm.
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  • Day244


    April 4 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌫 25 °C

    Taichung esch ca. 2 Stund südwestlich vo Taipei und esch bizli grösser als d Hauptstadt. Ich ha eigentlich vorgha nor ei Nacht do z verbringe und denn wiiter z goh well ich chli gnueg ha vo Städt im Momänt. Aber es ged so viel cooli Tagesusflüg rund umd Stadt, dass ich schlussändlich doch 3 Nächt blobe bi.

    Ah mim erste Tag bin ich eifach chli dord Stadt gloffe. Ich ha ehn lokale Märt gfonde wo es totals Chaos us allne Lüüt herrscht wo ihri Ihchäuf uf ehm Roller erlediged, überall Salat am Bode liid (werum au immer) und d Unterhose diräkt näb de hangende Hüehndli verchauft wärded. Ich bi au no dur de Taichung Park spatziert & ha mer det ehn Bubble-Milktea gönnt wo do alli trinked. Am Obig bini mit zwoi Engländer woni in Taipei känneglehrt ha ah Nightmarket go ässe und denn no uf es Glace im edelste Süessigkeite Lade vo Taiwan. Ich muss zuegäh das esch s beste Schoggiglace gsii wo ich jeh gässe ha!

    Am nöchste Tag esch Fiirtig gsii und drum send alli Hostels zimlich voll mit Taiwanese wo Churztrips möched. Ich bi am Morge ih ehn Park gloffe well mer im Hostel gseid worde esch det sig am Fiirtig secher ehn schöni Stimmig. Det heds denn viel Picknicker gha und Lüüt wo Ballön verchaufed und au ehn chline Märt mit handgmachte Sache. Ich ha det öbbis gässe und bi denn mit ehm Bus id Wetlands gfahre. Das esch so es Sumpfgebiet chli usserhalb. Det hani voll viel härzigi Chräbsli chönne beobachte und denn Barfuess chli durd Landschaft laufe. Das esch werklich ehn tolle Nomittag gsii. Förs Znacht bini de weder ah ehn Nightmarket go verschiednigi taiwanesischi Spezialitäte probiere 😋
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  • Day33


    October 3 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Dakeng mountains area is only 45 minutes away from Taichung, where we based ourselves for 4 days for easy access to fantastic nature places (like Sun Moon Lake and Wetland). Dekung has many trails, due to very hot and humid weather we picked a shorter one. Locals must have been suprised seeing us there as they were all smiling, greetings us and one of them even gave us some honey straight from the hive to try. It was sooo delicious! The trail was leading us all the way to the top for some great but foggy view. The way down was mostly on stairs, at the bottom a farmers market was selling all kinds of fruits, drinks, sport gear and pottery. We hopped back on the bus for our next stop, a spa and wellness centre! For a few pounds we could enjoy the outdoor pools with fantastic jungle views around. Bath culture became popular in Taiwan under the Japanese occupation (mostly fist half of the 20th century) therefore it had an 'onsen", taditional Japanese style feeling with its naked - separated by gender, of course - inside pool areas.
    Outside there were many pools, one with extremely hot and the other with extremely cold water. A group of older local ladies explained it (without using any english) that we need to be moving between the two pools, they had great fun looking at our reactions as we sank in.
    The music was relaxing, mostly classical music. It was a rather surreal and funny moment when 'Lilly Allen: F*** you' song suddenly started being played. Brilliant and weird day!
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  • Day32

    Gaomei Wetland

    October 2 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    We decided to join an organised half day tour to the Gaomei Wetland as it is difficult to get there from Taichung by public transport. Our guide was super enthusiastic, trying to speak three different languages at the same time - so mostly we didn't understand him. The wetland is the west side of Taiwan by the sea with a dozen wind mills sticking out from the water. A long wooden walkway leads in a km or so, from there you can watch different crabs and tiny mudskipper fish. At the end of the walkway you take off your shoes to go in the 3cm deep sea which feels like you walk on the top of the water. The sun was so red and big as it went down, a beautiful sunset.Read more

  • Day11

    Another university

    July 15 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    Finding no people has never been a problem in a university before but doing a summer school presents its own challenge. Doing something creative is super fun and instead of solving complex mathematical problems, love the change to do some origami. The phone stand maybe useful in the future. Dormitory roommates are fun, so are the classmates. Everyone seems a bit naive :D.Read more

  • Day9

    Taiwan vs China

    July 13 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 34 °C

    1. PEOPLE

    They're more used to foreigners (no stares here, great English of people, they're always happy or seem happy), China is more stares, hopeless English, friendly but awkward :D. Maybe it's due to the fact that all of my sample space (in Taiwan) has been touristic region, nonetheless people make an effort to talk in English rather than starting a conversation in Chinese.


    China is really developed but Taiwan is another level, the trains are super spacious way better than in China and also public transport is less crowded, lesser tall buildings in Taiwan as compared to China though. Regulations for trains are non existent in Taiwan. You can buy a ticket for any train without your passport, no checking for all your belongings every time you enter a train which makes the transit much faster and hassle free. Besides the stations are super compact so you don't have to keep moving around confused just to find the fast speed train station or the slow speed train station like in China. Everything is at the same place so convenient ain't it?😁

    3. WEATHER

    No pollution in Taiwan whereas China is super dead in this respect. Weather is similar though here since it's a small island (always a bit humid and warm with rain being fairly common). China is too big to talk about the weather as a whole.


    Transportation within a city is super expensive in Taiwan. It's common to spend about $150 every day when you're getting around here and there. The minimum price of a bus ticket is $15 where in China it was 2 RMB ($8) for a bus.
    Hostels haven't been expensive in Taiwan with just about $350 a day.
    Trains from one city to another cost more than in China when compared to the distance. Taipei to Taichung costs $700 (approximately 200kms) with a cost per km of about $4, whereas in China a train from Wuhan to Shanghai costs about RMB 350 which is 1000 kms giving cost per km of $1.7.
    Food feels the same price as in China.

    5. EXPATS

    Too many white people, China has lots of Africans and Pakistani, here it's 90% white Americans.

    6. FOOD

    Less variety in Taiwan so far and less spicy food, I prefer Chinese food

    7. BARS

    No bars in smaller cities in Taiwan, Chinese drink a lot, Taiwanese don't :D

    Over-all I would rather live in Taiwan but China is much bigger and way more diverse and interesting :D so if I have the option to explore a country China would be the one :)

    The picture read this by the way : “To enjoy comfortable train rides, don’t talk on the phone loudly in the train. No need to share what is happening in your family.”
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  • Day16

    Sea is a beauty

    July 20 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Imagine sleeping (on artificial grass better than natural to avoid insects) with beautiful blue sea in front and a few ships. Taiwanese students are super friendly. Met another one whose English was great!
    Life's funny - wanted to eat cheap pizzas but ended up eating sandwiches and rice :), same for the plan to meet at 7pm.Read more

  • Day23

    The most expensive movie of my life

    July 27 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Except the exceptionally fun fighting scene of the movie 'Once upon a time in Hollywood' everyone else was basic. The university had better rooms than in Asia University, better infrastructure as well. Something that's never happened before : random dude entering our room in the middle of the night asking if we wanna smoke up! Crazy haha!Read more

  • Day94

    Taichung. Rainbow village

    December 1, 2014 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌬 73 °F

    Checking out Taichung.... Just when I thought we've seen everything in the night market, Taichung's Feng Gia night market brings it to a different level. It is twice as big as some of the markets we went to in Taipei, and offers some really different street food like baked potatoe with nacho cheese, peking duck in a wrap, and the famous massaged grilled chicken. The Rainbow Village on the out skirt of the city is also very cute. Supposedly an old man painted his village with these whimsical, children like artwork in order to save it from being teard down by the government.Read more

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